SkyCable system upgrade explains glitch on GMA7

SkyCable system upgrade explains glitch on GMA7

Ealier last week, subscribers of SkyCable experienced some loss in reception for selected channels like GMA7, ABN, Shop TV and Sky Preview. SkyCable explains that this was due to a system upgrade they’ve recently implemented.

In a press release sent to us this afternoon, SkyCable explains that some older models of their DigiBox were affected. The cable company suggested to manually re-scan the affected channels in order to bring back the reception.

SKYcable recently conducted a system upgrade to enhance signal clarity for channels 12 (GMA7), 13 (Shop TV), 21 (SKY Preview Channel) and 163 (ABN).

The process of upgrading involves transferring these channels to better streams. These streams may not be immediately detected by selected models of digital boxes when channel numbers are keyed in on the remote controls.


In the meantime, said channels may also be viewed using the channel up/down keys of the remote control to navigate. SKYcable also temporarily placed GMA7 on Channel 99 so subscribers can continue watching their favorite programs on this channel.

SKYcable regrets this temporary inconvenience and extends its apologies for any difficulty brought about by this system upgrade. Your patience at this timewould be highly appreciated.

For more information or further help with troubleshooting, contact SKYcable through it’s Metro Manila customer service hotline at 02-3810000 or SMS hotlines 0917-6310000 or 0918-8631000.

SkyCable did not indicate why only these channels were affected by the system upgrade.

To fix your SkyCable DigiBox at home, just follow these instruction.

Click on the image to enlarge.

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47 Responses

  1. crash says:

    why..?because sky cable is own and manage by abs-cbn

    • kannuchi says:

      That is inevitable. That’s how dirty competition is gonna be. Threatened by “owning” other would result to this kind of gimmick.

  2. bbmadzky says:

    Bakit kelangan pa mauna ng service interruption? Pwede naman mauna yung notice nila for upgrade para alam na ng customers bago pa lang magkaroon ng glitches sa mga channels. Naging hindi kapanipaniwala yung idinahilan nila press con kung ako tatanungin.

  3. kannuchi says:

    I agree with the previous comment. It is the provider’s responsibility to send notice to its subscribers before they undergo maintenance with their services. Something is wrong with SkyCable.

  4. dan says:

    ABS is #1 in terms of viewership in a lot of places nationwide but all this time GMA managed to grab the front sit atleast in metro manila where it matters the most… they can only have an upper ground with their cable subscribers. they could secure more political ads that’s about to bombard our tv’s soon if the survey will say that they have the highest viewership

  5. Chinitoguy says:

    For me I don’t think SkyCable did that on purpose. If they do that’s a cheap shot. Why on Earth will Sky sabotage GMA’s signal? Because of the ratings in favor for ABS-CBN? Let me inform you guys that ABS-CBN is already No. 1 in Metro Manila and Nationwide according to rival media research firms AGB and TNS. I monitor TV ratings from PEP and Starmometer. GMA is already on the verge of collapse. Soon it will be TV5 vs ABS-CBN. With Globe Telecom entering into TV thru its investment on ABS-CBN, its impossible to topple this TV network.

    • Justin says:

      Haha. Bro, TV5 is still NOT making any money. Their opex are way too high at this point in time. Malayo pa sya sa level ng GMA, and even further with ABS-CBN. ABS-CBN’s closest rival is still GMA.

    • jusmiyo says:

      HAHAHA katawa. This chinito guy is out of his mind.

    • Kannuchi says:

      Chinito, try to do better research first. Parang walang tumama sa mga sinabi mo. Obviously, the incident was done on purpose kahit ideny pa nila. Your support to them is not enough.

    • attenseek! says:

      either gusto magpapansin or plain dumb. unless…………… he owns kapuso, kapatid and kapamilya networks.

    • Jojo says:

      epic fail :) may sarili kang research group? hehehe

  6. Epstein says:

    Naku, network wars na naman, ang cheap lang…

  7. ngek says:

    Ang tagal tagal nang ganyan ang SkyCable sa GMA. Kahit nagka-digibox na, laging may point na nagbubuffer or medyo nagkaka-white or pink streaks sa screen pag timeslot ng Eat bulaga. Kaya pag tanghali, we change input from HDMI (digibox) to UHF/VHF antenna.

