HiSense Mini HB200M Headset

The guys from Digital Hub sent this little Bluetooth headset earlier this week (a HiSense Mini HB200M Headset) and I’ve been told that it’s one of the most interesting models around.

I’ve seen the HiSense brand in stores for sometime now but haven’t had any interest since I already got a couple of headsets around.

It’s one of those gadget accessories where once you have or been using one, you tend to not look for anything better unless it gets broken or lost (I have a very old Jabra and a tiny Motorola headset).

Still, the HiSense Mini HB200M Headset deserves a second look — it’s small and lightweight, has a functional build and some interesting features aside from the usual functions you’d normally expect from a regular headset.

So what comes in the box? You get the bluetooth headset with a removable ear clip, 3 earbuds you can switch around depending on which size is most comfortable for you, another in-ear bud, a cord, magnetic clip and USB charger.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

HiSense Mono Headset (Mini HB200M)
Bluetooth 2.1
5.5 hour talk-time
150 hour standby time
7.5 grams

The cord and the magnetic clip pairs to become a pendant of sorts and the headset attaches to the clip via a small but strong magnetic head. That way, when you’re not using the headset, you can take it off and just wear it around your neck.

Actually, what’s more interesting interesting is that the HiSense headset allows you to pair and connect to two (2) mobile phones at the same time. Great for when you carry two mobile phones around since you don’t have to manually disconnect from one and re-connect to the other one.

The HiSense Mini HB200M Headset retails for Php1,950 in stores. However, our friends from Awesome.ph will be launching on Thursday and offer this model at 60% off! That’s down to just Php798 from an already affordable Php1,995 price. Check Awesome.ph and sign up for the alert when the sale happens in Thursday, November 11.

Update: The date has been moved to next week. Will post update when they send out the new date. Just sign up at Awesome.ph for alerts.

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39 Responses

  1. Avatar for eric june eric june says:

    i have a nokia BH217, it comes with a cradle that serves as a standby switch.once removed it automatically connects to its host unit (celfon). does this pendant magnet act the same way? if it does, i will definitely get myself one because it looks cooler hanging like a necklace..

  2. Avatar for raine raine says:

    hi, is it compatible on iphone4? thus, can i play music in it? and when i buy at awesome.ph does it come with a warranty? :) hoping for your reply. thanks!

  3. Avatar for sandz sandz says:

    Hi, I’m having trouble connecting this with Nokia. Anyone who can help?

  4. Avatar for BKT09 BKT09 says:

    Sir Abe, Can you have a review on wireless headphones? :)

  5. ….Hello, will this work for iPhone 4G? if not, what bluetooth headset can you recommend for my iPhone 4…thank you!

  6. Avatar for wen uytengsu wen uytengsu says:

    Just want to know if you will be coming up with a 60% discount for the bluetooth in the near future. otherwise, I might just deside to get the jabra instead.. Thanks anyway

  7. Avatar for ralph ralph says:

    echoing MMD, does this support ipod touch? sabi nila A2DP-capable na bluetooth lang daw ang nagwowork with ipod… Does it work?

  8. Avatar for MMD MMD says:

    Hi Abe,

    Does this bluetooth work with ipod touch? I bought one last week and tried connecting it to my ipod but cannot be discovered… Has anyone tried?


  9. Avatar for dong dong says:

    @abe: is there any chance that awesome.ph will again have the hi-sense bluetooth headset deal again? i missed my chance to buy, i was late to notice that an email was sent to me regarding the promo.

    @awesome.ph: please run the deal again. thx.:D

  10. Avatar for K1020 K1020 says:

    @Calvin: I read from the manual that comes with the unit(page 20): “It can be harmful to pacemaker wearers and others with medical implants. Stay clear! Keep tools and other metal objects away. To avoid damage, keep magnetic media such as memory disks/chips, credit cards and tapes away.”

    *found the online manual for additional reference:

  11. Avatar for K1020 K1020 says:

    Bought this yesterday. Can anybody tell me if this could serve as a ‘music earphone’ for HTC Phones?
    I tried it with Nokia phones and was able to play music, but Sony Ericsson can’t.
    TIA! :)

  12. Avatar for Jem Cheng Jem Cheng says:

    Hi just want to ask if this unit is compatible with a blackberry phone? thanks

  13. Avatar for angelo angelo says:

    fyi. 2 hrs and 18 mins to go. 5 more coupons needed to be bought. i hope it reaches the 100 coupon marker otherwise the deals gone. check out awesome.ph if your interested to get one.

  14. Avatar for angelo angelo says:

    hi everyone. the deals live right now at awesome.ph. In fact, they have 9 hours to go before it closes. 38 more slots available for those who are interested.

  15. Avatar for joy joy says:

    will this work with iphone?

  16. Avatar for Andre Andre says:


    Thanks to everyone for their patience, this fantastic deal will be going live tomorrow for sure. No more delays. It will be Awesome!

  17. Avatar for Andre Andre says:

    Hi the promo for this will still push through. Some unfortunate delays came up but we are working out to bring you this awesome deal as soon as possible. You will get notified via e-mail once this deal launches if you have signed-up already at Awesome.ph

    Thank you all for your patience.

  18. Avatar for xiao xiao says:

    where can i buy it? tnx.. n__n

  19. Avatar for fredrick fredrick says:

    i thought awesome.ph will have a promo on this one? seems it is not true.

  20. Avatar for dong dong says:

    hi abe! any updates from awesome.ph? will the promo push thru? TIA

  21. Avatar for Icesteam Icesteam says:

    yes kala ko lastweek tehres a promo second week na wala naman lumabas

  22. Avatar for hubes hubes says:

    any updates on the promo?

  23. Avatar for RiTCHBOX RiTCHBOX says:

    Bought one yesterday at Digital Hub! So far ok naman. Cool gadget! :D

  24. Avatar for Icesteam Icesteam says:

    Oh i was excited about this na move pala sayang been eying for a dual handset on bluetooth panaman hehe

  25. Avatar for CliffRosario CliffRosario says:

    Found the company’s site. link: http://global.hisense.com/product/asia/hand/accessories/Mono_Headsets/200912/t20091222_20399.htm

    Doesn’t tell much.. like if it does have noise cancellation which I presume none, But for the price.. it’s a deal..

  26. Its good GO if meron noise cancellation.

  27. Avatar for Mpst Mpst says:

    What are the tech specs for this product?

  28. Avatar for query query says:

    does it support A2DP?

  29. Avatar for Calvin Calvin says:

    if may pacemaker ang tao, will the magnet affect it when worn as a pendant?

  30. Avatar for Awesome.ph Awesome.ph says:

    Hi guys, I know all of you are excited about the HiSense Deal as we are.

    However, we will be moving the deal to next week at a tentative date.

    For the meantime, you may subscribe at Awesome.ph so you can be notified when the deal happens.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.

  31. Avatar for denzy denzy says:


  32. Avatar for John Carl John Carl says:

    I bought one in Digital Walker last month. They offer 10% discount to PhilMug members. :)

  33. Avatar for mpst mpst says:

    Im using blueant t1 atm, having seen this post, enticed me to get one. It looks nice the magnets and the pendant style, but how about noise cancelation, voice recognition, firmware upgrades etc etc. Thans

  34. Avatar for Emir Emir says:

    Is it better than jabra stone?
    can it play music?

  35. My mistake, sa thursday pa pala!

  36. Wala pa ako recieve na alert from Awesome.ph

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