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Smart Sun Dual Plan 549: 1st post-merger tag-team plan

Now that the PLDT-Digitel merger has been finalized, Smart and Sun Cellular can now offer tandem plans for both network’s subscribers. They’ve now introduced the Smart Sun Dual 549 Plan.


The dual plan combines Smart’s very popular Unli Plan 349 and a custom/add-on Sun Plan 200 for unlimited SMS between networks — all at Php549 per month.

The package also includes a free dual-SIM phone, a Nokia C2-03. Not sure though if the plan is available on both Smart and Sun Cellular or if it’s just one-way (Smart-only).

This could just be the first of many tag-team plans now that Smart and Sun are one.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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53 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    Wow. I hope there will be higher plan options in the near future. This’ll be perfect for business people, specially my mum. :)

  2. roiji says:

    kawawang globe :(

    • Mike says:

      Postpaid subscribers are loyal with Globe kasi Smart cheap ang dating.

    • raiji says:

      you’re the only loyal to Globe Postpaid… Globe sucks! lalo na ung service nila…

    • Kyle says:

      @ Mike

      Actually, Globe is cheaper. They only look more expensive due to the glitzy marketing, but Smart’s telecom service is superior to Globe in every way.

      What would you rather have? A call-center quality, Englishera that will pamper you at Globe outlets, or voice, messaging and data services that actually work without any problems 24/7?

  3. jc says:

    hay bat ngayon ka lang dumating kaka sign ko lang ng contract sa globe mas ok to ohh. :(

  4. Jiro Yan says:

    Sir Abe, I saw you kanina Starbucks Paseo de Magallanes. Magkatabi lang tayo… heheheh.

  5. jherwynne says:

    Let’s face it….kahit bali-baliktarin mo yan, Globe would still be the best in POSTPAID plan. Nothing beats their customized plan offerings.

  6. Les says:

    I want to see this in Smart’s website, is there a link? This plan will kill Globe with unlimited sms to Sun and Smart. Kasama ba dito ang Talk N Text and Red Mobile?

  7. clearsaga says:

    Monopoly ^^

  8. I still prefer Globe hehehe. Mas madami pa rin akong friends na naka-Globe :)

    • pabs says:

      i’ve been with globe since the late 90’s, all my friends are with globe, so no need for this…

    • frenchy says:

      yes, same with me. it’s not easy to switch networks kahit pa napaka ganda ng offer na plan because most of my friends/relatives have Globe.

  9. Paul says:

    @jherwynne Agreed, in my family we have Smart and Sun prepaid phones but there’s also one with a postpaid plan on Globe.

  10. Sonofa says:

    Sun Plans 200 pag prepaid may free 500 texts to other network… bakit pag dating dito wala na… pag nag avail ako ng plan in two different networks baka 2 phones pa…

  11. Andy says:

    How would this be better than Globe’s Unlimited text to all networks for only P599? For just P50 more, you can text all 3 networks Smart, Globe and Sun (not to mention Talk N Text, Touch Mobile and Red)?

    • Ram says:

      Because it comes with a “free” Nokia C2-03 Dual SIM phone for that “50-peso difference” you referring to?

    • tsong go says:

      agree. you will use two sim cards for this plan. that’s the reason why the fone is dual sim.

    • Charles Pena says:

      How is it better than Globe? EVERYTHING IS BETTER THAN GLOBE! Globe’s signal sucks. That P50 is not worth the bad signal.

  12. Hala ka? lets vault in na

  13. Big Panda says:

    seems it is also available in the Sun Cellular website as well


  14. Admiral Cheesedog says:

    mas gusto ko yung add ons ng globe kesa sa all in at sa lets volt in na yan… almost every month kasi nagpapalit ako ng services depende sa lugar na pupuntahan ko at sobrang coincidence na 90% ng namemeet ko ay globe user haha happy christmas

  15. Tic Sy says:


    Digitel – PLDT – SMART is just flexing their muscles to show off to Globe Telecom that they can bully other telecoms anytime.

