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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Review

I ran the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic to a lot of stress test to dig beyond the touchscreen hype and found some surprisingly great features as well as shortcomings. Let me share with you why I thought the Nokia 5800 falls short of expectations but will remain on top of a lot of people’s must-buy list.

5800 review

Make and Construction
When I first read that the Nokia 5800 has a 3.2 inch (360×640 pixel) display screen. The three buttons at the lower part of the screen serve as shortcuts (Call knob, App Launcher and Cancel/End button — from left to right.) The other keys on the side include a dedicated camera button and volume controls. The SIM card slot (usually placed inside the battery compartment) is found on the left side along with the microSD card slot for easy access.

There’s a well placed slider-lock at the center-right side of the device that serves as a screen lock/unlock mechanism (easily reached by the right thumb or the left middle finger when holding the phone).nokia 5800 review

Aside from the glass screen, the entire device is made up of plastic so it feels light for its size. It’s a little thick at 15.5mm. I think it would have been nicer to the grip at 12mm or 13mm. The phone’s casing feels solid but battery cover suffers from the usual creaks (pretty common with NSeries phones). The hard-rubber carrying case is nice and the plectrum, which doubles as a stylus, can be attached to the case to avoid being misplaced. 

Connectivity and Mobile Web

The Nokia 5800 comes with all sorts of wireless connectivity – 3G/HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS — so it’s all set in that department.

Nokia’s built-in browser is generally good, especially on smaller screens especially that of the E63 and E71. Of course, they had to do something different for the 5800’s bigger screen but I felt the real-estate wasn’t maximized so you don’t get a great surfing experience. The browser is fast and displays flash files, but doesn’t render pages with javascripts well. The all-important back/forward buttons are also missing. Despite that, the pages load fast and the scaled images and texts are crisp (almost as good as on Opera Mini).

Usability and UI

The phone came with a stylus (with an extra one) and a plectrum (guitar pick) which gives you an impression that you will be using them more often that just your fingers when navigating the touch screen UI. Personally, I have an aversion to stylus as they remind me of the old, clunky PDAs. There’s haptic feedback which I think is a necessary feature for resistive touchscreens.


Fortunately, with the 5800, you are still able to make a phone call and send text messages with one hand, though half the time you’d end up using your fingernails instead of your thumb. The 5800 gives you 4 options for text input — full QWERTY, mini QWERTY (for portrait mode), handwriting recognition and the normal virtual phone keypad — which is nice because it provides the user more ways to type in text depending on the need and screen orientation. The system remembers your last input method and shows it in future instances until you change it.


The Media Bar is a small touch sensitive portion of the phone just at the top outer border of the screen that drops down to some shortcuts — Music Manager, Video Center, Internet and Photos.


The touchscreen is quite responsive but sometimes, it requires two taps to select an item or hotspot. Scrolling down with the finger takes a bit of practice and can become easy but scrolling up is almost impossible (that’s when you need to use the stylus). Haptic feedback makes things much easier though.

Multimedia & Photo Quality

The sound speakers are the loudest I’ve ever heard on a mobile phone and worthy of being in the XpressMusic class. I find it odd though that the speakers were unevenly placed on both the left side of the phone which makes me wonder that if you position it horizontally on the cradle for some hands-free movie viewing, both speakers are facing downwards (not upwards where the sound will have more open space to propagate). I guess that adds to the bass effect.

 nokia 5800 carl zeiss nokia 5800 iphone 3gnokia 5800 case

Video quality is good but not very impressive. If you compare the 5800’s 3.2″ screen at 360×640 resolution against the Xperia X1’s 3″ @ 480×800 pixel, you can see which screen has more pixels packed per square inch (more pixels per square inch, better video quality). The Nokia Video Manager (an app that automatically converts video files transferred to the phone) makes a low-quality compressesion that videos played on the 5800 ends up very pixelated. I converted my own videos (using Super) to match the settings I use for the iPhone 3G and while the output was better, the videos still appear dithered and the colors a bit faded.

I was puzzled why 3.2MP Carl Zeiss camera didn’t perform as well as other Nokia phones with the same optics. I took several sample photos below: 

nokia 5800 photos nokia 5800 photos nokia 5800 photos

Doesn’t work well at night and the dual-LED flash only performs better on close up shots. The picture of the steel Buddha here can be compared to the same taken with the Nokia N78 here.

What’s Missing or What I Would Have Wanted

  • USB port charging. Nokia already did it with the N85 so I don’t understand why the newer models don’t have it.
  • Updated firmware. The unit that I had some occasional hang-ups (apps not exiting properly) and one instance that the phone rebooted on its own.
  • Internal Storage. There’s only about 90MB of internal phone memory. The phone comes with an 8GB external microSD card so the only way to expand your storage is by replacing it with a bigger capacity (like 16GB).
  • Faster Processor. Sometimes, you’ll feel that the ARM 11 369 MHz CPU is slow. The Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 Mhz processor would have been better (the ones on the HTC Touch HD and SE Experia X1).

Of course, some of the items in this list would affect the phone’s final price so it’s a trade-off.


Over-all, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is a nice-to-have phone but fell short of my expectation as a flagship touchscreen phone. I guess, and because Nokia was late in the game, I expected them to score high in changing the way touchscreen phones interact with its user. The device’s dependence with the stylus ruined the experience (just like many stylus-touting touchscreen phone) and the plectrum was just a fancy addition that serve no extra function other than it symbolizes music (as in XpressMusic).

The S60 platform holds a lot of promise. It was great with a lot of NSeries and ESeries Nokia phones but it needs to be refined more for the touch screen. Had the Nokia 5800 been launched in January (or even June) of 2008, I would have given it more excuse. If this was the first touch screen phone I’ve ever used, I might have liked it a lot but after trying out the Omnia, Xperia X1, Touch HD, LG Cookie and iPhone, I’d put the 5800 somewhere in the middle.

nokia 5800 touch 

What’s most surprising with the Nokia 5800 is the price tag. It’s already a high-end phone but the price seemed unbelievably affordable. We’ve seen the N96 priced at 37k and the Nokia 8800 Arte at 47k. Even the 2-year old Nokia N95 8GB is more expensive than the 5800 — and this tells us something about how Nokia perceives its flagship touchcsreen phone.

Nokia knows its the king of alphanumeric candybar phones. It’s also getting a good boost in the qwerty smartphones. Yet, they are relatively behind the touchscreen race (despite the fact that they already had a discontinued touch screen phone 5 years ago) although this battleground is still fresh. Most consumers are wary to shell out 30k or 40k for a touch interface they are not familiar with so the 5800 is positioned really well as an affordable full-featured touchscreen phone.

For its features, I think the Nokia 5800 is still worthy to be priced at the 25k to 35k range but Nokia puts it at a very sweet spot of Php19,990. They did this to play catch with the rest and I believe they’d done a great job with marketing it as such. Nokia fans will surely love owning this little piece of history from Nokia.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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946 Responses

  1. Huan22 says:

    You’re right, the 5800 xpress can be considered the middle ground in the touch-enabled smartphones. It has the features of a touch-enabled phone yet has an economical price.

  2. Bruce says:

    Yes it’s not a bad little phone. I actually bought it for my girlfriend and have been struggling a bit installing all of her mp3 collection on it for her. The 5800 seems to be finicky with displaying album art. I used the Nokia Music Manager to embed the cover art in all of the mp3’s, and transfer them to the phone. But only around 75% of the tracks are actually displaying the album art on the phone (the album art is visible in Nokia Music Manager on the laptop for 100% of these mp3’s) . I noticed that there is a firmware update available so I guess I’ll try to research what is in that update before installing it (the firmware update).

    I’m 50/50 on the touchscreen sensitivity & interface. Sometimes a single click will suffice to go into a menu option, sometimes you have to do a double click. It hasn’t come across as very intuitive yet.

    The USB transfer speed doesn’t seem to approach full usb 2.0 speeds, but I don’t know how the speed compares to other n-series phones.

    Wifi works great… have used it successfully on a variety of open & encrypted 802.11b & g connections.

    GPS seems ok, not the fastest (compared to some garmin dedicated gps units) but this is the 1st time I’ve tried gps on a handset so the gps lock time might be typical for a phone.

    3g/hsdpa speeds, haven’t tried a speedtest on it yet. I live around 100 meters from a Smart tower so I’m looking forward to trying it out. I don’t know if that particular tower is hsdpa enabled yet though, and will have to see about adding the APN info anyways.

    Anyone else having mp3 cover art issues? What software are you guys using for mp3 transfers… microsoft media player or nokia music manager or ??

  3. sting says:

    thanks for the review bro.

    I always though that the touchscreen hype in ANY phone could only drag prices up. But with 5800XM selling at 20k and flexible input, this could be my phone in December (hey, I still have to save some money).

    PS. By the way, come to Iloilo. Dinagyang Na!!!

  4. wee this is really a great phone must have… i hope my parents can gave me this as my birthday gift. :)

  5. edieboy says:

    I seen that nokia 5800 last time,walking around the mall of asia in all stores communicattion provider that cellphones i feel that was bored,but after reading the information above i was wonder with that cp.


  6. seoulbox says:

    It’s a great phone. But it would be greater if it has haptics.

    I’ll check on this at ghills.:)

  7. azhar ariff aka malaysian dude says:

    thanks for the review, was thinking of getting one. At least i know what to look out for!

  8. Obed says:

    The only thing I like about 5800 is the price.

  9. Jonathan says:

    Nice review Yuga.

    Unfortunately, we still won’t see the Nokia patent “Haptikos Technology” even on the upcoming N97. So lets see how Nokia plays with it perhaps with the N98.

    Cheers =)

  10. cArLo_AnGeLo says:

    The price went down. I went to a local Nokia Store here in Tacloban and the phone is now priced at PHP18,990.


  11. Unknown Soldier says:

    I’ll wait for the china to clone this phone… that way, price will be cheaper :P (disposable too! LMAO =)))

  12. Jeff says:

    you need one touch to select it, another to open the menu… that is how it works…!

  13. Gene says:

    To Obed:

    “The only thing I like about 5800 is the price.”

    if that is so, then why? would you go for rotten tomatoes for half the price just because of the price?

    For some reasons, your statement contradicts itself. You like the 5800 for the price because…? the price justifies the functionality of the phone, therefore, you like the phone that is why you like the price.

    Don’t be a hypocrite.

  14. Nice Info Abe. and thanks for the review.

  15. leu says:

    I bought one yesterday.
    I’m having a second thought of returning it though :D The back cover was so hard to open (just to remove the sim card) i’m afraid i’ll break it to pieces :D
    Y didn’t they make the process of removing the sim card, the same with the way of removing the memory card. It could have been just fine for me but I am really irritated of the hussle in opening the back cover.

  16. leu says:

    i finally have the cover removed :D
    one thing still :D , it seems smart and globe dont have yet a GPRS(WAP)/MMS settings support for this model. I guess i’ll have to wait still.

  17. gonner says:

    well yes touch touch touch it , have it!!!

  18. RuFeLa says:

    can anyone tell me if secondary camera of 5800 can be used for picture taking just like the other nokia phones. if it does, pls teach me how… tnx(//_^)

  19. Arnie says:

    To Rufela:

    It can’t be used as secondary cam, it can only be used as a cam when making a video call. By the way did you line for this unit at Global City?

  20. AC says:

    i’ll be buying 5800 later… but based from your comments i’m having second thoughts… what do you think i’ll buy this one for cheaper price or samsung omnia nlang para matibay….

  21. Sam says:

    dba may 8g memory card ung phone?? so…does it come with a software CD and a USB cable?

  22. kent says:

    i’m really curious about GPS. Will i be charged for using my GPS? my telco’s Globe btw. I dont wanna spend a lot for a phone but I would want a GPS navigation for my car.. So I’m looking forward to buy this phone this weekend.


  23. Alphonse says:

    The review of the camera’s photo quality is useless if you don’t provide the readers with the full resolution images taken by the phone’s camera. It’s probably a bandwidth eater, but your review becomes less credible to other people.

    You also didn’t review the video recording/capturing of the camera, which is pretty decent given the specs on paper. 640×480 @ 30 fps similar to the N93, N95, and most of Nokia’s high-end line up for the past two years.

    I’ve watched several YouTube videos of different phones using their respective web browsers and roughly comparing rendering speeds. The 5800 apparently beats the crap out of the iPhone and older WinMo smartphones when it comes to rendering speed, and considering the videos of the 5800 rendering pages with full flash support, it’s a no-brainer. I’ve got friends with iPhones and the official Yahoo page takes roughly 15-20 seconds to load (did it over Wifi to make sure that connection speed wasn’t an issue). It didn’t even have flash enabled yet I see a bunch of videos on YouTube of the 5800 loading size similar to Yahoo’s main page in terms of content and with FULL flash too, and it took them roughly 10 seconds to load. I even saw videos of the 5800 rendering the main YouTube page, not some watered-down, mobile version, on the 5800 with apparently no problems. It’s absurd! I’d say the speed problems with the general UI is a matter of needed optimization. The Qualcomm MSM7201A in my friend’s Samsung Omnia actually felt slower when it came to web browsing. The Yahoo main page took as long as the iPhone to load.

    Comparing the 5800’s 640×360 screen to the Xperia’s 800×480 isn’t fair. But we can’t really blame you if you’ve got nothing else for comparison. It would have been better if it was compared to ones with a 640×480 screen such as the HTC Touch Diamond.

    This review is mediocre at best. So far the most comprehensive reviews of the Nokia 5800 can be found on GSMArena and MobileBurn.

    I’m holding myself out on the Nokia 5800 for now despite the incredibly tempting price. It’s got one of the best price-to-performance/feature ratios among handsets available but the fact that not much touchscreen Symbian apps are available right now is what turns me off. Also, the camera that takes incredibly crappy stills also turn me off. The video recording is decent (GSMArena has samples and can be downloaded), but the stills are just horrible. I’ve checked a ton of review sites and it’s true, it sucks. The stills taken by the older SE K800i and Samsung D900 3.2 mp cam phones eat the Nokia 5800 alive. But Nokia have almost always sucked at the camera department, even more ironic is that the Nokias I’ve owned or tried with Carl Zeiss lenses had worse picture quality compared to the non-Carl Zeiss ones. When zoomed and inspected, the picture looks as if it was painted with crappy brush strokes. Too much noise too and loss of sharpness.

    I’m holding out for the N97 or at least a newer Nokia touchscreen phone. I want a better camera (the one on the N95 was exceptional during its release and still impresses up to now) with Xenon flash. More touchscreen optimized S60 apps (the Symbian has a strong indie developer following because they’re open, which means I don’t have to kill my warranty *coughjailbreakingiphonecough*). And a much smoother UI, though I think it’s okay to forgive them for now because transitioning from a traditional input OS to a fully-touch driven one is difficult. The development was not from the ground up, like the case of the iPhone and the LG Cookie which provide a wonderful and seamless UI experience.

  24. kevin says:

    i really like the review that you did.. im planning to buy this phone as a gift to myself.. ^____^ i really appreciate that review.. it really helped me a lot..

  25. Luckyluis says:

    Pros: Responsive Tactile Feedback, Light Weight, Compact, Powerful, Very Impressive Sound Quality, Vibrant Screen, Good Battery Life, User Friendly, a Total All In One Package for a Very Low Price.

    Cons: Not a single one :p

    Summary: Compared to the iPhone this has better specs:
    It has Video Recording, Way Way Better Speakers, A Far Better Camera, A Memory Card Slot, Message Forwarding Capability, HSDPA, Optimized One Hand Use, A Front Camera for Video Calls and a Better Battery Life.

    This is my latest toy and i like it so much! It replaces my phone, iTouch and PDA. It gives me all that i need and more. :p

  26. RuFeLa says:

    To Gravatar icon:
    yes…im one of those who fall in line @ B3 ika 103 po ako…ive learned from the forums ive read n i can use secondary camera in taking picture if i would update my unit to the latest firmware v2o.

  27. RuFeLa says:

    i have not updated my unit yet…i dont know how…
    anybody here could help me? i tried checking update on my unit but it just says no available updates…
    its also the same when i tried the nokia software updater

  28. RuFeLa says:

    To arnie pala he3 mali…sorry…

  29. flanx says:

    Hi there,

    I would like to know about the GPS.. is it really applicable here in Pinas?

    Im planning to buy this unit this weekend using Globe network.


  30. rap says:

    “version 20” firmware update will be available here in the phils next week according to nokia phils.

    i called them a few minutes ago.


  31. kokiztoroyale says:

    hi, i bought a nokia 5800 recently, but facing problems with the voice, i.e., wen i receive calls, the voice from the other side, becomes very feeble, difficult to here, and becomes loud again,have you encountered this dilemma? can any one suggest a solution?

  32. mark says:

    im expecting nokia phils to get that firmware version 20 available asap because a lot of users are already complaining bout this phone and its supposedly nice features. Hope that they can also make lots of free downloadable applications for s60v5. =)

  33. mark says:

    guys i’ve heard that they’ve pulled out the latest firmware update v20.0.010 because it still has some bugs. next update will be released march, is this true?

  34. dhani says:

    mantap’s mantap’s mantap’s

    jum’at ini saya beli

  35. symo says:

    jum’at ini saya beli nokia 5800 sekalian q pengen merid dan q kasih tao istri q

  36. Dionaldo says:

    I got nokia 5800, do you know how to innstall vlc to the phone?

  37. Pinoy Gamers says:

    I’m aiming for this phone, I’m a fan of the XpressMusic of Nokia.

  38. dido jove says:

    i had this swapped with my HTC Touch Pro :-)

  39. Slymedia says:

    Please, please, please Mr. Yuga! update us if mayroon ng firmware update available dito sa Pinas. Available na kasi firmware update V20.*** in other countries why isn’t it available yet here sa Pinas?


  40. dawgtag says:

    here in Isabela the price went down to Php 18,500 (nokia store),some store sells it for Php 17,400

  41. adi says:

    i just bought my Nokia 5800 2 days back here in Dubai. I like the price value for just only 1,400.00 Dirhams without compromising the specs. This is the iPhone killer model of Nokia. The mobile that understand not only the user also the economy. Great phone of Nokia as of now.. I hope they will release their next smartphone edition after 5 years, to keep my phone new ahahhaha!!!:)

  42. adi says:

    saan ba at pano makakuha ang firmware version20? gusto ko kasi ma use ung videocall cam to take pictures or gawing salamin heheheh!!!

  43. adi says:

    I updated my software to firmware20.. the problem is, the “search:internet or myfile” on the screen is not functioning, everytime u press it says “system error”… please advice.. anybody…. Thanks!

