The Best Gadgets of 2010

The Best Gadgets of 2010

The year 2010 is closing in and looking back in the last twelve months, there were tons of new products introduced this year. I’ve got my line of favorite gadgets this year but I also like to get my readers opinion which are the best products were introduced in 2010.

From notebooks to cellphones and other tech toys, there’s just too many to choose from and the contenders are pretty competitive too.

Apple introduced a slew of new devices — from the iPhone 4 to the iPad and the latest Macbook Air.

The year 2010 can be considered the year of the Android with HTC, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson and LG bringing in more than a dozen Android smartphones combined.


Tablets also came into the scene with the Galaxy Tab trying to steal the thunder of Apple’s iPad. Archos brought in more affordable models while local brands like Cherry Mobile and RedFox joining the fray. That doesn’t include a host of other China-made iPa-wannabe Android tablets.

In the laptops and netbook category, we’ve also seen dual touch screens like the one from Toshiba’s Libretto. Intel also introduced dual-core Atom processors making netbooks more capable. The big-ass gaming laptops never ceases to amaze too.

There’s also the LED TV and the 3D TVs — pretty expensive but pretty cool too. Digital camera have made their mark too with Canon, Nikon and Panasonic slugging it out.

In the game consoles, I’ll have to hand it over to Kinect. Don’t think there’s anything more fun to play with sine the Nintendo Wii was first introduced.

So let’s put this to a vote. What are the best gadgets that’s been introduced in 2010? Please leave your vote in the comment section below and try to limit your nominations to a maximum of 5 specific models.

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75 Responses

  1. Regie says:

    iPhone 4 — still the handheld technology device to beat, despite antenna problems

  2. zer0ice says:

    1) Introduction of Samsung Galaxy s (who can forget Super AMOLED and Gorilla Glass)
    2) iDevices (iPad, iPhone 4, etc)
    3) Bada OS (innovation still alive and relatively doing well)
    4) Growth of Android OS and devices w/in the year alone
    5) Evolution of the iOS and how it changed iDevices

  3. zer0ice says:

    iPhone 4 — still the handheld technology device to beat, despite antenna problems

    It’s innovative, yes, but I don’t think it wipes out the innovation of other competitors… for one, it doesn’t have video calling capability enabled by default. You have to have a working WiFi and you can only do “video-calling” to another iPhone 4.

    So, it’s not an “all-in” device. Aesthetically, it might edge out it’s competition, but that’s very subjective.. looking at the technical aspects, well, let’s just say that it isn’t leading as many would think it is.

  4. dulfo says:

    Here’s the ones that got my vote for 2010!
    1. Apple’s Iphone4
    2. Android OS
    3. Samsung’s Galaxy S
    4. Intel’s Atom processor
    5. Toshiba’s Glassless 3DTV

  5. Paolo says:

    1. Samsung Galaxy S (Super AMOLED, Gorilla Glass)
    2. iPhone 4 (Retina Display)
    3. Mac Book Air (portability defined)
    4. Kinect (Based from what I read. Do we already have this in Manila?)
    5. Any Android smartphone (especially those made by HTC)

    To watch out for in 2011: dual-core smartphones and that Honeycomb tablet from Motorola! :)


  6. robert says:

    1. iDevices
    2. Android OS
    3. 3D TVs
    4. Intel’s blazing fast processors
    5. canon’s and nikon’s newest range of glass (lenses)

  7. Emmanuel Logarta says:

    1. LG Optimus One
    2. Samsung Wave
    3. Galaxy Tab
    4. NVidia ION2 powered Notebooks/Netbooks
    5. 3D TV

  8. JP says:

    Shakeweight, lol

  9. Cake says:

    Gadgets rarely excite me anymore but the iPhone 4 and new 11-inch Macbook Air are all the way up there.

    It doesn’t “wipe out other devices’ innovations”, it eclipses considerably. There’s a difference.

    Also, you are mistaken. Facetime *is* enabled by default but yes, it only works on wifi at the moment and only to other Facetime-compatible devices like other iPhone 4s and Macs with the Facetime desktop client. Nothing says that won’t change. And either way, focusing on that is so odd since video calling has been out for years now but never really caught on in the Philippines since service providers lock them to their networks anyway.

    And finally, I personally find specs lust pointless. It doesn’t matter to me if gadget A has better hardware if gadget B works better for me.

