What's on your Christmas Gadget Wish List?

What’s on your Christmas Gadget Wish List?


Christmas is fast approaching and for many people, this is the month when you can justify the purchase for an item you’ve always wanted to buy. While we’re preparing our list of gadget giveaways here at YugaTech (watch out for it!) this December, do share with us your gadget wishlist for the holidays.

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164 Responses

  1. robie says:

    maybe a new netbook or a new thin and light laptop harhar

  2. HP Mini 311 equipped with an SSD

  3. chris says:

    hehehe,. i love this post..lol .. A DSLR..

  4. nanayMo says:

    An Acer laptop for my daughter in college.

  5. Edgar says:

    ^^Me too!

  6. Jill says:

    ^^^Count me in!

  7. GMV says:

    Blackberry 9700

  8. bentong says:

    hp dv2 dual core neo

  9. Eric says:

    A new lappy! ^_^

  10. miharu says:

    A mac book pro!

  11. berkano says:

    HP mini 311 and an Xtreamer hehe

  12. ^
    might want to add in the NAS that was reviewed here a few weeks back :D

  13. Calvin says:

    the new 12″ acer timeline with the core2duo proc.

  14. A PSP and a Philips SHB9000 bluetooth headphone

  15. Ron says:

    An android phone!

  16. kukuoz says:

    MacBook pro and an Iphone…

  17. Edgar says:

    In case there’s not enough Acer laptops to go around, an LG LCD_TV will do. haha!!

  18. Ric says:

    OCZ Vertex SSD

  19. Lowell says:

    Mac Book Pro!! weeeee

  20. incredibleDNA says:

    This page won’t be enough for me.lol kiddin! I want some new Nikon DSLR, netbook (sony may do) haha, 1TB ext hd, and new iTouch..hahaha

  21. regsh says:

    an HTC HD2 or a Dell Inspiron 11z…yahoo!

  22. guyrony says:

    A Sony Xperia X2 please!!! :)

  23. Raf says:

    I only have 1 gadget wish for Christmas and its a PS3 SLIM ;-)

  24. Tey Aragon says:


    Or the new iMac.. for home use.

    A BlackBerry Bold 9700. Or a Nokia N900.

    Or a new camera bag for my DSLR.

  25. onat1976 says:

    A Yamaha Tyros 3 Workstation

  26. Vlad says:

    I want iTouch and laptop which can be use for blogging :D

  27. Pat Lee says:

    Sony Ericsson HBH-DS205 Stereo Bluetooth Headset or any philips bluetooth headphone

  28. ivan says:

    DSLR it is!

  29. Nardz says:

    an HP Mini 311 and an iPod Touch (64Gb) are all i need for a perfect christmas =)

  30. pao says:

    a macbook pro! :)

  31. EDZ says:


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  32. francis says:

    a Sony Vaio X!

  33. aldrin says:

    any small device that is capable of browsing the internet via wifi or 3g.

  34. andrew says:

    HTC Hero or HTC HD2

    guys, lagay nyo na wishlist nyo dito baka ibigay ni santa “yuga” clause. haha

  35. Ryan says:

    Santa Yuga, ok na po sa akin yung excess test gadgets o PC parts mo na di na ginagamit! hahaha

  36. Chris says:

    a Zune HD!!! :D

  37. Ruth Gutierrez - username is radixker says:

    the latest nikon dslr and a macbook pro…

  38. Eric says:

    An Android powered mobile phone. I think it’s called the Droid by Moto. Hehe.

  39. limuel; says:

    a new netbook,,,

  40. G Borja says:

    A Macbook air,Sony/Samsung HD TV, N97min :)

  41. Jam says:

    A DSLR camera, Sony Cyber-shot T900, New LCD TV and e-book reader! :)

  42. rye says:

    HTC hero and blackberry. :D

  43. chiidorisek says:

    n900 T_T or netbook

    btw wat is SSS? xD

  44. chiidorisek says:

    wat i mean is SSD sorry po sa double post

  45. Jiron says:

    maybe a new Core i7 rig!


  46. Richard says:

    Nikon D90 or Nikon D300

  47. J Rosauro says:

    …world peace! and MacBook, a new smartphone…and…world peace!

  48. anonymous says:

    NOKIA N900! NOKIA N900! NOKIA N900!

  49. herbert says:

    None. I’ll be a scrooge. Am saving up for the car.

