Challenger at the Funan Digitalife Mall

Challenger at the Funan Digitalife Mall

It’s heaven for the gadget freak. The Challenger retail store at Funan Digitallife Mall in Singapore is the place to be when shopping for the latest tech toys and gadgets. All six floors are dedicated to top of the line stuff at rock bottom prices. I must have wiped out my entire credit line at HSBC in less than an hour.

Challenger On our first night at Singapore, I saw this feature of a gadget shop on cable TV. The unique this about this Challenger is that it has two pricing schemes — a regular price for the one-time shopper and a discounted price for members (I spared no time in subscribing as a member. Just SG$30 for 2 years.). To give you an idea of how much some of the stuff there, here’s an estimated list I got from memory:


Compaq Presario V3000 (Code Duo 1.73GHz, 14.1″ WXGA, 120GB HDD, 512DDR2 RAM) – Php31k
Dell 22″ Widescreen Flat LCD Monitor – Php15k
Nokia N95 – Php33k

That Presario laptop is about Php49k here in Manila, a 22″ Samsung LCD is Php25k last time I checked and the Nokia N95 is around Php44k. Yay, I almost bought that N95. On top of that, you get a rebate from GST of around 8% if I’m not mistaken. You just show it in the customs at the airport and they’ll give you back some cash for all your receipts. Some gadgets like the iPod Nano, the Nintendo DS Lite and the Sony PSP are somewhat the same price as we have here. Will do a rundown of gadget reviews in the next posts.

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6 Responses

  1. AJ says:

    haha. ako rin, the first time i was there, i bought a gadget agad.

    last saturday, i bought 320gb maxtor external hdd. S$159 for members, usual price is S$179. Members’ price is roughly 4.9k pesos. buti na lang member ang pinsan ko, naki-ride ako sa membership nya.

  2. yuga says:

    AJ, dude I got the 500GB WD External Drive! *hehe* Sorry, di ko nabasa agad previous comment mo. Only had a day to go around and wasn’t able to log online.

  3. wilson ng says:

    Hi Abe,

    It looks like you are doing a lot of travelling.

    With regards to buying outside, there are differences when you are buying foryourself, or for the company.

    pls. note that for companies, it makes sense to buy local because of what you pay, you are able to put 12% of tha tamount as VAT input.

  4. yuga says:

    Hi Wilson. When you buy for the company, its usually in bulk and whatever savings you get outside may be offset by customs tax and other tariffs.

  5. ABhishek says:

    Hi , can anybody tell me where i can get the best price for this system in SIngapore
    I cant find the email address of IT shops in Funan

    E-mail : [email protected]

    1. COoler master haf 932 full atx tower

    2. HDD Coolers

    3. ASUS Rampage II Extreme LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard

    4. Intel core i7 965 extreme edition ( 3.2 ghz) Quad core with Hypertreading

    5. Corsair Dominator 12gb Ram ( 6 * 2gb) ddr3 sdram 240-pin (1866mhz)

    6. Duel nvidia ( evga or xfx ) geforce gtx 295 in quad sli ( with backplate)

    7. 3 Tb western digital Hard disk (3* 1 Tb) + backplates

    8. BS TAGAN bZ 1300W

    9. BLUE RAY / HD-DVD COMBO Writer

    9.1 DVD dual layer lightscribe burner

    10. Evga xeno Killer network card

    11. Wireless keyboard & mouse

    12. Cooler master v8 (heatsink & fan )

    13. Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium

    15. Ocz Vertex SSD 120 gb

  6. Would you mind if I reference a paragraph or two from your post? I’m preparing to write a paper for highschool. Thanks very much!

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