  44. tatik04 says:

    v20 is still not available for the APAC or asian region. But I updated mine yesterday using the JAF application. Basically, when you try to update using NSU, nokia looks for the prduct key (thats the number on the sticker under your battery, usually starts with 05). halit tong product key na to..it is responsible for preventing us from getting the update..grrrrrr..I suggest you guys try downloading the JAF application (it’s completeley hamrless, wag nga lng kalimutang ibalik yung original na product key pagkatapos mag update), change the product key to any European pdroduct key, try updating via NSU (wag mag OTA, wlang kwenta yan) and your done! magagamit mo na yung front cam, bibilis yung operations and fewer hang-ups..=D

    *btw, adi..antayin mo muna..bgo lng yan..eventually after 30 mins OK na yan..nangyari din yan saken..=D

    Online tutorials? YM nyo ako..add me up “tatik04”

  45. ric says:

    iPhone and iTunes killer!

  46. tatik04 says:

    I updated my software to firmware20.. the problem is, the “search:internet or myfile” on the screen is not functioning, everytime u press it says “system error”… please advice.. anybody…. Thanks!

    *tangalin mo muna memory card den balik mo..try opening it agen..=D

  47. jetzuz says:

    bruce esti vai morti tei =))) nici sa scrii nu stii

  48. adi says:

    oks na tatik04.. i reset my mobile then whala!!! oks na ung search ko.. i just forgot to backup my files kaya natanggal yung phonebook ko na naka store sa phone memory.. lolz!!!

    Ask again scratch free ba yung screen?

  49. Gene says:


    mine used to be scratch-free pero after 2 weeks it gets scratched! so di na sya scratch-free.

    do you mean scratch resistant? nasagot na hehehe

  50. Flores says:

    I update my Nokia 2 weeks ago.

    If you want to update to firmware v20, you have to download file “NokiaSoftwareUpdaterSetup_en” in Nokia website.

    Install this software onto your computer. Then restart your computer and connect your Nokia into computer using USB.

    Then run the program “Nokia Software Updater” you just installed to update your Nokia 5800 firmware.

    It will update about 117 MB of date and programs.

    it takes time to update and perhaps you will find problem such as the phone is off, cannot be turn on or off. In this case the updater will ask you to remove the battery and insert again and connect again, It will be normal again.

    Perhaps after updated, you will have a problem with search menu in main page.

    To solve this problem, I setup again my phone into default and during this process I have insert pin number and create a in number. After that search menu working well.

    In my case, after the update, my nokia runs faster, very responsive.

    God bless you all!

  51. carlo says:

    hello po im planing to buy this phone, is it true na mdaming softwre problems ang 5800?? anu po advice nyo..

  52. louie says:

    carlo,,hndi nmn 2ngkol lng un sa isang software,,at un ay ang firmware20 lng….kng gusto0 m lng nmn n i-update….

  53. carlo says:

    ay ganun po ba thank you po..so ok po ba tong phone na to?? anu po sugestion nyo tnx po in advance

  54. louie says:

    what is d’ best color red or blue????
    ano po advice nyo???

  55. Gadget Boy says:

    my advice is buy blue. looks better to me. mine is blu

    hey please visit my blog about mobile phone prices in the Philippines.


    thanks abe! :D

  56. louie says:

    help me nmn,,,di-nownload p po b nyo ang Windows Media Player 11…..pno 2 i-download….

  57. louie says:

    To: All 5800 User

    did you have already sync ur phone in ovi.com,,,why there is no Philippine Timezone?????

    help me nmn…..

  58. Gio says:

    flores d q pa rin mauupdate firmware ng 5800 q. wer u ba binili 5800 u? Sa nokia store ba mismo?

    louie madodownload mo ang windows media player 11 sa microsoft.com. Kelangan genuine ung OS mo para madownload u ang wmp11.

  59. karen says:

    hello po, maganda po ba tong phone na to bibli sna ko eh dami nman bad comments about s phone na to.. anu po advice nyo plz help po thank you in advance

  60. louie says:

    To: Gio

    KHIT ANG GMIT KO AY vISTA,,,,eh genuine nmn ang gmit ko,,,,eh bkt d ko ma-download ung WMP11…..

    help me nmn…….

  61. Gio says:

    to karen:

    ok na ok naman ung 5800 na phone. maxado lang demanding mga tao kaya maraming bad comments. sa price na 17k+ ok na xa. Dati qng phone n82 pero nanakaw. Icompare q xa sa n82 mas astig ang 5800 when it comes to audio quality at xmpre touchscreen xa. Sa image quality maganda pa rin ang n82 kasi xenon flash kaya un at 5megapixel. Ang 5800 ay 3.2megapixel at dual led flash ang camera.

    at alam q soon ung mga bad comments maaus yan ng nokia by updating the firmware. Naexperience q na rin sa n82 ang mga bugs at hangs pero naaus din nong inupdate q ang firmware. Kaya bili ka na rin.

    Sa browsimg naman ng internet using wifi on 5800 astig din xa. Supported xa sa flash video ng youtube, dailymotion atbp. At mapapanood mo pa widescreen sa 5800 phone.

  62. Gio says:

    to louie:

    a ganun ba vista os u. Buksan u na lang windows media player u at hanapin mo ang update sa menu. Sundin mo na lang ang instructions. or pwed ka rin pumunta sa http://www.windowsmedia.com

  63. karen says:

    thank you thank you so much kuya gio… pnu ung tchscreen kuya responsive ba.. sna rply ulit u hehehe tnx in advance kuya

  64. Gio says:

    to karen:

    ok na ok ang touchscreen ng 5800. Responsive xa sa fingertip, stylus, and plectrum. Ang stylus magagamit sa handwriting, plectrum sa mini qwerty at two hands sa full qwerty keyboard.

    Sa messaging naman, 4 ways ang writing message: meron mini qwerty, full qwerty, handwriting at traditional na alphanumeric. Mag 1 month na sa akin ang 5800 mejo nahirapan aq sa qwerty at handwriting kasi sanay aq sa alphanumeric. Alphanumeric pa rin gnagamit q kasi mas madali sa akin. Nagpapraktis pa rin aq sa qwerty at handwriting. wehehe.

    Sa video recording quality naman mas astig xa icompare sa late n82 q. Ang linaw nya at maganda gamitin as video recorder. Mejo tagilid lang xa pag madilim. Kahit ibang phone naman cguro pag madilim mejo tagilid.

  65. karen says:

    thank u ulit kuya gio.. bbli na me sa 12.. tnx s advce..

  66. karen says:

    kuya la pa u na encounter na problem s phne m??

  67. adi says:

    Did someone tried this phone in a high altitude? Kasi i’m working in a 30th floor my network signal is full but i cannot do outgoing call and receive incoming call either. I tried to reset my phone, pull out my sim card etc, (tinapon kona ung cellphone) joke lang!… But still ganon parin.. But pag baba ko from office ok na nman sya… no problem with the network kasi kasama ko pareho kami ng network and oks din naman sa kanya. I transferred my sim card to my old Nokia 7500 and it is working properly.. so it means the problem is with the mobile itself… So, anyone hu had this problem before? or someone hu knows what to do? help naman dyan mga tiyong/tiyang…

  68. wen says:

    bibili ba ko nito? patulong nmn…
    my pera nako. kaso gang ngayon ngdadalawang isip pa din ako. ito ba o ung n96? mahilig kasi ako sa music, mhilig din ako sa picture…

  69. Gio says:

    to karen:

    so far mga hangs lang during web browsing. gaya ng sabi q maaus din to pag maupdate na ang firmware.

    to wen:

    ang alam q maganda lang ang n96 sa internal memory with a whooping 16gb. parang upgraded lang ng n95 + additional memory at may live tv din pala to. Ung live tv na features ng n96 ay dadaan pa sa network at only smart lang ang meron. Sa globe wala pa. Pero free lang naman manood ng tv sa n96 at kelangan magsubscribe ka pa sa smart. When it comes sa image quality nokia n82 pa rin ang da best. Pero malamang maganda na un quality ng image kasi same cla ng n95 na 5megapixel at dual led flash. Sa music naman da best ang expressmusic. Sa name pa lang nakadesign xa for music. Sa n82 q dati ok naman ung audio quality so ok na rin cguro ang n96. Pero cguro no. wehehe. Senxa kasi d q pa ntry ang n96.

    Ako sa u 5800 na bilhin u ksi uso ngaun ay touchscreen po. WEhehe. 8gb din naman ang 5800 at expandable naman xa up to 16gb. Mas mura pa ang 5800 compare to n96. Qng bibili ka ng n96 hintayin mo na lang ang n97. Mas astig un. Mga 3rd quarter cguro dating nya dito pinas.

  70. elma says:

    Yehey!!! bibili n q bukas

  71. karen says:

    kuya gio san pwede mag download ng themes??

  72. countocram says:

    I really want this phone, but my friends disappointed me to buy, mabagal daw ang OS nya.

    I saw one at the mall and it only costs 18,000, really cheap, sigurado mas magmumura pa po.. Maybe kapag 10k nalang, bibilhin ko na, ehehe

  73. elma says:


    punta ka sa site na to http://www.zedge.com may mga themes sila for 5800

  74. karen says:

    tnx ate elma.. ilng mnths na phne mo ate??

  75. ömer baba says:

    çok süper bi telefon almak isterdim ama param yetmez ona bnmde 5300 bi telefonum var o bana yeter

  76. poy says:

    just wanna ask something.

    if you buy the phone, does it include all the things listed at the sales package contents listed on the nokia philippines website? meaining, does it include all of these:

    • 5800 XpressMusic with pen stylus
    • Battery (BL-5J)
    • High Efficiency Charger (AC-8)
    • Music Headset (HS-45, AD-54)
    • Video-out Cable (CA-75U)
    • Connectivity Cable (CA-101)
    • 8 GB microSDHC card (MU-43)
    • Carrying Case (CP-305)
    • Stand (DT-29)
    • Stylus plectrum in wrist strap (CP-306)
    • Extra pen stylus
    • User guide and Quick guide
    • Mini DVD

  77. wisdomCCTC says:

    Nope it!! It depends on where you buy it if you buy it in Nokia Outlet store 100% sure you will get the pakage but in some store only the major items will be included like battery, pen, strap, and etc..

    so better buy in nokia stores.. by the way the phone’s sensitivity on its touch screen is very poor.. though its a cheap phone maybe next time nokia will install the best ones. its only 12k in galleria better visit it they offer the full package content made in hungary xD…


  78. wisdomCCTC says:

    i would better buy the Nokia 5610 XpressMusic very affordable and longlasting..

    by the way what is the camera pixel of this one?

  79. jeffreyjay says:


    does this phone relly cost 12k at robinsons galleria? i think its too low…considering there are no touch screen phones out yet for nokia in the phil. except for nokia 5800….

  80. I bought mine for PhP 15,490.

  81. carlo says:

    cnu po nka ud8 na v20?? mgnda po ba

  82. Gio says:

    to carlo,

    i think d pa available d2 pinas ang v20
    ng nokia 5800. Ewan q ba qng bakit tau late. Unfair kasi mga piling country lang ang may update. Sana d na lang cla nagbenta dito pinas qng ganun lang. Disappointed aq sa nokia. BUti pa ung dating N82 q pag may new firmware update pwed na agad mauupdate. At alam q because of firmware update some bugs at hangs maaus na at may madadagdag pa na software. PLs nokia philippines hear our voices here.

  83. carlo says:

    tnx gio… bkit nag ha2xng ba phone m n my bugs ba?? ilng months na phone mo??

  84. adi says:

    I got this phone Feb 2009, sa katagalan parang i want this phone to be slimmer and metal made. parang samsung omnia, maganda ung firmware v20 as i already updated my phone, meron na syang search menu sa screen that u dont need to press the menu to view the applications, and meron na syang dictionary added in the application, at mas mabilis ang response ng OS… but i can’t wait to have N97… eto naman ay parang combination ng 5800 and E75, it is not yet in the market but they said it will be release mid of 2009.. so baka mga jun.. i hope affordable din sya like Nokia 5800… What i like sa Nokia 5800 is a very affordable phone considering the specs, parang Nokia gives sympathy sa Global financial crisis…. i want a perfect phone para d nako bibili ng mga new na labas… hehe!! kelan pa kaya yun?… it’s not a good investment kasi e, after a month bagsak na kagad ang presyo, it is better to buy Gold naisip kolang.. hehe!!!.. after N97 d mona ako bibili for 2 years… (crossing my fingers).. kayo din ha… para naman mag dahan dahan ung production nila.. good for them but bad for us, kasi kakabili u lang after a year obsolete na.. hayyy naku… hehehe!!!

  85. Gio says:

    to adi

    may v20 na ba ang 5800? d q kasi maupdate cp using nsu. panu u inupdate at wer?

    to carlo

    naghahang xa sa web browing. mejo nawiwindang xa pagkatagalan. hehehe.

  86. leo23 says:

    nag email ako regarding sa new software sa nokia eto reply nila.

    Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

    In response to your inquiry, unfortunately the version 2.0 software for the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music will not be released in the country. A higher version will be eventually released for the Philippines but currently there are no confirmed dates yet. Kindly check with our service centers directly regarding the software availability as usually it will be available with them first.

    You can use this link to locate the nearest Nokia center near your area: http://www.nokia.com.ph/carecenters

    You may like to visit our website at http://www.nokia.com.ph for more information and support for your Nokia device. If you have further enquiries, please write to us again or contact Nokia Careline at (2) 886 1234 (PLDT). We operate between the hours of 8.30am and 8.30pm, seven days a week.

    Please help us improve our services by completing the Nokia E-mail Satisfaction Survey from the following link:

    Kind regards,

    Nicky E.
    Nokia Careline

  87. carlo says:

    tnx sa mga info… hehehe nawiwindang?? hahaha so far skin wla nmang problem good as new prin hehehe

  88. gio says:

    thanks leo23. Gud news yn at mejo nalinawagan aq kya wla pang new firmware update dito sa pinas. Maghihintay aq sa new firmware para maaus na mga hangs at bugs ng cp q. Additional software sana may adobe reader na. Free trial lang kasi ang adobe reader sa net. Sna mapaganda pa ang quality ng image. At isa pa pala sana maupgrade ang adobe flash lite to adobe flash 9. Demanding q no. Wehehe.

  89. carlo says:

    hello gio anu bugs phne mo??

  90. tatik04 says:

    wow! ang haba na neto ah..d ko kc na open since i last posted here..may v21 na pla..=D

  91. louie says:

    To: Tatik04

    Wla pa kya……
    hehehe…musta na??

  92. lae says:

    for the person who posted that the 5800 is only 12k in robinsons galleria, is it true? coz in sm, the cheapest that i’ve seen is 15,290 pesos.

    i’m having second thoughts because i’m not really techie when it comes to phone, i never really thought you have to update it’s firmware. i was thinking of buying cookie at first but after confirming that it has wifi, hehe! that got me! i want to buy this one but if N97 is coming out by june, i might just wait a little longer. and i’m thinking of buying this at a nokia outlet so i get the full package and hopefuly better manufacturer! anyways, thanks for all your comments and suggestions, i’ll make my decision by the end of next week! hehe!! or rather this sunday!

  93. leo23 says:

    on what i read the new firmware is v21 and only be release in asia,unfortunately the v20 will not release in the phlippines,i think the v21 is now available in hongkong and taiwan..i hope it will be available soon in the philippines

  94. adi says:

    To Gio:

    walang firmware v20 sa pinas.. I’m in Dubai and available sya dito.. if cno man may gusto na bumili ng 5800 and u know somebody in dubai, dito na kayo pa bili para ma update ung firmware. I am waiting for N97 although almost same ung sound quality pero 5800 parin ung best sound quality mobile phone as it is belong to xpressMusic gategory.

  95. Oneil says:

    Ganoon po ba? So hindi tlga available ung v20 sa 5800 na binili dito sa Philippines…. Akala ko ung phone ko lng ung may problem kasi wla update na nakikita ung NSU. Kasi ung silver Black ung binili ko. yesterday ko plng nakuha. Last week plng daw to lumabas dito sa atin. Buti nlng nabasa ko dito. hahaha. Hope ilabas na asap ng nokia phils. ung v21. Nakita ko sa ,ga forums pinabilis nila at medyo marami rin ung dinagdag at pinalitan sa v20. sa v21 hindi pa ganun ka concrete ung mga changes na nasa forums..

  96. Manish says:

    can somebody tell me which software needs to be installed to play MP3/mpeg files. Not able to open those files and where I can get it.
    thanks in advance.

  97. Adi says:

    Here’s the good news for 5800 owners. The V21 firmware version does exist and it is now available for update through the Nokia Software Update software. Only the phones with Hong Kong Product Code are currently supported for the firmware update. But people with other product codes can update by changing their product codes to the ones which correspond to the colour of their handsets:

    * Red-0575407
    * Blue-0575408
    * Black/Silver-0581337

    You can change the product code of your phone using NSS (Nemesis Service Suite). Changing the product code does not affect your phone and you can change it back to the original whenever you want. For those unwilling to change the product code, you can wait for the firmware to be released for your product code.

  98. leo23 says:

    available na ba yong silver black edition dito sa pinas????san pwede bumili???sa nokia trinoma kasi red and blue palang

  99. Blast says:

    angas nitong fone na toh..may issue po ba sa fone na toh?..ganda talaga!..

  100. carlo says:

    merun n bng new sftwre d2 s pinas??

  101. trix says:

    panu if made in china un tatak?

  102. juiceup says:


    i have a Nokia N95 8GB and currently use MP3TAG for ALBUM COVER ART.
    it does:
    – TAG editing
    – SEARCH and EMBED album covers!

    the main page is in German
    this would be the English link:

    [email protected]

  103. Gio says:

    to trix

    ok lang na made in china ang nokia 5800 u. wag lang clone ng 5800. Meron namang nokia sa china at gumagawa talaga cla ng nokia phones. Cla ang gumagawa ng nokia phones para sa asia pacific. Malalaman mo naman qng clone ng 5800. Dual sim ang clone at ang display at icons ang pangit. Audio quality ng clone sucks at video playback hanggang 3gp lang. Take note ang original 5800 ay hanggang mp4 format ang video playback nya.

  104. leo23 says:

    any news about sa version 21???????available na ba sa pinas????

  105. RuFeLa says:

    good morning guys!

    v21 n po 5800 ko

  106. RuFeLa says:

    good morning guys!

    v21 n po 5800, i update it thru wifi lang

  107. louie says:

    to: Rufela

    pno po????
    na-upgrade mo b yang iu ng v20 bgo mo ina-upgrade by v21???????

  108. louie says:

    to: Rufela

    san mo ba bnili yang cp mo?
    d2 ba s pinas???

  109. Fredick says:

    Nice phone..gusto ko nito..

  110. carlo says:

    hello rufela availble na ba v21 d2 sa pinas??

  111. Gio says:

    to rufela:

    wala pa pong v21 dito pinas. natry q kagabi update wala pa rin. kainis naman. ahehe.

  112. bentong says:

    magkano na po kaya to ngayon?

