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Corning makes Gorilla Glass 4 official

Gorilla Glass has been a popular choice for manufacturers to shield their devices’ screen from scratches, but until now it stands little to no chance against drops, particularly on rough surfaces. Corning is looking to change that though with the announcement of the tougher Gorilla Glass 4.

According to Corning, the next-gen Gorilla Glass should be able to walk away unscathed, 80% of the time, after falling on a rough surface like asphalt from a height of 1 meter.

Gorilla Glass 4

For comparison, Corning claims that Gorilla Glass 4 is “up to” two times tougher than its predecessor which is found on most of flagship devices like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


Now if want to know the nitty gritty stuff behind the next-gen Gorilla Glass and you’re up for some science-backed fun, here’s a 10-minute long video featuring Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters.

The new and improved Gorilla Glass 4 is expected to make its way to Corning’s partners starting next year.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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4 Responses

  1. archie says:

    Great development. Kung makukuha din nila ang auto industry gaya ng sabi sa video, malaking tulong ito para mas gumaan ang workload ng mga sasakyan.

  2. theo says:

    upgrade, upgrade, upgrade…

  3. ewanlangha says:

    jewelry shops will love this
    banks too
    motorcycle helmets

    i wonder how many hi-end phones have this glass on the camera side, as protection

  4. oona says:

    I see a lot of people looking for Gorilla glass or Dragon trail and yet not confident enough kaya bibili ng screen protector which makes their phones look ugly (with bubbles and scratches)… Be confident, I’ve been without screen protector sa apple and android devices ko, so far so good.

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