Toshiba intros Glasses-less 3D TV

Toshiba intros Glasses-less 3D TV

In a regional launched yesterday at Suntec Convention Center here in Singapore, Toshiba launched a series of Regza LED TVs for the Asean market including the first glasses-less 3D TV.

Toshiba’s flagship model for 2011 is the 55ZL800, a 55-inch 3D TV to be introduced for the Japanese market. The Regza ZL800 features a CEVO Engine, mega LED panel with 2D-3D conversion. Dynamic contrast goes up to 9,000,000 is to 1. The ZL800 comes with active 3D glasses when on 3D mode.

The other model, the Regza WL700, is slimmer 3D TV that comes in 46″ and 55″ models. Designed in collaboration between Toshiba and Jacob Jensen Design, the WL700 has a minimalist design using glass and metal at just 29mm thin.


Another interesting set of TVs are the Power TV series, one of which comes with an integrated stand-by rechargeable battery that can last for 2 hours after a power runs out. Power TV series also features “Auto Signal Booster” that improves signal sensitivity in areas with weak signal strengths. It’s available in 24″ and 32″ sizes.

Toshiba also demonstrated their upcoming Glasses-less 3D TV. Two models, the 20-inch 20GL1 and the 12-inch 12GL1 designed specifically for personal use. In order to create 3D content, the GL1 series adopts a parallax system that can display optimized high quality 3D images whatever position and angle to the screen of the viewer.

They’re only making a limited release in Japan first and study how the market responds to this model and possibly release it to the rest of Asia later on. Though there were no final details of the pricing, I overheard the glasses-less TV will go for around $1,200 in Japan.

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6 Responses

  1. Glasses-less 3D TV, cool!… hoping that it’s not too expensive

  2. Winziph says:

    wow that was pretty cool, i’am sure that would going to be as expensive as the 50 inche led of samsung.

  3. Benchmark says:

    whenever I hear 3D TV…Batman Forever came into my mind… The Ridler made a 3D TV there to control the minds of the people! Hehehehe Will this control our minds?! I hope not. :-D

  4. Benchmark says:

    Whenever I hear 3D TV, Batman Forever came in to my mind…The Ridler invented a 3D TV that will hypnotize people. I hope this will not hypnotize people. hehehe

  5. Teach says:

    wow, now everything is already 3d, goodbye to 2 dimensions

  6. 3D LED TV says:

    Excellent thank you very much.

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