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Globe Super Surf Unlimited Mobile Internet

Looks like Globe Telecom has finally brought back unlimited 3G internet with a the rebranded service called Globe Super Surf.

Nothing new or earth-shaking actually, just that they now also offer prepaid daily unlimited surfing for Php20 per day. For postpaid subscribers, it’s Php2,000 per month on top of your regular MSF. This is the same rate for Globe Visibility Unlimited before so Super Surf is just a re-branding.

globe super surf

Super Surf is just a promo — available starting October 19, 2009 until March 31, 2010. This could be a trial period to see if there are subscribers that will be hogging the network and slowing down connections of other subscribers (it has happened before, you know).

There’s a lock-in period of 3 months.

Note: The prepaid Php20 per day rate is only applicable to mobile sites of GMail, Twitter, Plurk, Wikipedia, Friendster, Facebook and Ping.fm.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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113 Responses

  1. Hussein says:

    Ang panget. Akala ko pede i surf lahat ng website. Limited lang pala.

  2. Jhay says:

    It’s just a rebranding so there’s nothing to be excited about really. And for that price tag? It’s ridiculous!

  3. Alma says:

    Better than nothing… hehehhehe… will definitely, try this one out and hopefully the network will not bug down…

  4. yuga says:

    @jhay – as Alma said, it’s way better than my last month’s Php9,000 3G internet bill.

  5. i just applied for this one today. been waiting for it for like almost a month now since only globe offers blackberry plan here in our place. Since my storm has no wi-fi, this will surely be a big help and it’s actually cheap for blackberry users since there’s no more limit to the amount of kb you can use on your phone unlike before where a few hundred kb of data transfer per month is worth 1k or something?! this is definitely a bargain for BB users. Just my two cents.

  6. mindyq says:

    two thousand pesos per month for unlimited internet time on an inferior wireless network. Globe Telecom has lost its marbles!

  7. carl says:

    I wish they add Skype na rin.

  8. Erin says:

    @carl: two things: Globe is still a telecom company, so why would they want to cannibalize their revenue stream? The second is that the VoIP will definitely put a strain in their already limited data network if it catches on that you can use VoIP to call another Skype mobile user.


  9. captain_b says:

    I thought they will be offering daily unlimited but apparently its limited per website. Good start to do Unlimited Mobile web but i its too expensive to pay P2000 especially when DSL is lower and wifi is all over the place. I hope SMART and SUN can be more aggressive on giving subs want and not focus too much on revenue.

  10. moomeng says:

    wew kala ko pwede balak ko pa naman i hook sa computer lol

  11. berkano says:

    re-branding indeed. Before this they used “connected 24 ever” to pitch unlimited access to selected sites.


  12. spork says:

    Anyone know if there are a limited set of websites for the post paid plan. It doesn’t appear to be too clear anywhere.

  13. aveleen says:

    Globe signal sucks in some sta rosa laguna areas :(

  14. xmas gifts says:

    SuperDuo and Super Surf are on the center spread of Philippine Star today.

    is there a shortcut way to register to super surf? it says you have to call their hotline.

  15. luiboowee says:

    I think for prepaid, the Php20/day unlimited surfing is per site also. So 20 for FB.. another 20 for Wiki.. another 20 for Gmail.. and so on.

  16. myke says:

    this is good news!

    just in time for my pinas xmas vacation

  17. tuknenards says:

    Mabilis naman kaya connection? And whatever happened to their Tattoo? Simcard na lang? We got turned off by Globe’s Tattoo, QC area na nga lang suuuuper bagal magconnect.

  18. Communicator says:

    Sun 1day unlimited internet for only 50 pesos was just announced yesterday. Now if only they are more than mainly in the metro manila area

    Check out other SUN BLOGS i have


  19. restie says:

    hay, alang bago… sana lang next time they offer Php 100 for 24 hours, all websites…

  20. yeah… re-branding..

    same apple different plastic bags!!!!

    why not offer this unlimited with iphone 3gs!!!