  113. pauL0321 says:

    balak kong i-extend yung smart postpaid plan ko to get this phone for php9,300.. pls help me nman how to maximize the use my soon-to-be phone lalo na dun sa firmware.. don’t know much about it kasi.. i’ll keep on visiting this page na lang.. thanks sa tutulong! :)

  114. kne3ow says:

    yuw – 5800 users….

    i just bought my 5800 hundred yesterday and I’m really surprise with its features…

    for those who have plans to buy – the price ranges from Php15000-17000..but mine is less than 15.5k under Nokia Care..I guess bababa pa ito by 3rd quarter of this year…so check it out…

  115. herk collins says:

    helo to all…i will buy a nokia 5800 this june..can anyone tell me the quality of the picture and video of this phone..your reply will be much appreciated…tnx…

  116. Adi says:

    To herk:

    Just see the reviews above…

    I like the video quality but not impressive in low lights, same as the camera. If you want a nice camera quality phone go for Sony Ericson. 5800 is fantastic in music/sounds quality.

  117. 5800user says:

    HAy naku just tried updating it using NSU..until wla pa riin hahaiiiyzzzz………..bad,,wait pa !!! hahahah

  118. beng says:

    I just got mine a couple weeks ago (US version for about P14,000) and I’m glad I got this as a replacement for my Omnia. It’s a lot better than the Omnia(ang mahal pa sobra!), at least for the touch interface, form factor and OS. I’d say it’s leaps ahead compared to a lot of touchphones out there. Plus, I love the GPS!

  119. herk collins says:

    tnx mate…much appreciated..

  120. leo23 says:


  121. louie says:


    dun k po mka2-bili ng screen protector nyan sa mga cellphone center rin po,,,katulad sa mga mall….
    pro mas mganda bilhin mo ay invi-shield,,un mas mganda dw un sbi ng iba at scratch free un…

  122. sunraker says:

    helow po..guys….gumagana po ba ang gps ng 5800 sa mga provinces?katulad ng bicol.. and may bayad po ba ang pag gamit ng gps…? tnx..

  123. Gio says:

    oo nga maganda daw ang invishield. where can i buy invishield? may nabili aq na screen protector pero d maganda. worth P750 q bili nun pero ngaun asa P500 na lang. Scratch free daw pero mga ilang araw q lang gamit meron ng mga scratch. what the hell! At pati ung fingerprint u nandun din sa screen. Pangit xa. Hehehe.

  124. leo23 says:


  125. tine says:

    nde b mdling mcra 2? xe dba since ala xa keypad ts touch screen ln tlga xa. bka mabugbog nmn un keypad????

  126. cedie says:

    balak co bumili nito.ahmm.san poh b my mura nito?worth, 14-15k.pro ngguluhan kc aq.bka kc mdling masira, dba touchscreen xa, so prng pg nilagy m s bulsa m e mgasgasan and bka pg npadudut co mxdo e mcra ung lcd dba. bka kc msyang lng. :) pro trip co tlga toh :D

  127. pauL0321 says:

    @ louie, san makakabili ng invi shield? saka mgkano kaya yun? guys mganda yung black/silver..

  128. louie says:

    dun dw po nka-bbli ng invi-shield sa SM North dun dw sa cyberzone!!!!

  129. Gio says:

    thanks louie. Bibili aq nyan sa sm north. Mas matibay ang invishield kesa sa mga gawa ng chinese. They suck in terms of quality. No offense to them but that’s true.

  130. Adi says:

    Guys!!! opinion lang to ha. parang pangit ng firmware V21.. ung application magiging apps.. parang naging cheap hahaha!!! mas maganda parin ung V20. or if u can w8 sa susunod na version basta wag lang ung V21.

  131. carlo says:

    merun na ba new sftwre upd8 d2 s pnas??

  132. leo23 says:

    guys meron ng v21 sa NSU product code 0578306..yahoo!!! mas mabilis na siya ngayon.

  133. leo23 says:


  134. gio says:

    wow gudnews yan. try q mamayang gabi. asa work pa aq. same tau ng product code.

  135. leo23 says:

    to Gio:
    update mo na sa V21..astig ang bilis na nya..saka may bagong application..saka yong word na application di naman nag bago sa apps…balitaan mo ko kapag naka pag update kana.

  136. pauL0321 says:

    help! i just got my phone.. pano ko malalaman kung ano yung firmware ko? saka pano mag-update to v21? thanks!

  137. dada says:

    hi..is it the best replacement for my iphone?what do u think?

  138. leo23 says:

    to paul0321:
    para malaman mo yong firmware mo just dial *#0000# lalabas na yng current firmware mo,to update sa v21 check mo yong product code mo nasa likod,yong just remove the battery hanapin mo yong code 6 digits number yon..tapos mag download ka na NOKIA SOFTWARE UPDATER sa nokia.com.ph then follow the instuction.post ka uli dito kung anu product code mo…

  139. Adi says:

    sure ba yung V21 nyo?… basta ako V20 parin hehe… i’ll just wait for the next version after V21… I like 5800 for music astig ung bass nya, but the original headphone is not so good,and parang not advisable sa mga heavy txters since fully touch sya and walang side qwerty keypad.. this phone is so cool for people with a cool attitude hehe… But I’ll get my LG Prada KF900 next week.. yaheeyyyyy!!! this phone is so classy, but i will always keep my 5800 with me still.

  140. gio says:

    to leo:

    yes naupdate q na kagabi ang v21. Mas mabilis nga xa compare to v11. Mas responsive ang touchscreen at may nadagdag na applications. Maraming nagsabi sa mga blog na pinalitan ang “applications” to ‘apps’ at music player to “musicplyr”, well d po totoo un. Sa v21 walang nagbago sa mga names ng icon. Ang nadagdag na applications po ay dictionary at application update. Mas pinalawak din ang ‘search’. Mas dumami ang applications na pwedeng idownload sa ‘download’.

    so far un pa lang nakikita qng pagbabago.

  141. gio says:

    to dada:

    opinion q lang na mas astig ang touchscreen ng iphone 3g kesa sa nokia 5800. Ang iphone 3g kasi gumagamit ng capacitive touchscreen na nakadesign para talaga sa fingertip. Sa nokia 5800 kasi resistive touchscreen na kelangan mo pang ipush ung screen to react kaya may stylus ang 5800. Sa iphone 3g d pwedng gamitan na any point material like stylus o ballpen. Natry q last week sa globe center ang iphone 3g. Itapat mo lang fingertip mo sa screen ng iphone 3g magreresponse agad without pressure/push. Sa 5800 kelangan mo pang ipush. Dun panalo ang iphone 3g.

    NO offense sa mga 5800 fan opinion q lang po un. Actually 5800 din phone q. Mas marami kasing features ang 5800 kesa sa ipone 3g.

  142. gio says:

    D pwed sa akin ang iphone 3g kasi wala xang pc connectivity at bluetooth. O cmon apple. Wala din xang video recording. What the hell! Ahehe. At lalong d pwed sa akin ang iphone 3g kasi sobrang mahal. Sa touchscreen lang naman panalo ang iphone 3g.

  143. louie says:

    ha’ay sa wakas update n rn ung phone ko from v11 to v21 via NSU…at success nmn….
    ung nga lng klangan tlaga ng mahabang-mahabang pasensya….kc ung akin kgabi,,
    6-failed,,,haha..muntikan ko ng i-give up..kso sbi ko s sarili ko chance nato….heheh

    geh gudluck sa iba….

    “Patience is a Virtue”

  144. Gio says:

    to louie:

    ako din kagabi ilang failed din dahil daw internet connection was too low in speed. Mga past 11 q na natapos update firmware ng 5800 q. So far ok naman ang v21 at gaya ng sabi q mas bumilis at mas responsive ang touchscreen. Parang mas gumanda ang quality ng captured image. Sa video recording mejo pangit pa rin pag sa low light.

  145. carlo says:

    merun ba kaung na exprnce na bugs sa v21?? gmnda ba tkbo ng 5800??

  146. louie says:

    to: Gio

    oo nga ang bilis na nya..at mga bagong application s download,,tas ang bilis dn ng rotation….hahaha
    gnun nga ang nlabas pag nag-failed “internet connection is too slow”…hekhek…

    un nanibago ako dun kc after i upda8 my phone to v21,,eh ung nkita ko lng n bugs,,hehe d ko lng alm kong bugs nga un??kc kpag nka-lock ung phone ung breathing light is still nailaw p rn,,eh wla nmn open na application,,so gnawa ko nlang nagpunta ako s setting tas i-nOff ko ung breathing light,,un ayos na…hehe

  147. pauL0321 says:

    to leo23: nakalagay dun sa code : 0582555 eto ba yun?

  148. lester says:

    aq super hapi n d q palang na update ung 5800 q kbbli q lang kc kulay blue astig nga eh kaso ang hrap pala pag same touchscreen ang phone nka iphone3G din kc aq pg pngcompare q ng speed ng net za wifi mas mblis padin mg connect palpak youtube ng 5800 malabo d 2lad ng iphone3g tlgang mlinaw at mas mrming astig n apps ang iphone3g pero hapi n q d2 za new phone q n 5800 hrap nga lang mgtxt ang bagal kc nya mkdetect ng finger hehehe pero mgnda ung vide0 16:9 wide screen pero mas malupit ung bagong iphone dis coming july17 09 madami nnman ang mbbliw n tao pg labas nun haha hehe rating q zah iphone q for out of ten mga 9 hehe zah 5800 nmn mga 7 hehe… i lav it my touchscreen phone….

  149. jessel says:

    aba aba aba puro mga pinoy ah

  150. leo23 says:

    kung yan ang product ko mo,nag check ako sa NSU wala pang update for your phone product code..wait ko nalang..

    TO louie: kapag naka on yong breathing light mo talagang iilaw sya..

    sa mga mag update sa v21 using NSU make sure okie yong internet connection nyo,..

  151. carlo says:

    helo guys, bkit ayaw mag upd8 not availble pa daw?? anu ung 5800 nyo red ba?? tnx in advnce

  152. carlo says:

    hello guyz… d pa avaible sftwre upd8 nung 5800 na red

  153. kulitzky says:

    hey guys! i’m planning to buy this phone kasi gusto parang ang ganda niya. pero mejo natatakot na ako after reading the comments here. hindi kasi ako masyadong maalam about this kind of techy stuff. what if hindi ko naman masyadong gagamitin yung web browsing thingy niya, maaapektuhan pa din ba yung performance ng 5800 as a phone (for messaging) and as a music player? actually pinagpipilian ko nga sila nung E75.
    help naman po jan.

  154. pauL0321 says:

    thanks leo.. pa-update na lng ako uli pag meron na ha.. :D salamat!

  155. dickiesdanger says:

    hi guys,

    san pwde download firmware update?

    pls do step by step instruction on how…

    thanks a lot

  156. Gio says:

    to kulitzky:

    ok lang naman po kahit d mo maxado gnagamit web browsing. Additional features po ang web browsing sa mga phone ngaun. Uso na kasi ang browsing internet using phone. Ang alam q po nakadesign ang nokia 5800 para sa music lover + touchscreen. Kaya nasa department xa sa expressmusic. Ang e75 naman ay nakadesign sa business so more on internet browsing, email at writing documents atbp. May mp3 din ang e75 pero d ganun kaganda sa nokia 5800. Mas Maganda ang audio quality ng nokia 5800 compare to the other nokia phones. Opinion q lang po.

  157. Gio says:

    to dickiesdanger

    check the following before u update ur nokia 5800:
    Nokia 5800 xmpre (full battery is recommended)
    USB Cable (connect to PC)
    PC/Laptop with Internet (broadband is
    recommended para mabilis)
    Nokia Software Updater application
    Dapat “General” ang mode ng cp u
    Tanggalin ang mga password sa memory card
    Mas maganda ibalik mo sa default ang code
    ng pin(1234) at security

    Open the “nokia software updater” application in your pc/laptop. Read the instructions. Click next and update. Un na un.

    Pag cnabi nya na “no update on your phone” just wait the updates from nokia.

    Pag may update na go for it. Wag mo patayin cp u during update baka masira cp u. Hintayin mo matapos maupdate 5800 u. “wag na wag mo iunplug ang usb u baka during update at masisira phone u”

  158. Gio says:

    to dickiesdanger

    check the following before u update ur nokia 5800:
    Nokia 5800 xmpre (full battery is recommended)
    USB Cable (connect to PC)
    PC/Laptop with Internet (broadband is
    recommended para mabilis)
    Nokia Software Updater application
    Dapat “General” ang mode ng cp u
    Tanggalin ang mga password sa memory card
    Mas maganda ibalik mo sa default ang code
    ng pin(1234) at security

    Open the “nokia software updater” application in your pc/laptop. Read the instructions. Click next and update. Un na un.

    Pag cnabi nya na “no update on your phone” just wait the updates from nokia.

    Pag may update na go for it. Wag mo patayin cp u during update baka masira cp u. Hintayin mo matapos maupdate 5800 u. “wag na wag mo iunplug ang usb u during update at baka maggogoodbye cp u ‘

  159. dickiesdanger says:

    yo guys,

    i found a site for some games only for nokia 5800
    maybe you dont know about this
    but if you all do
    at leasts i spread it to those who dont

    ahhh…. one more thing

    its totally free


  160. dickiesdanger says:

    yo guys

    i forgot to say
    its not just one page
    there’s an icon below (next)
    to proceed to the next page
    there are themes also

    to gio:

    thanks bro
    there no update yet for my 5800
    but i can wait

  161. dickiesdanger says:

    yo guys,

    i found a site for some games only for nokia 5800
    maybe you dont know about this
    but if you all do
    at leasts i spread it to those who dont

    ahhh…. one more thing

    its totally free


    i forgot to say
    its not just one page
    there’s an icon below (next)
    to proceed to the next page
    there are themes also

    to gio:

    thanks bro
    there no update yet for my 5800
    but i can wait

  162. Adi says:

    parang naubos na ata ung mga features/spec. ng mga cellphones… internet, wi-fi, gps, etc etc…. dapat ung susunod is water resist. sya upto 100 feet, automatic solar energy usage when outdoor, self destruct feature when stolen, hologram call… sawa nako sa mga cellphones ngayun parang ala nag kwenta pare pareho nlang. hehehe!!!!

  163. nessy says:

    hi.. im planning to buy 5800 after work.
    i have questions kasi.. im not a techie person, pero when i saw this phone sobrang ngustuhan ko cya. does this phone has wifi? would i be charge using it? ill buy this phone later and hopefully someone here can help me how to update stuff which is i am not familiar with. thanks!

  164. Adi says:

    To nessy: yup this phone has a wi-fi and gps aswell. if u want to update ur phone just see the details to the above messages. This phone is not that good if ur a heavy txters kasi full touch screen sya la syang side qwerty keyboard, dapat sa pinas is ericson xperia or LG Prada KF900, eto ung mga touch screen na merong qwerty side slide keyboard. kasi pag 5800 ma bubogbog ung screen nya.

  165. dickiesdanger says:

    to nessy:

    walang bayad yung wifi. you can connect it though any wifi spot
    basta kng alam mo lang password
    may wifi spot din naman na di kailangan ng password
    hanap ka lang
    and Adi is right, if you are a fan of txting… i suggest dalawa cellphone mo

  166. gio says:

    to nessy:

    taga saan u ba? maraming hotspots dito pinas lalo na sa metro manila. Hotspot ang tawag sa lugar na kung saan may wifi signal. Karamihan sa mga malls like sm may signal na wifi. Sa araneta center sa cubao libre ang wifi dun. Qng ayaw mo naman sa public places pwed u magkakaroon ng wifi sa bahay u. Qng may internet ka at wifi router may wifi ka na sa bahay u. Ahehe.

  167. cedie says:

    balak co sana bumili this end of may.. so sure n aq.pro prng mgulo.kc, adik aq s text.e aun nbsa co.mdjo awkward xa s text.pro possible pdn nmn n png txt toh?pro d lng xa ung tlgng mabilisn?hehe :D llo n pg mg ggroup message aq.mhrp dn b? tnx :)

  168. nessy says:

    to adie: gio : and dickiesdanger

    thanks for the info. i already bought this phone, i have lots of questions though.. can you help me?
    1. how can i download songs from universal music kahit nkpgregister nko dun pero ayaw pdn?
    2. pano at anong site ako mkkdownload ng windows media player 11?
    3. saan ako mkkpgdownload ng pc suite?

    thank you in advance…

  169. edz says:

    sir yuga
    this is a comeswithmusic(http://comeswithmusic.com) phone right? allowed ang users ng Philippines na magdownload from this http://comeswithmusic.com ?

  170. Gio says:

    to nessy:

    mejo matagal na aq d nakapag download sa universal music. Mas maganda magdownload u sa universal gamit ang nokia 5800 mo para diretso sa phone u ang downloaded songs/videos. Wag sa desktop/laptop. Tnry q kasi download sa desktop q pero nung tinransfer q sa phone q ayaw magplay. ewan q ba. ahehe. Madodownload u pala ang wm11 sa microsoft.com. Kelangan genuine ung operating system u para madownload u ang wm11.

    Kasama sa package ng pagbili u ng phone ang dvd. Nasa dvd ang mga installer/apps para sa phone u esp pc suite. Pwed din xa madownload sa nokia.com.ph. Hanapin mo na lang dun ang nokia pc suite.

  171. Gio says:

    to cedie:

    ok lang naman po ang writing msg ng nokia 5800. Mejo magaadjust ka lang ng iilang araw bago u masanay. Touchscreen kasi. WEhehe. Meron din xang alphanumeric tulad ng traditional phones. Sa katagalan bibilis ka rin sa pagttxt. Sa bagay tama cnabi ni adi at dick qng talagang heavy user ka sa txt mas maganda dalawa phone u. Aq kasi d maxado sa txt messaging (kasi walang katxt at walang nagttxt, wehehe). Web browsing, mp3 at watching tv series lang ginagawa q sa cp q.

  172. edz says:

    @ yuga

    aww grabe naman ang Nokia. ang loyal na nga ng cellphone user ng Philippines sa nokia,,

    I will go for E71 na talaga.. thanks po ulit..

    sana magka mcdo ads din blog ko lol :)

  173. Gio says:

    to edz:

    oo nga avid fan talaga mga pinoy sa nokia. User friendly ksi ang nokia phones at madaling gamitin at xmpre affordable. Minsan nhuhuli tau kasi d q alam qng bakit tau huli. WEhehe. Ngaun lang po sa nokia 5800 nahuli ang updating firmware dito pinas. Nung may n82 aq laging updated aq nun. Cguro kasi unang touchscreen ng nokia to e. Pero ok na rin na huli tau kasi naaus na ng nokia qng may mga issues from the other country na nauuna sa pag uupdate. Naaus nga ba. Un ang tanong e.

  174. dickiesdanger says:

    to edz.

    actualy di rin ako dati fan ng nokia
    to tell honestly this is my first time to own a nokia
    the nokia 5800
    ito lang ksi nagustuhan ko from the first time i saw it
    di rin kasi ako txt savy. im more on web browsing, music and games
    nandito na kasi lahat sa phone yung gusto ko at a cheaper price
    but if given the chance and money to buy something else
    i would buy a samsung omnia i900 or go a more expensive one…… an iphone

    still….. love ko na rin nokia ko

    records of celfon brands i owned

    sony ericson – 3
    samsung – 2
    asus – 1
    sendo – 1
    LG – 2
    alcatel – 1
    nokia – my first ever nokia 5800

    wala lang

  175. Gio says:

    guys ngaun q lang nadiscover na pwed na pala gamitin ang front camera as secondary camera. Hehehe. Pwed na pala gamitin salamin. Dati kasi pang video call lang ang v11. Pero ung update ng v21 magagamit u na as secondary camera. Share q lang po.

