iMirror Play: Wireless iPod/iPhone Mirror to your TV

iMirror Play: Wireless iPod/iPhone Mirror to your TV

If you have a large HDTV at home and want to stream content off of your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can just get one of those AV cables or hook it up via a dock that connects to the external display. Or, you can do it wirelessly with the iMirror Play.

The device is pretty simle and easy to use. It comes with the docking station, an RCA cable to your TV, a mini-USB power cord and a wireless transmitter.

To set up, connect the dock to your TV or external display via the RCA cable provided. Plug the mini-USB cable to the wall and power up the dock.

Connect the transmitter to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Press the small button on the dock to set the LED lights. Do the same on the transmitter attached to your iPhone/iPod Touch. Make sure the number of LED lights on both are the same (they represent the same frequency channel for pairing).


Fire up your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone and play a video — it will stream the content straight to the TV (make sure to set your TV source to AV). Thats it!

Actually, the device will not really project the entire iOS home screen but just selected apps and features. I was able to try it with streaming video but could not figure out why it won’t work with music and apps when it says on the label it can do so.

The quality of the stream borders on the SD quality but sometimes would degrade depending on the distance of the transmitter to the dock and the interference of other objects around the devices.

The iMirror Play is being sold by Hot Gadgets over at Sulit here for Php4,980.

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9 Responses

  1. keemo says:

    One word: EXPENSIVE

  2. kuya dick says:

    ^ yep, expensive indeed. isn’t the iphone or ipad DLNA certified? if no, then that sucks. even the latest blackberry handsets which iphone fans move heaven and earth to diss like its dog poop is capable of streaming directly to a DLNA capable hdtv under the same wireless network, in HD quality (provided the file itself is hd quality). i know because i do this with my bold 9900 and it sure is very slick and convenient.

  3. kuya dick says:

    oh, oh, i see! my bad, i thought this was only limited to local file streaming but it appears it functions as a secondary display similar to a pc having 2 monitors/display. sorry!

    in that case I have my wdtv to stream youtube and flingo-crunchyroll for my anime fix. for any other streaming functions, i have my pc connected to the hdtv too, for those football streams, using a wireless keyboard-mouse-remote.

  4. Iyan Sommerset says:

    In other words, it caters exactly to iDevice owners. :D

  5. rixxi says:

    sorry i dont settle for anything less than 720p…im better off with my hdmi dongle

  6. Marc says:

    Baduy na, ang mahal pa. It serves no value. Even bling factor zero.

  7. Enteng says:

    Doesn’t the apple tv does the same thing + more?!?

  8. Papapau says:

    Expensive? and yet madami pa ring bumibili.. ewan ko ba kala ko naghihirap Pinas.. ehehe!

    Long ago na tong mga concept na to pahirap pa.. geez..

    Motorola RAZR..

    – Specific apps (like that device)
    – Clone Display. (kung ano talaga ginagawa mo sa phone, even GAMES!)
    – Run Full Ubuntu (Linux Operating System)
    – Proprietary Webtop by Moto (Desktop display NOT SMARTPHONE)

    * Just by HDMI.. (even 150php hdmi still great
    quality 1080p!)
    * No BS. No downside.. ^^

  9. Papapau says:

    Toink! nagka-switch post ko, this if for a different thread.. well in case of wireless play, DLNA.

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