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How to borrow prepaid load and mobile internet on Globe and Smart

For a mobile phone user, especially those on prepaid, having load or credit is very vital as it allows you to send SMS, make calls, or connect to the Internet. This shouldn’t be a problem if there’s’ a loading station available nearby, but in case there isn’t, you can just borrow load and services from Globe and Smart.

Globe and Smart’s emergency load services allow you to loan or borrow prepaid credits or subscribe to services even if you’re out of load. The telco will just deduct what you have borrowed on your next load.

Globe Prepaid and TM

SMS and Calls

Globe offers two ways for users to receive emergency SMS – GTSOS or the Emergency Text Service, and Promo and Load Loan Offer.

For GTSOS, it lets you borrow 3 texts to Globe/TM numbers valid for 1 day, plus Php1 load which can be used to send another SMS even to other networks. You will be charged Php4 on your next load.

You can subscribe to this service by texting GTSOS to 3733, or via *143#.

The Promo and Load Loan Offer, on the other hand, gives you more than just 3 SMS. You can start with LOAN LOAD5 (or UTANG LOAD5 for TM) for 5 peso load (valid for 3 days) up to LOAN LOAD50 (Or UTANG LOAD50 for TM) for 50 peso load (valid for 15 days).

There’s also a LOAN SULTXT 15 for 100 texts to Globe/TM valid for 1 day, and LOAN GOTxt19Plus for 20 mins calls to Globe/TM + Unli all-net texts +15MB valid for 1 day.

These services can be accessed by dialing *143#.


Mobile Internet

For mobile internet, you may start at LOAN GOSURF5 (UTANG GOSURF5 for TM) for 5MB Surfing + 100MB Spotify and playing games + FREE FB valid for 1 day, up to LOAN GOSURF50 for 350MB Surfing + 400MB Spotify and playing games + FREE FB valid for 3 days.

These services can be accessed by dialing *143#.

Smart and TNT

SMS and Calls

Smart’s offering starts at ON NET SMS (just dial *767) which gives you 4 texts to Smart/TNT (valid for 1 day) for Php4. If you need to text other networks, you can go for ALL NET SMS (just dial *7572) for 5 texts to all networks (valid for 1 day) for Php5.

If you need a bigger allocation, you can opt for BIG7 (text SOSBIG7 and send to 7676) for 9 texts to Smart/TNT (valid for 1 day) for Php7, or BIG10 (text SOSBIG10 and send to 7676) for 10 texts to all networks + 3 texts to Smart/TNT (valid for 1 day) for Php10.

For calls, you can use VOICE (just dial *7871) for 1 min call to Smart/TNT (valid for 1 day) for Php6.50.

Mobile Internet

For mobile internet you can register to SURF10 (text SOSSURF10 and send to 7676) for 20 minutes browsing + Php1 airtime (valid for 1 hour) for Php10. Smart Bro subscribers can also avail of the same service by texting BROSURF10
and send to 7676.

And that sums it up. Better note these services in case you find yourself in a difficult situation and don’t have credits. For other emergency load services you may check Globe or Smart‘s webpage via the links provided.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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  1. Marie grace says:

    Can i pay when they deliver

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    Emergency lang po please?

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    Emergency ung utang ko d ako nka utang ponyeta na network yan nag babayad nmn ako eh nkapaka damot nkakawlang gana nsa bundok lang kc ako kya d ako mka load putang ina na yan damot

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    Can i barrow load 50peses?

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