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Sony 3D Head Mounted Display (HMD)

Sony put up a tent-full of showcase to the media and visitors last night, just before the Euphoria Concert with Mike Posner and Train. One of the most interesting device they had in one of the booths was the Sony 3D HMD (Head Mounted Display).

The head-mounted display works pretty well and produces really good 3D images. What’s surprising is that the movies look like you’re watching them on a movie theater.

The gear hooks up to an external player like a Bluray player or a Sony Playstation. You can watch movies in traditional 2D or in 3D. It works bth for movies and gaming (the gaming part is more interesting).

We tried it and the gear is actually comfortable as long as you sit down on a comfortable, leaned-back position. They were asking us feedback about the whole experience and of course, the expected price (@artsamaniego ordered one from the US for $799).

A Sony SG rep was telling e they will be making cheaper models — one for 3D movies and one for 3D gaming.

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15 Responses

  1. pobreng teki says:

    i hope they will have a much smaller and affordable model, or cdrking produce an affordable


  2. JmBalicano says:

    need something smaller to achieve that star trek look.. close enough though, for now.

  3. noy says:

    Wow, this is cool but its quiet expensive.

  4. tom toz says:

    Too geeky.

  5. Mr.A says:

    I could use that as a montior for my desktop. I hope they can produce a 30in display resolution in that.

    • edgar says:

      hindi lang 31 inches yan. that is 750 inches or 62.5 feet. if im correct this is half the size of original imax which is 124 feet diagonal.

  6. sonny says:

    sana merong ganyan for desktop with 1080p resolution :)

  7. steelicon says:

    Ganz Klar had this years ago.

  8. xxxxx says:

    the price is actually good. i just want to try this out if it works without my glasses on. maybe they could release a model that you can use your own headphones. gamers have nowhere to attach their bluetooth headsets. for movies you would want to use your Grados and Sens with this.

  9. sonyik says:

    oowwwchh.. patay ang mata mo dyan pag lagi mo gagamitin yan..

  10. Lulu says:

    so expensive.. grabe.. :/

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