    Kung gagawa sila ng upgrade, why not do it at around 2 AM when 2 out of the 4 affected channels are not broadcasting. Or pwede naman maglagay ng notice, notice nga ng PPV ng NBA nakakapagpalabas sila eh.

  8. jusmiyo says:

    Ang tagal nang ganyan ang SkyCable sa GMA. Kahit nagka-digibox na, laging may point na nagbubuffer or medyo nagkaka-white or pink streaks sa screen pag timeslot ng Eat bulaga. Kaya pag tanghali, we change input from HDMI (digibox) to UHF/VHF antenna.

    Kung gagawa sila ng upgrade, why not do it at around 2 AM when 2 out of the 4 affected channels are not broadcasting. Or pwede naman maglagay ng notice, notice nga ng PPV ng NBA nakakapagpalabas sila eh.

  9. skynet says:

    All I know is that ABS-CBN doesn’t play fair eversince. GMA is now no.1 NATIONWIDE according to AGB which they accused of cheating but failed to prove it. ABS-CBN is bigger in assets but GMA is a more profitable company.

  10. viewer says:

    GMA 7 is number one nationwide for 2 years straight now and its a profitable company. Thatis the reason why it is being sabotaged…by who else…ABS..

  11. Alfred Aquino says:

    Also before, I can watch ANC livestreams on the internet without hassle. Now, no more, you have to pay a monthly fee in order to watch this channel. Why on earth will I pay monthly for just one channel, ABS CBN is kidding.

  12. anonymous says:

    These can be only two things:
    1. SkyCable is purposely sabotaging GMA7’s stream.
    2. GMA7 is purposely sending out unreliable streams so that they will cry foul in public and put blame to SkyCable, thus defaming the cable company’s name.

  13. Jerwin J. Paglicawan says:

    Hanggang dito ba naman may network pa din? Mga kapamil-yucks and ka-nguso! hehehehe……manood na lang kasi kayo ng Discovery Channel or National Geographics.

  14. JeJe says:

    All of you are just non-sense! From cable interruption going network war?

    Don’t contradict each other’s comment because you are making no sense at all. Cheap topic to discuss about. Kahit sino pwede sabihing number one sila using their own ratings provider at KAYO bilang viewer, bakit nyo nasasabing number one si ganito when in fact, you don’t even know what other people think! If you want to claim something you should have collected data from every person in the Philippines, not just a survey composed of around 1000 families? Gosh

  15. meh says:

    Sky always claims they are upgrading but the service is still terrible and broadband is terrible.

  16. sky user 99 says:

    hello… does anyone here experience bad signal for channels 50 above? (parang tumatalon na pirated cd)

    all sky cable channels 49 below are working fine though

    pls hit the comments thanks!

  17. chuy says:

    skybroadband unlimited pero ang nakalagay sa account mo 18months lock in eh pang consumable plans un scammer ang sky. tapos yung unlimited plans nila may limit naka proxy pa.

  18. Me says:

    If I were u guys.. Subscribe to CIGNAL. Hangat mag GMA 7 at kahit sabihing nag uupgrade ang Sky, there is still a sabotage in the signal proven na yan everytime na may new show ang gma. They will interrupt the signal on the tv premiere… Dirty tactics!!

  19. Me says:

    PILOT episode ng JUAN DELA Cruz ng Abs mamaya, katapat ng INDIO ng GMA. CHEcK nyo kapag may itteruption sa signal mg GMA… ALAM NA!!!

  20. Me says:

    PILOT episode ng JUAN DELA Cruz ng Abs mamaya, katapat ng INDIO ng GMA. CHEcK nyo kapag may itteruption sa signal mg GMA… ALAM NA!!!!!

  21. RaGe says:

    sick and tired of network war but it’s really evident…they don’t only do that to GMA…even AksyonTV, TV5, and even RHTV…so it’s for you to decide..

  22. blah says:

    hanggang dito ba naman network conspiracies parin kayo? wala na ngang matinong palabas sa local channels eh rather manood nalang kayo ng foreign shows

  23. sandies says:

    Ealier last week???

  24. Lorenz says:

    Teka, parang hindi yata binasa ng mga naunang commenters ang article ah.

