MyUSMailBox: Shipping to the Philippines

MyUSMailBox: Shipping to the Philippines

MyUSMailBox: Shipping to the Philippines

If you’re looking to do some online shopping in stores like Amazon, Zappos, and Best Buy but do not know how to get those items to your address in the Philippines, then check out MyUSMailBox.

  • What does My US Mail Box offer?
  • My US Mail Box offers you an United States postal address. This is where you ship the items you bought. When MyUSMailBox receives them there, they will forward the shipment to the Philippines and deliver it to your home.

  • How much will I be paying for the shipment?
  • Shipment fees will depend on the size and weight of the items.

    Can you give me an idea how much it will cost?


    The Amazon Kindle costs about $50 additional and the Microsoft Zune HD costs under Php900 for the shipping. This is based on experience with previous shipments.

  • How about Customs tax?
  • Customs will have their own computation for import taxes. This will be relayed to you by MyUSMailBox when shipments arrive. However, for items with value of under $500, this can be waived.

  • How long does it take to arrive to my address?
  • Around 10 to 12 days from the time the items arrive in your US postal address.

  • How does My US Mail Box make money from this?
  • Thru membership — MyUSmailBox offers this service thru annual or semi-annual membership fees. Fees cost about Php600 a month for you to use their US Postal Address.

    Promo Code: Sign up for a free membership trial with MyUSMailBox. Just email [email protected] and mention YugaTech in your email to avail of 3 months free membership.

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    5 Responses

    1. username27 says:

      if I Sign up for a free membership trial with MyUSMailBox (“Just email [email protected] and mention YugaTech in your email to avail of 3 months free membership.”),
      do i still need to submit an application form with the credit card number and its last 3 digits etc?

    2. Rich says:

      Hi Yuga,

      what if I bought something online from Ebay?
      and then have it delivered to this myusmailbox?
      will that work? how?

      isn’t it gonna be redundant in terms of paying for the shipping for the things that you purchased online and then having the items forwarded to you in the Philippines?

    3. Destron says:

      This is just the same as BDO’s my-shoppingbox. You pay a mere P1,000 annual fee. Free on first time registration if you use BDO’s Virtual Credit Card. BDO is partnered with First Imperial Cargo in this venture.

      You have the option where to send your package through, by air or by sea. It is, of course, more expensive by air at $5.50 per pound, $2.50 if by sea.

      Length of time to arrive also depends on the item you ordered so be sure to read the fine words carefully if you are in a rush. You have to account for the time it takes for your order to arrive to your shoppingbox and then you have to wait for First Imperial to send to their Manila facility. And then for the item to finally arrive at your doorstep.

      All in all, my order of an Acer AC adapter from Amazon took like a couple of weeks. Not too bad. If I took the sea route, it might take the better part of two months.

    4. Gilbert Langston says:

      Thank you for this really useful manual . This will probably be extremely useful for these you are just starting section.

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