  50. Pao says:

    Blackberry Bold 9700
    250GB PS3 Lightning Bundle


  51. cornlflakes says:

    world peace and a laptop for school =D

  52. Juneau says:

    now that you mentioned it, hmmm a gadget eh, i cant think of any, maybe a 10-24 ultra wide lens for my D90

  53. Pedro says:

    a LCD TV and a PS3… this is just a wish right…?

  54. Yuya says:

    Samsung Pixon 12. :) Sweet

  55. EDZ says:

    Macbook Pro kea lang after pa ng Christmas..

  56. whaâ„¢ says:

    a laptop/netbook, lcd tv, iphone 3s and a new addidas shoe

  57. val says:

    new gaming desktop

  58. whaâ„¢ says:

    a laptop/netbook, lcd tv, iphone 3s and a new addidas shoe, a healthy family and world peace.

  59. jojo says:

    PS3, Nokia E72, Sony DSLR, Acer 1410(since MSI U210 isn’t available here in Brunei), Samsung HDTV, plus a big one though not a gadget-a Toyota Vios.

  60. Eizan says:

    A Samsung smartphone or a netbook!

  61. ronn says:

    i would love a PS3 slim for High Definition viewing. :D

  62. Gtr_r35 says:

    Psp go, LED-TV, dslr

  63. Gtr_r35 says:

    Led tv,psp go

  64. Neo says:

    any nikon SRL. :)

  65. Lord says:

    Blackberry or I-Phone! :D

  66. I am buying a PS3 slim for MW2. Perhaps a HTC HD2 next 2010 Christmas, if not a Hero would do.

  67. cands says:

    A netbook and an iPhone 3gs. :)

  68. Marky says:

    Anything from your collection of old gadgets :D

  69. Baliw says:

    Mac Book Pro, DSLR, PS3 Slim, Droid, Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit), A New All-In-One Printer, HD headset, A Big LED TV…

  70. Alps says:

    Asus EEE PC 1201! :D

  71. paynjo says:

    Dell Studio 15/17 w/ i7 procie!

  72. Rodney Garcia says:

    1) iPhone
    2) That media player with a torrent downloader
    3) electric razor/shaver
    4) Playstation 3
    5) Nokia N900
    6) Nintendo Wii
    7) LCD Projector (for my church)
    8) Fender Passport Speaker systems (for my church)
    9) Wireless microphone set with thin headworn mic (for my church)

    Dami ba? Wishlist naman eh. It’s free!

  73. Kobe67 says:

    Macbook or High End Laptop, Mini N97 :)

  74. EDZ says:

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  75. cathy says:

    lg kt610
    new digital camera

  76. HannaBanana says:

    You should see my wishlist on myregistry.com–it’s pretty much all electronics! At the top of my list is a kindle, a macbook pro, and an iphone (I know, I know, pretty pricey! If I’m lucky I will get one of the three!).

  77. Kiko says:

    A Canon EOS 500D (Rebel T1i) :D

  78. ROEL_V says:

    I’ll save my bonus for my children’s future . . . .

    saka nalang siguro ako . . . .

  79. ROEL_V says:

    I’ll save my bonus for my children’s future . . . .

    saka nalang siguro ako . . . .

    but I’d like to have a new desktop that will run CnC Red Alert 3 . . . . .

  80. karissa says:

    I really wanted to have a Canon powershot SX20 or a G11
    I’d be totally happy! ^__^

  81. an N97 mini and a brand spanking desktop to play games!

  82. Leo says:

    LG LCD-TV, LG Crystal Mobile Phone (maybe) and a Casio Exilim H10 digicam, with wide angle lens, or the new rugged type exilim G1, although not wide angle lens, or maybe the new exilim FC150 or FC100, also not wide angle lens. but has high speed sensor.

  83. konzenber says:

    bnew DSLR! ^^

  84. sherwin says:

    Bravia 32″ LCD TV + PS3 Slim. Sir Abe post ka rin kung saan may electronics sale.

  85. Trovic says:

    Samsung LCD TV 40″

  86. Vance says:

    Canon 450D/500D
    Nikon D90

    Samsung 32 Inch full 1080P LCD TV (wag nang mangarap for LED) hehe

  87. kahit Nikon D60 lang, a MacBook, and an HP Mini 311 as get-away laptop.

  88. dumble says:

    N900, or htc hd2 :D

  89. Chris says:

    An iPhone 3Gs would do for me… lol

  90. jdGONEMAD says:

    nikkor 18-200mm + sb900 would be nice.

  91. Sanctuarian06 says:

    A new Kind, Good, Loving, Honest and Responsible President!

