How to report spam and scam SMS to Globe and Smart

How to report spam and scam SMS to Globe and Smart

Still getting those pesky spam and scam text messages on your mobile phones? One of the ways you can do to get rid of them is to report those numbers to your telecommunications service provider for deactivation. Read on to learn how to do it.



• Submit a Spam Message Report via

All you need to do is fill out the eight required fields which include your name, mobile number, and the details of spammer or scammer’s mobile number and message. You can also upload a screenshot of the spam or scam message.

• Tweet or send via DM (Direct Message) the spammer or scammer’s mobile number and the exact content of the message (preferably via screenshot) to Globe’s Twitter account @talk2GLOBE.



• Submit a report via

Like Globe’s, you just need to fill out a report with the option to send a screenshot. It’s a lot simpler though as you only need to fill out three required fields.

• Call Smart’s hotline at *888.

• Report by sending a tweet to Smart’s Twitter account @SmartCares

Another way of getting rid of spam and scam text messages is to block them using your phone’s built-in number blocker or with the use of an app. However, those numbers remain functional and can still send to other numbers. Help eliminate spam and scam by reporting those numbers to your respective telcos.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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23 Responses

  1. ocommon says:

    As if naman may nangyayari. Puro salita lang yang mga yan!

  2. Greg says:

    It’s too much of a hassle to fill up the eight fields. Can’t we just copy paste the message instead?

  3. Can’t we just forward the spam to an abuse number?

  4. nameless says:

    It’s futile to report these scam/spam text messages. One day lang naman nila gagamitin yun then bukas bago na ulit yung number pang spam.

  5. Arics says:

    Kahit bago palang ang sim mo mey magsesend at magsesend sayo ng mga spam messages. I’m a postpaid user and ganun parin I’m experiencing spam messages aalmost everyday. Where did they get our numbers? I still can remember during my first week using my postpaid sim I did received a spam message and I’m pretty sure I only use it for texting and calling I don’t remember using it in other ways like using it as a contact number in FB and etc. So it’s useless reporting if all these time it’s them selling our numbers.

    • Lakipuki says:

      Grabe sa globe postpaid kahit kakagamit mo lang ng number mo may text spam agad. Nung lumipat ako Sa smart postpaid walang textspam.

  6. Hen-Sheen says:

    Spam – A canned food product consisting especially of pork formed into a solid block or; disruptive messages, especially commercial messages posted on a computer network or sent as e-mail.

    Scam – A confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle.

    The former is edible (like a boss). I get 8 – 12 SPAM-SCAM messages per day so it’s no big deal to me cuz I ignore them. NTC are Corporate Whackjobs and Nutjobs combined & they won’t notice this matter until it’s too late!

  7. domo domo says:

    napakabobo ng sistema ng globe, i reported 2 numbers who send text promos pero ang syntax ng text e share a load, ang sabi ng cs ng globe i foforward nila muna sa ntc??? what the fuck…. sila nga ang service provider tpos ifoforward pa nila sa ntc for an investigation? e di natagalan at maaaring madami pa ang nalolokong postpaid subscriber…. bulok ang sistema

    • micci says:

      ALL their customer service representatives are USELESS. Actually, they do not even know what is CUSTOMER SERVICE! hate globe’s postpaid system too! and it’s true, personal number mo, for some reason, these scammers/spammers still find a way to get your number!!!

      sensya na, nag-rant lang… since you were saying something about globe… akala ko kasi ako lang nakakaramdam ng dismaya sa globe..

  8. Richard says:

    Ang balita ko kasi, may taga loob na nagbebenta ng mga numbers sa mga spammers. Pera pera pa din

  9. Anthony says:

    Did this but I received a reply from Globe telling me that they can’t do anything about it. They even instructed me to send a report to the NTC. It’s useless reporting to Globe.

  10. bb says:

    Sakin naman sa landline. ang masaklap naman nito hindi lang number. pati details ko,name, address, bday, everytthing…. ALAM! demonyo.

  11. Jeanne says:

    Eh bakit ba naman kasi harang ng harang sa panukalang me registration ang PREPAID SIM CARDS! Ang dami-daming rason tas tayo rin naman pala na-ha-hassle sa mga resulta ng malawakang pagbenta ng SIM card. Kaya ambilis naubos ang number combination satin eh isang dekada palang ang mobile industry

    • Rainbow Rat says:

      I agree na dapat iregister ang mga sim cards para matrace din ang mga scammers na yan. It is just like getting a driver’s license that you have to have and be responsible when driving. Wala naman siguro issue sa mga tao ang magparehistro kung wala silang gagawing masama? And i do not believe that it is an invasion of privacy since it is a way to protect you against these types of scams.

  12. Denephew says:

    Arguing on here is like winning the Special Olympics.

    Even if you win you’re still retarded.

  13. anne says:

    Pwede rin ba magReport ng spam na ‘missed calls’ naman ginagawa?

  14. Dami mga manloloko sa messaging smart at globe…

  15. MindJam says:

    Telcos earn money from scammers since these scammers send hundreds of text messages a day. It’s counter productive for telcos to stop text scams. All these channels telcos have for customers to report text scams are merely to protect brand image and assuage public outrage.

  16. Dennis torres says:

    Parang tanga lang customer service ng smart telco. Kelangan sa ntc p mag report. Eh hawak nila or nsa system nman ung spam number.
    Pinoprotektahan daw mga subscriber. U mean pati mga scammer/spammer number sa system nyo. Is under protected din bobo o tamad lang kayo trabahuhin mga ganyang issue.

    Magkano b komisyon nyo sa kanila.
    Ok lang pla sa inyo n maraming mging biktima ng scammer/spammer.

  17. Nordiana says:

    Hi gud afternoon po.pwde po mg tnong?kc my # po lagi ngtext sakin ng bastos pwde ko po malaman kng taga saan un.

  18. EllenDG says:

    SIM ownership should be registered. Other countries do that. I dont see why we shouldnt apply it here in the Philippines. SIM cards are made too accessible for everyone here, and subject to abuse by some.

    With reference to spam msg reporting, Globe has a specific page for the service but smart doesnt.

  19. Jalil says:

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