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Energizer XPal XP18000 Power Pack

When I bought that Energizer portable powerpack for my phone a couple of months back, I think I saw a much bigger one that’s meant for laptops. Then last week, a rep from Energizer Philippines contacted me asking if I want to try one.

So I picked the largest unit they had which is this XPal XP18000 Power Pack that’s rate at 18,000mAh. I imagine my notebook’s battery is only at 5,600mAh so that’s like 3 times more capacity. I reckon it’s possible to run my laptop for 24 straight hours using this battery pack.

The portable battery pack also comes with over a dozen power adapters that can fit in any imaginable mobile phone unit, media players and laptops.

The Li-Ion battery weighs just about 0.5lbs, has a charge time of 4 hours and can then charge up to 3 devices all at once. The battery can be recharged up to 500 cycles before it finally gives up — not a lot but I think that will last you around 2 or 3 years.

Updated: Here are the retail prices from Octagon:
XP18000 – Php9,995
XP8000 – Php7,995
XP4000 – Php4,995
XP2000 – Php1,995

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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46 Responses

  1. joeyoliver says:

    Sir, how much is it?

  2. Jiro Yan says:

    How much? I need this one.

  3. nightcrawler says:

    you know guys what i realized from the past 2-3 years reading this blog? THAT ABE POSTS PRICES WHEN HE KNOWS IT!

    Damn! if you need it, Google it!

  4. nightcrawler says:

    oh, jiro. good job!

  5. Jay says:

    So much for the specs and stuff. Abe forgot to mention if this ‘battery pack’ is available to the market. Hey, he could be using a ‘prototype’ product.

    you’re not being useful. better yet shut your pie hole.

    @jiro Yan
    thanks bro for the ‘Where-to-buy’ link.

  6. nightcrawler says:


    whoah! can’t think of a good comeback from an overused BS. that is so brand new! congratulation!

    now make yourselves usefrackinful!

    i just googled it myself and it’s…. around $278.25 on amazon just to have an idea. maybe i can now get a site to convert that or call … oh just bunch of lazy mf

  7. Jay says:

    you have issues with people, see a psychiatrist.

  8. nightcrawler says:


    ok i give up. you win. now, did i help you or what?

  9. roan carl says:

    dont give up be ….keeps on going and going and going like the bunny hehehehe

  10. nightcrawler says:

    @roan carl

    LOLS! good one!

  11. mr. bogus says:

    wow!!!! mother f%^$#*&
    battery.. pwedeng pang-camping…

  12. Jedd says:

    Asking the Eneregizer rep for the price of the item is kind of basic, don’t you think.

  13. JP says:

    Now hold your horses before you get overhyped about this product.

    Read the comment below:


    * It can only charge three DIFFERENT devices at once.
    (no two laptops nor two mp3 players at once)

    * You may have to buy a separate tip if the xpal doesn’t support it (esp. for legacy devices)

    But aside from the two issues mentioned, it’s a very worthy buy mainly because of all the juice it packs in.

  14. how many hours do you have to charge this thing. is this availanble locally? does this work with mac?

  15. JP says:


    4 Hours. You can even charge it while it’s juicing your gadgets.

  16. jun says:

    hmmm.. any local review sa mga nakabili na… how much aabutin kasama ang accesories..

  17. Syn Villareal says:

    I will wait for the Motolite version. Hopefully, its cheaper and pang-matagalan. :D

  18. hihey says:

    why short charge/discharge cycle?

  19. Jiro Yan says:

    HyperMac is the best for Mac user.

  20. Big Balut says:

    I am wondering will it power a laptop and a router and a modem at the same time?

  21. iwantbb says:

    its available at OCTAGON. i just called them and was given the prices:
    XP18000 – 9,995
    XP8000 – 7,995
    XP4000 – 4,995
    XP2000 – 1,995

  22. cheftonio says:

    mahal sa octagon ah! sa digital walker mga 8,995 yun XP18000.

    Sana may test unit sila bago ako bumili.

  23. manong says:

    why go camping at all if you can’t leave your gadgets behind?

    samsung galaxy s has up to 750 hrs standby and 13 hrs talk time…

  24. sandy says:

    i hope yuga would tell us if it’s any good.

  25. cheftonio says:


    Using 3g, how long kaya ang Galaxy S? interesting…

  26. Jiro Yan says:


    I go camping with my gadgets.

    You got a problem with that?

  27. Wow says:

    Is it compatible with any laptop?

  28. Jay says:


    ? yung samsung galaxy s ba puedeng ipang-charge ng laptop?

  29. manong says:


    more than 6hrs daw pag 3G sabi sa gsmarena…

    @jiro yan

    saan ka nag ccamping? sa luneta? good luck kung magagamit mo gadgets mo sa mt. pinatubo…


    hindi po.. tanga!

