Accessories to protect your gadgets from water under PHP 700

Accessories to protect your gadgets from water under PHP 700

The typhoon season can be challenging for everyone. To prevent further damage, people secure anything they could in their homes before the storm arrives. Aside from preparing emergency go-bags and keeping essential documents safe, we must also protect our valuables, including our hard-earned gadgets, by seeking solutions to keep them secure and dry. We give you a list of accessories that you can buy online to protect your devices from water damage, especially during times of emergencies. These accessories are affordable which only costs less than PHP 700.

Universal Waterproof Phone Case

Smartphones have been an essential device in our lives. With all of its smart features and functions, most of us have been dependent on it, especially during emergencies. To guard it in times of the rainy season, we may get a waterproof phone case that allows us to use our phones and stay connected while securing it in a case. Various brands offer universal waterproof cases online, such as UGreen, FONKEN, HDoorLink, and more.

UGreen: ShopeePHP 144 | LazadaPHP 219
FONKEN: ShopeePHP 114 | LazadaPHP 155
HDoorLink:  ShopeePHP 115

Universal Waterproof Tablet Case

Aside from smartphone cases, there are also waterproof cases designed ideally for tablets. It comes bigger that can fit up to 10-inch tablets. The case was equipped with a top-grade PVC material to enable sensitive touch, and it has four buttons to seal the bag completely to make it secure.

PHP 198 – 213:  Shopee

Waterproof Camera Housing Case

A camera is indeed expensive. This is also valuable that we can consider as an investment. Therefore, keeping it secure and dry in a waterproof case is a must too. Good thing, there’s a waterproof camera housing case to guard it against water damage. Cases like these are ideal for travel and underwater activities as these are geared with good protection function and a triple waterproof safety system.

YBC Waterproof Bag Case:  Shopee – PHP 698
Universal Waterproof Camera Case: ShopeePHP 163 | LazadaPHP 229.99


Waterproof Camera Backpack

Getting a waterproof backpack is important to protect your valuables or any gadget from getting soaked in the rain. This backpack is geared with a waterproof cloth material to protect cameras or any gadget inside. It comes with adjustable, padded dividers allowing you to customize the compartment to manage space. It also has external mesh pockets for accessories.

PHP 699: Shopee

Waterproof Dry Bags

There are many waterproof dry bags out there that we may also get to secure our stuff. Dry bags are ideal for sports and travel and ensure that our gadgets are safe anytime. Moreover, most dry bags are equipped with flexible and durable material to keep the water and moisture out, making them reliable for storing important objects, such as cameras and smartphones in various situations.

Ocean Pack: ShopeePHP 129 | Lazada PHP 139
Tactics: ShopeePHP 650LazadaPHP 324.99

Plastic Zip Locks

Plastic with a resealable lock is useful. It does not only work as storage but also to organize our things. Besides that, putting our gadgets on plastic zip locks in certain situations can also help keep them safe. Zip locks come in different sizes that can fit different gadgets. Just make sure to seal the lock completely for safety. Furthermore, similar to the “rice hack,” putting a smartphone on a zip-lock, along with silica gels, may also help dry a smartphone if it got wet. The silica gels work as a drying agent to help absorb the water from the device.

PHP 130 – 154: Shopee

There you have it! Those are some of the accessories that may protect our gadgets from getting wet and damaged in times of the rainy season. We hope you always take the time to prepare your stuff ahead of time, as we can never tell when disasters happen. Also, remember that keeping ourselves safe must be our utmost priority, above all. Stay safe and dry!

If you have any gadget protection suggestions in mind, please share it with us by commenting below.

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