Globe-PLDT announces bilateral IP Peering

Globe and PLDT made separate announcements today that the two companies have agreed on a bilateral domestic IP peering.

With the peering arrangement, PLDT and Globe will now allow direct local exchange of traffic between PLDT’s Philippine Internet Exchange (PhIX) and Globe Internet Exchange (GIX) that is destined to each other’s own broadband and mobile customers.

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The agreement calls for 10Gbps peering even though they expect the actual traffic could be just 3Gbps. There will be two links for redundancy.

It’s actually now open and there’s already around 1.2Gbps to 1.3Gbps traffic moving between them.

“This is a very positive development and is in line with our digital pivot. We are focused on taking effective measures to improve internet services in the country. IP peering is one such measure.  By keeping local traffic local, we improve the internet experience of both PLDT and Globe subscribers,” said Ernesto R. Alberto, PLDT Executive Vice President and Head of Enterprise.

The MOA paves the way for the initial phase of bilateral peering which is localized IP traffic exchange between the PLDT Group broadband and mobile subscribers and Globe Group subscribers, which should be completed 30 days after the execution of the MOA. It also dictates that the two telcos will work towards executing a fuller bilateral peering agreement within 90 days after the initial phase has been accepted.

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar for ryan aguilar ryan aguilar says:

    Thats a mere publicity,, that was not happen…
    PLDT AND GLOBE Traffic will still go to singapore

  2. Avatar for Tambay Methods (@TambayMethods) Tambay Methods (@TambayMethods) says:

    Now if only most users could be a bit more responsible when surfing….

  3. Avatar for curio curio says:

    Will this affect only websites/network connected inside the Philippines? Or will we see improvemens in “all” of the internet (e.g., faster Youtube, etc)?

  4. Avatar for John Nieurzyla John Nieurzyla says:

    Since this was announced Globe internet connections seem to be bottle necked (choked), dropping and pages failing to open.

  5. Avatar for Bibbo Bibbo says:

    Di daw sinama sa peering yung Vitro data center network.

  6. Avatar for Easy E Easy E says:

    Wow, a great show.

  7. Avatar for trapik trapik says:

    Pwede naman pala, kinailangan pa nilang sabihin ni Du30 na umayos sila.
    Service quality? that remains to be seen and actually experienced.

  8. Avatar for bernx bernx says:

    This is a good news. Though their network is still slow, at least there would be less latency between PLDT and Globe connections that translates to more responsive and better user internet experience.

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