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42″ LG LH70 LCD TV Review

The new LG Scarlet is one LCD TV that combines form and function in one package. Been using the LG LH70 42″ HDTV for about a week now have and I’d like to share some of the highlights that I liked about this TV. See my full review after the jump.

lg lh70

The LG 42LH70 is not the slimmest I’ve seen in the LCD category but I think it’s already very thin at under 40mm (my 42-inch Toshiba HDTV is twice as thick). It’s got a glossy black finish in front and a scarlet red finish at the back that gives it an elegant look (see full specs and unboxing photos here).

The base has a wine glass-shaped design and snaps right in fastened with a couple of screws. However, the LCD wobbles on the stand even with a slight tap (feels like it would fall off or snap off easily). The TV can swivel sideways to a maximum angle of 178 degrees.

lg 42lh70

Embedded on the right side are a couple of controls for channel switching, volume, menu and source input. A huge power button, made of circular translucent/silver plastic, sits on the bottom center and lights up with a red accent when powered up (followed by a 3-second startup music).


At the back panel, the LG Scarlet has a plethora of ports including USB and HDMI. The TV can easily read and display photos, music and videos off of any storage device attached via the USB port. The two 7-watt built-in speakers are also invisibly tucked away here somewhere. They are not very loud but good enough for regular TV viewing.

One of the more interesting features with the LG Scarlet is the Bluetooth connectivity. You can pair it with a Bluetooth device (like a phone or a headset) so you can stream music wirelessly. Was able to pair it with my iPhone 3G to stream audio for up to 20 feet away although it gets cut off when blocked by hard walls.

lg lh70 bluetooth

The LCD TV is capable of full HD 1080p output with a contrast ratio 100,000:1 and a fast response time of 2ms. The display is bright and crisp with an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the backlight brightness. There’s an Energy Saver indicator that shows percentage of power consumed/saved depending on the lighting conditions and video playback. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080, 120Mhz refresh rate and a 2ms response time, the LCD is a good display option for PC gaming.

During the product launch, I’ve seen them attach a power meter to the set and show off power usage go as low as around 40 watts to a max of 250watts on this TV. You can set the picture quality to 9 different modes – Intelligent Sensor, Vivid, Standard, Natural, Cinema, Sport, Game, Expert1, Expert2. The same can be done with the aspect ratio as well – 16:9, Just Scan, Original, 4:3, 14:9, Zoom, Cinema Zoom. These two settings allow you to optimize your TV viewing experience.


The LG Scarlet could be something to consider if you’re looking to buy your next HDTV.  The LG 42LH70 42″ LCD TV retails for about Php89,990 in stores. Not too cheap but not that expensive either.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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63 Responses

  1. Erin says:

    so the usb port is only at the back? that is a weird place for it if they really want people to use it frequently.


  2. ganda tlga ng LG Scarlet…

  3. wow! may Usb port huh. P89990? woo, di ko kaya ang price. haha :D

  4. hmmm… that’s an expensive entertainment machine! but cheaper than other brands loaded with lots of features…

    about 90k price? i think i should buy a second hand car and spend 10k for gasoline and drive out of town… hmmm… that’s more like it :)

  5. calls says:

    how abt Samsung’s ultra-thin LED Full HD TV? which one is thinner?

  6. yuga says:

    @calls – the Samsung LED TV is thinner at 1.2 inches although the starting price is almost double at 160k.

  7. Wow.. it looks really good!

    Nino Natividad

  8. charles says:


    Can it read DivX or Xvid avi file off from a USB or external HD?

  9. charles says:

    Oppss. I have just read the other link you’ve mentioned. And let me allow to answer my question, yes it does read DivX format. :)

  10. ricojake says:

    sir yuga, with the power usage as low as 40 watts it really really rocks! take a look of below comparisons:

    Average plasma: 339 watts
    Average rear-projection: 211 watts
    Average LCD: 213 watts

    Other AV gear:
    PlayStation 3: 197 watts
    Xbox 360: 187 watts
    Average PC: 78 watts
    DirecTV HR20 DVR: 33 watts
    Nintendo Wii: 19 watts
    Slingbox: 9 watts
    Wireless router: 7 watts

    source: cnet.com

  11. Mark Jason says:

    this is woahhhhhh. Nako I’ll wait for the price na bumaba konti, mga pag 45k nalang (holographic TVs na ata uso nun ah) just kidding. Pag mga 80k, okay na. No need to rush naman for a HDTV yet since SkyCable doesn’t offer HD channels yet (besides Discovery HD) makakahintay to till christmas bonus hahaha

  12. egsunio says:

    saw this unit on promo sale at abensons sta lucia and its already P80,990. very good price esp when comparing to the Samsung 40″ 5 series.

  13. sylver says:

    It’s a very good TV..on par with Samsung equivalents or better than the series 5’s..The lowest price i’ve seen here in Korea is about 1,420,000 won and that’s rougly about 54,000 pesos.

