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4K UHD TVs You Can Buy for Under Php35k

4K content is more abundant nowadays thanks to consumer products like cameras and smartphones that capable of shooting at said resolution. Not to mention that the gaming industry is also moving towards 4K. So if you want to enjoy 4K to its fullest, then you need 4K TVs. The good news is, you don’t have to break the bank.

Note: List is arranged by price from highest to lowest.

My View 50LX290

First up is My View. Not exactly as prestigious as some of the brands in this list by for under Php35K you’ll get a 4K TV with 50-inch screen size, HDMI, USB, and VGA ports. Price is Php34,998 and is available at Lazada.

Devant 50UHV200

Next is Devant with its 50-incher. It’s priced lesser than My View’s offering but is already a Smart TV with built-in ISDB-T receiver, WiFi, HDMI, and USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports. Price is at Php32,950 and available at Automatic Centre.


Devant 40UHV200

This unit also carries the same features as the 50-incher above. A couple of differences are the smaller screen size of 40-inches and a lower price tag of Php27,950. The unit is available at Anson’s.

LG 43UF640T

LG also has a Smart TV offering with a 4K display. It offers a larger 43-inch screen size compared to the Devant offering above, WebOS 2.0, USB 2.0, HDMI and built-in WiFi. The best part it’s more affordable at Php26,197 and available at Abenson.

Samsung UA40J6000

Samsung is not to be left out when it comes to reasonably priced 4K TVs. It may have one of the smallest screen sizes on the list at 40-inches but it’s already a Smart TV powered by Tizen, USB, HDMI, 60Hz motion refresh rate, and built-in WiFi. It’s priced at Php23,997 and available at Abenson.

Have you spotted any 4K TV deals available in your area? Hit the comments section below and share away!

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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14 Responses

  1. curs says:

    does any of these units supports x265 format videos through USB port?

    • karlo says:

      i am sure about Devant’s UHV200 series,they are capable of playing H.265 via USB port

  2. Why don’t you include Hisense. I got my 40 inch 4K smart tv for less than 18k. Also, i think hisense is now the source of devant tv’s, pls. Do correct me id im wrong.

    • Jay Navea says:

      care to share the exact model sir? such low price for a smart 4k TV, would love to check that out.

    • Dyosa says:

      Yes i saw hisense 4k TV 40 for only 18k . And the sales man said that the TV of devant is rebranded only of hisense so hisense still original and branded. They need to include hisense here. Im planning to buy tomorrow

    • Dyosa says:

      Don’t buy in sm appliance center ,so over price. Try to check in other shops much lower more than 3k discount. Try to check here in monumento WESTERN APPLIANCE low price branded TV try to check also abenson

  3. m00nman says:

    I bought a Samsung UA50JU6400 at Anson’s for 35k

  4. Manny Cavalier says:

    Wonder why no Haier, Skyworth or Qube brands included on the list.

  5. Bought a Devant 55UHV200 (55 inches) for 35,850, it can play HEVC (x265) files without hiccups. A bit lacking on the audio side but it’s probably because all the HEVC files I downloaded are on 2 channels only. Nothing a decent HT system can fix… :-)

  6. Wewet says:

    We bought 55″ Smart TV LED UHD for 33k for great playing tv

  7. Mr So. says:

    is it a Quality Durable TV ? Devant UHV200 im planning to buy before chirstmas

  8. Francis says:

    Bought 40UHV200 at avsurfer. Perfect quality still testing it for durability. Bought at 24,250 with DV5160 HT system. Bargain price for a combo.

  9. dave says:

    i found cheap brands of UHD SMART Tvs like itechi brand 65″ for only php28k, ace 55″ at 24k, avision 50″ for only 21k, sparc 55″ for only 21k, at lazada, just do not know and sure of the quality. we always know about the consequences of buying cheap brands, but we also like to admit that we consumers pay for advertisements and popularity of the brands. Qube is also one of the intriguing brand due to its very admirable price offer. 55″curve and flat 4k is just 29k from their site and 39k from lazada. any help for peace of mind… which brands from the mentioned is trustworthy? who has the service center, and who really can prove what they features from their ads? I bookedmark all these brands to observe price movement, im buying anytime soon.

  10. ARLI says:

    Can you review Avision smart tv?

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