  176. dickiesdanger says:

    to nessy

    here are some links as to where you can download wmp11….

    as to the pc suite.. it is suppose to be included in the package… may kasamang cd sa loob when you buy a nokia cp.

    for the universal music downloads. dont know about that but try the links below….


  177. bella says:

    Can this be like ipod touch? can I download lots of games too?

  178. bella says:

    I like to play games and listen to music what phone is best for these features kaya? Parang ipod touch na phone na below 20k ang price. ano kaya un?

  179. tin says:

    gumagana po ba ang Fring application dito sa Philippines? and is it free? thanks! Ü

  180. Gio says:

    to bella:

    u r looking iphone 3g. Mahal nga lang. May clone din ang iphone 3g cguro magagaya nila un pero beware baka d tatagal. mura nga baka magsisi ka pa. ahehe. bili na lang u ng ipod touch tapos mumurahin na cellphone lang. Ang ipod touch ngaun nasa 12k (8gb), 15k (16gb) at 19k ( 32gb). May 5800 na aq at balak q bumili ng ipod touch para maexperience q ang capacitive touchscreen ng apple. Ahehe.

  181. Gio says:

    to nessy:

    madodownload u ang music/video sa universal: pwed sa phone u o sa dekstop/laptop. Qng sa phone – punta u lang sa web browser ng 5800 u at hanapin mo bookmark ng universal music (kelangan ng internet connectivity like wifi, globe/smart internet). Qng sa laptop/desktop – hanapin mo sa box ng 5800 u ang leaflet ng universal at nandun ang instructions/site (kelangan windows media player 11 ang player mo to download the music/video)

  182. Gio says:

    to dick:

    wow ang dami mong phone a. astiig. ganyan talaga pag mayaman. ahehe. since college aq nokia na gamit q. unang phone q nokia 5110 then second nokia 3120. Ahehe. D q pa ntry ang ibang brand ng phone pero sa mga narinig q na gumagamit ng sony ericsson at samsung pangit daw at d tumatagal phone nila. Kaya nagshift cla to nokia. Sa bagay nga naman pagdating sa tibay ng phone mas ok ang nokia. Kahit ung n82 q ilang beses q na nabagsak pero go pa rin xa. Kaya nga lang nanakaw. Hahaha

  183. dickiesdanger says:

    to bella

    i posted a link above where you can download games, applications and themes.

    try mo lang and enjoy

    to all

    it seems like matagal pa talaga ang upgrade version ng 0578306 without changing the product code
    i was suppose to do it the legit way. but i thinks its not bad to do it the way others do. JAF file links din sana para masmadali.

    so could someone teach me how?

    i have a nokia 58000 blue with product code 0578306
    version 11
    i wanted to update it to version 20 not 21
    coz as i have read above way bugs sa 21 please help
    step by step sana

  184. Gio says:

    to dick:

    v21 po ang bagong firmware ng 0578306. same ang code natin at blue din 5800 q.

  185. Gio says:

    to dick:

    mas responsive na xa at may “dictionary”, “app. update” at pinalawak ang “search”

  186. dickiesdanger says:

    to gio

    ok naman sa kin yung ibang brang yun nga lang sa upgrades wla sila masyado gimik
    sa casings, games, softwares wala gaano mabibili
    sa battery performance i would say samsung and alcatel mas durable.
    pinaka.pangit na performance ng battery… sendo, asus at sama mo na rin motorola

    user frendly… i know nokia nangunguna next is sony erricson
    ang ayaw ko lang sa nokia noon… noon ha!?…. masyadong common. akalain mo pati katulong namin noon naka 3310 din ehh… bagong labas nung panahon na yun.

    kaya say ko sarili ko

    i want to be unique

    hehehehehe…. noon yun!!!

  187. dickiesdanger says:

    to gio

    tell me how
    please bro

    need badly

  188. Gio says:

    to dick:

    Nid mo ang sumusunod:
    Nokia Update Software sa pc u (with internet
    – broadband is recommended)
    USB cable (cp and pc connectivity)

    Double check sa cp u:
    General ang profile dapat
    Deactivate ur password on memory card
    PIN and Security code ibalik u sa default code
    (1234-pin, 12345-security)

    1. Connect ur 5800 to pc via usb cable.
    2. Open the Nokia Update Software(NSU). [If the
    new update of NSU apps is available, do
    update it.]
    3. The NSU gives instruction before u update ur
    phone. After u read it and understand, click
    next. Then, the NSU identifies ur phone
    model and phone’s version.
    3. When the nsu says that ur phone has a new
    firmware, click update.
    4. Just wait until the NSU says that the update
    is finish.

    note: During update, do not disconnect the usb cable and do not turn off ur phone. Let the NSU turn it off.”JUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS given from NSU”

  189. Gio says:

    to dick:

    nakalimutan q pala dapat “back-up” u muna phone memory u to memory card. Ideactivate u na rin pala ang pin code at security code para cgurado. marami kasi aq nabasa sa blogs/forums na nagkakaproblema cla sa pin at security code after updating firmware.

  190. bella says:

    madali lang ba magdownload ng music sa 5800 using laptop? I have read 1 year free lang ang access sa free music download. OMG! I am so confused!!! I’mma about to buy this week I do not know what phone should I buy

  191. bella says:

    madali bang bumaba ang price nito? ayoko magkaron ng cp ng bayan

  192. gio says:

    to ol:

    nokia software updater (NSU) pala not nokia update sofware. sori po. wehehe

    to bella:

    mabilis nga bumaba ang 5800. i think hinahabol nila ang quota nila kaya ganun. Alam q introductory price (dec 2008) nito nasa 20k pero ngaun asa 15k na. Last february aq bumili ng 5800 q at 18k ang bili q. Ang bilis nga. Qng gusto u na hindi cp ng bayan u should buy iphone 3g (30-40k ata) or HTC (40-60k ata). Gudlak. WEhehe

  193. gio says:

    to bella:

    Ako hindi namroblema when it comes to downloading mp3 songs. Pero sa promo ng 5800 sa universal music hindi q kinagat kasi d q type at hassle. Mas maganda magdownload sa limewire at torrent tapos transfer u sa phone u. Unlimited pa dun at magsawa ka sa kadodownload. Wehehe.

    FYI guys qng fan kau sa torrent, meron na rin mobile version ang torrent lalo na 5800 natin. Just go to the blog of nokia 5800 (nokia5800.net). Sana magkaroon na rin ng mobile version ang limewire. ahehe. demanding daw o.

  194. dickiesdanger says:

    to gio

    after connecting the cp to pc
    tinatanong ng cp kng pc suite, mass storage, etc.
    ano click ko?
    please reply asap

  195. Edz says:

    available naba dito sa pinas yun version 21?

  196. Gio says:

    to dick

    pc suite po

  197. Gio says:

    to edz:

    may v21 na po dito pinas. 0578306 product code ko at 5800 blue unit q.

  198. leo23 says:

    yup available na yong v21 nag update ako last may 19 product code 0578306 blue color same tayo GIO.

  199. dickiesdanger says:

    yo gio

    bakit ayaw? we have the same product code yet i cant upgrade to version 21….
    please somebody help!!!!!

  200. Adi says:

    To Bella: yah it’s true madaling bumaba ang presyo nito. when i bought it in dubai 1,400 dirhams, after 1 week 1,325 dirhams nalang. So e expect mona na magiging cellphone sya ng bayan. hehe… That’s why mamaya i’ll buy LG Prada KF900 para la masyadong kapareha. it’s better than iPhone. Prada is 45k pesos, yet ung production nila is kunti lang around the world kaya d sya magiging cellphone ng bayan…. if u want na mura lang at hindi magiging cellphone ng bayan.. mag 5110 ka im sure wla kanang kapareha hahah joke lang!

  201. 987654 says:

    how about sa red na 5800 pwede na ba ang version 21?

  202. crestfallen says:

    i have 5800 red, and still no update whenever i try thru fota.. pati sa nsu, wala pa rin..
    so far, ok naman even if i’m still on v1.1..
    like gio, plan ko din bumili ng ipod touch kapag nagka-money…=)

  203. jeffmel says:

    same as mine nokia 5800 blue 0578306.. may product code naba dito for v21.. i try 0559950 and 0559953 no one on this code works for v21. share name kao ng product code guys!

  204. jeffmel says:

    just now i calld nokia center hotline w/c written above they said still v11 pa din dito sa rp. nokia ph suck!!!

  205. gio says:

    to jeff:

    seryoso po aq naupdate q na ang firmware q from v11 to v21. Naupdate q xa may 19 ng gabi. Product code q 0578306 at nokia 5800 blue unit q. Wala pa ata sa FOTA yan, Naupdate q ang firmware using NSU.

  206. kung cnu man ayaw ng cp ng bayan mag vertu mobile kau nsa 980k hehe…un 4 xur la xado meron bilang lang….haha

  207. pauL0321 says:

    sino may alam kung may v21 na yung silver? v11 pa rin ako eh.. haha

  208. Adi says:

    bakit kasi may update update pa… d ba pedeng mag release sila ng model na fully updated na. papahirapan kapa sa update2x na yan. i’ll throw my 5800 na.. joke lang hehe! yan kasi ung symbian technology hackable ung system… hay… i want phone with hologram call and water resistant upto 100000 feet and merong automatic solar energy usage if outdoor. It’s so primitive na technology ngayun paulit2x nalang.. we want something new!!! waaaaaaaa!!!

  209. kALyOh says:

    available na po ba dito ung black/silver version na 5800? at mayroon na din ba itong v21 update? tsaka maganda ba ang mga games sa nokia 5800? balak ko rin kasing bumili nito eh…mahilig ako sa music, internet browsing and games..

  210. cedie says:

    yan.bumili n aq.haha.ahhm.. panu poh b mllaman ang version?at product code?ang akn e color blue e.
    tas ung mga songs panu un?same dn b ng ibng unit un?ddl k s laptop den drag nlng s phone using usb?tnx :D

  211. cedie says:

    yan.bumili n aq.haha.ahhm.. panu poh b mllaman ang version?at product code?ang akn e color blue e.
    tas ung mga songs panu un?same dn b ng ibng unit un?ddl k s laptop den drag nlng s phone using usb?tnx :D and anu b mgnda s v21?

  212. dickiesdanger says:

    ti cedie

    just type *#0000#

    btw…. congrats…. welcome to the club

  213. dickiesdanger says:

    to cedie

    ang maganda daw sa v21, mas mabilis na ang processing
    meaning masmabilis reaction time nya. maybe it could also improve texting. tapos marami pa iba advantage

    to bad lang hindi pa ako v21… ayaw kasi through NSU at FOTA.. sabi gio meron na daw pero try ko everyday wala talaga

    maybe try ko na through JAF.. risk nga lang daw sa waranty ng fon.. kaya wait nalang cguro ako….

    try mo download games marami… may link ako posted last may24….

    enjoy cedie

  214. Edz says:

    lahat naman kelangan ng update e for improvement at bug fixes

  215. dickiesdanger says:

    yo guys

    new links for games….


    if you guys have some links too

    please share

    thanks in advance

  216. pauL0321 says:

    @ kalyoh – meron nang black/silver.. ganon yun akin.. pero v11 pa rin sha

  217. louie says:

    hey 5800 user…

    ano gngawa nyo pag nag-iinstall kau ng application tas ang lumalabas ay “expired certificate”?
    nka-kuha nba kau ng certificate sa OPDA???

  218. cedie says:

    to dickies

    aun v11 plng.haha
    btw, tnx poh pla. pro panu poh b mggng v21 xa?ahe :D

  219. gio says:

    hello to ol guys

    nagtataka lang aq bakit ung iba d pa nakaupdate firmware nila while aq nakapagupdate na. Seryoso po aq last may 19 ng gabi q naupdate cp q from v11 to v21. Ulitin q product code q po ay 0578306 at nokia 5800 blue unit q.

    Try nyo update muna ang Nokia Software Updater (NSU) bago kau magupdate ng cp nyo. Baka outdated na NSU nyo. Ang alam q wala pa rin sa FOTA ang v21.

  220. dickiesdanger says:

    to gio

    updated ang NSU ko… bagong download
    i think deleted ng nokia.ph ang v21
    i dont know…guess ko lang
    pareho tayo code… pareho din kulay blue

    anyways thanks a lot…

    may links ba kayo sa mga bagong 5800 games?
    post nyo naman… im craving for more games…
    dapat astig

  221. dickiesdanger says:

    to gio

    also wen i try to ask the site on the “can i update”
    page of nokia.ph… there is a space where we can put the code and the site will seaech if there is really an update..

    palaging sinasabi ” sorry there is no update yet”

  222. leo23 says:

    guys! check nyo sa NSU ngayon may v21 for pruduct code 0578306 color blue,kacheck ko lang ngayon 12:23pm may 29,2009,kasi ako naka pag update na last may 19 pa..check nyo if same kayo ng product code ko

    Enter your product code:
    0578306 Go

    Latest available software for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, product code 0578306
    Version: 21.0.025

    Compare numbers
    If this version is greater than your current software version, update now to get the latest features, applications and improvements. Go to Nokia Software Updater download

  223. leo23 says:

    TO dickiesda:

    pareho tayo ng product code nila gio pero naka pag update narin ako ng v21 nung may19,nag check ako sa NSU ngayon meron naman update ng v21 sa NSU ha..check mo uli.

  224. gio says:

    to dick:

    minsan huli ang nokia.com.ph sa update. pero qng sa nokia software updater (NSU) ka mismo mag update meron na yan.

  225. dickiesdanger says:

    thanks guys kita ko na version 21

    gago ang nokia.com.ph
    huwag nyo gamitin

  226. jess says:

    sakin nung una v11 pinalit ko na sa v21 bilis lang dial lang *#0000# tapos pag lumabas na pindutin yung options tapos ‘check for updates’.
    yun na. makikita mo yung updates, download na lang tapos install yung version. wala pang 10 minutes seryoso nice :D gamitin na lang sariling wifi para di gastos haha :D

  227. kALyOh says:

    gusto ko na sanang bumili nung silver/black version ng nokia 5800…pero wala p ytang v21 update para d2 eh..

  228. dickiesdanger says:


    hindi pa rin..
    dun ako nagdownload sa nokia-asia ng NSU kais meron sila v21. tapos deleteko previous version ng NSU. install ko sya. then try ko update…. sabi pa rin wala update…. can anyone teach me a different way…?

    basta siguradong gagana lang….

    if i brought this problem to nokia… can they update it?

  229. Gio says:

    to dick:

    nasa package ng pagbili u ng nokia 5800 ang installer (dvd) ng NSU. Install mo un sa pc u ang nokia software updater.

  230. dickiesdanger says:

    thanks gio.

    yo guys
    found another link for free games


  231. edz says:

    hirap naman magdownload sa universal record! kainis

    may screen protector na ba to sa edgecom?

  232. edz says:

    ang hirap naman magdownload sa universal music ang daming kaeekekan pag laptop gamit

    san makakabili ng screen protector nito?

  233. carlo says:

    na update ko na 5800 ko yahooo (red)

  234. dickiesdanger says:

    to edz

    wala pa ako nakita screen protector
    sa nyayon bumili ako nung parasa psp
    cut ko nalang para kasya

  235. leo23 says:

    mas okie gamitin na web browser ang Opera Mini mabilis sya..dito kayo mag download ng opera mini http://www.opera.com/mini/download/

  236. leo23 says:

    nakabili ko ng screen protector sa games and gadget sa SM mall..yong price is P550 maganda naman sya.

  237. dickiesdanger says:

    to leo 23

    mahal naman….eh.. Php50.00 lang bili ko sa screen protector ng psp.
    kahit na icucut ko pa at least mura

  238. edz says:

    yay… bili nalang ako sa Ebay or amazon ng screen protector

  239. edz says:

    yay nagmukhang forum to…

  240. dickiesdanger says:

    yo guyz

    new link again



  241. Gio says:

    to edz

    nahirapan din aq download sa universal using pc/laptop. parang walang kwenta ang nadodownload sa universal. i also tried download music/music video using my phone 5800. ok xa at mas mas ok magdownload using phone than using pc laptop. mga bobo ang universal at nokia. d cla nagkakaintindhan. wahehe.

  242. Gio says:

    to all:

    i think sa fring d praktikal sa atin. gusto natin absolute na libre. ahehe.

  243. Gio says:

    pangit nabili q na screen protector. gusto q itry ang invishiedld. mas astid cguro un. aheheh. saan kaya malabili. yuga pls be patience to us kasi walang forum sa nokia.com.ph. senxza po

  244. jepoy says:

    mga ate at kuya pa tulong nman, natry ko na inupdate yung 5800 ko using NSU natapos ung download pero yung uploading process nia nag eerorr “the software updater instructed me to unplug the Usb cable, remove the battery, plug the Usb cable back in, insert the battery and press on/off switch for 1 second. But the same error kept appearing..” I don’t understand what’s going on with the new version.. eto stuck pa rin ako dito sa version 11., hayyy pahelp nman po., pag OTA ba mas madali ang updating?? pa help po pls., naiingit na kasi ako sa mga naka update na sa v.21.,. salamat!!!

  245. cedie says:

    ahaha.yess.aun,wlng mgawa.nkpagupdate aq ng v21.ahe.mdjo matagal dn.mga 3x aqng umulit.halos nsa kalhati n.pro aun.wla ngang mgwa.n3pn co antayin.haha
    mdjo mgnda nga ang v21.s NSU co naupdate.tagal nga lng tlga at dpt mya tyaga.haha :D anu p mgndang idagdag dto s phone n toh?ahe :D tnx

  246. edz says:


    May forum si abe/yuga eto oh

    gusto mo lipat tayo para hindi lahat? hehe

  247. edz says:

    yaya may gravatar nko. neweiz bakit kaya di ako makakonek sa globe wap after ko magupdate sa Version 21.0.025

    Sir abe salamat sa pagmomoderate ng comments namen d2 ..

  248. edz says:


    that scenario also happened to me. pero ok naman

  249. edz says:

    @ ALL

    Meron na ba kayo nokia photo browser? watch nyo video demo baka sakaling magustuhan nyo..


    try it! maganda siya

  250. jepoy says:


    ginawa ko nman yung procedure na yun pero paulit ulit nangyayari yun., anong ginawa mo nun??

  251. caloy says:

    wats better guys? nokia 5800 or samsung F480? plz help

  252. jepoy says:

    bat ganun pag nag uupdate ako using FOTA lalabas checking for updates pero after 2-3 mins may lalabas na message “server bot responding” haayyy di ko na lam gagawin ko., ayaw sa NSU ayaw din sa FOTA!!! badtrip naman oh!!!

