5 Winning Features of the new Samsung QLED TVs

5 Winning Features of the new Samsung QLED TVs

The new flagship TV offerings from Samsung are fresh from announcement and these new smart appliances promise faithful color reproduction, a more efficient setup, and radiate an aesthetically-pleasing design. For those who are looking into new technologies for the living room, here are some of the winning features of the new Samsung QLED TVs.

QLED with Quantum Dot Technology

First and foremost, what makes these newly-introduced products something you should be interested in is its new Quantum Dot Technology. This is the company’s own attempt at reproducing more accurate shades of colors for each scene or photo displayed as compared to conventional OLED TVs.

Achieving this kind of output is a product of adopting the new Quantum dot material which Samsung claims produces more than a billion shades in addition to 100% color volume. Basically, the more shades it has, the more accurate and faithful it can reproduce a certain image.  The new models are also able to maintain color accuracy even at higher brightness levels at around 1,500 to 2,000 nits of peak luminance.

Advanced HDR 1500

Details are very important and Samsung boasts that their advanced HDR 1500 functionality allows users to see every hidden detail as it was meant to be seen, with no loss or distortion of color. This technology also makes it possible for the TV to show the same amount of detail even in the brightest and darkest areas.

Together with its deep black levels and contrast, the latest QLED TVs deliver consistent viewing experience regardless of the room’s lighting.


Smart Hub

Samsung’s Smart Hub has been streamlined and enhanced with smart capabilities for better user experience. This is accessible through the QLED TV and grants users access to apps, movies, sports, and more by simply connecting to the internet. It is also compatible to be paired with the Smart View App if you want to broadcast content straight from your mobile and PC.

An integral part of their ‘Smart’ setup is the enhanced One Remote. It has become more powerful as it allows users to control other connected devices from one single source. Voice controls are also supported and can be commanded through the built-in microphone of the remote and extend this capability to other devices connected to the TV. Using this feature, one can simply power up an XBox One and instantly launch a game just by commanding it. Cool.

TV Plus

What good is an Ultra HD TV if you don’t have any content that fits the screen properly? Samsung’s TV Plus is a service that lets its users get a hold of the latest 4K films and entertainment.

Adding to that, there’s also a new Music service that lets you search and identify songs heard in the background of whatever it is you’re watching — pretty much like Shazam but for movies and TV series. Again, cool.

Invisible Connection Cable

The aim of Samsung for this lineup is to address the common pain points of setting up and navigating the TV. Those are essential, but the overall aesthetics is just as important.

This is why the company came up with the Invisible Connection which is a transparent optical wire that removes unsightly cables dangling from the TV to the wall socket and to other electronics. Devices that used to be hooked up to the TV are now connected to a separate hub and out of sight, leaving only the TV in plain view and free of clutter.

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