  30. Jay says:


    bobo po pala kayo! magsulat po kayo ng blog tungkol sa samsung galaxy s. dun mo ipagyabang ang alam mo sa gadget na to. off topic po kayo, tungkol sa energizer xpal xp18000 power pack ang post na to.

  31. manong says:


    off topic ba kamo? alam ba pinupunto ko ay karamihan sa mga gadgets ngayon sobra haba na ng stand-by time saka talk time kaya hindi mo na kailangan magbitbit ng napakalaking at napakamahal na baterya?

    sampol ko lang po iyon, tanga!

    bat pa sila nag-aadvertise ng 8 to 12-hr netbook? blogin ko kya mukha mo ng maliwanagan ka?

  32. Jay says:

    @bobong manong

    e kung di ba naman walang laman yang utak mo. ang pinupunto mo ay wala ka sa punto. wala namang bibili ng bateryang ito kung ipapang charge lang sa samsung galaxy s o 8 to 12-hr netbook.

    hampasin ko kaya ng baterya yang pagmumukha mo at baka magkaisip ka na, gago!

  33. Ronnie says:

    nice, but looks bulky nga? pwede ba to i-charge sa kotse? o pamalit sa baterya ng kotse, hehehe

  34. manong says:

    @medyo tanga na

    hay salamat napuntuhan mo rin! kala ko pa naman hopeless ka na… cge bilhin mo na itong baterya mo at magaan pa ata backpack mo sa 30 minutes laptop mo at 1 hour cp mo..

    di kaya cra lang ung battery? pa-check mo kya.. sama mo na rin utak mong LOW-BATT!!


  35. Jay says:

    @bobong manong

    ui at napipikon ka palang matandang bakla ka. ako, sure ako na hopeless ka na nga. kung ano ano pa ang pino post mo dito na alam mo sa gadgets para matabunan lang ang pagka insecure mo. off topic ka naman.

    at di mo na kayang pa-check mo lang yang ulo mo. wala nang pag-asa. sige manong magbasa ka pa na magbasa dito ha nang magkalaman naman yang ulo mo at matuto ka kung paano ang tamang pag comment sa posts dito. hindi yung magmamayabang ka para lang may comment ka at sabihing me laman daw yang utak mo.

    pwe! :)

  36. manong says:


    uy! namemersonal na siya… can’t defend ur gadget anymore? kung marunong ka lang sanang mag-explain kung bakit gusto mong bumili nito eh ka-resperespeto ka sana

    bakit kaya napunta sa kabaklaan? i’m really sensing the real purpose of your gadget’s vibration.. kaya laging low-bat!

    saan mo ba sinasaksak ang cable ng laptop mo? aminin!

  37. Jay says:

    @bobong manong

    anong can’t defend ur gadget anymore? e anlaki mo palang tanga! basahin mo nga mga posts, e ikaw yung nagmamarunong sa mga gadgets. anong mag-explain? anong respeto? lagyan mo muna laman ng utak mo bago ka mag post dito ha?

    hindi purpose na mag post dito para magyabang sa alam mo sa gadgets lalo na kung di naman related sa original post. e di ikaw nga low-bat ang pag-iisip!

    kahit wag ka nang umamin, kung saan saan mo pala sinasaksak ang cables mo kaya apektado na utak mo. :)

  38. manong says:


    aber.. ikaw nga magsabi sa kagandahan ng gadget n 2.. naghihintay ako at makikinig..

    sagutin mo lang ito at bibilib ako sa yo..

    inabuso ka ba ng kapitbahay nyo? mukhang patapon buhay mo ah!

  39. Jay says:


    kulang kulang na nga utak mo. ikaw tong nagmamarunong sa gadgets e. yan naman ang forte mo di ba? sisingit ka na lang sa alam mo daw kahit di naman yun ang topic.

    ang alam ko ikaw yung nang-aabuso ng mga bata sa inyo, di nga lang patapon buhay mo, matagal ng tapon! bobo!

  40. rotero says:

    OT: im just wondering is Abe is moderating !

  41. lawreas says:

    mga lowlife. nag aaway sa forum. haha

  42. jcruze says:

    is it possible to connect the laptop to this battery while charging it?

  43. ajcalderonmd says:

    i bought this device about 4 months ago, compatible sya sa lenovo ko, but i upgraded my lenovop this month, corei7 na sya but lenovo pa rin (ideapad y470), the problem is di na compatible tong energizer batt pack ko, nawawala madalas yung charging i have to reattach the cable every minute, does anyone have a similar problem?

  44. jacruze057 says:

    I am interested in this but it is too expensive, will it be able to power up a macbook air?

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