  253. jepoy says:

    bat ganun pag nag uupdate ako using FOTA lalabas checking for updates pero after 2-3 mins may lalabas na message “server not responding” haayyy di ko na lam gagawin ko., ayaw sa NSU ayaw din sa FOTA!!! badtrip naman oh!!!

  254. edz says:

    dapat stable yun connection mo. at dapat hindi sa USB hub nakaconnect un microUSB mo.. if ayaw talaga punta ka ng Nokia Care Center dun mo paupdate libre.

    @ Caloy go for 5800 may wifi siya kahit na 3.2 MP lang.

  255. edz says:

    guys nakakapagbrowse ba kayo sa internet using 5800’s version 21.0.025?
    anong sim gamit nyo?

  256. gio says:

    to edz:

    so far ok naman ang web browsing q sa 5800.

    to jepoy:

    unstable ang connection u sa internet.

  257. jepoy says:

    @ edz and gio

    dapat ba stable ang connection? naka connect ako sa gprs lang e.,

    @edz nag uupdate din ba cla sa nokia care center?? libre ba talga at tsaka gaano katagal nilang iipdate?? xenxa na po kung natanong ako frustrated na kasi ako sa pag uupdate e, hehe.,.,

  258. Gio says:

    to jepoy:

    qng under warranty pa nokia 5800 u libre po ang magpaupdate sa nokia care center. Minsan late ang update sa nokia care center. Qng gusto u mabilis internet using globe/smart network do activate ur UMTS para 3.5G. Support ng phone natin ang 3.5G at mas mabilis ang internet nun.

  259. louie says:

    5800 user’s:

    anong gngawa nyo if ung application na-inistall nyo is unsigned???

  260. dickiesdanger says:

    to caloy

    edz is right, go for 5800.. may wifi na, wider pa screen and if im not mistaken, mas mahal ang samsung F480. sa samsung ang alam ko lang na wifi ready is dalawa isa na dun ang omnia i900 na gusto ko. the second, i forgot the code basta slide type cya.

    hindi ko naman pwede sabihin na masmaganda ang 5800 dahil touch screen ito…. touch screen naman lahat ng cellphone…. hindi nga lang nag.rereact ang iba….HAHAHAHAHAHAHa.


    to all

    do you know someone who tried updating the phone by going to nokia care center? if it is guaranteed that they are updating the phone especially 5800. please confirm here… thanks a lot guys

  261. Gio says:

    to dick:

    i tried update my nokia n82 @ nokia care center and free naman xa kasi under warranty pa ung phone q nun.

    ‘. hindi nga lang nag.rereact ang iba….HAHAHAHAHAHAHa.’ – comment lang aq dito. sa new version po (v21) ng 5800 ay mas responsive na po xa. D tulad ng v11 mejo may problem sa touchscreen (not ol da time, may mga times lang mejo nahirapan).

    Sa samsung naman wala aq tiwala pagdating sa tibay kasi gawa ng south korea. Pagdating sa tibay tagilid ang samsung. Opinion q lang ha. May kaibigan kasi aq na samsung gamit nya dati pero nagshift xa to other brand kasi d daw tumatagal (esp slide up phones of samsung).

  262. Gio says:

    to louie:

    kelangan mo ng software para ma signed ang unsigned. pero d q tnry kasi unsafe/risky baka may virus. mga cracked app kasi ang unsigned at i think d tatanggapin ng nokia ang cracked app. Natry q dati install cracked ng adobe reader pero nireject ng phone q. Ganyan kagaling ang nokia (that’s why may update firmware). Ahehe. Opinion q lang ha.

  263. jepoy says:

    maganda nga ang 5800 e, yung mga barkada ko nga napapamura sa ganda pag ginagamit nila fone ko di nga sila makapaniwala na mura lang 5800., hehe., pangit lang kasi sa iphone ala xang video recordee, flash, tapos ala pang zoom sa camera tapos 2MP lang xa., maganda nga lang screen kasi capacitive na kesa sa 5800 na resistive touch screen lang.,

  264. louie says:

    Gio :

    pero ung akin kinuha ko muna ung certificate at key sa OPDA,,tas nag-download ako ng freesigner..and then kahit anong application gumagana na sking phone..at dun sa sbi mo na bka may virus,,i thnk hndi nmn kc kht ung nokia nag-lbas ng application na unsigned plang….so u better catch ur certificate at key,,pra mas ma-enjoy mo ung mga bagong application pra sa 5800 nten….

  265. Gio says:

    to louie:

    thanks sa info. ganun ba un. hindi q lang kasi tnry install ang unsigned. wehehe

  266. edz says:

    I dont like samsung. nakakaboring UI niya specially yun ndi s60.

    sino may worms world party jan?

    nakakainis map loader

  267. Gio says:

    to ol 5800 user’s:

    natry u na ba visit at download sa ovi store. Mejo konti pa lang ang apps para sa phone natin. Try nyo punta dun baka may magustuhan kau. Libre po ang mga apps dun at ung paid apps d pa supported sa atin.

  268. louie says:


    haha,,ok lng po…kc ang daming application ang mganda pra sa phone nten,,eh syang nmn kung hindi nyo ma-try,,,kya kung ako sa iyo,,kumuha ka ng certificate at key sa OPDA tas download mo ung freesigner,,dun masa-signed mo na ung unsigned application..

    d2 nga pla mraming application para sa 5800

    mgaganda jan..promise..hekhek

  269. louie says:


    haha,,ok lng po…ang dami at mgagandang application ang pde nten gmitin sa phone nten,,kso ang iba nga ay unsigned so you hv to download ur certificate at key sa OPDA,,tas download nyo ung freesigner….dun ma-dodownload nyo na at ma-run ung application na unsigned…

    try dis site for the games,application,and also for themes…

  270. louie says:

    5800 user’s

    e2 try nyo,,mraming applications,themes,games…kso nga lng ang iba ay unsigned..


  271. louie says:

    hahaha,,triple post pla ako,,,hndi kc gumana kgabi…hehehe

  272. dickiesdanger says:

    to gio

    so pangit kng sa nokia care center magpapa.update?

    to louie

    thanks sa link bro

    to all

    anyone else tried updating by going to nokia care center?

  273. Gio says:

    to dick:

    ok naman magupdate sa nokia care center. Sa nokia care center q lang inupdate nun kasi wala pa aq pc nun.

  274. dickiesdanger says:

    to gio

    thanks bro

    lagay kayo iba pang links sa mp3 and games


  275. jepoy says:

    guys pa help nman!! merong corrupt na images sa cp ko, sa memory card naka save., pag dedelete ko ayaw nman ma delete., kadami pa man din., pano kaya gagawin ko??

  276. jepoy says:

    mga kuya paano ireformat yung memory card sa nokia 5800???

  277. edz says:

    hindi ba nakaka-scratch yun free cellphone case nito?

  278. louie says:


    pnta ka sa application tas pmunta ka sa file manager tas i-click mo ung e:/ tas option then reformat……..
    un,,un lng…..

  279. louie says:


    ahmm i here sa isang forum na un nga dw na ksama na case is nag-bibigay ng scratch…and then nkita ko sa phone ko slightly meron ngang gasgas…..huhuhu


  280. edz says:

    akin din meron na bwisit talaga nokia tanga2 nun nagdesign ng case

  281. louie says:


    oo nga,,gnun nga ang nokia,,hekhek..kya bumili nlang ako ng bagong leather case na flip-top…hahah..mas mganda…

  282. edz says:

    louie san mo binili?
    magkano? hehe

    parang may problema Auotofocus nitong 5800.
    bakit ganon yun dual LED flash nakaON pag nagpo-focus nasisilaw tuloy ako. diba dapat yun Red light yun pang focus?? ganun yun sa cybershot ko nun e.

    sir ABE napansin mo ba? hehe

  283. edz says:

    louie san mo binili?
    magkano? hehe

    parang may problema Auotofocus nitong 5800.
    bakit ganon yun dual LED flash nakaON pag nagpo-focus nasisilaw tuloy ako. diba dapat yun Red light yun pang focus?? ganun yun sa N82 at cybershot ko nun e.

    sir ABE napansin mo ba? hehe

  284. dickiesdanger says:

    to all

    maglagay kayo screen protector or invisible shield. kahit saan pwede mabili. para di ma.scratch ang 5800 nyo. ganun ginawa ko. anticipated ko na talagang magagasgas ang screen nya kya bago ko gamitin. bumili agad ako
    wala ako nakita dati na para sa 5800 talaga na screen protector or invisible shield kaya gawa ko bili ako ng para sa i.phone or sa psp. pwede yung. cut nyo nalang.

    to louie

    saan mo nabili bro…. parang maganda kasi idea mo ehh… hehehehe

    to jepoy

    pwede rin attached mo ang cp mo sa pc. enter as mass storage. locate mo file mo na corrupted. then delete mo. just make sure na scan mo muna with an updated virus scanner ang memory card mo para walang problema.
    to format. just follow louie’s instruction

  285. louie says:

    edz & dickiesdanger:

    ah dun ko po nbili ung aking flip top leather sa mall dun sa Games and Gadgets…and nbili ko sya ng P399.00,,,pero kung rich nmn kau,,ang bilhin nyo nlang ay capdase leather,,un mas mganda at mas high quality kso nga lng mas mahal tlaga…pero ung akin nmn nbili is ok at mganda…
    at super affordable at prang ring high quality..hehe

  286. goyong says:

    less than P16,000 na lang yan sa authorized dealer.

  287. Adi says:

    basta i dont like the image and video quality of this phone. Sa music/sound quality la akong masabi, syempre xpressmusic nga. sa pag update ng OS, mauubos pasensya mo sometimes. Sana naging slimmer sya and metallic design tapos naging 5 mega pixel ung cam with xenon flash instead of led flash. hehe… happy parin ako sa kanya. hanggang Version20 lang na update ko but its ok.

    Goodluck sa mga nag a update ng OS nila. Patience is a virtue. ahahhaha!!!

  288. papa says:

    kabibili q lng ng 5800.. ok nmn..nu bng marerecomend niong apps..

  289. edz says:

    @ Adi sana N82 nalang kinuha mo dami mo reklamo e.. hehe PEACE

  290. dickiesdanger says:

    to papa

    hanap ka lang. iba2x kasi gusto ng mga tao na appsfor the fon. may mga links kami na.post dati where you can download apps, games and themes absolutely free. just scroll up

    or kng tamad ka mag scrool up

    eto nalang


  291. nessy says:


    version 11 pa din ung 5800 ko. how can i update mine to a higher version?
    also how can i use the front camera?
    pls help.. thanks

  292. ihate EDZ says:

    edz ang epal mo!!!
    edz ang epal mo!!!
    edz ang epal mo!!!
    edz ang epal mo!!!

    maghanap ka ng ibang kausap…


  293. xxxclyxter08xxx says:

    magkano nalang ba gyon ang 5800? magandang klaseng phone ba talaga to kung ikukumpara sa mga mid-level na touch screen phones?tnx

  294. dickiesdanger says:

    to nessy
    di mo pa pwede gamitin ang front cam kng version 11 ka. update mo yung phone mo using NSU. install mo cd na kasama sa box to your pc or laptop. meron NSU doon. btw ano code mo?

    to clyxter08
    around 15000 nalang cguro ngayon ang 5800. comparing it to other touch screen. only Apple iphone, SE experia and samsung omnia are also wifi ready. yung iba hindi wifi ready tapos mas mahal pa. 5800 is wifi ready.

  295. mikeymikey says:

    P15,000 na lang to sa Robinsons Manila :D ang saya maging student sa UPM..super dikit ka sa mall XD

  296. Adi says:

    kawawa naman ung mas naunang nakabili huhu!, kasama na akon dun. I bought this phone as an early bird… 21,000 pesos pa ung price, after a week bumaba kaagad, then ngayun 15thou nlang? what is this?! I hate Nokia, mabilis ung depreciation period nila. Thanks God nakabili ako ng LG Prada KF900 hindi pa cellphone ng bayan.

    To Edz: pangit na ng cellphone mo (5800) hahaha!!!

  297. baby16 says:

    hi, just bought my 5800 yesterday. happy naman ako sa phone ko kasi V21 na cya. anyways, pwede po b ako magpahelp? pwde kaya humingi ng step by step procedure on how to make an application signed. thanks in advance. :)

  298. edz says:


    yay hehe oo pangit phone ko pero sana naman wag ka magalit sa akin..


  299. edz says:


    yay hehe oo pangit phone ko pero sana naman wag ka magalit sa akin..

    Peace na tayo?

    at kahit na pangit phone ko ok lang kasi Unlimited Free Browsing naman ako sa kahit saang website ng walang bayad hehe..

  300. leo23 says:

    nag email ako sa nokia about sa mga anti-virus sa 5800,eto reply nila…..

    In response to your inquiry, there are several 3rd party Antivirus application developers for mobile phones. One such company is F-Secure, and you may use this link to check and become familiar with the third party F-secure Internet security application: http://campaigns.f-secure.com/mobile-security/index.html

    You can also download a trial version of F-Secure mobile antivirus application directly to your Nokia 5800 phone. Go to Menu > Download > Applications > Utilities > F-Secure Mobile Security.

    Please note: By using Download! Application, the phone will connect via WiFi or via GPRS/3G (depending on our settings), and network provider data charges may apply.

  301. Adi says:

    To edz: d naman kita inaaway e. hehe!!! loko lang yun and hindi ako si IhateEdz.

    may wi-fi din ung prada II KF900 edz kaya unlimited web browsing din ako. 7.2mbps din ung speed… pero love ko parin ung sound ng 5800 ko… wala paring makakatalo sa sound quality, d lang maganda ung picture and video quality :( and limited din ung games application kasi dapat touch screen din ung games and gumagamit ng accelerator.

    Edz kiss mko.. waaaa!!!!

  302. baby16 says:

    Hi Louie

    pwede po b ako magpahelp? pwde kaya humingi ng step by step procedure on how to make an application signed. thanks in advance. :) same din b yung situation na to if sabihin na certificate error?

  303. edz says:

    hehe unliBrowsing ako kahit walang wifi
    sa wap

  304. Adi says:

    To Edz: mabagal ung web browsing using wap kahit na free… if ur reli fun of web browsing mag computer ka nalang, kakainis ung web browsing ng 5800 walang back button. Pangit ng mobile phone nato wag kayong bumili! hahaha! joke lang… ginagawa ko nlang sya as Ipod, dun naka store mga musics and video files ko. Hindi din sya eye cathing, bulky kasi. bleeeee :p

  305. Gio says:

    hello guys:

    may nabasa aq kahapon sa forum about how to get a very good quality image using 5800. Aaminin q talaga pangit image quality ng 5800 until i read the forum. Ang solusyon po at tanggalin ang cover sa likod at may pagkakaiba nga. Mas detailed ang color at pwedeng pang laban sa nokia n95 image quality. TRy nyo at compare nyo with and without cover. Isa lang masasabi q sa nokia (esp designer) they suck. D akma ang nilagay nila na lens/glass sa camera. Ewan q sa kanila. Hehehe. Xge try nyo po.

  306. Gio says:

    to adi:

    “kakainis ung web browsing ng 5800 walang back button”

    may back button naman xa kaya nga lang kelangan mo pa iconfirm. OPera mini soluxon sa problem u.

  307. Gio says:

    to adi:

    “limited din ung games application kasi dapat touch screen din ung games and gumagamit ng accelerator”.

    maghintay na lang tau na dumami ang apps at games para sa phone natin. May ovi store naman at ongoing pa cla sa paggawa ng mga apps at games. Check out na lang sa ovi store may mga free apps at free games dun.

  308. Adi says:

    To Gio: Salamat pare!

    san ba mka download ng OPera mini? na free… :)

  309. Gio says:

    to adi:

    meron din sa ovi store ang operamini.

  310. nessy says:

    to dickies danger:

    san ko po ba makukuha ung code ko?

  311. ann marie says:

    hi. yesterday i added new mp3s on my gallery through my USB cable. after the transfer, i refreshed the media library and found a lot of broken image icon at my images & videos folder and also at my sound clips and other media folder. when i try to delete them. it just says “Unable to delete file.”

    i tried to connect it again in my computer and search for those “broken images” but haven’t found anything.

    the file has a filename which goes like this: “ID_RM356_0633232.” there are so many of them and the filename only varies at their extension numbers. also, everytime i delete them, after the “unable to delete file” message, a key symbol appears on it.

    what’s going on? how can i delete them?

    please help :(

  312. Gio says:

    to ann marie:

    d q sure qng makakatulong ito. Remove ur memory card then erase the files using your computer. May card reader naman pc u. Baka virus yan. Nxt time before u add mp3 to ur phone, scan it from ur computer to check if safe ilagay sa cp u. Sana makatulong to.

  313. andy says:

    i love this phone if it wasn’t made by Nokia…

    dont get me wrong, this phone is awesome, my sister owns one…. but, everything i hear the word NOKIA, my brain tells me ” dont buy it, wait for the next model”…. yah, nokia makes, what, 5 new cellphones a year?…

    im gonna try the HTC Magic… i hear they dont have viruses…. hehe

  314. edz says:

    waahh naiinis nako dito sa phone na to ah.. pandisplay lang bwisit talaga. bibili.

  315. jepoy says:

    anna marie ganyan din nangyari sakin, gawin mo lang ganito isaksak mo sa usb tapos punta ka sa private na folder den hanapin mo yung folder na cache dun, tapos merong folder na E erase mo lang lahat yung laman nung folder na E tapos ok na! wala na ung mga duplicate images!!

  316. lousy says:

    i got my 5800 two weeks ago and it was worth every centavo…

    price-functionality ratio is awesome. i think any added feature like a better camera or a higher processor would cost more.

  317. Adi says:

    To Edz: dba pangit na ng cellphone mo wahahaha!! :)

    anyway mas ok narin to compare sa N Series na bagong labas na N97… memory lang yung maganda kasi 32Gig.. but i dont like ung tsura nya… masyadong bulky. Sa susunod pag bumili kayo wag na yung Nokia ha… waaaaaa!!! try nyo rin other brands for a new. Next Brand na target ko is Samsung.. la pa kasi akong samsung… yung samsung jet ung gusto ko. 800mgzh ung speed… ang galing! :))

  318. Ren says:

    Hello guys and gals. I just updated my phone thru greenhills (v 21.) Pero ayaw mag connect gamit ng pc suite ng phone ko after. When I switch it to PC suite the USB icon disappears and it cannot detect my phone.

  319. paco says:

    hello guys!
    need help po.
    i updated my firmware from v.11 to v.21 successfully. ang problem ko is that after i updated, i cannot send text message na.
    weird thing is after i compose my sms and try sending it, nawawala sya sa outbox pero hindi naman nasesend sa sent message folder and hindi talaga nasesend sa recipient. i tried using test messages (using another fone) and then, ok naman ung sim.

    ung text messaging lang ang major prob because i can make and receive calls naman using my n5800

    wala naman akong iniba sa setting ng sms center or something (im using globe).

    please help po. thanks a lot

  320. tatscreenn says:

    hello everyone… please help me.. im choosing between n5800 and e71. What will be the better phone?

