PLDT adding charges for data transmission?

PLDT adding charges for data transmission?

Andre Cruz tipped me on this breaking news on about “PLDT to charge for data transmission via its landlines“.

THE PHILIPPINE Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) has said it will start charging fees for data transmission using its basic telephone landlines.

Through what it calls the alternate voice data line (AVD), subscribers who use the same basic telephone line for voice calls and data transmission will be required to connect a special data or voice access device to the basic telephone line.

PLDT said the service will provide a secure means to automatically process and authorize credit card transactions, real-time. One common use for AVD is credit card verification for business subscribers.


Full story here. AVD is a single transmission facility used for either voice or data.

The charges include Php300 a month for the basic AVD, VAT inclusive. An additional fee of P50 to P500 will be added to the charge for connecting an AVD device for residential use and P100 to P1,000 for business use. Other charges will be added for additional services that will use the same line.

I’m a little confused about this article and it’s not really clear if PLDT will start charging people who are using their phone lines for dial-up internet or DSL. I hope I am wrong in that assumption but if that’s how it will end, I don’t understand why would the NTC allow it when they claim that the new service is in line with the government’s thrust to encourage more customer-friendly and affordable telecom services in the country.

The story mentioned about more secure credit card processing and it reminded me of those swipe card machines found at the cashiers. Are those the ones they refer to that needs an AVD line? This needs to be clarified and I don;t want to see any additional charges on my next PLDT billing with the line that says AVD.

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8 Responses

  1. Kates says:

    Another way to squeeze more money from cash-trapped population eh? The cost will probably be paid by the end consumers.

  2. vance says:

    same here… most people are having a hard time paying 999 a month, now if this avd thing is included with the usage of dsl internet then it will be much heavier on the pocket.

  3. andre says:

    i wonder if anybody can ask someone from PLDT to verify what they really mean by this press release. are they going to levy additional charges for dialup users? for DSL users? fax users? i mean, is there anything *new* this supposed service (and charge!) is bringing to the table?

  4. jhay says:

    I wonder if Globelines would follow suit, yikes!

  5. Will this be the local version of the net neutrality issue?

  6. Eduardo says:

    Many people have been using these lines for data transmission for years, and they’re already paying for it using dial-up cards – or through their monthly bills….

    If they’re gonna try to squeeze out more money from us, the least they could do is upgrade the transmission speed to a minimum of 1Mbps instead of 384kbps ^^ ….

    ADSL2+ is already in use in other countries – for non-corporate consumers – most people here are still stick with the original DSL for 999 pesos – and I[‘m stuck on prepaid dial-up here…

  7. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I will appreciate should you continue this in future.

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