Lazada scheduled to sell the ZenFone 2 on May 10

Lazada scheduled to sell the ZenFone 2 on May 10

We got some confirmation from a source close to Lazada Philippines that the e-commerce site is scheduled to sell the upcoming ZenFone 2 in May 10, 2015.

This is a more accurate date than the one we gathered from a different source earlier this week that points to a Q2 release.


However, the May 10 target date by Lazada may not be the same date as the official launch and release in the Philippines (which is either be a week ahead or probably the same day just like last year’s launch of the ZenFone 5). Labeled as 51015 to be a lucky date, the sale will also include several others brands and items on the site.

A suggested retail price of Php9,800 was also floated as a possible price tag (could also be just the converted price from the Taiwanese SRP) of the mid-level unit (the 2GB version) which somewhat confirms that at least the HD variant will be available along with the full HD models.

The ZenFone 2 was officially launched in Taiwan last week detailing exactly 4 different variants (see here).

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19 Responses

  1. Jaypee Villanueva says:

    Nc I will wait till may for the release :D

  2. NotaSheep says:

    Meh, by then i’ll already got the Meizu M1 or the Alcatel Flash. Asus, i have waited for so long but you’re not worth it anymore unless THEY too made me wait for so long =____=

    • Jemu says:

      Hi! How’s meizu m1 holding up so far? I’ve been thinking of getting one and I’d love to get some feedback. :)

  3. Jonel Macalla says:

    What version will they sell?

  4. waahhh im excited for this… :D

  5. wee says:

    Asus > Meizu & Alcatel
    Intel > Mediatek

    • qaz says:

      qualcomm > Intel > Mediatek

    • Juan Tanga says:

      Intel based: Power (battery) efficiency, Efficient in task
      ARM based: GPU power, Multiple task running

      Qualcomm = Mediatek

      Dont compare SD 800 with MTK 6582 or any MTK not running on same clock speed. Read your facts before posting. Both QC and MTK uses ARM arche. Higher clock speed will always win (need not to be rocket scientist to know that). Higher clock speed doesnt mean you’ve got the best phone. You have to consider as well how will that power be utilize on day-to-day activities. There’s a big difference from being a “Fanboy” from being “Digital Enthusiast”. Be a fan of tech and enjoy it. And get your facts straight.

  6. Easy E says:

    ASUS should cut the price of zenfone6 to P6999. I’ll buy!

  7. joshuab says:

    They might release the “imported” units which has no warranty.

  8. Prince Ronquillo says:

    damn it i’ve been waiting for so long, and they said it was going to be here in April. I am tempted to buy a meizu phone but i just don’t trust our local brands

  9. ron says:

    Price wise meizu is bang for the buck compared to asus. If we compare the low end zenfone 2 with 2 gig ram and also 720p screen which cost around 9+++ to m1 note with full 1080p hd asus is only riding the popularity of the origanal zenfone to take our money. I’m so happy now with the m1 note the screen is georgous and battery life is great!

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      Tapos? Bakit hindi mo i-comment yan dun sa comparison thread? Para di ka na umepal, nakatulong ka pa sa discussion.

      Halatang padala ng Meizu eh hahaha

    • RageChen says:

      I dont trust other china or taiwan brands as they might not be up to the standards like Meizu and Xiaomi and a few others that are less popular they may be cheap but the question is would they last

    • RIP says:

      RIP Spelling

  10. Shwangshai says:

    panget meizu sira agad wew

  11. Senyora Angelica says:

    Yuck Meizu pang MAHIRAP. Tatak pa lang pang di na katiwa-tiwala PWEH mga dukha!

  12. Alvin says:

    Hello Yugatech, can you confirm this Lazada Ad? Seems OP for a grey unit.

  13. Adrian says:

    tuloy pa ba yung May 10?

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