Samsung previews new 55" Series 8 LED TV

Samsung previews new 55″ Series 8 LED TV

A new 55″ Samsung Series 8 LED TV is coming out and they’ll still be as thin as 1.2 inches. We’ve had the Series 7 before and this new one adds new features that could well replace a separate media player.

Well, that’s if you consider the fact that you can now hook up an external HDD via USB to the LED TV and play movies from there or use the internal storage that’s been bumped up to 2GB.

samsung tv

Despite Samsung’s claim that their LED TVs are internet-ready, I still think it’s a little crippled. There’s ethernet connection and WiFi but internet services are currently available via widgets. These “TV Widgets” include a “YouTube widgets”, “Accuweather widget” and “USA Today widget”.

samsung led


The Series 8 has all that the 7 has, and more. One big improvement from the Series 7 is that the frame rate of the Series 8 has been doubled from 120MHz to 240MHz (can be significantly noticed when playing fast-action console games on the TV).

led tv

Since the introduction of the Series 8 LED TV, the older models had to be re-priced accordingly. Check the pricing table below:

Samsung UA-55B8000 (55″ Series 8 ) – Php215,000 (Php239,900 at 0% 12m)
Samsung UA-55B7000 (55″ Series 7) – Php190,900 (Php211,900 at 0% 12m)
Samsung UA-46B7000 (46″ Series 7) – Php133,900 (Php148,900 at 0% 12m)
Samsung UA-46B6000 (46″ Series 6) – Php125,900 (Php139,900 at 0% 12m)
Samsung UA-40B7000 (40″ Series 7) – Php116,900 (Php129,900 at 0% 12m)
Samsung UA-40B6000 (40″ Series 6) – Php105,900 (Php119,900 at 0% 12m)

More on this when (and if) I’d get a review unit.

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19 Responses

  1. Jhay says:

    As this things gets thinner, the more nervous I get whenever kids are around it, if ever I do buy one.

    But at the current price tags, I could buy a second-hand car already!

  2. nanayMo says:

    The great economic divide: established. XD

  3. bertsan531 says:

    wow its really expensive there back home I just got series-6 32in @ 3000 dirhams here in Dubai converted to pesos (1dir=12.50php)that will be only 38k-40k php.maybe bcoz there are no taxes here like vat..

  4. chris says:

    215k for a led tv?hmm..too expensive. now a days 215k is really hard to earn.

  5. jill says:

    imfoso, at these prices they should have thrown in a blu-ray player and a home theater.XD.. However, these contraptions are really geared towards a select market.

  6. Berkano says:

    Man they really stuck with LED monicker? That is sort of misleading … these don’t even have the same contrast levels a real OLED TV has.

  7. iamupset says:

    with those prices, i’d rather buy a car or a speedboat for next year’s typhoon season, cristine reyes here i come =)

  8. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    no wonder they lowered the price on the Series 7’s, those are now the same price as the LCD’s. Internet access is still evolving but with Wifi and a good software on your PC like Tversity you can stream anything from the internet to you PC. Are you sure it can use external HDD? Because the LCD’s were limited to Flash Storage and not actual HDD which required power from the USB.

    What happens if you throw a Wii mote at this one? Does it break or bounce back?

  9. Brian_B says:

    Thank God I’m not into TV anymore. i even watch sports on the laptop.

  10. wow series 8! this is what I’ve been waiting for so long.. dumating na pala to sa pinas. :D Series 9 nalang wala here. Kaso AUS lang series 9. :(

  11. Arman Aquino says:

    Got one, 46″ series 8 – still discovering it, i would like connect it with wireless lan via wireles link stick/usb adapter, i have already used it viewing pictures via usb port, my problem now is how to coonect the analog sound to the reciever. I have not yet upgraded my compment system. The series 8 has digital audio output but i am still figuring out on how to connect my old/aging sound system to the led tv..

    Boss yuga, can please help me on this…

    Best regards,
    Arman Aquino

  12. I saw it being advertised on discovery channel and I thought it was not available on the Philippine Market yet.

    Thanks to this blog… it is possible for me to get updates of new consumer electronics that are now available in the Philippines.

    I also saw their preview of the product at their page.

    It’s in flash by the way:

  13. Awesome! That was so sexy. Samsung LCD’s really worth the money.

  14. sdfs says:

    isang ondoy lang ang katapat nyan.. at wala na ang 100k++ nyo! hehehe!

  15. Somehow, you’re right anonymous. :-)

  16. Where did u get this wordpress theme? It looks awesome! Tell me please :D

  17. brusco says:

    does anyone here knows how to use the wireless internet connectivity on the LED TV of Samsung. They keep advertising it as LED when its not and supposedly internet connectivity but none of the people in Samsung Philippines knows how to enable it. can do better than that…

  18. LED TVs have much better contrast and color compared to traditional LCDs ::*

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