RIM & Globe offers unlimited BBM for Php99 a month

RIM & Globe offers unlimited BBM for Php99 a month

During the product launch of BlackBerry handsets last week, the regional executive from RIM also announced an unlimited BBM plans for only Php99 a month. The details weren’t clear then but it looks like the unli-plan is now being offered by Globe.

For Postpaid Subscribers: Register to BlackBerry Chat for only Php99 per 30 days and get 200 free SMS. Just Text BB CHAT ON to 8888.


For Prepaid Subscribers: Register to BlackBerry Chat for only Php15 per day and get 100 free SMS. Just Text BBCHAT15 to 8888.

Note that mobile browsing is NOT allowed while subscribed to BlackBerry Chat except if you are on WiFi. Promo runs from January 15, 2012 to March 31, 2012.

Interesting to note that the pricing plan for unlimited BBM is much cheaper when you are on postpaid compared to prepaid. IN any case, unlimited BBM for Php99 per month is the cheapest value-added service I’ve seen from RIM and this could drive huge adoption of new subscribers.

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25 Responses

  1. Aha says:

    mas mura yung unlimited BBM ng Globe kaysa sa Smart ah.

  2. kapitan says:

    just wondering kung me gumagamit pa nito considering the very affordable unlimited call plans… but anyway it’s a great service =) thumbs up for globe!

  3. Rhynax says:

    I wish Sun would have a plan like this so I could have a BB phone. But then again, it is a wish. Hehe.

  4. bbstore says:

    great new for bb users
    http://www.BBstore.com.ph for original accessories

  5. smylerlo says:

    Too bad they dont offer a one month bbm only promo for prepaid. unlike smart’s 150 bbm for one month. hassle kaya mag register everyday.

    • angel says:

      Hindi kaya one-time registration lang siya? But the setup is, you get charged P15/day unless you stop it (sending codes like to STOP to 2XXX for example)? Kasi di ba ganun yung ginagawa nila ngayon sa mga UnliSocial/UnliMessaging for BB?

  6. Mica says:

    Wow. This makes me wanna get a BB!

  7. Confuzzled says:

    Isn’t that how its supposed to be? IMO its a step in the right direction. Postpaid subscribers should have cheaper promos to entice prepaid subscribers to go postpaid. The problem with our telcos is they don’t take care of their postpaid subscribers well. With their semi-permanent promos, it would be more economical to just get a prepaid sim if you don’t really need a new phone. Most unli promos were previously only available for prepaid subscribers and if they made it available for postpaid subs, its an add-on. It also took them this long to implement an anti-billshock feature. Hopefully this trend continues.

  8. Glenn Ong says:

    Good job to Globe and RIM for bringing it down low for the convenience of many people. BBM is really a great service, because it’s unlimited and can already send/receive photos, files, voice notes, etc without extra cost.

    Anyway, if you guys have missed Globe’s *143# new functionality, you no longer have to remember keywords. Simply dial *143# then call it for free to see a menu. Check out more details at http://www.glennong.com/2012/01/globes-143-eliminates-need-to-remember.html

  9. yes finally! mas cheaper cya!

  10. revs says:

    kanina pa ako nag susubscribe dito sa bb chat pero ang reply lagi “sorry, the keyword you’ve entered is invalid.” when i was on bb social walang problem. am a postpaid subscriber btw.

  11. Maine says:

    This is great news for BB users. I’m going to unsubscribe BB social and subscribe to BBM unlimited instead! :)

  12. Ryan says:

    Me too, I’ve tried subscribing to the service but it also gives me back an invalid message notification.

  13. sherwood says:

    yung 100 free sms ba valid lang for 1 day? mura na sya ha.. i’ll try this one. bbm me> 2310736E

  14. bokeh says:

    Doesn’t work

  15. angel says:

    I registered about an hour ago and it’s working for me. The message I got says if you’re subscribed to other BB add-ons, you must deactivate them before you register to BB Chat.

    To unsubscribe the service, text BB CHAT OFF to 8888.

    So I guess that confirms that it’s really a one-time registration only. In the case of prepaid users, maybe it’s a one-time registration then they just get charged daily (since the rate is per day).

  16. sherwood says:

    It works kaso wala pa ako bbm contacts ehehe.. add me naman 2310736E .:)

  17. mikee says:

    this is RIM’s final stretch before it goes bankrupt. they’re just trying to get rid of as many phones as possible before the shut down by 2012’s end..

  18. andy says:

    d ba pwede yung 99 sa prepaid???

  19. shirel says:

    is the promo over? i cant register bbm 99 anymore.

  20. BB9360 says:

    What is the difference bet. Postpaid and prepaid? Bat yung postpaid 99 for 30 days, while prepaid 15 valid for 1 day only…

  21. aaron says:

    its worse.. why cant i register my sim to bb chat? if its not sent failed it says “invalid code”.. bakeeeeeet?!

  22. barhon14 says:

    how can i stop the bb chat for post paid subscription? can anyone help me? tnx inadvance!

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