  10. Cake says:

    “… eclipses *them* …”. Pardon.

  11. arnold says:

    iPad. Why? If you read tech news, the headlines always say –“iPad killer, iPad competitor, iPad rival…” :-)

  12. tipler says:

    no love for the amazon kindle? shame.

    1. android os
    2. ipad
    3. kinect
    4. kindle

    I hope somebody mentions a blackberry, I need a good laugh.

  13. McTechieGuy says:

    1) The Nokia N900. It’s the cellphone of hackers! They slapped Bada, All versions of Android, WinMo, iOS. Now that’s hacker friendly!
    2)The dual-core processors of Qualcomm and Texas Instruments. (Although not in phones yet. :() The insane QSD 8672 and the TI DaVinci processors. Which can match netbooks on their performance.
    3) HTC Desire. This is one of the most exceptional Androids because it aged well. Compared to the others which were completely forgotten.
    4)Nokia N8. This is pretty obvious. It was chosen over an DSLR.INSANITY! See it here.
    5)The motion-control revolution. It started with the Wii. Now everybody joined the bandwagon. With The PS Move and The Kinect.

  14. zer0ice says:


    Easy bro… I didn’t mean to be brute.

    When I said that the video-calling isn’t enabled, I meant by real video calling. You can’t use the front-facing camera to do video calls over the current existing network. It is not enabled because if it is, it must be working for real video calls which has been in existence for the past 5 or more years.

    Video calling may not have caught up with you, but it is there for many people as well.

    Specs lust isn’t pointless. It is because of spec lust that technology moves forward. If we aren’t going to want innovative technology, then what’s the point in new and exciting devices? The iPhone 4 may not have been born if tech geeks such as myself and a million more in the world didn’t lust for better specs?

  15. scorer says:

    ok let’s take it from the man who knows gadgets and technology very well than you do (presumptions here, well mostly) hehe, all you have in mind is the specs! specs! puro specs lang ng gadgets samantalang mas pinapaboran ng mga tech evangelist ang User Experience gaya nito ni Walt Mossberg and this is what he has to say about the topic

    Taking Walt’s top spot this year was none other than Apple’s iPad. For a 1.0 product, the iPad was amazing. With the new iOS 4.2 operating system and its huge selection of apps, the iPad continues to stay ahead of the competition.

    High-speed 4G networks in the United States took the second spot. As the world goes more mobile, the availability of faster networks is critical. Today, 3G networks are bursting at the seams, and the promise of these networks will be something to watch closely in 2011.

    Tied for third were the Samsung Galaxy S and the Apple iPhone 4. The Galaxy S is representative of the powerful force that Android has become within the smartphone marketplace. Despite no longer being the only game in town and all the initial controversy over its antenna, the iPhone 4 is still the best overall smartphone, according to Walt.


  16. JP says:

    I’m giving props to the Amazon Kindle. Voracious readers like me are getting their just deserts with this device.

    It IS a disappointment though that ASUS and Acer were unable to commercially launch the Core i5 Eee Pad and Iconia Touchbook this year.

  17. Cake says:

    That was declamatory. ;p Surviving in the internet is not possible without a thick skin.

    You missed my point on video calls. The technology is existing but it is locked to people on the same network. In the same way Facetime only works on Apple devices, regular video calls over the network only works on devices on the same network. Yes, I consider this a flaw but a flaw that exists regardless of your device. For example, years-old Nokia models do this and yet unless you are both on the same network, the feature won’t be available to you. So it’s either you are on the same network or you have the same device. At least getting Facetime clients on Windows is a bigger possibility than networks allowing video calls to other networks.

    Furthermore, spec lust is not the same as tech lust. Innovation isn’t isolated on the hardware side. I hear fandroids crow about the newest Android phone having a way more impressive spec sheet than anything else but it’s not all about how fast your processor is. For me, iOS is superior because it is intuitive and usability is excellent and the best overall among the rest. What use is the better hardware when response is so sluggish? This is what I’m trying to say.

  18. NemOry says:

    The best gadget made this 2010 is ofcourse the
    iPAD and
    iPHONE 4. .
    Also phones and tablets that uses android OS 3.0 (gingerbread)

  19. zer0ice says:

    @Cake: Now, I understand what you mean. Yes, I agree with you on the things you pointed out even though I may not on lesser (minute and trivial) things. Software is as equally important as hardware, and Apple does an extremely good job at both.