    Existing subscribers are locked down by contract, shifting only after contract finished. Existing subscribers, however can avail of this as an additional line. This is nothing exciting, since the unlimited call is only from Sun to Sun, then Smart to Smart. Not Sun to Smart nor Smart to Sun. You’d be better off getting the FLP 350 and the Galaxy Y promo and the Smart Unli Call & Text 599 promo with free Nokia C1-01, then now you have 2 free phones valued at PhP 5,490.00 and PhP 2,300.00 respectively, giving you a total value of PhP 7,790.00 for a 350+599 = 949 monthly MSF, or whatever floats your boat.

    Sun to Sun unlimited calls is here to stay forever. If PLDT will not honor their NTC conditions on the Digitel – PLDT merger, NTC will dissolve said merger. The conditions include that Digitel – PLDT will not discontinue any offer nor will they neglect the quality of their services.

    For those who want the most bang for their money, specially those who want to surf a lot, checkout Sun Cellular ‘s offering for Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 under Call & Surf Plan 999 with cash out of PhP 3,500.00. For those who don’t surf, then the Plan 350 with Samsung Galaxy Y (Why?) cannot be beat.

  16. Lyn says:

    I am not comfortable with this merging of Smart and Sun….I know in time Smart will eat up Sun….that’s called killing a strong competition. Tsk tsk. Competition is good as they try to come up with the best promos to offer.

    • Tic Sy says:


      In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, PLDT said it received the NTC approval of the deal but it is subject to three conditions.

      First, Digitel should continue to provide nationwide “unlimited” type services to the public. Sun Cellular pioneered the “unlimited” call and text promotions in the country.

      After completing the Digitel acquisition, NTC also required PLDT to divest its stake in subsidiary Connectivity Unlimited Resources Enterprise Inc. (CURE). CURE owns 10MHz of 3G frequency in the 2100 band.

      The NTC set a divestment plan for PLDT’s stake in CURE. CURE will sell its Red Mobile business to Smart Communications. SMART will sell all its rights and interests in CURE, whose remaining assets will consist of its congressional franchise.

      PLDT has been given 9 months for an orderly migration of CURE’s customers, and a transfer of its assets to SMART. The divestment sale will be conducted within 6 months after the transition period.

      Lastly, NTC required PLDT and Digitel to “continue to provide high quality service to the subscribers/ users.”

      Let them try it. They will get burned eventually. See the last clause of the condition of the merger.

    • vicman says:

      In my opinion PLDT will still make DIGITEL competitive enough but not to directly compete with them. The purpose of the merger is not actually for the glory of PLDT but for additional profit. Pera pera lang yan. :-)

  17. trashbox_ph says:

    This is useless…. they did not even provide any mechanics… anyway basing on the AD

    1.) You still end up with 2 lines (2 SIMS) as they are giving a dual sim phone
    2.) Plan 200 on SUN???? I can get that same offer @150 on prepaid (php 150 Text unlimited + 4 hours call)
    3.) I can get 2 seperate plan applications and get better phones

  18. j says:

    this is a joke. 2 sims? no unli calls? and PhP 150 yung unlitext ng SUN with 4 hrs free call to SUN for 1 month, bakit dito 200?

    • mattscradle says:

      OO nga +1 to you. SUN TU 150 has 4 hours of sun to sun calls and unlitext. Yung sun TU200 merong sun to sun unlitext plus free 500 text to other networks.

  19. Tic Sy says:

    I just did. The first thing I did with my so-called brand new life is to help others not get tricked by this scam disguised as a promo. Have a nice day, my idol, a.k.a., Andres Bonifacio.

    p.s., Do you really deserve that handle? Agapito Bagumbayan – Maypagasa

  20. 'Em says:

    I’m a sun postpaid subscriber. For as long as our subscriptions are not affected by this merger, I wouldn’t mind at all. I’m totally satisfied with my plan 600 on Sun. I can text everyone with my 350 free text and do calls as well (250 worth).

