CyberZone MOA to close down by end of month

CyberZone MOA to close down by end of month

Barely a year after the new CyberZone at Mall of Asia opened its doors, it’s now apparently closing down by the end of the month.

Got curious after seeing some of the stores were packing up last Sunday so I asked several of the attendants about it and they said they only have until July 28, 2009 to pack up and move out.

cyberzone  closed


They revealed that a lot of the stores in CyberZone aren’t making enough sales to maintain rent so the mall management decided to close it down.

Been hanging around that area for some time now and have noticed very few people visit the place:

  • Foot traffic is very low. Not a lot of people knew about the CyberZone area or even know where it is.
  • CDR King is probably one of the few ones people really go to and that’s only because the other CDR King at the 2nd floor North Wing is always full.
  • The bridge-way from the North Wing to the eComm Building took some time to get done so people wandering around the main mall had a hard time to get to CyberZone.

The vacant space left will then be converted to office spaces or possibly an extension of the existing call center in that building.

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38 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    Well the cyberzone at SM North lost some foot traffic also since they moved from the old carpark building to the new Annex building. You’d forget you are in SM North because of the number of people there especially during weekdays.

    But I expect they’d get more people coming in by next year once the Grand central terminal opens. Still, those shops there must have lost a lot of business since the relocation. Their previous spot was just more accesible.

  2. biliPH says:

    yup, it’s tiring to get to the 5th and 6th floors of the new Annex just to go to cyberzone… even if there are elevators.

    I wonder what they’ll do with the ground floor of the carpark building.

  3. Victor says:

    I think the said area is better if it will become a call center office / outsourcing office etc.

  4. Patrick says:

    @biliPH: It will be like a home lifestyle center area. All the tenants in the upper floor of the main building will move there so that they can renovate the city center next.

  5. peter says:

    @patrick and biliPh

    ano ba ang subject ng article na ito? Cyberzone MOA or SM North?

  6. Jovz says:

    Sayang…fave ko pa naman yung CDR King branch dito since walang pila and yung mga products na mahirap hanapin meron sila..and I’ll miss ASUS PC Gilmore din. =(

  7. bertsan531 says:

    cyberzone location in MOA is bad they should be located at lower levels same in Megamall…

  8. Mike says:

    Maybe the mall is too big for its own good.

  9. Patrick says:

    @peter: Sorry about the OT. I was merely pointing out that a similar thing could happen to SM North’s cyberzone since ganito rin ang nanyayari ngayon dun. Sorry again…

  10. Kaye says:

    I never even knew this place existed.

  11. benhur says:

    moa is my go-to mall, i love tech items but i’ve never been there. i’m not surprised it’s closing down. the tech strip at dell side office is enough for me.

  12. Eizan says:

    The mall’s kinda big for its own good but not that big enough na pareho sa fate nung planong “Mall City” sa Middle East and some really huge malls in China na di na ni-li-lease yung upper floors. I’m sure SM can recover.

  13. Pink says:

    Hmmm.. i didn’t even know there’s Cyberzone in MOA.

  14. Vance says:

    hmm.. maybe its the price of the items as well…

  15. Jhay says:

    I’m surprised. I was at the MOA last Saturday and there were quite a number of people inside CyberZone.

    Just like Achmed (the dead terrorist) once said, “location, location, location.”

  16. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Both suffer due to their location:

    MoA Cyberzone – a building across the hypermart with only the standard Cyberzone fare and dining establishment (IIRC 3 coffee shops, chicken inasal, mcdo, 7-11, Savory Chiken)and BDO.

    SM North Cyberzone – located at the 4th and 5th floor. Going up via the escalator is a chore (a really long walk between the next elevator, blame the architects) and being serviced by a pair of elevators in one side only. The CD-R King branch here is ALWAYS crowded.

  17. I was in Manila few years ago, I was happy to know that there is a dedicated area for tech lovers.. but every time I go back to SM cyberzone, I just could not find that place.. I’m LOST in finding its location.

    Better location – More sales!

  18. Calvin says:

    ok lang yung sa megamall na cyberzone. yung sa moa talaga mahirap makita and puntahan pag nasa mall ka. sana irelocate nila sa loob ng mall.

  19. ace says:

    well, I work near SM North EDSA and the new CyberZone building is such a pain to walk and go to.

    OT, but there is something wrong with BPI’s ( pages in — Why can’t they always check on their web subscription? I need info on their mobile banking, and it’s not working.