    @NemOry: gingerbread? as far as I know, it’s not publicly… err.. commercially available? you mustn’t count that for 2010 bro.

  20. mel says:

    iphone 4
    mac book air
    mac mini
    apple tv

  21. Robin says:

    The tablet. An entire new category of product was created this year, like the netbook did in 2007.

  22. kimkae77 says:

    android phones,
    and xbox kinect….

  23. Allan P. says:

    year of android ang 2010!

  24. TwIsTeD_Rubz says:

    in no particular order:

    1) Samsung Galaxy S – I absolutely love this phone! It’s not perfect by any means but it suits my needs perfectly. And absolutely great screen!

    2) Apple iPad good point on everything being compared to the iPad Arnold. I’m not a fan (I still think it’s too big) but I appreciate its impact in the gadget industry (everyone’s scrambling to come out with tablets now).

    3) Apple iPhone 4 – great display and still is one of the most user friendly smartphones. And app support is unrivaled. Form factor is great too. It’s a very sexy (albeit fragile) phone.

    4) Android OS in general – I love the customizability which was why I chose Android over iOS. It still sucks that paid apps aren’t supported (YET) through the market. I think there are legal ways to circumvent the lack of an app store but I wanna be able to buy directly from the phone.

    On a side note, I think that Gingerbread 2.3 on the Nexus S is a significant OS/gadget combo kahit pahabol siya lumabas and kahit sa US/Canada/UK lang for this year. As reviewers would say, it’s the first of the Android OS iterations that makes you fell like it was made by a person who actualy uses phones and values the user-friendly ness (not that Android isn’t user friendly, it just became more user friendly)

    5) Kinect for XBox 360 – yes, it’s an amazing gaming device, but there are so many Kinect hacks going around right now that I appreciate the impact that this device could potentially have for non-gaming applications.

  25. Norman says:

    1. iPad – many people who hate it actually bought it.
    2. iPhone4 – how about the resolution? The best yet.
    3. Samsung Galaxy Tab – A serious competitor yet for iPad.
    4. Kinect – taking games into new dimension.
    5. Tamagochi – yes! It’s a joke :D

  26. Kobe-air says:

    1. Ipad – the best tablet in 2010 but should be challenged next year.
    2. Iphone 4 – need i say more?! I cant take my hands off it.
    3. Samsung galaxy tab – seriously considering buying one but id rather wait.
    4. Any phone that runs on android 2.2 the most notable includes samsung galaxy s.
    5. Cherry trident (So many are complaining about the inherent defects of this phone, but i have no problems with mine. )

  27. cosmic says:

    Top 3 gadgets of 2010 (in particular order):

    1) iPhone4
    2) iPad
    3) Samsung Galaxy S

  28. cosmic says:

    Top 3 Gadgets of 2010 in particular order:

    1} iPhone4
    2} iPad
    3) Samsung Galaxy S

  29. rsa1 says:

    yuga, i’m starting to get bored with your blogs. i’m actually expecting more… no offense meant, only constructive criticism.

  30. Vance says:

    I hate say this but the iPad is one of the most unique device in the market..

    Then comes the Galaxy Tab

    Then iPhone 4

    Xbox 360 Kinect.

    3D cameras (dslr and video)

    3D LCD TVS and Projector

  31. NemOry says:

    Oh man. . [email protected] . .I thnk I was wr0ng too. . .the gingerbread is v2.3. . .hehe. .v3 maybe 2011. .d0nt kn0w, . .I saw that gingerbread is available today, but limited to new andr0id ph0nes like Nexus S. . .

  32. slighmd says:

    1. Kinect
    2. glassless 3D TV
    3. 1ghz mobile phone processors

  33. manaka_junpei says:

    1. Apple Ipad(of all time)
    2. HTC Wildfire(my little sister got that, and I’m impressed)
    3. more LCD~LED TV I’ve explored at the mall
    4. the P999 Cherry Mobile Phone(all I see in the WALLPAPER is JOHN LLOYD CRUZ and SARAH GERONIMO instead of changing wallpaper into Anime Wallpaper, cheap specification)
    5. New Core i series from Intel plus combining CPU+GPU in one

    2010 is the year of the touchpad and touchpad tablet pc, pati pagsimula nang conversion from Analog to Digital TV/ISDB-T, pero unavailable pa rin sa public ang ISDB-T Set Top Box, also the year of Election Automation.