    Is it true na pangit yung 5800? kasi madami akong naririnig na nagsisisi sila sa 5800.. please reply.. THX :)

  321. rolly says:

    im still thinking if i’m gonna buy this phone. gusto q kc something that i can use pag nagtatravel ako like music, movies, chat etc. 5800 and ipod touch ang pinagiisipan q.

  322. Gio says:

    to ren:

    try mo to qng makakatulong. remove ur battery and then put it back. Qng ayaw makonek cp u sa pc try ilipat sa ibang usb port.

  323. Gio says:

    to paco:

    try mo to qng makakatulong. remove ur battery and then put it back to ur cp. qng ayaw pa rin try remove ur sim from ur phone at put it back again. hehehe. pero tanggalan na a. at qng ayaw talaga pwed u naman ireupdate ang firmware u. baka may error sa pag update ng firmware u. sana makatulong to.

  324. Gio says:

    hello tatscreen:

    nasa sau qng ano gusto u sa cp. qng mahilig ka sa music, manood ng movies at tv series go with the nokia 5800. Maapreciate u ang 5800 sa laki ng screen (3.2″) at surround pa ang audio. Qng mejo d mo kelangan ang mga nabanggit q go with the e71. Maganda daw ang web browsing sa e71 at pwed mag edit ng WORD, POwerpoint, at EXCEL.

    Sa image quality naman pareho lang cguro cla dalawa. Pareho clang pangit sa madilim na kuha. Hehehe.

  325. Gio says:

    to rolly:

    pareho tau na mahilig sa music, movies at tv shows. Nokia 5800 fits sa hilig q pero not enough ang 8.0gb memory. Qng bibili aq ng ipod touch baka magsisi lang aq kasi 32gb lang at mahal pa. I think Ipod classic 120gb ang soluxon sa problem q. WEhehe.

  326. Gio says:

    to rolly:

    pareho tau na mahilig sa music, movies at tv shows. Nokia 5800 fits sa hilig q pero not enough ang 8.0gb memory. Qng bibili pa aq ng ipod touch baka magsisi lang aq kasi 32gb lang at mahal pa. I think Ipod classic 120gb ang soluxon sa problem q. WEhehe.

  327. paco says:

    hello gio! Thanks for the tip. Wat i did was i tyrned the phone on, off, remove the battery, remove sim, balik uli, turn it on and so on… Cguro naka 10x na ganun hanggang sumuko na ko. Tpos i gave it a rest. And then, all of a sudden, ok na! Yehey! I don’t know kung pano naging ok but ang importante is its working na. I think ung pag failure sa sms is one of the bug pa sa pag update ng firmware. Or probably, my fone was overstressed sa kaka update. Well, sana everything works fine na now. Hehe

  328. paco says:

    btw, do you know where i can download windows media player or any other video player for n5800. Nde kc lhat ng file format nagpeplay sa real player. Khit mp4 file minsan ayaw. Like u, I like watching videos p nmn on the fone. Ty!

  329. louie says:

    guys u need po na i-convert ung video pra ma-play ung video n u want to watch po…….

  330. carlo says:

    hello guys my problem me sa 5800 ko pag tmtwag me eh hindi gmgna ung screen nya… ayaw ma pindot ung screen khit ung end call nya.. tpos bglang nmamatay ung phone cnu my problem ng ganito??

  331. Adi says:

    what is the diff. between capacitive and resistive touchscreens? what is better?


  332. Adi says:

    ako narin yung sasagot hehe :)

    Cellphones and other personal electronic devices are sometimes equipped with touch screens, and there are two quite different kinds in common use.

    A resistive touchscreen has two thin layers of conductive but transparent film above the screen, and measures the change in resistance between the two layers due to the pressure of touch.

    A capacitive touchscreen measures the interaction between an electrical signal on a transparent grid above the screen and the user’s finger.

    Resistive touchscreens are cheaper to make, but don’t support multi-touch. If the user presses with more than one finger the device can’t determine the position of the multiple fingers. Multi-touch for resistive displays has been demonstrated in the lab, but is not currently practical for consumer devices.

    Resistive touchscreens drift slowly over time, and need to be recalibrated. This is a simple operation. You point to some dots on the screen, and the software adjusts where you pointed to match the position where the dots were displayed.

    You need to press down as you operate a resistive touchscreen. On the upside, you can use a stylus to operate the touchscreen very accurately. However, if you are dragging the cursor across the screen you will feel a definite friction.

    A capacitive screen is beautifully smooth to operate because it just requires the presence of your finger, not any pressure. The flip side of this is that you can’t use a stylus. Well, actually there is a kind of chunky stylus that mimics the capacitance of a human finger, but it’s not elegant to use.

    You also can’t operate a capacitive screen while you’re wearing gloves (not that it’s super-easy operating a resistive screen with gloves) although you can buy expensive gloves with conductive fingertips that carry the capacitance of your finger to the screen.

    A resistive screen can be made pressure-sensitive, so that applications may distinguish between a light and a heavy touch. A capacitive screen just knows “finger present” and “finger absent”.

    So which is it to be? Personally I find the easy operation of the capacitive screen to be far more pleasant, but resistive screens have their fans too. The current state-of-the-art could perhaps be summarized as “resistive is best for a stylus, capacitive is best for finger-only operation”.

  333. creepy-chan says:

    hey anyone knows kung magkano na lng po ung nokia 5800? and kung saan store na reliable that offers the lowest price?

  334. mark says:

    among the touch screen phones the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and Samsung Star I like most. the only advantage of Nokia 5800 over the Star is it has 3G and better audio quality.

    But I still prefer Samsung Star. I don’t need 3G anyway. Price of the Star is pleasing to my wallet.

  335. Pe says:

    hê,cái trang này nói tiếng việt kiểu gì vậy.sai hết ngữ pháp rồi

  336. kenrvc says:

    mga pre.. bt gnun? nung nagupd8 aq from v11 to ver21 via NSU.. humina ata ung battery q pati everyday aq ngchchrge..gnun b tlga? music and wifi lng nmn gngmt q pti txt..un lng..ts ang bilis mabwasn ng battry.. gnun b tlga? or skn lng gnun? pnu b un? btw my phone is red 5800

  337. edz says:


    talagang ganun gumagamit e malakas magconsume ng batt ang wifi at music player bka nmn oras2 mo ginagamit?

  338. jas1432009 says:

    pwede po ba sa nokia 5800XM ang text to speech gawa ng sa E71

  339. newbie says:

    hi! gus2 po me bbili ng nokia 5800 XM. Available po b ung black n silver color d2 sa pinas? if meron may v21 na po ba ung black n silver?

    ung red po may update na b??

    and also ilang language meron sa CP kpg sa pinas binili?

  340. lgarena says:

    hi guys! if i buy the 5800xm now will it come with the latest version firmware(v21 i think)? also is P14900 a good deal?

  341. hospoki09imp says:

    hello.. i’m planning to buy a phone but i’m confused what to buy.. can you please help me to pick the best value for my money?! my choices are Nokia 5800XM, N79, and E71… thanks.. i’m looking forward to your help… :D

  342. posh says:

    hi can someone help me..

    i just bought my 5800 at a nokia store somewhere in ortigas 2 days ago..

    can please somebody answer my queries:

    1. how come i don’t have “application updater” on my application menu? what does this mean..

    2. how can i be sure that my unit is using flashlite3.1 not the older version?

    3. how can i be sure that mine has the latest software? the nokia guy told me so.. thats why i believed him, but now im having second thoughts because some of the contents in the application menu are missing!

    4. how can i install the flash player (for opening some applications in facebook), the adobe link asks me for the OS (i know its Symbian) but the available choices only has mac, linux, solaris..

    can someone please help me on this…

  343. gio says:

    to posh:

    ang latest version po ng 5800xm ay v21.0.025 (dito pinas). Try u check qng latest ba ang version ng phone u by dialing *#0000#. Qng outdated na xa u need to update ur phone to v21. Pwed sa NSU magupdate or FOTA (d q sure qng available na ang FOTA) magupdate ng phone u.

    Once maupdate na phone u, u can install the latest flashlite in ‘application update’.

    Idownload u na rin ovi store apps sa ovistore site para makapagdownload ka ng free apps like facebook etc.

  344. gio says:

    to posh:

    ang latest version po ng 5800xm ay v21.0.025 (dito pinas). Try u check qng latest ba ang version ng phone u by dialing *#0000#. Qng outdated na xa u need to update ur phone to v21. Pwed sa NSU magupdate or FOTA (d q sure qng available na ang FOTA).

    Once maupdate na phone u, u can install the latest flashlite in ‘application updater’.

    Idownload u na rin ovi store apps sa ovistore site para makapagdownload ka ng free apps like facebook etc.

  345. Gio says:

    to kenrvc:

    maaksaya talaga sa battery ang wifi. Qng sa music player naman gamitin u headset para tipid sa battery.

  346. Gio says:

    to kenrvc:

    para makatipid ng consumption sa battery ito gawin mo:
    – use “gsm” network mode qng d mo naman kelangan ang 3g. Magagamit lang ang 3g signal sa video call at internet using myglobe inet or smart internet. Mas mabilis ang net qng naka 3g. Supported ng phone natin ang 3.5G
    – iset mo sa “minimum” ang light sensor ng display ng phone u.

  347. Gio says:

    to adi:

    wow thanks, well explained.

  348. jas1432009 says:

    hi guys just want to ask if you experience this in your 5800XM, sometimes messages dont sent, I need to restart the fone to make it work.

  349. Eric says:

    Hi guys. Ask ko lang kung libre pa update sa mga nokia centers?

  350. creepy-chan says:

    is the nokia 5800 a resistive or capacitive touchscreen?

  351. Gio says:

    to jas:

    d pa nangyari sa akin yan. Check mo operator selection ng phone u dapat naka ‘automatic’. Try mo rin check settings ng text messaging. SMS Centre – message centre in use, No – reply via same centre, GSM/UMTS – preferred connection. Sana makatulong to.

    to eric:

    qng under warranty pa phone u free ang pag update sa nokia center. Dalhin mo lang receipt ng cp u.

    to creepy:

    resistive po ang nokia 5800. wala pang nokia phone na capacitive touchscreen.

  352. posh says:

    to gio:

    thank you so much.. big help.. i discovered that i had v11 so i updated it to v21..

    but: after updating, my predownloaded videos (the ones with the “key” symbols that comes with the handset) wont play anymore.. what does this mean and what should i do?

    it says “unable to play clip”, “invalid clip, operation cancelled”..

    but prior to updating and when i bought it, i was able to play everything.. does this mean its corrupted?

    what should i do to make everything work under the v21? help me thankyou!

  353. posh says:

    only the format video/mp4v-es are playing. but the format video/mp4 does not. what should i do. but before the update, both format works.

    help me again.. thanks.

  354. jas1432009 says:

    to Gio
    I hav checked it already and its the same as u said. btw i have another problem when i delete all my sms all the theme I installed also deleted. The fone went black then after a few second it will back to default themes. WtF!!!

  355. edz says:

    waah di ko madelete yun bluetooth msg sa inbox.. nagmamalfunction yun camera somtimes, pati gallery,

  356. Gio says:

    to jas:

    ire-update mo na lang phone u. pwed naman ire-update to v21. Baka may mali sa pagupdate ng firmware ng phone u.

    to posh:

    nangyari na rin sa akin yan na ayaw magplay ang ilang video sa video centre. Pero ung mga naka key symbol mga audio un downloaded from universal. Ewan q nga qng bakit napupunta sa video centre ang mga audio downloaded from universal. Ang gnawa q inerase q na lahat audio from universal. Dstorbo lang sa video centre at d naman xa video. Ahehe. Qng sa video format naman mp4 at m4v kayang iplay ng real player ng phone natin. Pero hindi lahat ng mp4 at m4v can play sa phone natin. 640×480 ang video resolution at 1000 kb/s video bitrate ang kayang iplay ng phone natin. Qng mas mataas pa jan d na kaya ng 5800. Iconvert mo na lang ang video na d kaya iplay to mp4 for 5800. Marami sa internet ang converter. Sana makatulong to.

    to edz:

    baka virus na yan. marami kasing naglipanang virus through bluetooth. Kaya ingat sa pagreceive ng mga file via bluetooth. Ipaaus mo na lang sa nokia centre yan o kaya ire-update mo ung firmware.

  357. edz says:

    to Gio:

    lol its not a virus noh. I scanned it na using acira, F-secure an Kaspersky.

    I have 4 full movies on my phone hehe.

  358. jas1432009 says:

    to gio
    how can i re update my firmware to v.21 when i use NSU it says something like you already updated to v.21???

  359. cp says:

    NOKIA 5800 now available at Rs. 16,500/ alongwith seinhaeser Neckphone

  360. creepy-chan says:

    woah php13,800 na lang sya sa ebuystore.ph..siguro dahil malapit ng ilabas yung N5530

  361. Rolly says:

    need help! bakit ung 5800 ko kaylangan muna ako magtext saka lang makakareceive ng text, hindi naman ito dati ganito..late ko tuloy narereciv mga sagot. ang hirap eh, kylangan muna ako magtext para lang makareceiv ng text. please help. thanks!

  362. keny says:

    guys its my first time to write here…

    last monday bumili ako nang 5800.. updated na cya na update ko na by reading d2 sa site kaso my mga problem pa din… help naman po..

    my message icon na nagblink sa taas di ko alam paano tangalin,,,

    ung camera di ko maayos setting.. pag na set ko na cya nang maganda bumabalik sa dati..

    pag nag down load naman ako di ko alam san nappunta wala cya =(

    help po

  363. edz says:

    TO ALL

    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is getting a firmware update..

    *The homescreen will be modified to just like the homescreen of the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic.

    *kinetic scrolling update


  364. leo23 says:


  365. gio says:

    to jas:

    oo sasabihin nya na you already installed the latest firmware pero may nakalagay sa baba katabi ng cancel ang “reinstall”. Click mo lang un at ireupdate nya ang v21.

  366. tatscreen says:

    i just bought mine last week.. may mga kailangan pa ba akong updates dito?? tsaka san ako makakakuha ng anti virus? kasi nag try ako mag dl sa kaspersky ng trial version sabi dun expired certificate..

  367. tatscreen says:

    sir edz, kailan lalabas yang bagong version?? pero parang di gaano maganda yung ganyan eh.. mas maganda yung plain lang..

  368. tatscreen says:

    may tanong din ako.. bakit nag fafailed yung pag iniinstall ko yung adobe flashlit, mail for exchange, nokia messaging.. bakit po siya nag fafailed???

  369. jas1432009 says:

    to gio thank po sa reply try ko next week im out of town. . .

  370. bc says:

    saan po makakapag download ng adobe flashlit3? Nid b updated ang firmware? D kase ako mkpag farm town at restaurant city sa facebook, tnx po in advance

  371. Gio says:

    to bc:

    kelangan update po ung firmware ng phone u kasi kasali sa update ang “app. update”. Sa “app. update” u madownload ang flash lite 3.0.

  372. edz says:

    letche talaga tong 5800 nato pinahihirapan ako!!!

  373. tatscreen says:

    sir gio bakit iniinstall ko na yung adobe flashlite,nokia messaging, mail for exchange nag fafailed siya… nakaconnect ako sa wlan after niya idownload, tapos lalabas installation failed?? ano po ba dapat kong gawin?

  374. creepy.chan says:

    is it true na na-release na dito sa philippines ung latest firmare ng 5800, the v.31?

  375. creepy.chan says:

    is it true na released na dito sa philippines ang firmware v.30 (or v.31 ba???) please anyone confirm and what is the changes made???

  376. Nancy says:

    Can anyone help me please….

    Kapag nagtratansfer ako ng pictures and movies on my 5800 yung mga dati na nakasave is hindi ko mabuksan. “unable to open clip file” ata yung message na nakalagay

    Wen i downloaded audio book with MP3 format.. hindi sya lumalabas sa list of songs ko…. i need to open pa yung file manager.. tsaka ko lang sya makikita.. and hindi ko po sya malagay sa aking playlist..

    I already reinstalled the 2.1 version twice. Pero ganun pa din yung nangyayari

    Appreciate if someone can help me please…

  377. leo23 says:


  378. gio says:

    to nancy:

    open ur “music player”, then “options”, and then “refresh library”.

    to ol:

    regarding sa v31 wala pa dito pinas. lagi na lang tau huli dito pinas. ahehe. hayz naman ang nokia. maghihintay na naman tau ng ilang buwan para sa v31. Mejo disappointed na aq ngaun sa nokia.

  379. gio says:

    to tatscreen:

    d q pa naexperience na nagfafail install ang adobe flash lite 3. TRy mo turn off ur cp and remove ur battery then put it back after 10 seconds. Sometimes kasi pag nagkakaproblem cp q ganyan lagi ginagawa q patay at tanggal. Parang reset sytle ng nokia phone. Ahehe.

  380. alf says:

    pls compair samsung star s5233 with nokia 5800 musicexpress. im inclined to buy samsung star, unless someone convinces me otherwise. ty

  381. Isoprppyl says:

    I want this new update asap although some people say that upgraded their phone doesn’t seem to notice any difference but hey its an update. I still want it.

    5800 comes with preloaded pictures that you can use as a wallpaper that can cover the whole screen of the phone. Is there a way i can take pictures using the phone that will fit to the resolution of the screen?

  382. creepy.chan says:

    wanna ask kung free lang po ba magpa-update ng firmware sa nokia centers? para wala ng hassle pa.. hehe

  383. gio says:

    to alf:

    compare to features of star at 5800, lamang ang 5800. No WLAN on Star while 5800 meron. Battery life of 5800 ay mas matagal compare to star. Lamang lang ng star ay may smile detection xa at wala ang 5800 (hey we don’t need that). Sa video recording mas lamang ang 5800 in terms of fps (30fps on nokia at 15fps sa star). Sa package ng pagbili ng phone u: storage memory d q lang alam ang sa star pero nokia 5800 ay with a whooping of 8gb.

    Nasa sau qng ano hinahanap mo na features ng phone. Qng type mo features ng star hintayin mo na lang ang upcoming na Nokia 5530.

  384. gio says:

    to creepy:

    qng under warranty phone u libre po ang update ng firmware sa nokia care.

  385. alf says:

    to gio:

    tnx for the info. how much is 5800 na ba ngaun? ty again

  386. juga says:

    v.31 wala pa dito!!!?


  387. tatscreen says:


    Kahit ilang beses ko nang ireset phone ko wala parin.. nagpunta na ako sa nokia sabi wala daw kasi akong application kaya di nag iinstallation failed pag nag iinstall ako ng update.. ano ba dapat kong gawin.. bwisit naman oh

  388. Nuice (Phils.) says:

    why is it when i use a wi-fi through this phone, nababawasan ang load ko? please advise.. i thought it should be free when you hooked up to a wifi internet. so in the end its a bit costly in my part when i used wifi here in my phone.

