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Hands On: Doss Asimom 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We’ve been checking out quite a number of Bluetooth-enabled audio devices lately, and here comes another. The Doss Asimom 3, a “talking” wireless portable Bluetooth speaker.

The Doss Asimom 3 is a can-like speaker that features Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication) for wireless connectivity. It’s quite hefty due to its incredible build quality. It’s made out of metal with a combination of polycarbonate. The top features the usual controls like Play/Pause, Next & Previous and an answer key. The middle ring that lights up when powered is also the volume control enabled by touch, same as the others.

NFC one-touch pairing is present, so using this with an NFC-enabled device will only require a single tap.

What is nice about the Asimom 3 is in its features, like wireless charging and voice-prompt. It comes with a base charging plate that also acts as a powerbank with a capacity of 1020mAh. Just place the speaker on top of the plate and voila. A micro-USB to USB (female port) is included out of the box but the micro-USB cable doesn’t seemed to be properly crafted because it just won’t fit in, or maybe it’s a unit specific issue. The voice-prompt is nifty and surprisingly entertaining. Instead of relying on light indicators, the Asimom 3 will speak out its current status.


The battery built in to the speaker itself is rated up to 8 hours of usage. As to save battery life or at times when Bluetooth doesn’t seem to cooperate, a 3.5mm cable is included out of the box for wired connection. Maximum distance of the speaker from its host is up to 10 meters, so keep it near for uninterrupted playback.

It offers 360-degrees of sound thanks to its cylindrical design. While this may sound fantastic, the audio quality of the portable speaker is something left to be desired. The volume is loud and the bass is really there but the overall output doesn’t feel as whole as compared to others.

If you want a portable speaker that is nicely built and did I mention “talking”, then this is just the right thing for you. The Doss Asimom 3 is available at Widget City. (See posting here)

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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10 Responses

  1. Justin says:

    I’ve had my fill of those diminutive cylindrical speakers. Sure they work fine but the full sound range just isn’t there. I’d suggest going for a Braven instead. Or my personal choice, the Soundfreaq SoundKick. It’s a bit pricier, but you get an overall better sound.

  2. nong says:

    How do you compare this with x mini max 2 speaker in terms of sound quality?

  3. ferrom says:

    I use Jamo-Konzert speakers & amp combo. Music input is thru CM Blaze 1.0.

  4. tocino says:

    jbl bt speakers for me. 3 hrs battery lang but tge sounds are really loud even when brought outside

  5. flex says:

    had my own journey too, from the very first xmini up to around 10 more of these small speakers until my ears just decided I’ve had enough of these small wired/wireless speakers. I have a Harman Kardon xtreme and a Bose Soundlink. All-around use, I love the sound of the Bose Soundlink. Winner in portability too, really good full sound that doesn’t distort even at max volume.

  6. gerbil says:

    this is an advertorial masquerading as a hands-on review. Fail.

  7. ChrisP says:

    Yung voice prompt na napanood ko from YouTube is Chinese/English. Pwede ba English lang yun?

    And which do you think is better (sound quality) this Asimom 3 or the Sony BTV5??

  8. firsthanduser says:

    With proper use of equalizer to neutralize and tame the sound… this is decent enough at mid level volume. Just don’t crank it up at its highest volume together with highest bluetooth volume from phone. You can turn up the device but lessen the volume from your phone. Forte ng speaker natoh is voice and acoustic. Yun lang. So ok sya sa acoustic music or watching movies and tv shows. Good volume extension outdoors.

    Used poweramp to balance the sound. For the price its already a bargain. This speaker works well as outdoor speaker kapag nasa labas kayo with barkada inuman kainan or watching movie outside.

  9. Edison Evasco says:

    Did anyone try this on a Windows 8 laptop or tablet. I have one but I get an error for some reason when I try to connect this speaker. “Try again and make sure that the bluetooth headset is discoverable”. Now, I’ve already connected this to my phone, a windows 7 laptop and my wife’s phone and it connects successfully except for Windows 8 machines that I have running. A Acer Iconia W500 tablet and a Lenovo Win8 Laptop. I think it’s something to do with the fact that this speaker doesn’t have a manual pairing mode unlike other bluetooth devices that you can press and hold the power button to enter manual pairing mode. If anyone has tried this speaker and made it work with Windows 8. Please help.

    [email protected]

    • Tom says:

      It took me a while to get this working on windows 7 I would imagine the same issues with win8.
      after failing I decided to update the Bluetooth driver for my laptop, that brought up more features include a Bluetooth wizard. The wizard also failed but i ran it again, prior to clicking next I right clicked the DOSS icon in the window and selected properties.
      There are three check boxes: Audio Sync, Handfree telephony, and remote control. I selected them all. The went back into the control panel for bluetooth devices and clicked the doss. this time it worked.

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