  34. Benchmark33 says:

    I don’t have any gadgets to share…but for me, 2010 is the revolution of the touchscreen devices. Hmmm next year? Perhaps the revolution of 3D? Probably revolution of LED…

  35. No Name says:

    god damn i wanna be Steve Jobs son

  36. 1. iPad
    2. iPhone 4
    3. i-series processors for laptops and desktops
    4. 3D TVs
    5. LED TVs

  37. jumi says:

    nokia 5110

  38. 1. Android OS 2.2
    2. iOS 4
    3. Broadcom Processor
    4. LG 2X
    5. iDevices

  39. Mamamayang Pinoy says:

    1.Samsung Galaxy S
    2.Iphone 4
    3.HTC Desire
    5.Samsung Galaxy Tab

  40. Mark says:

    A No-Brainer…
    It’s straight out of sci-fi.

  41. jm says:

    1.) Iphone 4
    2.) Sony Ericsson x10
    3.) Sony Vaio Z Series
    4.) Sony Vaio JS Series
    5.) Itouch 4th Gen

  42. Duanearmix Dizon says:

    Here are the top 5 gadgets I bought this year (although I’ve bought a ridiculously lot more than 5 gadgets for 2010):
    1. Philips SHB 6110 Bluetooth headphone
    2. Amazon Kindle 3 Wi-Fi(shipped from the US, I’m the first to buy from the PH when it was out)
    3. AOC e2236Vw 22″ LED monitor (last Oct)
    4. Seagate 1TB Go Flex External HD(USB 3.0 eSATA ready)
    5. Samsung Star Wi-Fi touchscreen smartphone

  43. jerkysans says:

    Buzzmakers for 2010:

    1. XPERIA X10
    2. HTC Desire
    3. Samsung Wave / Bada OS

    1. iPhone 4 / iOS 4
    2. Android 2.2 (Froyo)

    1. Blackberry Torch
    2. Samsung Galaxy S

    1. Nokia N8/Symbian ^3
    2. HP Palm Pre 2
    3. Android 2.3 Gingerbread

  44. Sam says:

    1. Samsung Galaxy S
    2. iPhone 4

    I heavily use gadgets for multimedia purposes. Sammy’s Galaxy S is the clear winner in this aspect. Not only it has greater storage, but also for its larger screen. The phone significantly weighs lighter than the iPhone 4 and that’s a plus because I don’t want my arms to get tired while watching videos when I’m in a car or I’m on a bed.

    As for the tablets,

    1. iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab – tie

    Tablets are meant for larger UI so iPad is the winner here. However, if portability is more important for you, Galaxy Tab becomes the winner here. That’s why I put them on a tie.

    Hope this link can help.

  45. Alwin says:

    1. Android OS
    2. iPad
    3. Samsung Galaxy Tab
    4. HTC and Motorola Smartphones
    5. iPhone 4

  46. jojomccid says:

    This year I bought three gadgets:
    1. Macbook pro
    2. Nikon D5000 SLR
    3. Nokia 5800

    Neat! huh! :-)

  47. aaaa says:

    in the game console you think Kinect is the best??? lol Kinect is a joke, if you ask the gaming community. There is just no good enough software to justify a purchase. And if you think it’s innovative then perhaps you have not heard of the ps eye/the eyetoy. kinect and the ps move as of the moment is just not good enough…i give the best gadget in terms of gaming to Rockband 3!

  48. Almoat Techie says:

    1. iPad
    2. iPhone 4
    3. Kindle
    4. Huawei Mifi
    5. Kinect

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  49. xyzsor says:

    1. Nexus S (not proven yet, but i’m willing to bet)
    2. Ipad (hated it, until i finally bought one)
    3. Netbooks!… yeah….

  50. Cribby says:

    My top 5
    1. Samsung Galaxy S
    2. Samsung Galaxy Tab
    3. Archos 5 Android
    4. Nikon D7000
    5. Iphone 4

    I don’t know why Android OS is known as a gadget here. It is an operating system for mobile devices which is used by samsung, motorola, HTC,etc.