  21. Katatawag ko lang sa Globe CS, dipa daw ma avail to ng mga prepaid? Tama ba?

  22. carl says:


    Actually, what I’m referring to is Skype chat. It’s our primary communication tool at work which would really be a convenience to me if they add that up.

  23. drealmarlon says:

    ok na rin kesa sa wala,pero kung pang masa ang pag usapan,subscribers cannot be reach that price talaga.

  24. notasuperuser says:

    from what i’ve read, it is a rebranding of visibility but the difference is that you can attach the unlimited surfing account to your
    old globe line/sim. so it’s an all in one sim. unlike the original visibility which allots another sim for the surfing account.
    although, unlike sun’s broadband wireless sim, globe’s visibility can make calls and send text messages.

  25. anonymous says:

    pldt pa din ako forever….

  26. Christopher Quijano says:

    Well, after checking the other telco’s offering, Globe’s internet rates are the highest among the three. Smart has the 1500/999 unlimited plan (SmartBro), and even now, Sun has the P50/day unlimited internet load.

  27. driftracer85 says:

    I’d stick to my SMART Bro Prepaid, or I might get the unlimited plan. Nothing beats Smart’s 3.5G coverage using the HSPA 850 network.

  28. Melvin Ferrer says:


    Before they launch new services, they have to consider first our Globe Tattoo concern.

    I was encouraged to purchase this Globe Tattoo recently here in a mall in Cabanatuan City.

    At first, I thought it was just an isolated case whenever I experience either being disconnected or having very slow browsing.

    It’s very unfair for their customers for this treatment.

    I have been a Globe prepaid customers for the last 4 years. So I believe that Globe will consider our concern.

  29. matt says:

    what’s wrong with this? -> everything
    what’s good about this? -> NOTHING!

  30. Jelai says:

    No more codes needed? You’ll just go to one website and that’s it?

  31. AdRian says:

    unlimited nga kaso limited website lng din pala
    20php per website awts!

  32. Geojon says:

    Yeah-Globe is for the elite,smart for the middle class,Sun is for the lower class.
    I have sims for these 3 networks.nothing beats SMART in terms of data communication.it has d speed of lightning yet it is branded as”MAGNANAKAW NG LOAD”kahit Piso load mo knukuha.Globe-it has snail speed when it comes to surfing yet superb in call/txt msg(esp in Videocall) and Customer Service and for SUN-Offers cheapest unlimited call yet after the sun went down u cnt use its unlimited call.

  33. Broadway says:

    Yikes, too expensive. :(

    Sun has what you call their Elite plans. They have a 1500 plan with unlimited mobile browsing, unlimited call and text sun to sun and unlimited landline calls. Plus they have free IDD minutes i think.

  34. Maye says:

    How can prepaid users register for this? Papatulan ko na sana. Naka TIME based ako sa curve 8520 ko. Wala ring nangyari. Ni di ako maka download ng app.

    Paano ba a-activate yung BIS nito? Nakapag register na ako sa globe.blackberry.com.

  35. Marky says:

    Nope, don’t compare this to household DSLs, Broadbands or Plug-its, which you cannot connect directly (directly means no use of Wi-fi routers) through your iPhone or Blackberry. You can’t bring your lines and modems to malls and rice fields, either. If you think you could do these, then go stick with your modem and ISP.

    P2,000 isn’t that hefty, I must say. My bill stays at MSF + P2,900 since my blackberry will always try to get my latest e-mail, feeds, etc. I think you can also use your phone as a modem so you can connect your laptop to the internet. So its unlimited kB for your phone + a Plug-it.