    BTW, I don’t mind being tagged as “cheap”. I value the money I earn. If being “sosyal” means getting poor service, internet cap, and insane plans, I’d rather not be sosyal.

    Sorry.. I’ve had a really frustrating and traumatic with Globe.

    • Rhynax says:

      +1 on the Sun postpaid plan! I have been a plan 350 subscriber for years now with unli call and text to all Sun subscribers and 250 text to other networks. I got one for myself and my wife and it really brought down our Globe bill. My sister in law’s usage reaches 3K-4K but she only pays 350 a month. Now that’s really value for your money.
      I’m a (forced) Globe subscriber and all I can say is that they have nad aftersales service, unless your a “Platinum” (sosyal) plan holder. Went to Smart in Shangri La a few months ago an I was impressed by their service.

  21. leo says:

    i am using globe…. its a win win situation for consumers, the more they outdo each other the better for us consumers..

  22. biznizdok says:

    at first look, it’s an awesome deal but when you try to read the ad, you still have two sims, two plans, and no unlimited calls connecting the two networks. If only they can offer one sim, one unlimited talk and text to sun and smart, that’s the real deal that will stop Globe offer.
    read the ad, think before applying a plan, or else you’ll be locked for two years.

  23. Jay11 says:

    how about Unlimited SUN-sun/smart/red/tnt calls and texts for prepaid users??? Hmmm…

  24. initial G says:

    KADIRI. dahil libre lang ung phone maganda na agad-agad?

    150 pesos nga lng un unli txt to sun w/ free 4 hours call n un .. tapos dito 200 >.<

  25. initial G says:

    KADIRI. dahil libre ung phone maganda na agad-agad?

    150 pesos nga lng un unli txt to sun w/ free 4 hours call n un .. tapos dito 200 >.<

  26. It is two against one..

  27. Kyle says:

    I wonder why people still have these unli-unli crap. Just get a regular plan and a single SIM. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it is to have more than one SIM or one cellphone. If I’m considering having another phone to manage, I’ll make sure it’s one of those wireless landlines where you have SIM card so people on landlines can call me in case of emergency. That’s what my mother is doing and it’s pretty nifty.

    P.S. I was talking to some guys at Sun the other day. Despite the merger, Sun will still be using their own network for the service which means none of Sun’s subscribers can piggyback on Smart’s superior network.

  28. barron says:

    its just an unli txt +plus a couple of calls to Smart and Sun..
    but there is unli txt to all network by GLOBE.

  29. ysucit says:

    Hi Abe (Yuga)! Anybody you know prolly knows WTF is going on with Sun Cellular for the past 2 months? Our first 3 months with Sun Call and Surf Unlimited 999 was like 2.2Mbps constantly, but then after that it was like 0.18Mbps for almost 2 months now. Do you have the inside scoop?

    Much appreciated if you could share, we know that you’re “in-the-know” :)


    • ronroners says:

      perhaps you’re throttled? changed location so far? fond of downloads?

    • ysucit says:

      [quote]ronroners says:
      Fri, December 30 at 12:13 pm

      perhaps you’re throttled? changed location so far? fond of downloads?[/quote]

      No, no, and definitely no. Facebook and SNS as well as Android Market Apps, which is typically 5Mb.

      My internect connection used to be fast, but it took an arrow to the knee.

  30. sei says:

    All my friends are sun and smart subscribers, so this is great for me :D

  31. Kinny says:

    So if you go over 2 hours of talk time with SMART and the 4 hours of SUN how much per minute will they charge?
    Will it be 6.50/minute or Php3.21 for smart to smart? and 5.50 per minute sun to sun?

    7.50 if they call other networks that is not the same as theirs?

  32. Christina says:

    I have factory locked iphone for smart so I was not able to use sun in my iphone.Does it mean I can use my sun sim in the iphone as they are mergerd now. But, the network is not good now. I have not been able to receive interenational calls in my phone since the time they merged.

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