  51. name says:

    wow ! lots of responds

    in no particular order

    1.iDevices (i guess those stuff were on everyone’s christmas wishlist .. damn i wish i had one ! :D)
    2.Android OS (who couldn’t forget how this operating system took the world by storm and overthrow nokia’s lame symbian *no offense for symbian users out there*)
    3.Samsung Galaxy Tab (it wasn’t able to beat iPad, but still, it grabbed an enormous market share ! the display is superb and so is the experience with it)
    4.DSLRs (2009 was the age of digicams, the first time i saw people using these ultra-big cams made me think they’re stone age people, but the day i had one made me as addicted as any other photography-addicts out there using these babies:D)
    5.All AMOLED/SUPERAMOLED screened phones (their crisp display is just freakin irresistible! cant take my eyes off of those !)

    :) have a nice day ..

  52. Mat says:

    Despite me owning a DHD, I think the honors should go to the original HTC Desire-AMOLED. Of course, I’m only talking about phones.

  53. ICesteam says:

    @Zer0ice and @ cake

    I have a samsung galaxy s
    and my sister has an iphone 4

    Here’s Our solution

    TANGO is free
    Iphone 4, 3gs = Samsung Galaxy S , Nexus One

    3g-wifi dual cam video calling

    though the video cam of samsung is better than iphone


    Download Market Access or Market Enabler

    1. ipad for reintroduction of tablet screen at the market promoting othertablets galaxy tab

    2. android

    3. iphone.

    4. dual core tegra

  54. TwIsTeD_Rubz says:

    @ICesteam: Thanks for the tip!

  55. Jepoi says:

    1. Nexus One – got introduced early part of 2010 which basically pushed the manufacturers to really spec out their phones. (1GHZ baby!)
    2. iPad – so tablets are indeed cool!
    3. Samsung Galaxy S – SAMOLED made it for me.
    4. iPhone/iTouch – for their retina displays.

  56. Jepoi says:

    P.S. – the Droid 2 Global (sans the blur?!?) – it has not reached our shores yet but the 1.2 GHZ did it for me.

  57. odnid75 says:

    ha! ha! ha!… medyo nag kakainitan na ang mga gadget addict… pano mo masasabi da best ang isang gadget kong personnaly di mo nman sya nagagamit,, base lang sa mga nababasa sa net? many review sa net ay sponsor ng nga gadget maker of course the review is always possitive… oppinion lang

    this year the gadget that i bough,,
    1. Ipod Touch 32G
    2. Sony Vaio
    3. Macbook
    4. Lumix G2 Micro System
    5. Nokia 5800
    6. Asus Netbook
    7. Galaxy S
    but sony vaio & macbook already dispose…
    ready for new macbook pro this coming 2011

  58. gg says:

    IPHONE 4 maybe on top,.

    it might not be the most innovative, but definitely the leader.. imagine if iOS was not invented, the idea of android would never has been born.

    save for the manufacturer-imposed limitations, it is pretty much the most-balanced device for me. and it can capture one’s heart by it’s simplicity and ease of use, which I think is the most important for a consumer product.

    second would be android phones and tablets for offering almost the same iOS experience for a lesser price.

    and last would be kinect! I wanna have a taste of it soon!!

  59. lunatech says:

    1 alienware M11x
    2 Android
    3 Iphone 4
    4 Ipad
    5 amoled

  60. Manix says:

    i guess almost everybody have same thoughts on what are/were the best gadgets in 2010. this year was really one hell of a ride in technology.

    Hi Abe, how about another question…
    What do we foresee as the gadgets to look out for in 2011? Especially for those who held back from spending this 2010.
    iPad2 is an obvious, as well as BB Playbook.

  61. marco says:

    innovative: (not necessarily a gadget)

    galaxy s – super amoled, hummingbird cpu
    nokia n8’s camera
    infinityblade – unreal engine on ios 4
    glasses free 3d screens(esp. on the upcoming nintendo 3ds)

    now, the best gadget for me based on their ‘perceived’ worth/pakinabang bec. i don’t own any:

    n900 – most hackable, can dual-booth.
    galaxy s – high poly count, and of course, super amoled.
    iphone 4 – introduction of gyroscope on smartphones. I don’t prefer this personally, and for me, it doesn’t bring any additional uses that can blow me away. But for the charm it has, and ease of use it boast, i will give it credit. I’m more leaning on ipod touch actually(why it’s cheap!).
    samsung wave – almost the same hardware as galaxy S, but cheaper. The OS, however, hold it back a little.