    I tried Sun Broadband Wireless and it suck*d like hell. I left my Plug-it on their office and fortunately, I never received future bills from them. P1,500? I would rather shell out another 500 for Globe’s Super Surf than subscribing to Sun and buy Paracetamol tablets worth 500 to ease headaches, backaches, and all kind of aches you can encounter when surfing the net using Sun. Eww

  36. Maye says:

    I think I should stop using my bb. Akala ko magagamit ko siya even if prepaid. Wala man lang nag explain sa akin from Globe earlier na kailangan pala naka line. kainis


  37. Nancy says:

    Can postpaid Globe subscribers subscribe to the P20/day unlimited surfing?

    I think for Smart, P20 is only good for 60 minutes. What Smart offers is consumable 60 minutes of Internet surfing. This means within 24 hours no matter how many connect and disconnect, Internet use of 60 minutes costs P20. With that, I think the P20 unlimited surfing from Globe is better. But the news that it’s only for certain websites is a downside.

  38. Jo says:

    It’s misleading…

  39. purple says:

    this is really cool.. i like this one ..
    but the question is, how am i going to register for that P20 per day surf?
    is there any registration procedures like in unlitext or unlicall?
    if you know, please explain..
    thanks so much!


  40. Marky says:

    @purple take note it’s not P20/day. It’s P20/day/site which only includes several sites. anyway, I think there’s still no other registration method other than calling 211 or their landline hotline number. Nung first time ko nga mag inquire through 211 di pa nila alam kung ano yung supersurf. noob CSRs LOL

  41. alBEYONder says:

    Okay na ba siya sa prepaid?

  42. enna says:

    holy crap this is pricey

  43. ewwin says:

    available din ba to opera mini, o sa default browser lang

  44. Putanez says:

    Ala kwenta. Pakisabi sa globe tanggalin yung tang inang harmony proxy nila. Pumapangit mga images. At para maka freebrowse ulet kami.

  45. Putanez says:

    Is it limited to built-in browser? If so, then globe can shove it up their a$$.

  46. ariel says:

    hay naku sorry na lang kayo…wala kasing WIFI ang cellphone nyo..me? with my IPHONE 3GS i dont need the 3G all i have to do go to a cafe with wifi hotspot..saya say libre pa…

    bumili na kasi kayo ng IPHONE 3Gs, tapon nyo na yang kopong kopng nyon nokia…

  47. Harry says:

    @ARIEL: IPhone3gs mo? may GPS na din ba yan? HTC ko kasi WIFI GPS na eh.

    for others, swap nyo kay ariel yung phone niyo na kopong kopong daw. mayaman naman daw siya eh.

  48. Pooh Thank in a Moo says:

    Mga gago! Aanhin ang wifi kung pwede gumamit ng 3g/3.5g anytime, anywhere.

    For Free.

    Ariel douchebag, have a nice day.

  49. Paul Escobar says:

    2,000 is too expensive. Unless if working profs and their company allows to shoulder it. NP. =P

  50. jazzme says:

    wow naka iphone 3g sha….mag rocket mobile nalang kayo by rogers net work

  51. jazzme says:

    what i know is,our internet here in pinas sucks regardless of service provider it might be.

  52. lala says:

    I will not pay for 2000 a month for unlimited surfing.. The normal add-on is enough.. Tinulad nila to sa States and other countries na nag-ooffer ng unlimited internet surfing.. Pero super mahal naman nung sa atin.. O_o

    This is an add-on too so any post paid plan can avail of this service.. Mapa-iPhone man yan o Samsung o Nokia, basta may web browser..

  53. bingo says:

    Yabang naman ni ARIEL.. Porket naka-iPhone lang akala mo kung sino na.. Masyado ka namang pa-cool.. Gumagamit ng web browsing ang mga tao dito for the sake of their businesses na dapat IMMEDIATE ang response.. Kumbaga, hindi lang nagpapabongga ng telepono..

    Sad to say di ka maka-afford g unlimited browsing.. Eh pano kung wala nang Wi-fi signal, eh di deads ka na..