  92. Bryan says:

    All i want for christmas are:

    1. Samsung LCD TV- 2333HD or alike
    2. Apple Magic MOuse.
    3. A new pair of shoes

  93. EDZ says:

    Create and share your PayPal WishList and earn up to US$100.


  94. sam says:

    sony vaio z with 8gb of ram , 320SSd,and bluray

  95. mAdden says:

    i want gaming pc desktop with corei7 processor..
    so mch dreaming for this….and touch phone!
    thnks santa yuga!!!

  96. mark28 says:

    My Gadget Wishlist

    1. Samsung Jet (for my Globe line)
    2. Samsung Ultra S S7350 (for my Smart line)
    3. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (for my Sun line)
    4. Asus UL Series Laptop
    5. Samsung WB500 Digital Camera
    6. Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4×2
    7. Honda CR-V 4×2
    8. Samsung 42″ LED TV Series 8
    9. Samsung Max DX75T Mini Component
    10. Volvo XC60

  97. bc2382 says:

    tammy 18-50 2.8

  98. idookee says:

    a Motorola Droid/Milestone
    an Archos 5 Internet Tablet(Android)

    …and on and on…

  99. hutch21 says:

    macbook white late 2009, zune hd , blackberry curve and all in one pc. hahaha

  100. enrico says:

    a simple gaming desktop PC that can play most of the games today.. :P

  101. Daniel Tan says:

    Wishlist for the xmas:
    1. Gaming desktop with phenom II X3 720BE or phenom x4 955 BE and radeon HD4870x2
    2. Gateway laptop P7807u
    3. Razer tarantula and copperhead
    4. Samsung omnia i8000
    5. 22″ LG LCD with HDMI/DVI port
    6. psp 3000

    been craving for this sweet things for couple of xmas now. XD

  102. Jhay says:

    A new dSLR would be awesome!

  103. jan says:

    Toshiba Protege T110

    Thank you in advance!

  104. Sanctuarian06 says:

    ABE I wanted a SAMSUNG STAR WIFI….



    Happy Holidays!

  105. acidcrush says:

    DSLR for me..

  106. stonedchewy says:

    a macbook for my wifey

  107. harsh says:

    1. A decent mobile phone for my younger brother
    2. Ziplines Experience in Bukidnon

  108. misterbvs says:

    – a new digital camera na pwede gamitin pag nanganak si misis this december! :)

  109. aif says:

    who would buy me my zhu zhu!! hehe

  110. mj says:

    HTC HD2, IPod Touch 64gb…SONY Vaio X! kh8 alin jn pde na! ^_^

  111. drex says:

    Canon SX200 IS,
    Acer Laptop

  112. ed says:

    Macbook air!
    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  113. simplynice93 says:

    1. Asus laptop with Windows 7 installed
    2. Samsung Omnia II
    3. Ipod Touch 64GB
    4. Samsung LCD TV

    Di naman masama mangarap di ba? hehehe

  114. manong says:

    a sexy girlfriend who’s owns a gadget store which sells most, if not all, the items wished in this forum…


  115. VinS says:

    I want and I need a Canon EOS 500D DSLR, the reason is I travel a lot and I want to capture the beauty of our country. It will be great if I can capture and enhance the beauty that I see with a DSLR Camera.

  116. Jedd says:

    A pair of Canon 7Ds, a Mac Pro and Apple Display to match, a 1T Drobo, and a robo-unicorn that spits rainbows when you rub its horn.

  117. Lexty says:

    Heres mine:

    1. LG 32LH70YR (42 or 47 much better hehe)
    2. Logitech Z5500
    3. A new phone (E.G. Blackberry 9700|9550, Motorola Milestone, HTC Hero, XPERIA10, First Else)

  118. Rmil says:

    mine would be nokia N97 or sony xperia x2…

  119. sol says:

    Macbook air

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  120. jason says:

    1. apple iphone kahit yung 2g lang huhuhu i wanttt iphhooonnneeee

  121. MP says:

    apple iphone or nikon SLR camera

  122. clyde says:

    n97 mini
    nikon d700 with mb-10 battery pack and speelight flash
    moto milestone
    palm pre
    macbook pro 15″
    jbl radial

  123. I do have a number of wish list.. but to summarize them…

    32GB Iphone 3GS
    Lumix DMC-L1
    500 GB LaCie Petit Hard Disk


  124. jon says:

    psp go-wala pa bang review nun?!