  20. Mico says:

    Surprisingly ang magandang cyberzone for me is yung bago sa SM Cubao

    of course it could only be because it’s new

  21. creepy-chan says:

    @ mico:

    may cyberzone na pala ang sm cubao?! diba department store lang yun or has there been some renovations? i haven’t been at cubao for quite some time now..

  22. carl says:

    sayang nmn! kng kelan mlpit n q pumunta ult don e… pno mo nlmn? tmby k ng MOA? xD

  23. mark says:

    another thing. SM Mall of Asia’s 2nd level north wing houses all the cellphone and gadget stores. Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Hello, Memo Xpress, Mega Exchange, Netopia and the likes are present there. Plus, Smart, Globe and Sun’s business centers are also on that place.

  24. Martin says:

    meron plang cyberzone ang MOA?!? wahaha kung kelan ko lang nalaman, dun pa mag sasara

  25. vince says:

    i suggest you close down all PC/electronics related shops and ilipat sa cyberzone para mapilitan pumunta ang tao doon

  26. Joshua from paranaque says:

    This only states that tech is always push aside in the Philippines.

  27. yuga says:

    @vince – i told that to them but the existing shops at the 2nd floor, north wing do not want to leave.

  28. Rich says:

    dapat alisin yung ice skating rink, at ipalit yung cyberzone dun! hahaha!

    pero seriously, sadyain talaga yung Cyberzone ng MOA eh… ang konti ng mga tao.

    dapat nun nasa Main Mall ng MOA.
    yung ibaba ng Department store sa South Wing ang dapat i-Convert nila into Cyberzone, yung buong ground floor.

  29. I’ve been there once, and I must say, it’s perfect for those who don’t want to fall in line. Then again, it’s bad for the business not having people “fall in line.”

  30. As expected :p

    When it opened up we visited it and took photos of the little gaming museum they setup. At least once a month, we go there just to look and check things out. Other than that, it’s empty and we’ve always wondered how long they’re going to pay rent.

    They need to move CyberZone elsewhere – there’s a huge 2 level empty space in front of the Jose Rizal sunglasses store, South-West corner of the mall (or South of the Music Hall). They can move CyberZone there.

    Secondly, they should implement the CyberZone “You Are Here” (guide thingy) everywhere. I really like it, so “high-tech”, the ones we see in movies ;)

    They have another version of it in the main-front door of the main mall, but I like the CyberZone version.

    Anyone who can pass this to SM MoA management? Tnx ^_^

  31. drealmarlon says:

    siguro talagang taghirap ang sales ngayon kaya walang benta.kasi kung may pambili ang tao hahanapin at pupuntahan yan kahit pa sa rooftop.

  32. Jazzeline says:

    Cyberzone in Cubao has PC Gilmore, CDR King and Villman and its right beside the grocery. I gave up trying to find the place after getting lost three times.

  33. Techmaster says:

    The tech area on the 2nd floor of Moa at the north wing will be the new cyberzone according to my ever reliable sources. It will be enhanced to matched the other cyberzone branches like in SM marikina, mega, Manila, cubao and the rest… Cheers!

  34. ekusonas says:

    wth, I’m near MOA and heck I dont know that there is a cyberzone there. either I’m ignorant or they placed it in a poor spot

  35. Jediarg says:

    My passion is to window shop gadget and PC stores. I never got time to go to the cyberzone at MOA. Glad to hear they will just relocate. Nice to learn too that they have a cyberzone in cubao. Sa Farmers mkt. at ali mall lang nga ang mga PC stores dun eh. I agree its so tiring to walk around the cyberzone in SM-north. To Remedy this I park my car at the annex elevated parking at the cyberzone level. At least mas maliwanag at sosy na ang dating kesa dati when it was at the carpark. But I always get all my stuff at Gilmoe pa rin. Prices are the lowest. Maganda lang pasyalan ang mga PC stores so you can see the latest product developments.

  36. willy says:

    the problem is ang mahal ng renta at ang mahal ng electronics dito sa atin….

    ex. a $200 dollar dgcam sa us is costing 20K here…

    kahit mag add ka ng tax mahal pa rin dito kesa sa us…

    in short they will not make money simply because ang mahal ng tinda nila sa mga malls….

    plus the fact na nasa labas ng mall yung area nila.. maiinit sa MOA kung wala ka sa loob nakakatamad mag ikot pag ganon……

  37. shinga says:

    kailan kaya magkaroon ng sm cyberzone sa baguio?

  38. hao says:

    nakakainis ,, kaya pala hindi na nag OL sa YM ko ung pcg moa ,, ngayon pa sila nawala sa MOA kung kelan kelangan ko ng psu eh lahat na ng ibang branch nila puro na malalayo -___-“

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