    There are much better phones than your awesome iPhone3gS.. July next year, may bago na ulit, at luma na yang telepono mo.. Kung ako sayo, itatapon ko na yan dahil magiging oldies na yan next year. :))

  54. avril says:

    is it just me being a dummy or talagang may bawas pa rin (P 5.00/login) kahit naka-charge na sila ng P20? naka-prepaid lang kasi ako. tapos tinry ko lang to.

  55. Alethxander says:

    Okay siya sa prepaid, specially sa Twitter browsing. Just make sure na may Php20.00 load ka for registration fee & extra load na rin kahit Php1.00 lang. Then using your default browser punta ka sa m.twitter.com (Any sites na applicable sa promo: Facebook, Friendster, Flickr, WikiPedia, Etc.). Then sa homepage may option ka, the SURF ALL DAY FOR Php20.00 or regular rates according to your browsing plan (Time or KB). Siyempre choose SURF ALL DAY, tapos may confirmation message na matatanggap then yun, browse na ng Twitter 24/7. Super astig ang GPRS signal sa Lucena City kaya ayun na eenjoy ko siya, lalo na madalas ako sa byahe.

    Follow me pala: http://www.twitter.com/alBEYONder

  56. ariel says:

    This is such a funny promo for this bulok network…why would you pay 2000 per month for unlimitted access to a very limitted sites when I can go on wifi to any coffee shops around the metro for free and my wifi at home, thats what i do with my Iphone 3GS nakakapag update pa ako sa mga apps kahit saan sa apple for free and ulimitted browsing from pornsites to news sites CNN, BBC, NYT IHT CBS etc. libre tapos dito sa globe hanggang FB, twitter ka lang at gmail? NAKAKATAWA KAYA SILA!

    why not focus on their network coverage na lang kaya, dahil super pangit signal nila in some areas around Laguna, Tagaytay, Davao and Gensan…

  57. ariel says:

    Harry replied on Nov 20th, 2009 at 12:05 am (48)

    @ARIEL: IPhone3gs mo? may GPS na din ba yan? HTC ko kasi WIFI GPS na eh.

    Oo naman, mine has a compass and a GPS i can get my exact coordinates kahit saan ako sa mundo, which i often do dahil napaka lakwatsero ko at di ako mawawala some when i do long distance travel from manila to davao with just a car, i do enjoy driving esp long distance driving tapos stopover sa mga nice places around the countrysides, tingnin lang ako sa iphone 3GS ko kitang kita ang mapa ng lugar kung asan na ako with matching coordinates at alam ko kung san ako heading kung mali ba ang direction ko nakikita naman ang national highway sa mapa. If your a frequent traveller around the country you know what i mean…Ive waited so long for this app to come out of apple esp the GPS and when it did i threw away my SEP990i.

    kaya you guys throw away your bolok na nokia matagal ko ng ginawa yan noon pa ng lumabas ang SE series …

  58. beached says:

    @ariel: funny how you feel like you are the jet setter of the world and having an iphone 3gs makes you ahead of other people. when in fact your iphone 3gs isnt that maximized with the network capabilities of the local mobile communication providers in the philippines…

    you seem to me as a pathetic social climber… brag to us when your tax for a month can buy an iphone 3gs… your phone maybe new to you but to the rest of the world it ain’t… and i bet your iphone doesnt even have an applecare…

    remember this you may have one iphone 3gs… but i have 2! haha beat that you moron!

  59. captain_b says:

    Heard that SMART just launched their own version of UNLIMITED Mobile Internet. Although its not yet commercially published, you can already find it in m.smart.com.ph/surf. I was able to visit the site a while ago and plans are available in three variants P50 for 1 day, P300 for 7 days and P1200 for 30 days.

