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32″ KTC LCD TV going for Php13,500

A friend from college is a distributor of a number of electronic products and he recently mentioned to me he’s also into LCD TVs. They’ve been supplying stores in Gilmore for some time now with 23″ and 32″ KTC LCD TVs.

It’s your typical China-based brands that got its way into the country so it was no biggie until he told me the retail price is just Php13,500 for the 32″ model. Now that got my attention.

32″ display with 16:9 aspect ratio @ 1366×768 max. resolution
2 x HDMI port, VGA, S-Video, USB
MP3 & JPEG Support via USB port
140 watts max power consumption
Weight: 12.5kg

23″ display with 16:9 aspect ratio @ 1920×1080 max. resolution
2 x HDMI port, VGA, S-Video, USB
MP3 & JPEG Support via USB port
65 watts max power consumption
Weight: 5.5kg

The 32″, while not in full HD resolution, is still cheap at Php13.5k (my 3-year old 32″ Samsung TV has the same resolution but cost me Php70k back then). The smaller model gets full 1080p resolution though and sells for just Php7,995. They can be wall-mounted too.

You should see these models being sold in shops in Gilmore area and Greenhills although I am told they’re almost sold out. They’re still looking for a unit to send over for me to check out.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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50 Responses

  1. godofredo says:

    1st. Sana maging less than 10k next year.

  2. Pusang Kulog says:

    Will be waiting for the review…

  3. ralph says:

    may service center din ba to

  4. yuga says:

    @ralph – you bring it back to the store where you bought it. then, they forward it to the distributor for repairs or replacement.

  5. lester says:

    pwede makuha ung contact number?thanks!

  6. Fleeb says:

    I don’t get the first first thing.

    13k is already cheap as it is (comparable to the price of some entry level Android smartphones) why be more cheapskate and ask it to be priced at 10k?

  7. Pedro says:

    will wait for your review sir…

  8. daddyjoey says:

    @fleeb, sayo cheap yan, samin inde ;P

  9. Harley says:

    will indeed wait for the review! another good thing for watching some old movies with subtitle! ahehe!

  10. raldge says:

    bang for the buck!!

  11. godofredorinako says:

    @godofredo Sana nga after 16 days from you reply bumaba na yung price

  12. wha says:

    waaaa…. sir yuga.. san po yan nabibili?? can i have the contacts?? thanks

  13. Eason says:

    The 23″ 7,995 looks good, but I’m kinda considering the 22 inch LED monitors, even without HDMI its just the same as DVI since sound its the only difference in the transmission.

    Like the Philips, AOC, Viewsonic LED 22″ monitors cost around 8,700 which is a bit more but in the long run I think its better in terms of Electricity usage and clarity.

    Or the 19″ versions for 5,500 pesos. O_O….

  14. Malcoxx says:

    Price wise this is a steal. Quality wise then that is something for us to risk and that’s what the review for.

    I do hope that the amount of money you risk wouldn’t be in vain. Every time you buy a gadget there is a risk involved and you can only feel safe if the warranty can be relied on. If it is a carry in warranty, it would be tedious for those who will be buying it from far places and for those who do not have personal transport.

    Honestly, I bought a 19″ widescreen lcd (lang), 3 years ago for this price, so far it didn’t conk out on me, so risk it is.

    Abe, hope you can provide the contact number too when you review the unit.

  15. Calvin says:

    ayos to ah. pwede maging premyo sa christmas party. hehehe.

  16. Romy Uyehara says:

    Just the same price as cdrking…. for sure, they are both sub standard compared to most well known brands. cdrking comes with 1 year warranty…

  17. kenneth says:

    contact info please

  18. Jeric says:

    parang cdrking lang sya.

  19. Yuletide says:

    @jeric & romy correct!

    I smell new sponsorship here. :-)

  20. NETGUIDES says:

    This one, I think yuga wont give away for sure.

    13.5k for 32″?! what a steal!?

    its like those LCD TVs being sold in taiwan such as MATSUBO which i got a 21″ full hd lcd tv for only 4k!

  21. jay says:

    Now that is good news! LCD tvs are getting cheaper, maybe next year lalong bumaba at pati LED baba na din ng kaunti kasi may 3D na sobrang mahal sa ngayon.

    I bought a TCL 40in Full HD LCD TV at P26,712 last Saturday at Robinson’s appliances with 7 day replacement and 1 year warranty on parts and service. Very good deal for my HD videos from Apple TV and Cignal HD :)

  22. sponsored says:

    sponsored sponsored

  23. JunAlquis says:

    23″ for pc monitor now that’s sulit.

  24. berkano says:

    1080p in 23″ or even a 32″ TV is meaningless, unless you want to be 1 foot from the screen.

    Very affordable indeed.

  25. Mamamayang Pinoy says:

    Hey Mr. Yuga available na po ba to nationwide? sa Cebu kaya?

  26. Bullet says:

    can you please provide us the name of the store where we can buy this in gilmore?

  27. Jay says:

    Cd-r King’s 32” LCD TV is priced at 13,900. Higher than 400 pesos. If I were to consider between these 2 cheapos, I’d pick Cd-r King due to its numerous branches that I could run to in case warranty is needed.