  125. jon says:

    meron pa pala-DLSR canon eos 450d 12.1 megapixels

  126. whocares says:

    Sony Xperia X10

  127. Justine says:

    1)iPhone 3GS(32GB) :D
    2)Zune HD
    4)iPod nano 5th gen
    5)SE W995
    6)N97 (original not mini)
    7)Bluetooth Headset for my 5800XM.

    eon lang. :)
    kahit iPod lang po. :)
    PLEASE! :)))))

  128. Emiru says:

    MacBook Pro OR Canon dSLR :)

  129. bestgee says:

    an ipod touch ^O^

  130. Jong says:

    1. Nikon D3000
    2. Itouch 8GB
    3. Nokia Phone ( Kahit anu )
    4. xmini speaker
    5. 32inch LCD TV

    yun lang dame noh? hehehehhehe sana maski isa lang dyan.

  131. Ardz says:

    The Driod and the new Popcorn Hour.

  132. Mark Tesch says:

    hmmm…solar charger:) and a house:)

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  133. kat says:

    htc hd2
    apple macbook pro

  134. Richard says:

    My wish list is as follows:

    1. Samsung Omnia II
    2. Canon or Nikon DSLR camera with extra zoom lens
    3. LED TV, any brand will do.. mas maganda if Sony
    4. Dell Adamo XPS laptop.
    5. Honda Dio 4, or Honda Dio 3 ZX Live
    6. Any brand of Core i7 Gaming Desktop
    7. An apartment or Condo Unit Anywhere near The Fort

  135. Boy PC says:

    My wishlist:

    1.)intel Core i7
    2.)Asus Maximus III Gene
    3.)6GB ddr3-1333 pc3-10600 OCZâ„¢ OCZ3G1333LV6GK (Gold Edition)
    4.)2TB WD HDD
    5.)ATI Radeon 5850
    6.)Blue Ray Drive
    7.)Corsair (HX850) 850watts HX series
    8.)Silverstone SUG01-F Chassis
    9.)Silverstone NT06-E CPU Cooler
    10.)24 inch LCD display

    Well in a Nutshell…I want a new PC!!! :P

  136. xtian1986 says:

    iphone 3GS or motorola droid

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  137. xtian1986 says:

    iphone 3gs or moto milestone/droid

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  138. vince says:

    Branded LED flashlights. Because junk from 168 mall dies quickly.

    See my blog for more details plus how I got paypal to work without a credit card.


  139. Char says:

    1. HP Mini 311
    2. SE Satio or Aino
    3. Samsung LCD TV
    4. Kindle

  140. enrique1784 says:

    I’m craving to buy the Onkyo TX-SR507 reciever together with the JBL CS6100 speakers. I just wish I could buy these things before the year ends. Hehe. Bonus bonus bonus…

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  141. amy says:

    Just got my blackberry storm2, sony ericsson w995 and sony cybershot tx1 as my early christmas gift.
    Planning to buy macbook pro 13″ on christmas day.

  142. Kinny says:

    1. Nokia E72
    2. laptop/ desktop replacement with kickass specs. Core Quad, at least 3gb ram, 1-2 terrabyte HD storage
    3. Kindle DX
    4. Blackberry Bold 9000
    5. Apple iphone

    Hey wishing is free right? Todohin ko na!

  143. Drew says:

    It will be PS3 and PSP GO… With a Tekken 6 game.. hays…

  144. Drew says:

    Pati pala VCanon D500

  145. Fatra says:

    1. Nikon FM10 Camera
    2. EliteBook Laptop Computer
    3. Apple iPhone 3G 16GB (Black) Cell Phone
    4. Apple iPod Video 60GB Black MP3 Player
    5. Nokia N95 Cell Phone
    6. PSP

  146. Stellaire says:

    Haha, laging mahaba gadget wishlist ko eh:

    1. HTC Touch Pro 2
    2. Canon 450D
    3. Nintendo DS Lite (Cobalt Blue)
    4. Fuji Instax Mini 55i

  147. cyrelle says:

    I want a lenovo ideapad y550, and also ipod 5th gen as well. yey!

  148. Cherry Ann Mojares says:

    5.Nokia N97 mini

  149. Edgar says:

    Just one:

    1. A Sony BluRay Home Theater system (I already have the TV to go with it).

    simple wish, yun lang.

  150. Lyndon says:

    I want a Samsung Galaxy Note

  151. bergui352 says:

    i wish to buy canon 60d and a 275mm lens

  152. Lito says:

    I wish to have iPhone 4 abe. At tulungan mo nga ako makabili ng maski second hand. Natatakot kc ako bumili sa mga mall na wala masyado kaalaman sa gadget lalo na ang iPhone. Mga 20,000 hanggang 25 budget ko. Pupunta ako sa Kung sakalii matulungan mo ako.

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