  389. jondeng says:

    mag kano na to ngaun !?

  390. creepy.chan says:

    @ gio:

    finally i bough tone and i;m happy with it.. sometimes it can be unresponsive pero overall ok naman.. ask ko lang kasi inupdate ko firmware from v.11 to v.21 using the pc software updater? bakit v.21 lang di pa ba available ang v.30 here?

  391. oyeah says:

    good pm guyz, can any1 plss help me

    i got my 5800 2 months ago..
    text, call, camera and music lang ang ginagawa ko…
    nilagyan ko n ng songs tpos aun stable na xa..
    then 1 time, pag bukas ko ng music biglang may lumabas na “General: System Error”..
    i have no idea kung bakit un lumabas..
    nireset ko ung cp, tpos binuksan ko ulit ung music, ganun nnman lumabas..tpos aun, nag try ako magplay ng songs ko, after nung song biglang lumabas ulit ung system error tpos ndi na naplay ung next song..

    any advice po?
    anu ba dapat gawin, or baka mali lang ung pgkalagay ko ng songs..
    gani2 kc ginwa ko..
    saksak ung usb, tpos mass storage tpos dun ko nilagay sa folder na MUSIC, copy-paste lang..

    tama ba yan or may kailangan pang gawin?..

  392. Gripitoy says:

    waaaaahhh.. so excited to have this phone, kahit n may nokia N97 na ako, gusto ko parin bumili nito.. hahahaha… nokia fanboy kc ako eh… hahaha… tsaka parents ko… ahaha… sana bili na ako nxt week.. hehehe… inuna ko kc n97

  393. gio says:

    to gripito:

    ask q lang y u pa balak bumili ng 5800. mas maganda naman cguro ang n97 mo. plano q nga bumili ng n97 kasi alam q mas astig xa. anong ayaw mo sa n97 na gusto mo sa 5800?

    to oyeah:

    walang mali sa ginawang paglagay ng mga kanta sa phone u. ierase u mga bagong kanta sa phone u tapos itransfer mo ulit. But before mo itransfer mga kanta try scanning qng may virus.

    to creepy chan:

    wala pang v31 dito pinas. as usual late na naman ang dating ng v31 dito.

  394. creepy.chan says:

    @ gio:

    nung inupdate ko ung 5800 ko (blue) from v.11 to v.21 ung mga preinstalled music & videos (.dcf files) di ko na sya maplay.. bakit ganun?

  395. eracal37 says:

    Sakin din ayaw ma-play mga original video na nakaload after updates, pero yung .avi format nag-play… need help. ty.

  396. edz says:

    @ oyeah

    nangyari na sa akin yan, lam mo ginawa ko, transferer important files from memory card to PC then reformat my memory card then restore files manually tas yun ok na. wala naman virus cp ko kasi i scanned it na using Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, Avira and ESET Smart. ayun

  397. creepy.chan says:

    @ eracal37

    blue din ba ung sayo? i already asked nokia care sabi nila something daw yun sa firmware ng blue & gray models dahil wala daw silang local version unlike nung red.. it sucks nga eh. pero di bale, di ko naman gusto lahat ng music dun. hehe.

  398. kir says:

    wt color b ung may less hardware defect?

    im planning to buy one eh..

    ok n ung black silver ? or red?

    plz reply.. tnx

  399. creepy.chan says:

    @ kir:

    pick the red.. kais pag inupdate mo firmware to v.21 sa blue at sa gray ung mga preinstalled music and movies (.dcf files) di mo na mapplay sa 5800 mo.. pinili ko blue, well kasi favorite color ko un.. hehe..personal taste lang.. ^^

  400. creepy.chan says:

    guys gano katagal ang battery ng 5800 nyo? sakin umabot ng 3 days and 6 hours after my first charge.. usual text, did a little bit of apps, transfered files from the pc, played some mp3s, not much sa camera, tas i updated my firmware using from v.11 to v.21 NSU w/c was 122 mb.. sa tingin nyo ok naman ung performance ng battery ko cnosidering the tasks i did?

  401. kir says:

    to creepy.chan:

    ah gnun b. tnx po.

    ok din b ung silver? prang mas pro kc.

    pero first choice ko kc tlg ung red,
    sna n lng alang hardware defect mabili ko.

  402. eracal37 says:

    yes gray yung sakin

  403. Louise says:


    A few months old na itong 5800 ko. Naka dalawang balik na ako sa Bokia este Nokia center for repairs on my past problems with the phone.

    May bagong problema nanaman ako at ayoko ng bumalik sa Nokia.

    Kailangan ko pang irestart ang phone ko to receive messages. Bakit ganun? I checked the operator, SMS centre, etc. Ok naman silang lahat. What’s wrong with my phone now, or baka Globe ang may problema? (which is unlikely kasi lahat ng friends ko okay naman ang signal)

    Nakakabadtrip kasi kung kelan lang ako magrerestart, dun ko lang marereceive yung messages ko.

    Please reply asap.

  404. unknown says:

    baka factory defect

  405. creepy.chan says:

    @ kir:

    wala namang problem whatever color piliin mo pero mas advisable ung red kasi sa pagkakaalam ko (sabi sakin gn nokia care representative) ung firmware upgrade nya is specifically for the philippines.. unlike nung sa blue and gray na katulad nga nung akin di na ma-play ng phone ung pre-installed files and videos (.dcf files).. pero other than that wala na.. nagpplay naman ng maayos ung mga music na galing sa pc library ko..

  406. hottieinsane says:

    hi im new here…
    1 weeksarry ng 5800 ko,yehey…
    just started updating the software…
    after everything i read here in the forum, i just pray my update will become successful…
    wel i knw guys if there would be problem you can assist me…
    grrrrr…goodkuck to me…

  407. kir says:

    @ creepy.chan

    ah gnun b. ok tnx po.

  408. dante says:

    nice review to dis fone. i’d also like to buy dis bcoz it is much cheaper dan other tochhscreen fones..

    how to activate gprs on dis fone?? by using sun sim??

  409. kir says:

    ask ko lng po if my v21 or v30 n b ang silver model?

  410. mickeyboi says:

    mine is black/silver..yhup just updated it to v21 through nsu..go try now.

  411. mark says:

    guys have you experienced prolems sa LCD especially pag nsa cold room temperature kayo?

    been reading lots of reviews that sa cold place daw prang nasisisra agad ang LCD and it’ll show vertical and horizantol lines…

    im planning to buy kc eh.. enlighten me 5800 users!

    thanks! post nyu lang d2 ; )

  412. Gio says:

    to dante:

    automatic na po masave ang settings ng gprs once maactivate ang sim.

  413. huntz says:

    ok lang bang bilihin ung unang ver neto.. like ung v11? and san place pinaka affordable na bumili? i mean, lowest price..

  414. mickeyboi says:

    try searching on ebay..that’s where i got mine..just check on seller’s credibility first.

  415. noel says:

    Can i view PDF files and Microsoft office programs (Word, excel, powerpoint)with this phone? Im quite confused with the infos given to me some says it has but others says it doesnt have and others says that i need to buy it on a third party server.. I hope to settle this concern coz im planning to buy this phone..thanks

  416. beutie says:

    2wiks n f0n q,.ok xa kht d xa updatd p..i am planing to updte it.tnx s mga rviews bt i hav a pr0b. Pla sna my mk2l0ng skn. Ung images kc d q n maedit.once n iedit q xa,den add efect,wlang lmlbs n ic0ns pngedit pero b4 nmn nkkpgedit aq.pls help.tnx

  417. beutie says:

    help naman po.bkt lgng nbubura mga images q and videos.i ddnt delete them naman po.help.tnx

  418. nochaser21 says:

    just got mine this afternoon – been waiting for 5530 kaya lang iniisip ko baka may catch yun kse mura tapos touchscreen pa may wifi pa, so i decided 5800 na – ok naman sya, ver 21 na sya, bought for P15800 sa nokia in MOA. i prefer this than e71 specially for web browsing, sa e71 parang feeling ko masisira yung keys kaka dutdut =) binalik ko pala sa nokia yung e71 ko, 1 week ko pa lang sya ginagamit nag ha hang na so i decided to return it good thing full refund =)

  419. edz says:


    nabubura images at videos mo? siguro you created a folder in your gallery? ryt? kelangan mo lang gawin isopen your camera and take a picture then save mo lang tapos exit then goto gallery na.. ok na siya.. ganyan din nangyari sa akin nun so backup and reformat ko then delete those folders in gallery (not in file manager… ok na siya

  420. edz says:


    yes you can view PDF files and Microsoft office programs (Word, excel, powerpoint) with 3rd party applications such as quickoffice and adobe PDF reader
    quick office is free for viewing only pero if you want to creae or edit it.. you need to buy it

  421. edz says:

    @ huntz

    try cgena.com

  422. Jarmwel says:

    Nabubura images and video, na incounter ko rin yun..Diba dahil my virus tong cp ko? Mareretrieve ko pa ba ang nawalang videos ko… Need help pls..

  423. cwizzy says:

    i have this phone 3weeks palang, using v30.0.011 i notice some application (Maps) corrupted. i also try to install photo browser from OVI store but its not working at all…. everytime i upload/transfer music to refresh as in super bagal. any suggestion

  424. eewee says:

    hey guys tanong lang, ung skin black silver V 21. d ko maview pics and videos sa gallery, gingawa ko i shot ko muna camera then open ko ulit gallery andun n mga pics and videos, bakit kaya ganun? ano kaya problem ng phone ko?
    and pag edit ko ung tones wala ung mga MP3 songs sa profile tas nkalagay “not enough memory to show other song… parang ganun… y kaya??
    thanks sa mgreply..

  425. edz says:


    ganyan din akin silver black v21.. tingin ko dahil sa mga folders sa gallery

  426. ob says:

    guyz.. mag aask lang me.. anu ba mas ok? 5800 or 5530?? anu difference nila? and kelan lalabas ung 5530? tska magkanu kaya un?? plz answer.. ty.. :D

  427. nochaser21 says:


    pde ba mag play ng music while texting? i tried mag exit nag o off din yung player? pls enlighten me! thanks =)

  428. gio says:

    to nochaser21:

    pwed po sabayin ang mp3 at txting. Go to music player then play the song u wanted. Don’t tap the ‘back’ kasi talagang mageexit un sa music player. Just click the end/cancel knob.

  429. yllib says:

    dami namang hassle in buying this phone. haay. parang ayoko nang bumili.. x.x

  430. ob says:

    guyz.. mag aask lang me.. anu ba mas ok? 5800 or 5530?? anu difference nila? and kelan lalabas ung 5530? tska magkanu kaya un?? plz answer.. ty..

  431. kir says:

    wahh.. updated blck silver to V.21
    ayaw na mplay preloaded contents..
    especially vids.. “CAn’t play media file”
    anu ito?

  432. kir says:

    wah… bakit kya ayaw gumana internet ko using 3G, i selected Web then ” PACKET DATA CONNECTION NOT AVAILABLE”. HELP PLS.

  433. kir says:

    wtf! ginamit ko nman WLAN, nag browse ako s YouTube,
    bakit ala cyang video display pero may sound.

    ok nman ito dati s V.11 ah.. ayaw b nito s V.21? tsk tsk.

    Help again pls.

  434. MaRkJoEl says:

    baket ganun!.. my nokia 5800 ako meron akong 3.5G pero d ako makapag video call sa 3G cellphones… may signal nmn nakalagay ng 3.5G, tapos sa tatawagan ko 3G… naka dual mode nmn cell ko… baket kaya??…. please help nmn po pano gagawin ko..

  435. edz says:


    baka naman walang 3G signal yun ka-Video call mo
    or if u’r a smart subscriber kelangan mo pa iregister yun sim mo for gprs and 3g settings.

  436. ob says:

    guyz.. mag aask lang me.. anu ba mas ok? 5800 or 5530?? anu difference nila? and kelan lalabas ung 5530? tska magkanu kaya un?? plz answer.. ty..

    answer aman po…

  437. gio says:

    to ob:

    sa features mas madami ang nokia 5800. D supported ng 3G ang nokia 5530, nO TV out, no built-in GPS receiver (review from gsmarena.com). Ang nadagdag lang dito from nokia 5800 ay kinetic scrolling. D q sure qng ano un. Sa battery life mas matagal ang 5800. Sa video redording the best pa rin ang 5800.

    Ang price mas cheap daw ang 5530. Pero i doubt it kasi nasa 13k na ang 5800 sa ngaun. Qng ang introductory price ng 5530 ay nasa 12k-15k mag 5800 ka na lang. Ahehe

  438. wanttobuy says:

    parang may nabasa po ako na yung bagong version po ng 5800 yung secondary cam pwede na ring mag-picture. tama po ba? or nagkamali lang po ako ng basa.. ano po bang pinaka-ok na bilin na cp na complete na? thanks po..:D

  439. ob says:

    @ gio:

    ty! bawat color ba ng 5800 (ex. red, blue, silver), may functions? i mean, meron bang something na meron sa isang color na wala nman sa other colors?? ty po. :D

  440. nochaser21 says:

    @gio thanks. meron pla ako question – i dunno kung may napindot ako kse pag nag pla play ako youtube automatic nag lalandscap na sya (before naman hinde) other than that ok naman sya, i love it, yung secondary cam nung akin pde mag take ng pix. mejo luma lang yung free songs na pde idownload – mag u update pa kya yun?


  441. gio says:

    to wanttobuy:

    nokia 5800 blue ang unit q. V11 pa dati 5800 q at ang secondary camera ay pang video call lang. After i updated to v21 the secondary camera pwed na gamitin pangcapture ng image or gawin mirror if you want to. wehehe.

    to ob:

    d q alam ang difference ng nokia 5800 blue red at silver. Sa pagkakaalam q ay sa pag update ng firmware nagkakaiba ang tatlo. D q alam qng bakit ganun. Qng sa features pareho lang cguro. May bago na namang nokia 5800 bukod sa red blue at silver. Navigation Edition ang bagong nokia 5800 ngaun.

    to nochaser21:

    U can view the mobile or desktop version ng youtube.com. Sa desktop version kelangan mo pang itap ung video para mapanuod mo in landscape mode. Sa mobile version d q sure qng mapanuod u in landscape.

  442. ob says:


    bakit may “V11” and “V21” pa? anu un?? hmm… anu po un Navigation Edition?? magkaiba ba price nun dun sa original?? ty po. hehe

  443. gio says:

    to ob:

    firmware version po ung v11 at v21. Naguupdate din kasi ang mga smartphone ng nokia like nseries, eseries, nokia 5800 atbp. Inaaus nila mga bugs problem sa phone at nagdadagdag ng ibang apps. Dito sa pinas v21 pa lang ang latest pero sa ibang bansa v31 na cla.
    Sa nokia 5800 navigation edition ay wala pa sa market. Incoming daw. Xmpre bagong labas mas mahal.

  444. ob says:

    @ gio

    pero requirement talaga ung mga v11/v21 na un?? tsaka panu ko iuupdate. i bought mine yesterday lang eh! hehehe. :D

  445. wanttobuy says:

    maraming salamat po… pano po yun gamitin? bakit sa site ng nokia pang video call pa rin yun? thanks po.. ano pa po bang features ng 5800 na di masyadong alam pero ok? hehe.. thanks po..:D

  446. beutie says:

    to edz

    so dpt po b wlng folder sa gallery?…
    and ask q ulit d q tlga mgmit ung edit images q ngaun. dti nggmit q un, bt now.d n.
    bt kya gnun..
    tnx in advance..

  447. edz says:


    It was based on my experience..

  448. Nikon Anthony says:

    Im going to buy this phone on October 12, hehehe, pang update update lang ng mga emails and businessess… har har har…

  449. jan says:

    ei abe! any news about the toshiba tgo1?

  450. edz says:

    hi sir abe natanong nyo ba nokia Ph bakit wala pa available na firmware update for 5800 XM?

  451. val says:

    i going to buy nokia 5800 this week.worth it po ba?

  452. Nikon Anthony says:

    What is the very best? Nokia 5500 or the 5530, pls tell me asap… Tnx

  453. Nikon Anthony says:

    What is the very best? Nokia 5800 or the 5530, pls tell me asap… Tnx… this is the real one…….

  454. ob says:

    5800 is VERY BEST… ahahaha. 5800 is better. aun.

  455. val says:

    mamaya bibili na ako ng nokia 5800..hehehehe anu po ang mgandang color?tnx

  456. wantobuy says:

    meron pong violet? anong color po pinaka0ok at ok yung software? pantay lang po ba sila lahat? thanks:D

  457. val says:

    guys help namn kse nakabili na ko ng 5800 sa sm north cyberzonetpos inactivate ko na yong gprs ko kaso my problem.sun ang gamit ko.ginawa ko kse txt ACTIVATE tpos send to 2300.nagreply naman kso sbi “sorry your hanset does not support this feature”anu kya gagwin ko?

  458. wanttobuy says:

    san po pinakamura na mabibili yung 5800? hehe.. thanks:D

  459. Ric says:

    Just updated my Nokia 5800 to v30 and it rocks! I Love this phone.

  460. gio says:

    to val:

    ask ur operator SUN Cellular qng bakit d supported ang phone u.

    to ric:

    available na ba dito sa pinas ang v30. Mejo nagkabugs kasi phone q na v21. Nawala na ang shortcuts bar q. Navisit q sa nokia.com marami dn palang tulad q na nawala ang shortcuts bar.

  461. edz says:

    v31 ang irereleased dito sa pinas not the V30

  462. aiai says:

    worth it po bang bilhin yung 5800? ano pong pinka-ok na color? and ano po pinag-kaiba? mas ok po ba pag binili ngayon or antayin ko na lang po mag-karoon ng v30 dito? thanks:D

  463. edz says:

    @ aiai

    kahi na may V30 or 31 na ndi agad nakaistall yun sa phone na bibilhin mo nuh

  464. Nikon Anthony says:

    what are those v30? what is that things?

  465. Weenie says:

    A sweet candy bar indeed.
    Now…it costs at around 14k.

    I’m just 15 years old, and I’m the person who hunts for a nice phone.
    I still don’t have a cellphone. And if ever I will purchase one, it should have Wi-Fi and entertainment features since I’m not into the “super texter-type”.

    Indeed…I love this phone.
    Thanks for the review…even if this one was posted a year ago.

    I wonder when will N5530 be released in RP. :)

  466. jaypee says:

    I guess nokia 5800EM is a must have phone. i wish i can buy one this month, by the way thanks for the review..

  467. taylor says:

    meron ba 0% interest na 12 months for this phone? kung meron po.. saan? thanks.

  468. shiela says:

    panu po ba mag activate ng gprs?

  469. Hi. Just bought this for a friend. This review helped so much. Sticker price at Nokia in Megamall was P16,210. Price bumps up to P16,570 if it is to be paid installments (6m/12m on credit card).

    Considering the competition is at least double the price, this phone packs more weight per peso IMVHO.

