Factors That Affect Netflix Shows In The Philippines

Factors That Affect Netflix Shows In The Philippines

Say, you stumbled upon a pretty sick Netflix show and, excitedly, you opened the Netflix app and typed in the said show only to find out that it’s not available in your country.

There’s a reason why not all shows and movies are available in your country. Here’s what we learned from Netflix during our last visit to their HQ in Singapore.


There are few factors on why some titles are not shown here in the Philippines (as well as in other regions), but first let’s talk about licensing. As we all know, before our favorite title reaches the Netflix library, people from Netflix has to work with content providers, distributors, producers, and creators to acquire licensing for TV shows and movies to stream on the Netflix platform. If the specific title you’re looking for can’t be found on Netflix, it could be:

  1. The rights for that show are currently exclusive to another company or distributor. It could be a cable provider or a regional distribution company.
  2. The streaming rights is not available for purchase from the content provider (it only makes sense that if the content provider is not selling it, how will Netflix buy it?).
  3. Regional tastes matter and as much as you want that title to be available here, but if it isn’t making quite a buzz then all you have to do is to be patient and wait for it to be available.

Same goes for Netflix Original titles. Some of them are not available here because during the time when it was created, Netflix did not secure all licensing rights for all global regions, and other companies got the rights to stream it due to content deals made prior to launching in that particular region.

Netflix is actively working on getting their goal of having a wide range of global catalog and they are also planning to release over 1,000 hours of original programming by this year and almost all of it (Movies, TV shows, Documentaries etc.) will be available to stream around the world at the same time on the same day.

If you have any further questions, just leave a comment down below!

Alyza is a Multimedia Producer for YugaTech. You can follow her at @tadboring.

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7 Responses

  1. badservice says:

    Then they should price their service accordingly. We’re paying at par sa US pricing (actually ours is even more expensive if you consider the relative value / cost of living) but we only get a very very very very very small fraction of what they offer sa US. Take a look at other companies who entered the PH market. Spotify, Apple, Steam, etc price their digital goods & services much cheaper than their US pricing to account for the local market.

  2. K L says:

    possible kaya nag mag produce sila ng local content sa Philippines?

  3. ayzqwyn says:

    If that’s the case then Netflix PH should lower their price… Parehas Lang and price natin sa US

  4. Marx89 says:

    Yes. I share the same sentiment. Very limited content and yet we’re paying the same rate as the US netflix.
    Iflix and hooq have a lot more movie/tv show offering and yet cost just a third of Netflix’s subscription.

  5. dee says:

    use getflix to view all netflix content

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