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A Sony 3D TV, Blu-ray, PS3 and Move

We got a sweet two weeks with the whole gang from Sony (a 40-inch 3D LED TV, PS3, PlayStation Move and Blue-ray) and though I’ve only used it less half that time, I’ve really enjoyed every minute of it.

I already have a Sony PS3 for over a year now but haven’t played much with it except for watching Blu-ray movies.

So when Sony Philippines brought in and installed what they called the complete set of their Sony 3D World, I thought I’d be burning hours and hours of game time on the couch.

We didn’t have a lot of titles to start with but there’s enough DVDs here to be able to test out every single item on the set.

Little Big Planet and Grand Tourismo 5 on the PS3, Monsters vs. Aliens on the 3D TV, and Heavy Rain for the Playstation Move (which I could not make to work for some reason).


And since the PS3 can also play Blu-ray movies, I rarely used the dedicated Blu-ray player in the 2 weeks we had it.

The LED TV is only 40-inches across (not the biggest we’ve tested) but considering it can play 3D titles and also connect to the internet for you to watch YouTube HD straight on the gorgeous display, that certainly made up for it.

My personal preference though is leaned towards bigger 2D screens than wearing 3D glasses.

If you look at the back panel, you’ll see how slim this LED TV is (Full HD 1080p with 3D, Dynamic Edge LED backlight, Motionflow PRO 240Hz refresh rate, BRAVIA Engine 3, BRAVIA Internet Video, USB port, DLNA Certified). There’s also a dedicated USB port for the WiFi dongle. Those 5.1 speaker system did not come with the set.

You have to give it to Sony for being the only one who can offer a full suite of gaming and entertainment options for your living room. The whole set rounds up to about Php200,000 — not that affordable but you’re getting a top of the line entertainment set here.

They pull this out last week and I’m already missing playing Grand Turismo 5 (so I did the next best thing — take out my Lancer EX for a spin).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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20 Responses

  1. Benchmark says:

    at least you enjoyed…lucky enough to have tried a full set of entertainment system like what is shown in a store. :-)

  2. Teknisyan says:

    nice… not a lot of people can experience this kind of setup for FREE!!! :)

  3. awesome! I wish I could also use my ps3 on 3d tv.

  4. Messie says:

    Funny how the next best thing to playing a racing game in 3D is driving an actual real car. =P Iyun nga lang, you can’t drive on a constant 200+ kph in Manila’s roads, right? (legally of course :))

  5. EdwinC says:

    Yuga, you should play that game Heavy Rain because it’s really a good game. I’m just playing it with the regular controller and I have no experience with the Move, though.

    • yuga says:

      @EdwinC – tried playing it one time but after 15 minutes, I got bored.

    • EdwinC says:

      It’s a rather slow game, Yuga because it’s a detective game. You might need to do some thinking here and especially, since it has a different type of control so I would say there is a curve of learning that you have to tackle as you familiarize yourself with the game’s controls. But, on the other hand, I would say you have a good roster of games in your possession right now.

  6. This gadget will again magnet more games enthusiast. More fun and time to consume.

  7. bverilo says:

    Hey Yuga, have you got updates on the PSP Vita yet? Will it also be available in the Philippines by December this year? I was kinda hoping those Sony guys let you in on something with the Vita :)

  8. Game Rumble says:

    Top of the line gaming experience indeed! But since I’m on the road most of the time, I only get about 1 to 2 hours a week to play in front of the TV.

    I’m sure that the 3D looked good with Gran Turismo, but how about with the other games? Is there any health hazard?

  9. daniel says:

    kung ako yan baka nabulag na ako sa tv na yan. di na ako titigil hanggang sa mamatay ako haha. wala kaming ganyang tv at console :)

  10. Alexis says:

    Lancer EX Rocks… and so does your LEDtv :)

  11. Calvin says:

    napagana namin yung PS Move controller pero niresearch ko pa. i had to connect it to the ps3’s usb port via cable para lang madetect ng eye. once nadetect na, pwede ko nang disconnect yung cable.

  12. Raphael says:

    Sony employs the third level of marketing: need shaping marketing. Their products aren’t really necessities but they become because of Sony.

  13. ronel says:

    mas ok ang ps3 pag naka mod.downloaded ang games..kaso you can’t play the games online…when i was in Dubai mas maraming nag enjoy ng online games sa xbox at sa ps3 kaysa sa pc :)

  14. j says:

    sir advisable pa po ba bumili ng ps3 plus move nowadays? worth it po ba for first timer sa gaming console, i mean di po ba masyadong complicated in maintaining and utilizing it po? thanks!

  15. keygrip says:

    Cool setup yuga!

    Im just wondering what is the model of the TV. Is it the EX720 series? Im thinking of buying a 32′ EX720 series and I’d like to know your thoughts on that model.

  16. Italy_Jeffrey says:

    ..wow.. nice dude.. mron din aq nyan pro ngkaiba lng tau sa TV.. un skin 50″ HDTV… love the music too..! anu PSN mo add kita.. my Call Of Duty MW3 kba?

  17. Italy_Jeffrey says:

    ..wow.. nice dude.. mron din aq nyan pro ngkaiba lng tau sa TV.. un skin 50″ HDTV… love the music too..! anu PSN mo add kita.. my Call Of Duty MW3 kba? .. kaet sa GT5 connect tau!

  18. rain says:


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