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Sony launches 2012 Internet TV line-up

Sony Philippines brought us to Shangri-la Mactan in Cebu last Tuesday for a little bit of rest and relaxation as well as to witness the unveiling of their new line of Bravia Internet TVs plus a few other interesting products.

In the line-up is the flagship model which is the Sony Bravia HX855 which uses the X-Reality Pro technology.

To illustrate how much improvement the dual-chip processor to show more detail and color is displayed, Sony brought in two LED TVs from its closest competitors to give us a live demo of the difference in the display.

They set the picture mode to Vivid or Dynamic for all of the 3 TV sets to make the comparison in an even playing field.

Sony also highlights that they use Gorilla Glass from Corning to make the display less prone to accidental scratches.

Since these are actually Internet TVs, all the Bravia models are connected to the Sony Entertainment Network where you get access to a lot of web streaming, podcast and other online shows. As with any other Internet or Smart TVs, the experience will vary depending on the speed of the internet connection.

The there’s these new set of 3D glasses that look way better than any of the previous glasses we’ve seen in any 3D TVs we tried in all of 2011.

They’re small, light and frameless (with a thin titanium body) — doesn’t make you look like a dork or something and most importantly, they are very comfortable even when used in prolonged periods of time.

The models shown here aren’t yet available and they are not the ones included in the package when you get the TVs (they will be sold separately on top of the initial set).

They also highlighted seamless connectivity between the the Bravia TVs and other Sony devices — like the Vaio laptop, the Xperia S smartphone (which can be used as a remote control and wireless trackpad) and the Sony Tablet S (which is funny because they haven’t really released this one yet in the country).

The “Throw” function is particularly interesting because it allows you to just share any content (music, movies, photos and websites) from your portable devices into the Bravia TV by “throwing” them to the screen.

The event was really a quick rundown of what Sony is offering in the Internet TV category for 2012 and we didn’t have much time to inspect each of the available models. Will probably do a more detailed one when they decide to send us a review unit at home. That should include the available display sizes, suggested retail price and a more compete and detailed listing of their features and specs.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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6 Responses

  1. ben says:

    Interesting article there Abe. now I need is a smart tv.

    you got a typo there which says “Netowk”

  2. Mr. Curious says:

    there is also another typo here which says

    “included int eh package”
    should have been included in the package


    well I’m still amazed with the e-series smart TVs of samsung, ot mention I’m not a samsung fan-boy

  3. sonee says:

    @Mr. Curious
    “should have been included in the package”
    Are you kidding? Like Mr. Yuga doesn’t know what to do. HAHAHAHAHA

    “ot mention”
    should have been TO mention
    and “fan-boy” should have been FANBOY

  4. oyo says:

    What is the minimun requirement of your internet speed connection before you can enjoy using the internet tv functions?

  5. Henry says:

    I like the new 3D glasses and the new powerful specs of Bravia smartTV.

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