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JBL MX100 Review

After spending a couple of weeks with the JBL MX100 iPod Dock and CD Player, I’ve grown fond of the speakers. It’s like a boom box that sits perfectly in the corner and blasts out some ear-popping audio.


The JBL MX100 is the biggest iPod Dock I’ve ever tried and it’s pretty heavy too (18lbs). The front grills are made of a aluminum bee-hive mesh design with glossy black plastic all around. It’s got a pretty solid construction and finish.

The slot-loading CD player is inconspicuously placed at the front bottom part while the iPod Dock is a detachable cradle which hooks up in a port on the left side. And while that made sense for the design to be symmetrical, I worry that it could accidentally be chipped off.

Nevertheless, I thought it’s a nice idea so you can just take it off and store it away if you’re not hooking it up to your iPod (there’s a 3.5mm jack you can plug in its stead).


The top surface is forward slanted at 45-degrees which is somewhat glossy/transparent and serves as the digital display. It’s obviously a finger-print and dust magnet so you gotta wipe it shiny everyday. The physical controls are placed vertically on the right side but you can always use the remote for playback controls.

As for sound quality, the JBL MX100 has a pretty wide range with enough volume to fill an entire hallway or ballroom. There’s no noticeable distortion at maximum volume although I thought the base did not have that heavy umph (floor-shaking thump) I expected for its size. That’s because the woofers are placed front to back and not top to bottom (facing the ground).

At two-thirds volume, you can already significantly feel the the air-pressure from the speakers a foot away. The most comfortable listening range is between 30% to 70% volume (that’s with ambient noise).

jbl mx100

The MX100 has a power out put of 30 watts per channel with 2 tweeters and 2 low-frequency woofers. The built-in FM tuner needs an external antenna to work but it’s got a good number of input options – 3 analog auxiliary, 1 digital auxiliary and iPod dock. It’s also got output for TV so you can deliver videos or movies from your iPod thru the MX100 and into your TV.

While JBL MX100 might have a very nice design and appeal, the suggested price of Php34,990 puts it in  the luxury category not a lot of people can afford.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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18 Responses

  1. jill says:

    Typo? sir Abe: it’s a tweeter, not twitter.

    Nice features, with the DVD player and all. Yeah, too expensive

  2. yuga says:

    @jill – I was thinking Twitter. *hehe*

  3. Adrian says:

    medyo hindi panalo yung price.

  4. Edgar says:

    Really wanted to have this. But the price – arrghh! Guess I’ll have to scrimp on some things to get it. (Drool!!) Haha!

  5. chris says:

    rather buy Bose.

  6. loadex says:

    Gusto ko na while reading the review, until i reach the part that says…. P34,990

    Ayaw na….

  7. Reel Advice says:

    Nice design…sayang lang nga yung price. I have to agree with Chris – just get a Bose.

  8. anthony sinlao says:

    yes me too, just get a bose, di ako bilib sa jbl

  9. gud day mga sir aside from the features po we do know that this speaker have a lots of new features compare to bose sound dock 2 but do Bose sound dock 2 can compete to this MX100 when it comes to audio or sound performance? (or how ever you call it!) because when i saw this speaker it made me confuse if what to buy but im planning to buy bose sound dock 2 because aside from tested ko n ung original n sound dock ng bose, e its much more cheaper than this one (MX100) thnxz in advance for advise!!!

  10. Paul says:

    Clear highs, Clear vocals, Soft Bass, Can easily drive dynamic sound pattern, Accurate imaging and panning of sounds (distinction of left and right source; just like using headphones) No distortion even at max volume, use it often at around volume 20 to make it sound a little better in the future. Place it beside a wall to further enhance the sound. If you like party music you may add a subwoofer or even more subs (use Y-connector) for an extreme party experience. You may watch your ipod video or iphone vids using MX100 then video out to your LCD TV. I personally like this item because of its flexibility and good quality sound.

  11. party musics are always groovy and danceable, we love to dance to the beat of party musics ::

  12. ADOLFO AGUSTIN says:

    This nice product good feature too the only mising tuner. The bose only royalty you pay there’s so many product better than bose I’m using bose products before .

  13. Paul says:

    It has an FM tuner. The antenna is detachable

  14. khrys says:

    this is really an amazing home audio device i’ve heard it once and cant forget the sound it gives i better have one…ipon to the max….^_^ this gadget was a complete audio system the best sound tlga cant get over it…

  15. harman_master says:

    bose?? uhhhhhhh are you talking about bose…i think bose is too much expensive rather than jbl at the same time bose is just an ipod dock not like jbl mx100 it comes with the cd player, ipod dock (optical in) for your nintendo wii or ps3 , 3 aux in ,1 tv output, 1 s-video, fm radio ,alarm clock ,headphone input, you can navigate your ipod using the remote control and one thing you can play music while you are playing in your ipod video or ipod nano the solitare and using your remote control for navigation astig..!!!! hehehehe so i think worth it naman po yung mx100 ayy may nakalimutan pala ako may subwoofer out din sya for additional bass

  16. Hey
    finaly I found what I was looking for

    how did you guys found this information??thank you for your article I found it on Google And I bookmarked it . I’ll share. You have my email guys, so can you please send me an email when you post some new blogs on your site!!!

    thank you and have a nice day

  17. josh says:

    expensive but try and tested nanaming magkakapatid ang jbl, even my father love’s jbl speakers its worth the money…

  18. SAM says:

    Meron akong ganito, nasira yun control, me power on naman pero hindi bumubukas yun ON/OFF kahit na sa remote…me pag-asa pa ba yun? san ko pwede ipagawa?

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