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32″ KTC LCD TV Hands-On

Been using this 32″ KTV LCD TV that was sent to me by a friend who runs an electronics distributorship business. They ship these units from China and retails for only Php13,995 in shops at Gilmore.

I think this is the cheapest 32-inch LCD TV around (I originally quoted it for Php13.5k) but there’s another 23-inch they also lent me which is more suited for PC monitors.

The unit is surprisingly light for its size and girth (not very slim but it’s got your typical LCD TV thickness) and comes with a wine-glass stand. There are 4 open screws at the back so you can wall-mount the unit (wall-mount is sold separately I guess).

32″ display with 16:9 aspect ratio @ 1366×768 max. resolution
2 x HDMI port, VGA, S-Video, USB
MP3 & JPEG Support via USB port
140 watts max power consumption
Weight: 12.5kg
Price: Php13,995

23″ display with 16:9 aspect ratio @ 1920×1080 max. resolution
2 x HDMI port, VGA, S-Video, USB
MP3 & JPEG Support via USB port
65 watts max power consumption
Weight: 5.5kg
Price: Php7,995

The back of the TV panel is peppered will all sorts of analog ports, plus 2 HDMI port (which are a bit hidden in the bottom middle) and a USB port which you can use to plug in a flash drive for music playback and photo viewing.

Build quality is decent, not elegant but nothing to scoff at except perhaps that huge KTC logo up in front. Came wtih a power cord (similar to a PC’s detachable power cord) but no free HDMI cable. There’s also the cheap-looking remote control.

Display quality is pretty good actually although one can already notice that the contrast ratio is not really that deep on closer scrutiny. I’d say there’s no noticeable difference between this unit and my 3-year old 32″ Samsung LCD TV in terms of picture quality. Sound is also decent with ample volume from the front speakers.

For Php13,995, it’s a tempting offer for a secondary TV at home. Been using it to stream podcasts and videos using my Apple TV and so far it’s been good. I am told a lot of shops in the Gilmore and GreenHills area carry this brand (forgot the store names but will update this in a bit).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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64 Responses

  1. phiLLip says:

    I saw one on pc options

  2. kyflo says:

    I will get this if this is DTV-ready. If not, you still need an HD DTV box+PVR that costs around Php 3,500.

  3. idookee says:

    Hi abe, is this full HD? what’s it’s max resolution?

  4. Calvin says:


    why look for a full HD on a 32″? you won’t notice the difference between a 1080p and 720p on a 32″ screen.

    may option ba na palitan yung logo into Samsung or Sony? :P

  5. kyle says:

    wow! this is freakin cheap. It’s china made though! a dealbreaker already

  6. blowjob says:

    update this plese

  7. Manix says:

    at that price point, its already good for its value, just dont expect too much

  8. Sana mer0n bigger than 32 inches,i want to upgrade kc for my old lg 32 inches lcd full hd tv
    Mas maganda pag mas malaki pag view ng hd movies

  9. carl says:

    astig talaga CDRKing, sunod nyan CDRKing Ref, Washing Machine, etc

  10. idookee says:

    so does this do 720p?

  11. yuga says:

    @idookee – yup 720p @1366×768

  12. walang imik says:


  13. pulse says:


    Almost all stuff are made in China including high end TVs.

  14. mans tumanda says:


    May we know where the shop of your friend is? We’d like to buy a couple of units. Thanks.

  15. fr0stbyte says:

    May HDCP ba? It’s mentioned na specs..

  16. fr0stbyte says:

    not mentioned sa specs*

  17. gg says:

    wow tempting. pede namang i-scratch off yung logo sa harap eh. to say that it can match the picture quality of a samsung TV is already a nice deal to me :)

  18. Dexter says:

    Abe, will this need a converter for the Antenna connector? I heard that the 23″ version needs one. Something to do with PAL/NTSC connectors. Not sure.

    Would your friend know when will stocks of the 23″ LCD TV’s come? It seems to be out since Christmas. If you know of a store who has one, please send me a message.

    Thank you.

    Btw, for the 23″ model, is it 23T71 or 32T53? The post has the same model but different specs. Also KTC became KTV.

    Thank you again.

  19. Navi says:

    The Consumer Welfare Division (CWD) under the Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection (BTRCP) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is now ready to accept your complaints regarding the defective phones and poor customer & aftersales service of Cherry Mobile. Please email your complaints to [email protected]

  20. yuga says:

    @dexter – thanks for pointing that out. There are some stocks left at Gilmore daw – PC Options, Gaisano Interpace, RSB HQ.

  21. tandangmanong says:

    everything looks good except for the KTC logo.
    i guess i should wet sand it and put a sony logo into it…hehehehe!

  22. fidel oliva says:

    wow very cheap, it won’t be long branded lcd tv and ledtv will be priced cheaper with reliable after sales support

  23. Drey says:

    The KTM logo is somewhat the reason people wouldn’t buy this TV. However, those looking for a cheap LCD TV. Printing out a sticker and covering the logo is the best option for them to maintain their social ego.


    Still, I would buy one. =)

  24. Wow! The price is really going down so cheap. I wonder how long the LCD TV will last.

    After getting a very bad experience with my 32″ Sony LCD TV I bought from Malaysia a few years back, I am now hesitant to buy a new LCD TV.