  60. dragonball says:

    yung P20 UNLIMITED SURF, sa WAPSITES lang pwede gamitin. example yung wap site ng facebook is m.facebook.com. until december 5 lang daw para sa prepaid. hehehe

  61. ariel says:

    @beached replied on Dec 2nd, 2009 at 10:12 am (59)

    Why are you so upset? you are so pathetic for that matter…I am not competing with anybody, or with you, the hell i care if you have a thousand and one iphone, i have one and and only one unit but I love love mine…is it a crime to tell the world that you have an iphone? in the US people are so proud with their iphone and accept the fact that its the most coveted smartphone in the US and Europe…(oh well maya masasabi ka na naman for this statement) siya sige sabihin mo na at magmura ka pa sa gusto mo baka aatekihin ka pa ng puso pag di mo ginawa yan ako pa ang dahilan ng pagpanaw mo…

    and besides ano ngayon kung malaos ito a year or two bakit hihingi ba ako ng pera sa yo pambili ng bagong unit ng iphone?

    Social climber? hahaha if you only know me…if your definition of an antisocial person is a social climber then i am one…

    now whose the moron here?

  62. tin says:

    tsk, tsk.. globe super surf po ang pinaguusapan dito, hindi iphone..

  63. DailyManila says:

    So what do you do to avail of the P20/day/site surfing? I’m happy with just Twitter.

  64. allard says:

    Hoy mga putang ina ninyo! kala niyo kung sino kayong mga sosyal! kung alam ko lang ariel kumakain ka rin ng tamod ng tricycle driver tang ina mong bakla ka! buwiset!!!

  65. nick says:

    dapat sana sa lahat ng web … boring naman kasi kung isang web site lang …

  66. Michelle says:

    Hopefully meron ding unlimited surfing per day! not per site ha?:)

  67. lol says:

    “now whose the moron here?”

    lol ariel you’re the moron. it’s who’s because it’s who is. whose is kanino. bobo.

  68. nico says:

    ariel saksak mo sa baga mo yang iphone 3gs mo.. eh kung mga games mo na pangbata lang naman ang habol mo sige mag iphone ka nalang, seems like you’re the type of immature person who would like that. the blackberry is the phone of the elite. yung nagaayos nga ng psp sa greenhills eh naka iphone 3gs din tulad mo eh lol. magsama kayo :P

  69. william says:

    Smart and Globe are both have their unlimited broadband internet. On iphones you can also download free online movies at http://downloadmoviesfree.net.

  70. Bboy says:


    I have an unlocked tmobile 8520 and got is unlocked and working FINE with prepaid service.

    Recently the BIS only works when i am on WIFI but when im out an about it does not work at all, no data…???

    is there some configuration i messed up?

    thanks for any help…

  71. jetskie says:

    AMF, kala ko lahat ng website pede hindi pala, selected lang. AMF

  72. pinoy ideas says:

    heheh medyo tricky ehh noh? just read carefully the ads.

  73. Bboy says:

    Need help.

    I have a US tmobile, unlocked 9700. Have it under prepaid globe bberry service.

    Got bbm working, but i cant seem to get the email to work? I only see the option for add an enterprise email account, NOT for adding personal email.

    Any ideas? BBM is working

  74. jaymi says:

    bboy natry mo naba iset up siya sa globe.blackberry.com…

    ganun ksi ginagawa ko sa bb ko

  75. NBB says:

    Is the super surf promo still ongoing? Planning to take this on my bb9700

  76. Abe, it seems their Super Surf plan for prepaid was changed. May 50 pesos na for one day, unlimited, all sites. Tapos may 220 pesos for five days.



  77. jetskie says:

    good news james, now i can surf unli to any sites

  78. Jane says:

    Ang pangit… nag register ako pero hindi ko nagamit kasi hindi activated ang aking fone then tapos nag register ako para ma activate ang aking phone tapos hindi tinatanggap yong pin ko

  79. @jane, you must register and make sure you text TIME to 1111 para hindi ka nagkakaproblem.

  80. Frix says:

    Andaya naman nyan!
    Sino may alam paano mag-register sa Globe Tattoo SuperSurf50?

