What is 'bacn'?

What is ‘bacn’?

It’s a newly coined word, this bacn. Been reading a lot about it lately and first thought it was a new Web 2.0 service. Turns out it’s just another fancy word for an email spam that quite isn’t.


Bacn (pronounced as bacon but spelled without the ‘o’) isn’t your typical spam. It’s an alert or email notification you don’t really want but something you don’t flag as real spam.

This could be a forum email notification, new comment notification, update alerts, software update notifications, or some types of newsletters. It’s there in your inbox but you don’t mind them or read them at all. They just pile up on your Inbox and you delete theme without actually reading each one.

So, how much bacn do you get?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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13 Responses

  1. KK says:

    Hey! Thanks for changing the old theme. It was kinda painful to the eyes. I don’t know if you were trying on a new look to hypnotize your readers. ;)

    So bacn is the word of the day! I’d rather have bacon :)

  2. jash says:

    we have spam and now bacon.. the net is becoming more delicious :D

  3. ralphot says:

    pretty soon i guess we’ll have “toast” and “egg” as well. i wouldn’t mind waking up to that. hahaha.

  4. issai says:

    i’m getting hungry now

  5. JM says:

    There’re tons of bacon in my inbox, LOL. Around 2,000 of them! Hahaha.

  6. Oooo… so they’re called bacons. Cool. I get a dozen of them almost everyday. They go straight into my trash.

  7. Jaypee says:

    Cool! I added a new word to my vocabulary today. Hehe :D

    I get a lot of those in my YahooMail accounts and some of it on my Gmail account.

  8. L.A says:

    OMG! So that’s the msgs. I’ve been deleting from many many websites like friendster.

  9. eric says:

    whoa we had the spam, now the bacon. bukas we might have the sunny side up!

    but yeah, i do have a separate folder (with custom filter!) for a specific bacn in my email account. i dont read them, misan select all and delete lang.

  10. beeps says:

    Nice Yugs!!!

    I know You Love Bacon Yugs!!! 1M of Bacon for you. yapoww!!! :D hehehe

  11. beeps says:

    Cheers for the Bacon!! haha!!

  12. leo says:

    spam, bacn, toast & egg… add a hot cup of choco with that and breakfast is complete.. :)

  13. So it finally flew… The beauty of blogs, forums, and mailing lists – in short, the beauty of a “(Global and Virtual) Community”.

    It’s official then, “bacn”.

    Mine’s countless. but they do come in handy sooner or later ;)

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