Hands-on: Nanoleaf Aurora WiFi LED Lights

Hands-on: Nanoleaf Aurora WiFi LED Lights

I’ve set up a few Philips Hue lights at home for a couple of years and it has been expanded with several accessories like the bridge, remote controller and a motion sensor. It’s also connected to the WiFi network so it can also be controlled by Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Suffice it to say, the setup is quite an investment ($199 for a set of 3 bulbs and a bridge) but I think it’s well worth it.

Earlier this year, I saw this Nanoleaf Aurora from one of the Youtubers I followed (it was randomfrankp). Since then, I’ve been checking out the Best Buy stores whenever I go to the US but never got the chance to actually see one (went to the US 3 times already since January).

Fortunately, just this month, I discovered that these NanoLeaf Aurora LED lights were already available locally (Switch, A Shop, PowerMac Center).

The Nanoleaf Aurora is a customizable RGB LED light panels. There are 9 panels in the starter kit and you can just get extension panels later on. Each of the triangular panels are lined with LED lights inside. Along each side are connection ports so you can arrange the panels in any form you want.

This allows you to set them up in a cluster or just spread them across the wall in a linear fashion. You can even set it up to follow the corners of the room and crawl all the way up to the ceiling.


One of the 9 LED panels of the Aurora. Behind are Philips Hue-powered table lamps.

The panels are easily mounted by 3M tapes (included in the box) and there’s a thin connector strip to electrically attach one panel to the other. There’s a small power adaptor that you hook up to any one of the panels and just plug it into the nearest wall socket.

The back side of the panels ahve contact points for the connector strip on all sides for flexibility of panel arrangement.

The adaptor hosts the power switch and an adjustment button to adjust the brightness of the LEDs and rotate from several color combinations and light sequence. This gives you the ability to pick the mood and tone of the light that suits the room.

The Aurora can also be controlled using app (iOS and Android) since the hub has its own WiFi that can connect to your home network. The app offers way more options for the light combinations as well.

The Nanoleaf Aurora is available in stores like Switch, A Shop and PowerMac Center for about Php11k for the starter kit (you can ask more about it online from Innovee here).

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  1. ern.ph says:

    sir Abe, san mlpo may trusted seller ng philips hue locally? salamat

  2. Jan says:

    Sir san mkabili po and hm ung philips hue? Wat colors available? Thank u po. Godbless

  3. Quit Interesting! As it is connected to WiFi. we can control it Via smartphone, PC, Laptop using the technique of Internet of Things.

  4. Matt says:

    May I know which brand of powermac center has these nanoleaf? I’ll be coming from Laguna and none of the branches here sells one

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