    Nag try ako sa aking Globe USB Broadband ang sagot: “Sorry di ma process ang iyong request”.

    Ang keyword ko: SUPERSURF50 at SUPERSURF 50 tapos send to sa 8888

    paano ba talaga?

  81. vic says:

    nag reg ako sa super surf 50!!! it sucks!!!! hindi gumagana kapag ginagamitan na ng mga web applications… tulad ng opera mini…
    nasayang lng pera ko

  82. ewan lng parang tapos na yata promo nila. Nang mag try din ako, hindi talaga ako makapasok. Hey, GLOBE ano ba yang style nyo!

  83. gerry says:

    ariel ssheeeesh… mayabang ka isaksak mo sa pwet mo yang i-phone mo pa 3g3g s ka pa dyan! we are talking abt unlimited surfing here, kung wala ka masasabi maganda wag mo ipagyabang yang iphone mo!

  84. rm says:


  85. Rommel says:

    naku wag na kayo ma try… mag register palang ngayon sasakit na ulo nyo. kahit tumawag pa kayo sa Customer service walang maitutulong. mag promise ng date wala rin kwenta.

    mag papapromo sila eh di naman pala kaya ng system nila. masasayang lang ang load nyo.

    Switch to other network(kugn meron pang mas less ang hassles)

    Sobrang walang kwenta ang service…

    registration palang tagal na. tumawag ako sa CS tapos sabi in 2 days e one week ko na inaantay ang confirmation wala pa rin di na ako makapag register sa iba kasi confirmation na nila lang ang hinihintay.

    walang kwenta mga 3G dito lalo ang GLOBE services

  86. Maye says:

    pls add my friend Ernest Currupt of Globe Telecom: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001345554390

  87. francis says:

    Globe supper duo application grabe kabagal mag apply June ko pa inaply Aug na ngayon hindi pa rin kumpleto. ano kaya prolema ng Globe siguro nahawa na mga tao nila sa bagal ng internet nila…

    mabait sila pag kausap ang support nila ipapangako lahat ng kayang ipangako pero maski na tawag tungkol sa concerns mo wala nangyayari pero pag singilan hindi nagpapahuli…

  88. Rachel says:

    Globe’s customer service are stupid. Dapat alam nila sagot sa tanong but their CS don’t have enough knowledge especially sa mga in-offer nila at sa BlackB na phone. I suggest dapat and ilagay sa CS MUST undergo training para di sila mag mukhang tanga. If they don’t know the answer all they tell you is try and call again. Obviously lang alam. Cause if they know the answer di na dapat tatawag ulit and customer.When I called they suggested a configuration for BB phone e the CS sounded unsure sa direction di ba obvious la naman alam then they tell you to call back. How stupid can that be? Wala ba silang QA dyan o baka yung QA tanga din.

  89. Dee says:

    Globe does not have an unlimited surfing or supersurf. Yung 50 pesos nila ang usage is hanggang 1GB lang then hindi mo na magagamit after, you have to wait for the next day to be able to use it again which is another 1GB lang. Customer service sucks big time!

  90. TheFirstAvenger says:

    Totally Agree DEE… Super suck bigtime ang csr nila… nakalagay sa site nila unlimited downloading tapos 1GB lang wa hahahahaha

    sa CSR naman iba iba mga sagot nila yugn iba obvious na nanghuhula lang ng isasagot sayo. tsa tsamba lang mga csr nila pag di marunong ang kausap ng csr. Sasakit lang ulo mo. now for me ito i got 3 huawei na USB modem collection ko n alang ito. 2 Globe and 1 smart. haven’t tried SUN but not planning to try it.

    Smart and Globe lalo na ang globe sobrang pangit ng service.

  91. why do you have to be on time setting to subscribe to supersurf? is this a joke or a scam? so if your supersurf expires… they can bill you and make a killing!