    I really like to add 3ds, but it’s not released yet. I saved all my money just to buy my next handheld console, i’m almost swayed to itouch until i realised no one does it better than sony and nintendo with their dedicated consoles. But if someone has an extra ipodtouch there, you can send it to me, i will happily accept it. :)

    My xmas isn’t that good ya’see. I got nothing. :(

    And why hurry, when dual-cores are just a few months away? 2010 gadgets will be extremely outdated when that time comes. I’m excited at CES and MWC announcements. How i wish one tech blog from our country can do a coverage there.

  62. rc carrion says:

    By far I do think the iPad is it. After that is the iPhone 4

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  63. blaze says:

    Iphone 4 great design
    ipad best tablet
    samsung galaxy s screen,size and swype

  64. Jov says:

    1. Dell Streak Mini 5
    2. Samsung Galaxy S
    3. Apple Mac Air
    4. Galaxy Tab
    5. HTC Desire HD

    Pretty much for the mobil filipino. Not just for the stunning appearance but for need and comfort.

  65. pj says:

    1. iDevices (iPad, iPhone4, new iPods, iOS 4)
    2. Android
    3. Samsung Galaxy Line (S & Tab Especially + the new Galaxy Portable Media Player)
    4. Blackberry Phones (9700, Torch, 9780)
    5. Nokia N8

  66. mario says:

    it’s my first time to join here… just wanna comment on my favorite gadgets of 2010..
    2. Sony Alpha NEX-5– an APS-C sized sensor in a very small body!
    3.Windows Phone 7 Devices (HTC HD7 is my favorite!)
    4. Android devices, especially those running 2.2(Froyo)like Desire HD
    5. iPod Touch(latest gen.)- dubbed as the iPhone w/o a phone… why do you have to buy an iPhone 4, just have a nokia 1208+iPod Touch!haha!

    i don’t have any of these, but i’d love to have them all… especially no. 2

  67. nixmanabat says:

    1. iPhone4- still at the top to beat.
    2. beats studio- great sound, great with iPhone4.
    3. Samsung Epic 4G- still not available in the Philippines, too bad.
    4. iPad great for web browsing ang games:D
    5. Nikon DSLRS- great pictures!:D

  68. realjarley says:

    My top gadgets for 2010:
    (i personally own and use everyday)
    1. NOKIA 1280 = Best fon. Everyday use for texting and calling, plus a flashlight and an fm reciever. No worries sa mga snatchers, not an eye candy but very much usefull for practical needs.

    2. IPOD NANO 8gz = Best Music player. Enough for playing my favorite songs, music videos and photos. plus a video recorder and calendar.

    3. NIKON D40 = Best Camera. Compact and easy to use. Still out best some of the new generations of DSLR’s.

    4. SMARTBRO POSTPAID kit = Best 3g gadget. Usable where ever i got a need to check my mails and facebook. I tried tattoo and sun broadband, but smartbro still edge out other network due to availability and reliability of smart network, especially in province areas.

    5. SONY VAIO VPCEB36GM = Best Laptop. Internet, office works, gaming and other stuff. A very reliable laptop for my everyday use.

    6. Acer aspire one D250 = Best netbook. Portability is number one.

    7. WD my passport external HD 1gb = stores all media i have.

    My gadgets maybe outdated, but practically up to date on everyday needs.

  69. Honey says:

    Seems like iPhone4 is really on top of the ladder. I was actually thinking of buying one but it doesn’t have flash player. Is there a cure on this already or should I go for an Android instead? If yes, what’s the best Android phone to get?

  70. Cherry Pie says:

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    1. Sumulat ng complaint letter na nagdedetalye kung ano ang depekto ng iyong telepono at hindi kanais-nais na karanasan pagkatapos mong bumili ng Cherry Mobile phone. Kung meron ka pang ibang reklamo, maari mo rin itong idagdag ito sa iyong sulat.

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    – Contact Number:
    – Handset Model:
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    – Date of Purchase:
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    3. Ipadala din ito sa DTI sa pamamagitan ng email sa [email protected] para maibestigan ang Cherry Mobile kung nagkaroon nga sila ng paglabag sa trade and consumer protection laws.

  71. Shawna Key says:

    Hi friend. I am still really noob at blogging and the entire aspects around this field. There are lots of jargons I still can’t know. I’m not even sure I can write half decent to yours. I will read the whole site maybe I will be able to grasp your blogging style a little.

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