    My LCD TV worked OK for more than 2 years. Then suddenly, a yellow horizontal line occupying 1/3 of the bottom of screen appeared out of nowhere. Since it’s already out of warranty, and considering I bought it from Malaysia and brought it here in the Philippines, I had to check with Sony’s authorized service centers if they can get it fixed. I was shocked to find out it costs more to fix it than what I originally paid for. Now, my LCD is sitting in the corner, unfixed and never to be used again.

  25. Tim says:

    kumusta warranty and service center nito?

  26. drew says:

    ang bilis ng pagmura ah.. ok kaya to sa PS3? thanks yugatech for this. makakapagdecide pa ako kung ano bibilhin ko. guys, comment kau dito kong ano experience nyo sa KTC. thanks. kasi ung plano kung bilhin is ung avision. pero kung mganda naman experience dito. pedeng magbago un. hehe. thanks

  27. mark says:

    magkano LED sa pinas ngaun?

  28. Mangungubat says:

    Paps,pwede ba dito maglagay ng cable channel from Sky?

  29. Mangungubat says:

    for both 32″ and 23″.mukhang maganda.

  30. Jeff Jularbal says:

    IPS panel din po ba gamit nya sir Abe?

  31. Fleeb says:

    @Calvin, I can (disclaimer – this may not be true for everyone). We have 32″ HD Ready and Full HD TV’s. My place is small so I have to sit a little nearer to the screen. There is a difference when watching BD-ROM movies (I have to emphasize BD-ROMs optical discs, not rips). May be this is not noticeable with 24″ TVs or when I have to sit farther away.

    @Jeff (32) – I think not. Production costs of IPS panels will drive the price of the TV higher.

  32. pdpla says:

    Guys, my suggestion is do not buy LCD TVs yet until these companies include a Digital TV tuner so you can enjoy watching free HDTV broadcasts.

    Always remember that ISDB-T is the adopted DTV standard of the Philippines.

    So far, Devant and Sharp are the only brands to comply the newly-adopted standard. Expect more brands this year.

    Click my name if you want to know more.

  33. Jollibee says:

    Wow! ang mura ah, change ko lang ang logo ng KTC to KFC..para astig…finger lickin good.
    Wala namang quality products ng CD-R King, madaling masira, mura lang kaya marami silang na de-denggoy na consumer.

  34. Jollibee says:

    Gagawin ko na lang Monitor tong KTC sa PC ko, pang harabas..

  35. leeto says:

    again for me, it’s not the brand. for all you know these LCD Tvs were all made in China with no brand names and were just branded by the electronic companies later on. The practice now is to subcontract the manufacturing of LCD TVs to chinese companies and after being built, the main contractor, that is the big brand names, just embossed their brand later on.

  36. tootzkie says:

    i agree with leeto. remember the saying: “GOD made man, all other else is Made in China”. hehehe

  37. vince says:

    regarding JPEG’s. Is there a slideshow function? Or do you have to manually press “next”

    reason : you can use this as a cheap video display without the need to buy a separate DVD player or media player

  38. vince says:

    err i mean, you can use this as a cheap video advertisment. Mounted on a wall in front of a business, displaying advertisments to entice people to go inside

  39. kramijer says:

    can i play ps3 and xbox 360 in this tv?

  40. jon says:

    me nakita ako sa cdrking same price rin nyan,
    32” LCD TV

  41. Romy uyehara says:

    Just the same price as unknown brands in malls… e.g. Coby,cdrking, xenon, etc

  42. lokz says:

    is there a KTC 18.5 inch?. how much?..

  43. lan says:

    kumusta po ang performance nito as compared to Devant, Xenon and other non main stream brands

  44. eloy says:

    full hd tv po ba yab KTC , DEVANT and yon sa CDR king? which brand is better , any suggestions?

  45. eloy says:

    full hd tv po ba yan KTC , DEVANT and yon sa CDR king? which brand is better , any suggestions?

  46. zet says:

    nice.. :) i would love to have such great one.

  47. jimboy vinarao says:

    I would go for Devant it has a better quality and performance integrity are there to trust, unit is reliable and support DTV ( Digital Television Broadcast ) they come in various sizes 19″ , 22″,
    32″ 37″, 40″ 42″ I am pretty sure you would be greatly be satisfied in years and years , they have LCD and LED series models now available in malls > jimboy

  48. Koko Martyr says:

    I got 32” KTC LCD TV and it is really a good TV now Im using it to play my PS3… This LCD TV Two Thumbs UP!

  49. popoy says:

    aaaahhhhhmmmmm,,,ako n ngsasabing ok ang KTC,,un lng

  50. emen says:

    ah gnun b popoy? bibili dn aq ng gnun.. ung KFC..

  51. glai says:

    unsaon pag set up para maka tv ug maka pili ug chanel….plss help me.. dili namu magamit ang tv

  52. Edgar says:

    Can anyone tell me where I can get this TV? I’ve already checked with TipidPC and most of them are saying na Out of Stock daw currently un 32″. Anyone help?

  53. OBB says:

    Sayang naman kung out of stock na sya sa ngayon. Balak ko pa naman kumuha nito kesa sa 32″ Samsung na HD LCD ready lang.

  54. nahs says:

    my available b tyo n stock pra maka order ako.

  55. khym says:

    san makikita ang KTC television, san mkikita ang mga store ng Ktc

  56. red cruz says:

    meron nyan sa grand central monumento maganda sya meron akong bravia sana yon na lang bnili ko built in pa ung media player…..sayang

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