  92. SeanRaven says:

    Planning to try this promo! But based on your comments it looks like most of you didn’t enjoy?!
    I can see that it seems like the cheapest promo… Php20/day looks not bad at all! Can i suggest another comments from you guyz if i should try this promo or not!!! Or am i going to waste my money and time for this promo… Thanks :)

  93. louie6380 says:

    it’s now down to 800MB usage time….
    Is this what they called UNLIMITED…
    Called Globe CS and all they can say or rather read back to you the scripting about the Fair Use Policy… WTF!!!
    Define Fair and define Unlimited…
    Your fooling people…

    Anyone here aware if this happens with Smart Unlimited or Sun???

  94. Maybeline says:

    Yeah your right!! They’re misleading the people with their commercials. Unlimited KUNO!!! They should stop airing their F…ing commercials.

  95. deathsith says:

    this is getting serious, this globe service is obviuos fraud, ad lies, but keep on airing, nice marketing globe, nice way of stealing, well some cs of globe are s**t, those stup*d m*serable slaves,thinkin their smarter, poor globe cs…

    anyone planning burning globes cellsites down,im in…. joke….

  96. cxian says:

    limited websites? are you serious globe? wtf??!

  97. Maye says:

    Question: Does supersurf work for iphone 3gs? If so, what are the settings? :) Sorry I’m a BB user, testing lang my hand me down iphone.

  98. greg says:

    hhhhmmmmm no comment……ahahahaha

  99. greg says:

    mga panget kau…..

  100. cecille says:

    paanu po mag unli ng internet s globe tatoo

  101. ebookhorn says:

    sobrang bagal!!! ko magamit yung skype / facebook app sa android phone ko.

  102. rose says:

    paano po magamit yon unli ng internet sa globe tatoo

  103. ayeng says:

    ewww! yang globe na yan kung ano anong gimik sa mga promo eh ang sisinungaling sasabihin kesyo mabilis etc…pag naloko ka sa mga tv advert nila sorry ka na lang, na sobrang galing magsinunagling, sising sisi ka dahil ubos na load mo di pa naloload ang yahoo page mo hahahaha!

    kaloka! wheres the truth in advertising here? in fairness sobrang galing nilang gumawa ng tv advertisement as in to the highest level sila pero jos ko wag ka padala sa mga kaetchoseran nila kung ayaw mong sasakit ang dibdib at sasama ang loob mo…

    advise ko lang? magsun broadband, yan walang palya…tahimik lang sila pero tlagang they deliver…di tulad ng globe na sobrang ingay ng mga ads nila….tama nga ang kasabihan na pag maingay ang bibig walang laman ang mga sinasabi nito hahahaha

  104. ahaahahah says:

    uu tama ka…sinubukan ko nga kahit nabasa ko ung comment mo,makulit ako kaya ayon napala ko nga ang sinabi mo..thanks pa din kc concern ka sa mga globe users..better pa na ipangtawag nlng ung load kesa nga nman maubos ng wlang katuturan..

  105. algianmars says:

    yah, agree me kay ayeng, ahahaha _ its true sobrang bagal nya gnwa ko na lhat ng makakaya ko sa globe, para mapablis its overna eh gnun pa din, nag palit pa ko ng sim para lan dun. haysss try smart its super biliss lhat ng app. ko gumagana lyk OVI,OPERA MINI, ETC. anyway tnx for the info… msg me ur reply in facebook ALGIAN MARS

  106. touyun says:

    walng kwenta hirap paganahin xa iphone3g nagload pa aman aq ng 300 tapos nonsense ln pota

  107. ang galing ng globe sobrang bilis walang kayulad

  108. At this time I am ready to do my breakfast, afterward having my breakfast coming over again to read further news.

  109. April Marie says:

    I have been registered to Super Surf Promos. What will happen if my subscription has been expire and i didn’t receive any info. Will I automatically expire or not? If not is there a charge for the exceed connection that I have used?

  110. taske says:

    ang panget may pa promo pa kaung ganyan wala din namng signal sayang lng

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