Toshiba intros upcoming L9300 series 4K TV

Toshiba intros upcoming L9300 series 4K TV

Yesterday, Toshiba Philippines let us in on their latest 4K TV offering which goes under the L9300 series. Let’s take a closer look at their latest creation and see what sets this one apart from the other 4K TVs we’ve seen in the past.

Without an in-depth knowledge of the technical terms on its specs sheet, the new Toshiba L9300 series TV may seem to be the other 4K TVs that went before it. In fact, without a side-by-side comparison of previous versions (or competing units) it can be quite tricky to appreciate the difference that these new Toshiba TVs bring to the table.

toshiba l9300 series


Good thing Toshiba Philippines placed a same-sized TV from a different manufacturer beside theirs for a closer look at the advantages that the 55Z7 has to offer. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose which brand and model the other TV is, but we can share some of the things we’ve noticed on the comparison.

* Levels of Blacks and Whites are more discernible.
* Lines (Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal) appear sharper and more refined.
* Better color representation and contrast/brightness adjustment.
* Lesser image noise thanks to 4K Digital Noise Reduction tool
* Near-4K resolution even on 1080p contents

All of these features are possible through Toshiba’s in-house chip called CEVO 4K engine which packs a Quad+Dual-core processors and DDR3 RAM (undisclosed frequency). This, coupled with an equally sophisticated software, enables their new offerings to produce images/videos with almost unreal levels of detail and clarity.

Toshiba Philippines remains mum on the pricing and availability of their upcoming L9300 Series 4K TVs, but we can probably expect it in the latter half/quarter of this year. Another thing we can expect is that it’ll not be as cheap as the conventional TVs we’re so accustomed to.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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