    (1) Hindi lang GMA ang naapektuhan ng problema.
    (2) Hindi lahat ng SKY subscribers na naka-Digibox ay naapektuhan. (Yung mga may lumang models lang ng Digibox)
    (3) Hindi entirely nawala ang GMA 7 nung paanhon na yun. (pwede pa raw ma-access yung channel by surfing through channerl + and -)
    (4) May sinabi namang dahilan ng SKY kung bakit nagkaproblema.

    Bago kayo mag-akusa na lang basta ng sabotahe, alamin niyo muna ang mga nirereklamo niyo. Leche!

    • Jojo says:

      Matagal na problema na ito ng GMA regarding cable na yan kahit wala pang upgrade… research muna ikaw ng maaayos…. hope you’re not born today

    • SkyCable QC says:

      1) Hindi lang GMA pero anong meron sa maintenance na yun at yung 4 lang na yun ang naapektuhan?

      2) Yung “some older” eh kalokohan, lahat ng non-HD units nakaexperience nito, check other forums (ie. PinoyDVD)

      3) Hindi naman talaga nawala, lumabo lang at nagsskip na parang gasgas na DVD – na regular nang nangyayari sa GMA on Sky kahit walang maintenance

      4) Sure ka ba na yun nga ang dahilan? Isip isip din :)

  25. blah says:

    you are not born what? labo?

    • Jojo says:

      matuto ka naman sa idiomatic expression parang di ka stupid :)

      paraa maeducate ka blah imbes mag blah blah ka, basa ka dito:

      see the as variations…

    • blah says:

      Baka ibig mong sabihin not born yesterday. oh and before saying stupid, please, make sure na hindi mo iniinsulto sarili mo ok?

    • Jojo says:

      naging stupid ka ulit… spoon feeding hongs? matuto ka naman, alamin mo ang word na variations… facepalm :)

    • Jack says:

      jojo, kung mangiinsulto ka lang kasi siguraduhin mo alam mo yung mga “words” na gagamitin mo, “born yesterday” yan hindi “born today”, walang idiom na “born today” may idiot lang tulad mo. Nagbigay ka pa ng link na nagpatunay ng katangahan mo.

      Obviously yung base sa mga posts mo nasa baseline negative yung iq mo, yan yung mga tipong narinig lang sa ibang tao and gusto maki uso pero di alam gamitin ng wasto… born today…epic fail…facepalm… hahaha napakalaking hindot mo, nakakaawa ka at iyong magulang.

  26. Squall says:

    okay. explains the gma, shop tv, etc. but it doesn’t explain why SkyCable removed MAJORITY (myx, natgeo, star movies, espn, animax, etc..) of it’s channels in order to force us non-digibox subscribers to switch. unfair practice yan SkyCable, binabraso nyo ang mga subscribers para lumipat. we’re paying the same monthly bill religiously and yet you pull out your existing channels (that we are paying for naman in the first place) hanggang sa wala nang matira. f*ck you SkyCable!

  27. crabz says:

    This is one of the things why I hate ABS-CBN or most people I know hare ABS-CBN. They resort to unfair business practices!

    Way back when the Lopez controlled Meralco they interrupt electricity service in selected Manila areas whenever there was a pilot of GMA soaps.

    Then when they were losing in the surveys they attempted to smear the credibility of AGB Nielsen with witness who covered their faces (who turned out to be terminated GMA employees who had a grudge).

    Then they resulted to pirating GMA stars like Angel, Toni Gonzaga, et al. Believe it or not, Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda and Ai-Ai were all GMA artists before.

    And well, it’s already 2013 and they are now using Sky Cable to do the sabotage against GMA.

    ABS may have more stars and more hit movies but they will forever remain as a second placer in TV where there are more revenues.

  28. paul e. says:

    happened to my digibox as well. but all i did to get the missing channels back was to select autoscan instead of manual. everything went back to normal after a few mins of letting it run its course. didn’t even resort to restoring to default.

  29. Iyan Sommerset says:

    I honestly don’t know why the cable industry is still booming locally – I watch everything I want to watch on the internet and I only have access to a 1mbps connection.

    Our household already had our SkyCable cut a few months back and nobody misses it – local OTA channels are easily accessible using a combination of DIY VHF & UHF antennae and we even get feeds from relay stations in Cavite & Laguna.

  30. Charlene says:

    Why can’t they upgrade the digibox of their loyal customers. After all, we deserve to have the best quality given being with them for seveerraalll years!!!!

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