Smart Sun Dual Plan 549: 1st post-merger tag-team plan

Now that the PLDT-Digitel merger has been finalized, Smart and Sun Cellular can now offer tandem plans for both network’s subscribers. They’ve now introduced the Smart Sun Dual 549 Plan.

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The dual plan combines Smart’s very popular Unli Plan 349 and a custom/add-on Sun Plan 200 for unlimited SMS between networks — all at Php549 per month.

The package also includes a free dual-SIM phone, a Nokia C2-03. Not sure though if the plan is available on both Smart and Sun Cellular or if it’s just one-way (Smart-only).

This could just be the first of many tag-team plans now that Smart and Sun are one.

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  1. Christina says:

    I have factory locked iphone for smart so I was not able to use sun in my iphone.Does it mean I can use my sun sim in the iphone as they are mergerd now. But, the network is not good now. I have not been able to receive interenational calls in my phone since the time they merged.

  2. Kinny says:

    So if you go over 2 hours of talk time with SMART and the 4 hours of SUN how much per minute will they charge?
    Will it be 6.50/minute or Php3.21 for smart to smart? and 5.50 per minute sun to sun?

    7.50 if they call other networks that is not the same as theirs?

  3. sei says:

    All my friends are sun and smart subscribers, so this is great for me :D

  4. ysucit says:

    Hi Abe (Yuga)! Anybody you know prolly knows WTF is going on with Sun Cellular for the past 2 months? Our first 3 months with Sun Call and Surf Unlimited 999 was like 2.2Mbps constantly, but then after that it was like 0.18Mbps for almost 2 months now. Do you have the inside scoop?

    Much appreciated if you could share, we know that you’re “in-the-know” :)

    • ronroners says:

      perhaps you’re throttled? changed location so far? fond of downloads?

    • ysucit says:

      [quote]ronroners says:
      Fri, December 30 at 12:13 pm

      perhaps you’re throttled? changed location so far? fond of downloads?[/quote]

      No, no, and definitely no. Facebook and SNS as well as Android Market Apps, which is typically 5Mb.

      My internect connection used to be fast, but it took an arrow to the knee.

  5. barron says:

    its just an unli txt +plus a couple of calls to Smart and Sun..
    but there is unli txt to all network by GLOBE.

  6. Kyle says:

    I wonder why people still have these unli-unli crap. Just get a regular plan and a single SIM. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it is to have more than one SIM or one cellphone. If I’m considering having another phone to manage, I’ll make sure it’s one of those wireless landlines where you have SIM card so people on landlines can call me in case of emergency. That’s what my mother is doing and it’s pretty nifty.

    P.S. I was talking to some guys at Sun the other day. Despite the merger, Sun will still be using their own network for the service which means none of Sun’s subscribers can piggyback on Smart’s superior network.

  7. It is two against one..

  8. initial G says:

    KADIRI. dahil libre ung phone maganda na agad-agad?

    150 pesos nga lng un unli txt to sun w/ free 4 hours call n un .. tapos dito 200 >.<

  9. initial G says:

    KADIRI. dahil libre lang ung phone maganda na agad-agad?

    150 pesos nga lng un unli txt to sun w/ free 4 hours call n un .. tapos dito 200 >.<

  10. Jay11 says:

    how about Unlimited SUN-sun/smart/red/tnt calls and texts for prepaid users??? Hmmm…

  11. biznizdok says:

    at first look, it’s an awesome deal but when you try to read the ad, you still have two sims, two plans, and no unlimited calls connecting the two networks. If only they can offer one sim, one unlimited talk and text to sun and smart, that’s the real deal that will stop Globe offer.
    read the ad, think before applying a plan, or else you’ll be locked for two years.

  12. leo says:

    i am using globe…. its a win win situation for consumers, the more they outdo each other the better for us consumers..

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