Sun Cellular Wireless Broadband: Unlimited for Php999!

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Got a tip that the recently announced Sun Cellular Wireless Broadband service will be priced at Php999 per month with unlimited usage. Sun Cellular’s 3G will use a similar USB dongle. This is so far the cheapest and only unlimited 3G provider in the Philippines. However, since Sun Cellular has just started rolling out their HSDPA network, 3G coverage will be limited to several areas in Metro Manila.

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  1. scatterhaiku says:

    this would seem like a great deal, if only i could trust sun to deliver on its promised service. don’t think i can right now though.

    probably one of those services where i’ll wait a bit to see what the early adopters think, and if sun can provide the infrastructure necessary to make the service decent.

  2. katexter says:

    Sun’s corporate site now also has details for a 1.4Mbps unlimited plan for P1,999. I’m paying P1,699 for my BayanDSL with the same speed. I wonder if I can get the same speed with wireless?

  3. Gee Please says:

    And now let’s pause for a break and think about at which time will the Sun Network cover 3G country-wide…

  4. bisoy says:

    i bet sun’s network traffic would still worsen with this promo.

  5. BigBird says:

    Can they offer a quality service for 999 or else its also a waste of money!?

  6. Erin says:

    We are near a cell-site in nueva ecija which is up to now unreachable from landline telephones. smartbro doesnt service the area either. i think ill wait for this to be actually rolled out and service other parts of the country.

    @katexter: thanks for the pic. they say they are waiving the usb modem? i hope that shakes the other telcos into following suit.


  7. mocs says:

    i’ ll wait for it in the Visayas, and jump in a heart bet! This is what we need.

  8. LiNTEK says:

    Nice product from SUN, I might as well try it.

  9. jhay says:

    Looks interesting indeed. Unlimited for P999? It’s no surprise since it’s from Sun Mobile. ;)

  10. I hope you’re right, cause you know what, I just talked to the guys from Sun like less than two weeks ago and they told me they won’t push this service out any time soon.

    If it’s 999 I’ll sign up tomorrow.

  11. Will this rate also be applicable if you were to use your 3G/HSDPA phone instead of the usb dongle?

  12. katexter says:

    Here’s a picture of the Sun mobile broadband flat rate promo.

  13. john says:

    gusto ko rin yan…aoko na sa smartbro…misleading yung charging nila subrang mahal pala smartbro kaya sa sun na lang ako

  14. blozoom! says:

    ISP = internet service promised

  15. Dave Starr says:

    Since they will not even provide the service, why not offer it at 888 a month … heck 777 a month is even better. I’d happily pay much more than 999 a month for an internet service provider who actually _provided_ service. (anyone from SmartBro reading this?).

    A long time ago a rich but kind of shady car salesman buddy taught me this tactic …as long as you don’t actually have to _deliver_ you can sell for almost any price and make a nice profit. *sigh*

  16. Lyle, RN says:

    I love how Sun Cellular shakes up the industry with its “Unlimited” offerings.

    This is competition working for the benefit of the end user.

  17. sylv3rblade says:

    USB dongle powered unlimited 3G-based internet. Interesting for people on the Go.

  18. BigBird says:

    Saan ba may 3G signal na SUN my phone only detect 2G EDGE eh? I never encountered pa a 3G SUN signal?

  19. herbert says:

    Ayos ‘to ah. Malapit lang kami sa cellsite ng Sun.

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