    @ Eason

    I recently bought a 22″ AOC LED monitor at 7,600 from Enigma. You can check their prices at http://enigma-phil.com.ph/index.php/pricelist.html.

  28. Oni says:

    ang mura nga pero as malcoxx said baka may sabit sa quality yan lalo n galing china

  29. Eason says:


    Wow, thanks! I’m in between a 19″ or 22″ for my 2nd Monitor to be dual screen.

    I currently have a 18.5″ AOC LED. I’m thinking of the new Philips 18.5″ LED monitor but what you said is cheap. O_O

  30. watusi says:

    wag muna kyo bili next year lalabas na digital tv….

  31. manong says:

    at least ung ktc > cdr-king in aesthetics, medyo hindi nakakahiyang i-display sa sala…

    meron nga akong nakita panasonic vierra plasma tv 42″ brand new nasa 29k na lang eh…

  32. Kap says:

    Mura na ito compare sa Ovation. Benta ko na itong 22inch ko na samsung tapos buy ako nito.

    Cdrking? naku hwag naman hirap kausap ng mga salelady ng cdrking.

  33. zue says:

    Are they selling one in Mindanao, specifically Davao region ? I don’t want to buy online coz I don’t know where to run in terms of technical issue.

  34. Benchmark33 says:

    I just bought my parents LG HD LCD TV…what a timing to see a low priced LCD TV. hehehehe

    It is really low priced. But like what other say, risk taking lang talaga yan.

    Better buy now than soon. Usually the better units are sold first than dun sa total mass produced ones.

    I usually buy if nailabas for the first time kasi that is what I usually think, mas mataas ang quality ng mga unang release than the next one.

    But then again, risk yan. If it conked, don’t blame me! Hehehehe

    As for the brand names…you can cover the brand name with sticker naman if nahihiya kayo i-display hehehehe.

    What is important is nakakanood kayo ng maayos and the sound is great regardless of brand.

    But then again, QUALITY and SERVICE talaga ang habol natin regardless of brands. :-D

  35. ithons26 says:

    Wow mura! Pwede na pang PS3 yan. Hope before the year ends makabili na ako ng 32 inc na hd lcd tv…

  36. Neo says:

    May available ba dito sa cebu?

  37. AntoN says:

    To All: Considering reviewing the manufacture if credible.


  38. jaszyjay says:

    worth it ba ito kung gagamiting for ps3 lang??im thinkin baka mabilis masira kasi

  39. noel says:

    mga sir, bumili ko last week ng KTC tv sa Gilmore. Yun 23″, sa Gaisano ko binili kasi meron sila nun led backlight na saka fullHD for only Php7,495.00. Pero i wanted the bigger one so i came back the next day to shop for the 32″ unit. I got one from PcOptions for only Php13,500. Mas gusto ko sana yun AOC na 32″ pero short na pera ko (Php16,00). So, KTC na lang. Okay naman design nya except for the very big logo in front. Kuntento naman family sa bago nila tv kaya lang di ko alam kung ano lalabas problema nito. To other users, pls. tell us if you have bad if any experiences regarding this brand for I am planning on buying another 23″ to use as a monitor for my pc and am waiting for the introduction of their new 32″ LEDtv or even the 42″ if they lower the price, about (Php22,00 now for the 42″lcd). Parang maganda. Dying to hear from you, guys! Thank you, all!!

  40. noel says:

    Regarding the KTC logo, it is molded in the frame. Sandpapering will only make it worse. Better paste Hello Kitty or Smiley button over it, heh heh!

  41. mhariel says:

    i bought KTC 32″ & it works really good like my old tv SONY BRAVIA 40″ i just bought it for only 13k+ juST store it in my room its like the other brand of lcd tv……so u guys its cheaper than the other brand but u will enjoy watching movies, ull never know ur watchng on a cheap price KTC tv ull forget it once u hve & tried it alrdy….

  42. mhariel says:

    @ noel so far theres no problem with my KTC 32″ but if ever i ever encounter any deffect on my KTC ill update you noel…… for now i enjoy watching movies in my room using this tv……

    • noel says:

      thank you very much!
      I already bought another KTC 23″ led tv for my son’s pc in his room.
      I decided on this brand again kasi monitor na, tv pa. Ok naman kaya lang parang iba talaga sa pc kung monitor talaga paris nun AOC na 22″ led halos pareho price.
      Anyway, thanks again!

  43. Thony says:

    I want to buy a KTC LED TV. But, i wanna know if KTC is a good brand.

    Somebody can help me?

  44. michael Parualn says:

    Just like to find out if this is still available?



  45. Pocholo Ochosa says:

    I got the 23″ KTC LED version for 7k lang sa SM fairview…

    Superb! Sulit ang selling price. Maganda ang features, craftsmanship tsaka warranty.

    Highly recommended!

  46. I’ve found myself here several times before while looking various things. I appreciate the detailed articles you write, and in some instances this is the ONLY place I can even find them. Cheers

  47. nedo ignacio says:

    i like to buy a ktc tv remote control, can you help me.

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