  14. Edgar says:

    Nice piece of equipment, price too (mostly out of reach for common folks like me. Saw a demo of a Pioneer HDTV at SM Davao one time. It was priced at 264,000. The setup included a stainless steel stand, DVD player, and a home theater system. However, the picture and sound really knocked all the competition currently showing then: the bravias, and all.

    What’s the difference between HDTV nad LCDTV?

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  16. prinsipe says:

    I don’t mean to nitpick but what kind of a review is this?

    You did not go into the most important aspect of a TV review, i.e., the picture quality. You just said “crisp and vibrant”, well how about black levels? Screen uniformity? Judder? Banding? What kind of material/source were you using? etc.,

    Most part your review just sounded like an amateur iteration of the press release. Please, you are one of the few Philippine tech review sites, try to do a little better next time.

  17. Christian says:

    Ang yaman naman! haha..

  18. scarlet says:

    well ganda talaga ng l.g tv napaka ayos nito kc may bluetooth,at saka napaka bongga ng screen so slim compare to other brand.. kaya lang mahal sana may below 50 kc we can’t afford may marami pa kaming priorities kc pag tv ang pinag usapan we prefer to buy na mas cheaper, but lg scarlet is ma appreciate lang yung quality & of course yung brand yun nga lang too expensive…

  19. Edgar says:

    Yeah, there were these two gentlemen (who looked and smelled of money, by the way) seated on a sofa at the Pioneer Booth of SM Davao Appliance Center. One said that he is going to buy it, while the other one quipped it was too pricey for his taste. Wow!

    Me from the other side of the tracks made uzi, and true enough, the whole caboodle gave a performance worthy of a 264k slew of equipment. Picture so clear from the HD-DVD disc that was playing and full sound with all the necessary tweets, bong, bang, rustle, crash and tweaks where they are needed. I went nuts!

    My apologies to LG, but I can dream can’t I? Haha!

    By the way thanks to LG, I now know what Plasma and LCD TV’s are. I searched your site.

  20. keyvan says:

    yahhh..It’s a very good TV

  21. 80% of Filipinos cannot really afford this. Even eat 3x/day.

  22. linalyn says:

    @scarlet – my below 50K. Try mo 32″

  23. John says:

    is lh70 worthy to buy at a sum of rs.70000 in mumbai frm vijay sales?????

  24. james says:

    sobra nmn tong makabayan, ganun ba ka patay gutom ang pinoy para sabihin mo na kahit kumain ng 3x/day ay hindi kaya? lam mo kahit simpleng tao kaya bumili nito and kayang i afford yan, di lng ika may pera ok?

  25. pusang-kalye says:

    hope I could grab one one of these days—good product with a good name.

  26. lcdguy says:

    seems like its price has gone down. saw a 42in scarlet for about 69000 in abensons. great deal..

  27. marvin_22 says:

    LG scarlet is a very good line up of tv’s.
    I got the first scarlet pero 32” lang. ganda ng picture quality aspeclly pag may home theater.. it worth every penny tlga.
    This time i got the scarlet II(LH70) for my room. i got it for 29,990. kaka sale lang d2 sa sm cebu. im so lucky talaga.
    LOVE u LG.

  28. Robie de Guia says:

    for sale Samsung LED, super cheap. series 8

    40in 55K
    46in 65k
    55in 75k
    65in 85k
    70in 95k


    bnew. with warranty.

  29. 32lh30 says:

    This is interesting topic and give many good post. It is very useful and informative.

  30. jb says:

    Hoy makabayan,paki check mo nga mga major appliances store kung may stock pa sila nitong model nato at ano sa tingin mo na ikaw lang ang may pera sa buong Pilipinas.

  31. Gener says:

    Im too surprised that the price of Lg lcds 42″ in the Philippines is at the range of Php 90,000.00! How can be a common man can afford that just for a TV? there are many priorities before thinking of buying one. In the middle east,42″LH70 is only Php 26,000.00 with free wall bracket and free DVD player!!! and if you buy 2 pcs, you will get a free 32″LCD tv…a lot of promotion and freebies and shows how cheap it is…Buying a TV set will be just a dream for many if the price in the philippines is that much….

  32. Henry says:

    What are the calibration/picture settings did you use ? Having a hard time to calibrate..

  33. Leo S says:

    How were you able to pair your iphone with the lh70? My iphone 3g running OS 3.0 can recognize the tv and the tv can recognize the phone but the phone says “not connected” and theres no option to send pictures via bluetooth??? Btw, i got this tv for only 59k at Robinsons Appliance Fairview during their Black Friday sale.

  34. Leo S says:

    I was able to stream music via bluetooth from my iPhone to the tv and the “listening to Bluetooth music” shows up on the screen but no sound came out of the home theater system. I unhooked the HT and turned on the tv speakers and only then was I able to hear music. After studying the manual it turns out the variable audio out (which connects to the home theater) doesn’t work with the Bluetooth function enabled. WTF!? Isn’t that kinda dumb, LG?

