Samsung Galaxy S at the Globe Flagship Store

Globe hosted a lunch for the media this afternoon to introduce their very first Flagship Store in the country which is located at the Greenbelt 4. On display are live units of all high-end smartphones, an iPad 3G and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S.

Globe’s concept of their Flagship Store was inspired from various telco stores around the world (yeah, they sent a team to check out the Apple Store in New York, AT&T, Orange and Vodafone in Europe and Singtel in Singapore).

Globe also promised that everything on display will be live demo units (no more dummies). Aside from mobile phones, they’ve go a PSP, netbooks, laptops and even an iPad 3G all on display and working.

They got Carlos Celdran to take us on a walking tour of the Globe Flagship Store but once we got there, my attention shifted to the demo units of the Samsung Galaxy S at the center of the aisle.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

I’ve shared my first impression about the handset when I first had a chance to see it back in May. I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the unit then but not this time.

Globe executives told me that the unit will be launched on June 24 and will be exclusive to Globe Telecom. They didn’t told me about the price points but we can stick to the estimated Php32k for the 16GB. My guess is that it will be free at Globe Plan 5000.

Here’s a quick video I took of the Galaxy S’s UI:

(P.S.: I was told our developer friends here from Novare did the new IT System for the store.)

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  1. Avatar for zEr0-IcE zEr0-IcE says:

    @Ralph: OMG!!! I am drooling over that phone for months already…

    Dammit… I am really really wanting to get one… unlocked of course.. I’m with a rival network, so I couldn’t just switch over to Globe.

    Darn… inggit ko! LOL!

  2. Avatar for Ralph Ralph says:

    Bought mine yesterday (6/20/2010), before the supposed June 24 release.

    PHP 31995 (can be divided into 12 months if paid via CC) for the unit with a prepaid sim (I just used my existing number). No plans available yet, but if I remember correctly, it’s free for the 3500 (?) Plan with 2 year lock-in period.

    Loving it so far. Just curious how the upgrade will happen from Eclair to Froyo. :)

  3. Avatar for Frank Frank says:

    its free on Plan 2500 on Globe and Php 31,999 if Prepaid kit

  4. Avatar for Arvee Arvee says:

    Okay so you see, G1 is a Google Phone. Yes, all Android phones are considered Google Phones. BUT N1 is “Google’s Phone”.

    At the back of each phone, you’ll see “with Google” on the G1, while “Google” on the N1.

    Just to clear it out. Anyway, Samsung officially announced that they will release the 2.2 update for the Galaxy S. Though the release date is still a mystery.

  5. Avatar for EarlZ EarlZ says:

    If Globe is getting the exclusive then 2nd week of July for all other retailers is pretty soon, as what their reps say, they will have the units on June 24 so its only logical for the exclusivity to on the July 24 as well and stocks for other stores arrive probably on Aug first or 2nd week.

  6. Avatar for Angie Angie says:

    @lolipown It’s not actually the first Google phone. When you say it’s a Google phone, it’s marketed by Google. And if it was marketed by Google, they won’t release it just through T-Mobile (I forgot, maybe verizon)

    @Yuga but how about firmware updates? they should have that, at least.

  7. Avatar for lolipown lolipown says:

    The G1 is the very first Google Phone but it isn’t getting Froyo.

  8. Avatar for lupita lupita says:

    @zero-ice which store in Megamall? i remember they have a kiosk in ground floor when i visited last month but i’m not sure if they are going to be there permanently like sony ericsson on cyberzone

  9. Avatar for Arvee Arvee says:

    @Angie @xtian1986

    It’s not only Samsung. Some other manufacturers fails to give their users appropriate OS updates too. Like for example, HTC Magic is stuck with the Android Cupcake OS. The only phone, I think, which would get regular Android OS updates is the Nexus One since it’s branded as the Google Phone.

  10. Avatar for Kevin Kevin says:

    Wow! Just look at that gorgeous screen!! *drools..

  11. Avatar for zEr0-IcE zEr0-IcE says:

    I just went to a store in Megamall and the sales lady told me (she was from Samsung) they’re most likely going to release an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S possibly on the 2nd week of July.

    Also, I saw a dummy Samsung Wave on display which only means that the phone will be avaiable very soon (the sales lady also confirmed this).

    I really am hoping that an unlocked Galaxy S will be released soon. I’m dying to get this phone!

  12. Avatar for roiji roiji says:

    sabi nung natanungan ko 31k daw.. i guess may 999 sa dulo -> 31,999 LOL

  13. Avatar for Miguel Miguel says:

    That’s what we do!!

    Thanks for the mention ;)

    – Miguel from Novare

  14. Avatar for blitzkrieg blitzkrieg says:

    @yuga – hey! By any chance, were you able to ask them if users can disable the S-Life interface? I’m holding out because of the rip-off interface. It looks too much like the iPhone. I want the stock Android goodness.

  15. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    @angie – I think it’s true with all phone manufacturers. They are in the hardware business not software. They don’t make money by releasing updates. They make money by selling new handsets.

  16. Avatar for Angie Angie says:

    @xtian yun din pagkakaalam ko. My friend was very disappointed with his omnia kasi rather than give them the upgrade of their current WinMo version, nagrelease nalang ng omnia 2 ang samsung, where the latest WinMo version (at that time) was used. The same stories with some people on GSMArena’s Galaxy S page. Parang Nokia lang na pinapabili tayo lagi ng bagong model.

    How about Android 2.2? How about Flash support? How about bug fixes?

  17. Avatar for Bob Bob says:

    I think I will wait for a month before I decide if I will buy or not.

  18. Avatar for lupita lupita says:

    o kaya pag sale ung mga gadgets sa SG though i read somewhere na exclusive naman to sa singtel na counterpart din ng globe. guess friends na lang talaga sa greenhills ang option! c”,)

  19. Avatar for lupita lupita says:

    exclusive sa globe? nagiging mahal kasi lalo ung phone pag exclusive e. hintayin ko na lang to sa mga friends sa greenhills :)

  20. Avatar for Biggs Biggs says:

    Paps, capacitive o resistive yung malaking touchscreen sa store?

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