  470. gio says:

    to shiela:

    automatic na po maactivate ang gprs sa phone natin. once the sim activated the gprs settings is also saved to the phone. Qng ayaw pa rin po, go to “menu” to “applications” to “settings wizard” to “operator” and “start”. Mas madali qng smart o globe ang sim u pero sa sun d q alam qng supported na ang 5800 sa sun. Thanks sana makatulong.

  471. jeffmel says:

    hi guys!! i bought nokia 5800 blue v.30 with 1 year warrnty in nokia phil. 2 haf months ago and i decided to buy another new nokia fones.. if someone interested to buy my nokia 5800 blue v.30 please send your email to ([email protected]) by the way,im selling it for as low as php12,000.00.. (reason for seling its just becoz i want to buy new nokia x6). thanks..

  472. taylor says:

    to Francis Acero:

    how much monthly pag 12 mos installment?

  473. val says:

    ask ko lang po available na ba ung v.30 na firmware para sa silver black 5800 d2 sa pinas?tnx

  474. E says:

    i have this Nokia 5800XM gray black color (for me this is the coolest color among the 30)… this phone is nice, except for having a problem with its bluetooth and gps features… for the bluetooth file transfer sometimes it will not procede with the transfer so i need to cancel the process then do it again… i already wait for 15mins still not pushing through so i need to cancel it then retry… then it will work…
    i also cannot use the gps features, i can see the map, but it doesnt recognize my position using the gps positioning system unlike on my friends OMNIA, it can detect his position… i dont know if it is a problem with gps function of my phone only or it is really not working here in the Philippines…

  475. ardeeon says:

    mga sir saan po kaya ako makakabili dito sa cavite ng 5800? sa trusted shops po sana or kung mayroon sa manila saan po? thanks po

  476. brienne says:

    guys, i just bought my 5800. how can i maximize its features? kc actually d ko alam ano mga features nya.. aside sa free 500 songs that i got :)

  477. Michael Esteban says:

    maximize your 5800..

    go here, madami masters diyan..


  478. trix says:

    uy.. bumili ako last week .. normal ba un kapag pinipindot ko un sa gitna ng screen nararamadaman ng thumb ko un screen na dumidikit sa loob ? ganun ba talga un?.. i mean un didikit sya tapos tutunog , un prang mag didikit un front screen sa loob ng mobile//

  479. gio says:

    to trix:

    baka po vibrator with tones un tinutukoy u. ahehe. pwed po idisable ang vibrator at tones while tapping on the screen.

  480. vidgen says:

    bought mine 13,500 sm north 5th ave ata ung name ng store, nihack ko n ok mga apps nya nakakafring n ko sa wakas lol, un lng lumabas na v31 tayo v21 p din

  481. brienne says:

    waaahhh. bakhet parang cra na agad fne ko…

    kc naghahang agad. tapos knina after ko magrestart, ang sabi ‘ go to app manager kc d daw nainstall lahat ng application’. tapos me nakita akong mga files na parang corrupted kc symbols ang file names. so i deleted them all. tapos un when i looked sa gallery, wala na songs at pics ko!!! huhuhu

    d na rin ako makagawa ng new profile. huhuhu

    panu ko kaya maibabalik sa dati ung fone ko? waaaaaaahhhh

  482. taylor says:

    i bought mine last sunday. nalaglag kanina twice. tapos ngayon… lumalabas na lagi insert sim card. :(( ano ggwin ko?? HELP!!!

  483. trix says:

    ndi vibrator un.. un sa loob mismo parang dumidikit then mag rerelease pagka tanggal ng thumb.. ganun talga un?

  484. Val says:


    I have the same sentiments. Where did you buy your phone? Kbbili ko pa lng dn ng fone ko and then one tym after ko mgrply sa message nghang ung fone and i turned it off kaso after ko buksan ulit nwala na ung lhat ng files (images, videos, songs..). Another instance pg-open ko nklgay din ung go to application mngr since some files were not yet installed..

    Will appreciate any feedbacks on what the problem is and how to rectify the same..

    Thanks in advance..=)

  485. @ Val

    hard reset ang solution sa problema nyo

    turn off the phone press and hold green call key button + red call key button + camera key (press and hold the 3 buttons) + press the power key(press only ) wait for the phrase “choose your contry” then release the 3 buttons

  486. @ Val

    hard reset ang solution sa problema nyo

    turn off the phone press and hold green call key button + red call key button + camera key (press and hold the 3 buttons) + press the power key(press only ) wait for the phrase “choose your contry” then release the 3 buttons


  487. Val says:

    @Free Nintendo DSI Games

    Thanks for the tip. After ba gawin toh d na mauulit ung ngyari sa fone nmin before?

    Thanks a lot..

  488. kir says:

    ei guys..
    bt gnun laging nwwala ung mga files ko s memory card, usually ung music files mp3.?
    hnd ko nman dinidelete,huhu..

    corrupted b ito?
    maraming beses n kc.

    help po.

  489. @ Val
    be aware of the appz and themes u r installing. Do not add album in your gallery

  490. Yes, I agree with the review, It has a bad reviews but to sum it all it still good one. I actually have one and I’m using this for a year. I’m not having a hard time because I’m enjoying it. This N5800 wont degrade faster even there are a new cell phone will come along the way. My internet was activated on it so I’m not having a problem even I’m out of my computer. But I’ve just heard that this n5800 can actually used as modem in your computer. Yes I was actually told about it, but i still don’t know how to do it. I need to ask a my network provider regarding this one. Multi-tasking phone right? Cool.

  491. leo23 says:

    mga tsong na try nyo na ba yong opera mini 5 beta? astig!!! nag download ako try nyo, eto yong link m.opera.com/next until now wala pa rin firmware update dito sa pinas may bago na nga daw firmware v40 yata yon may kinetic srcolling daw.

  492. aries says:

    If I were you, wag nyo na iupdate, mas okay!!! Stay as it is…

  493. aries says:

    updating your firmware can make your phone crazy as hell!!!

  494. Arelle says:

    Nokia 5800 features are really amazing. I can’t believe the touch screen quality in texting. Hope I could have one this Christmas. More powers!

  495. aries says:

    if you have this phone, treat like an egg. This unit is very fragile…

  496. cwizzy says:

    using v30.0.011 i notice some application (Maps) corrupted. i also try to install photo browser from OVI store but its not working at all…. everytime i upload/transfer music to refresh as in super bagal. pls help….

  497. @ cwizzy

    kasi yan V30 ndi para sa nokia 5800 XM phones na nabili d2 sa pinas.

    I sent an email to Nokia Philippines and here is the response..

    Dear Mr. _______
    Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.


    In response to your inquiry, please take note Mr. Tongol that software versions for a specific Nokia phone may depend on network operator variants as Nokia phones distributed by a network operator’s sales channel are commonly pre-installed with software configured to ensure compatibility with the respective network services.

    Operator-branded Nokia devices may also be updated with the latest software version that has been approved by the operator and the updates for individual variants may be available at different times.

    However Mr. Tongol, note that not all operators may have approved the latest software available. (However, we are unable to advise on a release date for the software version ahead of time. I suggest that you check Nokia Software Updater periodically.)

    Nevertheless, I recommend that you take your Nokia N5800 to any Nokia Care Centre where the most up-to-date information on software versions for specific Nokia phones can be obtained. The technicians may be able to help you update the current software on your phone.

    You may use this link to locate the nearest Nokia Care Center in your area: http://www.nokia.com.ph/carecenters

    Apologies for any inconvenience.

    You may like to visit our website at http://www.nokia.com.ph for more information and support for your Nokia device. If you have further enquiries, please write to us again or contact Nokia Careline at 02 886 1234. We operate between the hours of 8:30 am and 8:30 pm, seven days a week.

    Kind regards,

    Nicky E.
    Nokia Careline

    Do you know you can now update your phone software at your own convenience? Visit http://www.nokia.com.ph/support to check if your phone model is supported and download the “Nokia Software Updater”.

  498. gio says:

    i agree po sa nokia ph but ang bagal po ng updates nyo esp sa firmware update. Mga 3-4 mos kami maghihintay ng update after marelease sa ibang bansa. Pero xmpre late tau lagi dito pinas.

    to cwizzy:

    ang irerelease po dito sa pinas ay v31 hindi v30.

  499. Val says:

    Hi guys!I have a concern regarding my phone, i can’t seem to edit the images in the gallery. What i do is on the image itself i click ‘edit’ on the ‘option’ button. Then when i click on ‘add effect’, it will return to the image i am viewing instead of showing the tab which contains the buttons for editing. How can I solve this problem?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated..
    Thanks in advance!..=)

  500. vino says:

    i bought my gf a new 5800 last night at sm north.

    nice phone, then i’ve been there house ’till 12mn just exploring the features.

    ganda eh…

  501. cellphoneaddict says:

    -year 2010 na nyan wala pa ba update? khit ung gallery lang iupdate nyo. yung pwede ako gawa ng folder using my pc na lalabas din sa gallery na ganun i.e. gallery style of Nokia 6630. napaka disorganized kasi na lahat ng pic at video mo sa memory card naka view kaagad sa gallery.


    pag nagviview ka ng pic sa file manager ng phone, pwedeng punta sa next image just by swiping para file manager nalang gamitin ko instead na gallery. lol!

  502. nochaser21 says:

    2 mos na fone ko – so far never syang nag hang!!! sana i can play farmville with it… possible kaya?

  503. carlman says:

    guys, help me please. I updated my phone firmware sa nokia.com.ph to v30, wala namang problem not until ginamit ko yung wifi…nagrerestart sya tas minsan namamatay :( tell me please what should i do? thanks!

  504. vino says:


    try restoring to factory settings.

  505. carlman says:

    sir, i did pero ganun pa din po :(
    ni hard reset ko na din.

  506. gio says:

    to carlman:

    i think wala pang v30 dito pinas. malamang pinalitan mo product code then update to v30 then back to original product code. Try mo to qng makakatulong. Ireinstall mo firmware u to v21 using NSU to ur computer. Pwed po magreinstall ng v21. At hintayin mo na lang ang v31 dito pinas. Kahit aq naghihintay din kahit na matagal.

  507. carlman says:

    thats what i thought,
    hindi compatible yung v30
    kahit sa nokia.com.ph ko sya
    na download pero di ko po pinalitan yung
    product code.nag update lang po ako
    sa PC suite.
    sir,where i could download v21?

  508. jhun says:

    bkit ganun skin wlang TV out?? tpus ala ding carrying case at extra stylus!!?? need answer sbi skin gnito n dw bagung labas!

  509. @jhun

    baka naman hindi ka bumili sa mga authorized dealer?

  510. jhun says:

    sabi kasi nila ung unang labas dw na phone ung may ganun. tinanggal na daw ng nokia!!!

  511. jhun says:

    at ung phone ku nga pala V21 na agad!!!

  512. L0N says:

    @jhun san mo binili yun?

  513. Nikon Anthony says:

    im going to buy this N5800 XM this week end, what color should i buy? ung matibay tibay xempre?

  514. Anthony_bud says:

    Bought my 5800 last Sept. 16. So far wala pa naman ako nakikitang pangit. I tried to update din ang firmware pero sabi ng updated that i already have the latest firmware.

    Maganda ang 5800, for its price masasabi ko na di naman lugi. :)

  515. zick says:

    nga pla gnun dn skin…. nwala silver black nawal dn ung mga pic at vid sa gallery ginawa ko back up ko muna lahat sa PC tapus format ko ung memory ang it’s ok!!

    tpos merun pa minsan ayaw mag open ng camera i pinormat ko cya ngaun ok na!! V. 21 n skin eh!

  516. L0N says:

    @Anthony_bud ano yung version ng nabili at where?
    gusto ko din palitan yung nokia N73 ko eh.

  517. leo23 says:

    na try ko na yong clickthecity na application for nokia 5800..astig ang ganda parang may instant directory ka..salamat sir abe…

  518. aryann says:

    hi..pls.. help..

    im going to buy 5800 pero nagdadalawang isip ako kasi sabi ng friend ko sirain daw…pero gusto ko talaga sya..

    maganda ba tlaga syang bilhin.. o mag nokia e71 n lng ako?

    pls… help..

  519. L0N says:

    @aryann hi, i got mine this week lang. bought it in park square 1, makati. they’re selling it for P14k cash (P15k card) but standard package lang sya, no tv out cable, no extra stylus, and no case.

    i’ve checked it in nokia phils, for some reason, the new 5800 only contains in the box are:

    * 5800 XpressMusic with pen stylus
    * Battery (BL-5J)
    * High Efficiency Charger (AC-8)
    * Music Headset (HS-45, AD-54)
    * Connectivity Cable (CA-101D)
    * 8 GB microSDHC card (MU-43)
    * Stylus plectrum in wrist strap (CP-306)
    * User guide and Quick guide
    * Mini DVD

    in terms if ok sya well, i just needed to upgrade my nokia phone. new phone should be nokia para hindi na ako mahirapan magtransfer ng stuff from my old phone.

    pansin ko lang medyo mabilis maubos battery nya if you are going to use it as media player and browsing the web using wifi.

    overall, ok naman sya as so far. oh by the way version 21 na firmware nya.

  520. Nikon Anthony says:

    pls help me guys, what color should i buy? and kung saan ako makakabili ng full package for this…. ung madmai cable at mga extra cases and styluses….. pls help me….

  521. gio says:

    to lon:

    use gsm mode qng d mo ginagamit video call at hspda internet para makatipid ng battery. Use the headset instead of ur phone speaker when u watch movie.

  522. gio says:

    to aryann:

    ang nokia 5800 ay expressmusic phone. ang nokia e71 ay business phone. Nakadesign ang 5800 for music so maganda ang stereo ng 5800. May mp3 din ang e71 but 5800 is a way better pagdating sa quality ng audio. Ang wala lang sa 5800 na meron sa e71 ay pag edit ng word documents, excel sheet at powerpoint. Sa 5800 ay binabasa lang ang mga ito at d pwed iedit. Qng type mo naman ang qwerty ng e71 meron dn sa 5800 yan. Hehehe. Sana makatulong to. Maxado lang makapal ang 5800 compare to e71.

  523. gio says:

    to nikon anthony:

    d mo na kelangan ang extra stylus at tv-out cable. Qng may pc ka d mo na nid ang tv-out cable. May usb cable naman. Practically d q ginagamit stylus. I prefer finger pa rin sa pagtouch.

  524. elvira says:

    is this worth buying for someone like me looking for a music/camera phone? i’m torn between 5800 and SE W902. which one is better? any suggestions?

  525. billy says:

    leo23… ano ba clickthecity?

  526. leo23 says:

    clickthecity new application sya for nokia 5800 para sya directory..if your searching for place to eat,palabas sa sine sa mga mall,etc.napaka helpfull nya na application..for example your looking for a restaurant na makakainan pwede mo makita dun,nandun yong address at telephone number nung restaurant na napili mo..try mo maganda sya..sa nokia ovi store dun ka mag download free lang sya

  527. billy says:

    leo23… tnx

  528. mozimo8 says:

    i just bought my phone yesterday.. its a blue one and version 21.0.25 xa.. sabi, un na daw latest.. *im not sure*

    Question lang po.. is it really parang Foggy ang camera nya? or ung akin lang ganun? i still have 2 days replacement.. sana mareplyan ako agad..

    or text me sa zero.nine.two.7. six, five, four, four, one, zero, 6.. salamat po..


  529. L0N says:


    nagpalagay ako ng screen protector and noticed nilagyan din nila yung camera sa likod. the night i tried the camera sobrang foggy, the next morning i tried to use the camera without the battery cover and the camera works fine.

    if nagpalagay/naglagay sila ng protector din sa camera, try to peel off the protector :)

  530. edz says:

    @ lon i agree

  531. ob says:

    guyz. anu ba yang mga firmware na yan? di ko getz ung mga V21, V30 chorva. explain nman po oh. bibili na kc ako e. may mga meaning ba ung mga colors na yan? help po plzz..

  532. cwizzy says:

    my phone got v31 already… medyo bumilis sya… at yung MAPS mas maganda… heheheh i love it…

  533. mewin says:

    ei, i bought mine last oct. naka v21 na..
    i wana ask, nu nabago sa v30?

    tanung ko n rin, unable to play clip daw pag nag play ko ng converted movies sa phone to.
    pero ung mga preinstalled movies e nag play naman???
    thanks po..

  534. elvira says:

    ei guys, i just need your suggestions. i’m about to buy this phone na kasi in a week or two. but i’m still having doubts sa dami ng comments about the firmware and other stuffs. i’m thinking kung 5800 na ba or 5530 bibilhin ko. what’s the difference between the two? how about Sony Ericsson W902? I’m thinking din kasi about the camera. I want a phone na for music at maayos rin for pictures. thanks for your replies!

  535. ob says:

    guyz. anu ba yang mga firmware na yan? di ko getz ung mga V21, V30, V31 chorva. explain nman po oh. bibili na kc ako e. may mga meaning ba ung mga colors na yan? help po plzz….

  536. ner says:

    hey guys, whatcan you help me decide in buying this phone? is it a nice phone already compare to any samsung phones and what color looks great on it? thanks :)

  537. rosebud says:

    i cant access my internet connection even if the place has WIFI.

  538. rosebud says:

    pls. help

    i cant access my internet connection.what’s the problem with my unit.i tried connecting the net together with my friend’s n5530 mine failed to connect while my friend’s nn5530 was successful in connecting the net

    im not very familiar with cellphones only the basics
    so please anyone help me

  539. yellow says:

    hi guys, i got myphone application for 5800xm which will transform your tube to IPHONE LIKE interface. see link for info:


    interested? let me know.
    email me at
    [email protected]

  540. krad_ice says:

    got blue / v21

    only problem is that universal music voucher with free 500 songs/mvs/true tones
    i think its fake…i dloaded a bunch and i can’t find it anywhere…but the credits are deducted already…wtf is that…

  541. cwizzy says:

    my phone got the latest version V31.0.101 nothing much update. im still waiting for the kenitic scroll like iphone …. ang tagal…. huhuhuhu

  542. RobertEH says:

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  543. chong says:

    magkano na ang 5800 ngyn?

  544. jan says:

    to use your phone as a modem here’s how
    1. set your 3g phone(activate)
    2. connect your phone via cable
    3.go to phone software mine Nokia Pc suite
    4.and click connect to the internet
    5. just click next next and so on and ur done.

  545. sullen says:

    got my fone last july and it seems ok..until i found some files (which i think are corrupted) and deleted all of those..

    nangyari is, nawala lahat ng images including the free videos and wallpapers na nasa phone..plus yung 400 plus songs ko, nawala rin..i tried to download again those songs sa cp ko but when i refresh the library, nangyari is, 120 lng yung songs naging 5000 files na sya..i don’t know what the problem is..

    cguro marami pang bugs yung 5800.will visit the nokia store where i bought it..cguro need na i.reformat to..

  546. paul says:

    how much wlll it cost in the philippine market?

  547. dickiesdanger says:

    yo guys,

    its been a long time i haven’t been able to log.in
    whats new especially on the games for 5800.
    please give sites where to download this games.