Cherry Superion vs. Archos 70 vs. Galaxy Tab

It looks like we’ve got a really good choice of 7-inch Android tablets this Christmas. Aside from the Apple iPad (which is not officially launched locally but very available in grey market), we’ll have the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Cherry Mobile Superion and the Archos line-up.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

That doesn’t include the Chinese iPad clones and the WizPad tablet promised by Redfox back in July. So let’s look at a side-by side comparison of the Android tablet and see which one gets you the best bang for your buck.

Among the 3 tablets, only the Archos offer WiFi-only internet connectivity while the Galaxy Tab and the Superion both offer 3G + WiFi connectivity.

The CM Superion offers a good balance between feature and price point and directly challenges the Php35k pricing of the Galaxy Tab. The Galaxy Tab’s advantage would be the much faster processor and internal storage. It would have made it more compelling if they used an AMOLED display but that would make it more expensive.

The Archos 70, on the other hand, is aiming to be a multimedia tablet — much like an iPad WiFi-only. This became more obvious with the option of getting a 250GB internal storage (HDD) instead of the 8GB Flash drive model. It’s also the cheapest at around Php17k with features very close compared to the other two.

Based on the comparative table above, which of the 3 Android tablets would you likely buy?

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83 Responses

  1. Avatar for Jordan Jordan says:

    Whats the use of an “INTERNET TABLET” if you cant use 3G? Does this mean if there’s no wifi in the area Archos is basically useless? FTW

  2. Avatar for rexdgrey rexdgrey says:

    I’ll take Archos anytime, is it available in cebu?

  3. Avatar for Chu Chu says:

    @Dysnerie as posted seen on the previous entries, you may contact archosph at 091762*****.

  4. Avatar for Dysnerie Dysnerie says:

    Where can i buy Archos Brand in Philippines, Manila area??

  5. Avatar for zeeobytez zeeobytez says:

    cm no flash player, archos only 256mb ram, sgt only 29990 with flash and higher ram u can used it as real internet browser using the flash player 10.1

  6. Avatar for hapi hapi says:

    i want archos where can i buy that im from batangas..

  7. Avatar for Wakatsik Wakatsik says:

    Archos 70 all the way, ok sana yung cherry mobile superion kaya lang let down yung sa graphics nya, for sure mahihirapan yun sa ibang games

  8. Avatar for Chian Aisle Chian Aisle says:

    android android android. . im not cmfrtable of android android android. thats all.

  9. Avatar for rey rey says:

    serious SUP users(uses their SUP for business and entertainment)stay away from SGT :-). U may fall in love with it,hehe…double the price lang(almost) e.

  10. Avatar for Holan Holan says:

    If you wan’t quality Tablet go for SGT, remember chips for iphones and ipads were made by Samsung. Just got mine 2 days ago, all i can say is..its better than iPad.

  11. Avatar for rey rey says:

    got my SUP for almost a month now and so far had no problems with it. quality and duarabilty is ok, put it to some test, same with my other gadgets, trying to exhaust the 7 day replacement warranty. So far value to money is great, its almost a computer which can be placed in my pocket. I would still like to get my hands on some Viliv N5. Yes it does preview, edit and create some Office files(xls,doc and ptt as well as pdf) thanks to the installed Docs to GO. Perhaps if there are some gripes here is i cant seem to find any protectors to replace the binder, too bulky kasi when i put it in my pocket unlike pag ung unit lang its just like a pocketbook.

  12. Avatar for bench bench says:

    archos 7….

  13. Avatar for serious_buyer serious_buyer says:

    gumagana b ung google docs sa android phone?

  14. Avatar for DJ Alyaris DJ Alyaris says:

    Maybe Cherry Mobile should try getting a Windows Mobile Phone 7 – Enabled tablet. Maybe.. :D

  15. Avatar for serious_buyer serious_buyer says:

    gumagana kaya ung microsoft application sa cherry superion? like ms word? mas maganda sana kung pwede.. or pwede kaya nito ma-view ung mga document file?

  16. Avatar for serious_buyer serious_buyer says:

    pwede kaya iplug sa cherry superion ung mga wireless broadband for internet use.. para kahit walang wifi pwede makapag internet?

  17. Avatar for geogetski geogetski says:

    @rey mun jr
    you should have saved your money and looked at other malls a friend of mine asked a cm shop for discount and they offered it for a 1k discount to the SRP of superion :)

    most cm stalls currently doesn’t carry superion and have them only on a per order basis because they sell very slow compared to cheap dual sim phones as a cm stall sales lady told me :)

    probably will gety cheaper on 1st quarter next year because currently a friend of mine saw them selling for 35k to 42k in malls :)

  18. Avatar for vidgen13 vidgen13 says:

    Waiting for the samsung galaxy price to go down…I’ve read that it only costs ~$200 to manufacture so malamang pag walang bumili ibaba ung price…sana lol. Ok sana ung superion kaya lng sa 20k masyadong mahal di naman ganun kaganda specs, and it doesn’t, play flash. Or maybe sana may mga bagong tablets na lumabas, para mapalitan ko na 5800 ko. Sawa na ko magpalit ng firmware sa symbian try ko naman magroot ng android

  19. Avatar for Rey Mun Jr Rey Mun Jr says:

    Got my hands on a CM superion after a long search,most CM stores were out of stock or on per order basis only. Got it for a bit higher price, 22.5k 12months kasi e and its on Cellway not CM stores. 1st observation,theres a small gap on the back side pannel. I guess this is one way for them to service the inside so they can easily open them. I got 4 unit to test and all of them have it. 2nd the supplied 4gb doesnt work with the Sup, class 4 daw kasi. It worked on my n900 so i dont mind ill put a 32gb in it anyways. The screen protector got to go, it makes the screen less active and a bit washed out also it makes it look old and dirty though wala pa availble the screen protector, might buy an ipad then cut it in half para front and back. Compared with my ipad well its reallynot comparable, speed, screen res., touch sensitivity and battery life even vpthe volume ipad wins. Again i compared it to an ipad kasi most people say its a small ver of an ipad. Sup advantage, SIZE…i can easily put them inside my pants(pocket) ability to text an call, good signal strength(globe) applications are free(no need to jail break) expandable and removable mem, so you can tansfer files in and out of your pC and SUp by just the mem card no itunes needed. The side of the unit can easily be scratched and i mean easilllly perhaps why the iphone4 has a stainless steel sides. Takes a long time to fully charge. I believe 1hour more than an IPAd. bat life is around 5-6hours always on internet but on minimum brightness. So which is it IPAd or Superion(viewpad7) ultimate portability, almost hotswappable mem, ability to call and text SUP has it, if viewing movies, surfing, good games, cleanliness(make) and quality its the IPAD.

  20. Avatar for Mark Aznar Mark Aznar says:

    Selling brand new sealed SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB P1000 (16GB internal memory, with expandable slot of up to 32 GB)- Factory unlocked with 1 year Samsung warranty. (can text and call model)- white back case. for 55,000. Two units left. Meet up either at my condo, The St Francis Shangri-La Place or Shangri-La Plaza Mall

    Mark Aznar

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