How to position your WiFi router to get best signal

How to position your WiFi router to get best signal

That is probably a question a lot of people ask when installing a new WiFi router at home. The answer was provided by Jason Cole in this rather highly mathematical (more like physics actually) demonstration in his own apartment.


By positioning the WiFi router at an optimal location, we could get a better reception. Jason Cole shows us how does that look like in this model.2


This area mapping provides a more visual display of how signal strength is affected by obstructions or interference and signal refraction.

If only we could also have a simple tool such as this to help us decide where to put that WiFi router at home, that would have been better.

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8 Responses

  1. Peejay says:

    Unfortunately, it would depend on where the telco or the contractor places the telephone outlet.

    • Jeff says:

      Unfortunately, you only used 10% of your brain to formulate this conclusion. It’s not a the Eiffel Tower that’s immovable and cannot be extended.

    • kuratong says:

      @Jeff R.I.P. English

    • meow says:

      unfortunately, you only know only dsl, and even failed to ask the option for installing it on a certain spot to consider wifi because you reasoned, it “depends” on them.

    • wew says:

      sa totoo lang, may point siya. Pwede tayong magrequest kung saan ilalagay(assuming na wired ang router),pero may limitations.May maximum limit of meters ng wire ang pwedeng gamitin ng nagkakabit for every customer,kaya kung gusto mong ipalagay sa kasuluksulukan ng bahay mo pero di naman kaya ng wire,eh wala ka ring magagawa.(pero kung gustong-gusto mo talaga,pwede namang bumili na lang ng wire para maiextend mo)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Internet signal wouldn’t be a problem anymore many companies are finding new ways faster than fiber optics…

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