  35. Red F says:

    Hmmmm….jst been to the mall and I saw the scarlet 32″ on SALE….was planning to buy the sony bravia engine 3 they only have a difference of 3k, which one do you think is better?

  36. hsmatias says:

    sir yuga, ung 32″ daw na model nito eh walang connectivity sa 5.1 home theatre? totoo po ba?

  37. Gilbert S says:

    If I use the USB port to watch movies from USB external harddisk, how do I connect the audio output of the lcd to the home theater? anyone can help me?

  38. Leo S says:

    Gilbert, the AV-out terminals work when using the USB, so no problem outputting to HT. :)

  39. Robby A says:

    Bought on yesterday for my mom. It’s bundled though with a HT one level lower than the 5.1.

    I was really cold and sweaty before buying this because of the price but I can’t resist this beauty..Will post again once I tested all the features :D

  40. Mark Reuben Arat says:

    Hello i was browsing through your comments and have been following for months i would like to ask if there are any sales you know in davao area regarding this TV and is it agreeable to buy it at a price of 80000??? thanks for advice yugaians…

    • yuga says:

      @Mark Reuben – you might want to visit the electronics store at SM City Davao and ask them about pre-ordering this unit.

  41. Allain says:

    Got this at HDTV for 55k at Robinson Starmills.

  42. Robby A says:

    Are you sure you got this model for 55 ?? What are the items included?

  43. neil says:

    @gener: where in middle east u can find dis for only 26k? And d buy two take 32″ free?

  44. ARMAN says:


  45. Pao says:

    Dude, the PHP 39,990 is for the 32″ scarlet. that is for the 12 months to pay. But you can get it for like about 28,000 if you will pay it cash or straight. got my 42″ scarlet2 for like 46,500 only. better than my dad’s SONY BE3 W series. woo!

  46. Dito sa bacolod mura nalang ang LG may promo kasi. Pag binili mo ng cash maka save ka ng 30k.Mga 50k nalang pag cash.Mas maka save ka. At parang kaya sa bulsa.

  47. enzo says:

    does it play mkv? how?

  48. Sonny says:

    Question for Pao : Where did you buy the 42″ LG LH70 for Php 46,500? I need to buy it.

  49. Cesar S. Diong, Jr. says:

    I have just purchased an LCD TV (LG LH70 Series Home Theater)from Robinson’s Place, Iloilo City. I have noticed that there is some distortion of image in the screen. I was watching an NBA game and the players seems all shortened (from head to foot).I tried to switch channels and same problem exists. I have called the attention of the outlet where i purchased the said LCD TV, and after 2 days, a technician visited my place and did some adjustments but to no avail. Is there something we can do about this problem? Thanks!

  50. Joseph says:

    “I have noticed that there is some distortion of image in the screen. I was watching an NBA game and the players seems all shortened (from head to foot).I tried to switch channels and same problem exists.”

    Turn off the tru motion.

  51. It is high time that we internet users begin using the brain plus remain focus in life.

  52. Bluemashi says:

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  53. e420vl says:

    Great review.. only thing you need to add is the ‘where to buy’ – link. What’s the lowest price you’ve seen?

  54. raze says:

    totoo po bang ang mga products s automatic center ay mas mababa ang quality?because ive noticed n cla ang may pinakamababang presyo sa lahat ng napagtanungan q(im planning to buy lcd)then a friend told me n mas maganda s abenson bumili kc nga ung s automatic center dw dun daw bnabagsak ung mga hindi pumasa s quality control…parang naniniwala n 2loy aq kc dun aq bumili ng digicam q b4(olympus)2 weeks p lng sira na,,may warranty nga xa but still…..

  55. jerry says:

    Hi, just want to ask how much is the LG 37″ Full HD TV. Kindly email me the price and delivery charge if applicable. Thanks
    Jerry – Lipa City

  56. magkano ang 32 inch na Full HD TV? may branch na ba sa davao?

  57. Mark says:

    Nice review but sometime , maybe you’ll make a comparation between Lg and samsung cause i really wanna know which is better.

  58. michele yap says:

    may 15 inc kayo na square na monitor at magkano naman, rply asap….ty

  59. HCG diet says:

    Thanks for this great information! I really appreciate this. I actually let my husband have a look and he posted a link to it on his blog :)

  60. Brady Baj says:

    Hey, you used to write great, but the last several posts have been kinda boring… I miss your super writings. Past several posts are just a little bit out of track! come on!”In politics stupidity is not a handicap.” by Napoleon Bonaparte.

  61. Nel says:

    Tanong lang po. Kailangan ko po ba ng HDMI na cable para makapagplay ng .avi hd(720×1280)? … nagpplay po kasi sya pag below HD ung resolution… pero pag po hd na .avi bnabasa nya lang tapos pag nag play lalabas ung (invalid file)….

    sa usb po ung ginamit ko…

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