6th Gen iPod Nano goes full touch-screen

6th Gen iPod Nano goes full touch-screen

Apple also re-designed the iPod Nano 6G and added a touch screen on a squarish form factor (reminds me of the 3rd generation fatty nano) that lends a touch of inspiration from the Shuffle two generations ago.

iPod Nano 6th-generation :
1.54-inch TFT display @ 240×240 pixel resolution
Multi-touch screen
FM Radio

The Nano can last up to 24 hours of music playback but it looks like it has lost the ability to play videos, a feature that was introduced 3 generations before this one.


This is probably the most radical change in a product line Apple has ever done on the iPod (in recent memory). While making the device smaller and lighter, it also sacrificed a lot of features and functionalities — built-in video camera, mic, video playback among others.

iPod Nano 6G Price List:

iPod Nano 8GB – Php7,990
iPod Nano 16GB – Php9,790

Price includes Php1,240 and Php1,511 VAT, duty and levies, respectively.

Comes in the usual 7 colors, including the Product Red. Ships in 10 to 15 days according to the Apple Philippines Online Store.

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67 Responses

  1. Dan The Beast says:

    Magandang Christmas present ‘to mga ka-yuga.

  2. neon says:

    ayoko nyan!

  3. Jamby says:

    Colored touch screen yet can’t play videos???…Fail

  4. sansan says:

    multi-touch on a 1.54″ screen???

  5. blitzkrieg says:

    Because you’d want to watch videos on a screen that small? :rolleyes” Fail.

  6. Jhay says:

    A tiny touch-screen isn’t as good a bribe should be. :P

  7. jay says:

    no video? no mic? still yummy! makes it easier to navigate. maka order na nga.

  8. pabs says:

    This is USELESS, I learned my lesson, I own an ipod, and to tell you the truth I was never satisfied the way it plays music. My complaint is you hear creeking sound everytime you forward or increase the volume. This is the same with other ipods I’ve listened to and the battery sucks…. This is no match to a sony walkman or even the nokia xpressmusic phones, like the 5800. No way I’M NOT BUYING AN OPD EVER AGAIN..

  9. pabs says:


  10. ricpac says:

    @abeolandres I know you haz contacts so would you know when Halo: Reach will drop here in RP? Or in HK if you haz connects? Thx

  11. JKisaragi says:

    Should we call this the “iPod Touch Nano” then? I mean, the whole idea of it being called the iPod Nano is that it’s supposed to be a miniature version of the original iPod.

    Oh well. I guess people would be better off having the new iPod Shuffle (sans the smallish screen) or the 8gb 4th Gen iPod Touch. This one is just disappointing. :(

  12. jobeck says:

    strap nalang kulang…pwede nang wristwatch. hehe

  13. Paul says:

    @JKisaragi: we can give it an even shorter name…

    iTouch Nano! :D

  14. Joshua M says:

    @pabs lol I think you heard the clicking sound of the click wheel.

    @Jamby why would you want to watch video on that screen size?

    @sansan ang multi-touch lang naman sakanya is the twisting part, so no biggie.

    @jay lol aanohin mo yung mic XD

    masyado naman kayong negative thinkers XD

  15. Alvin says:

    This is just sad. Steve Jobs has gone mad, no wonder he called the new generation iPods “Wild.” It’s in-efficient and poorly designed since there is no way you can blind control while on the gym or even on the go. Also, considering the tiny 1.7″ screen, no video playback, no mic and they even removed the camera, there’s nothing much you can do with it. It’s not even worthy of being called nano since it has the shuffle features and form factor…the classic iPod look all went to nothing…another failure for Apple.

  16. Jamby says:

    @Joshua M

    why not?? with its colored screen…it will come handy in times of boredom…besides..the poster mentioned it..why not ask him also??

  17. Ryan Ang says:

    I think this would look great as a geek watch haha. wrist strap na lang ok na..

    It is the only way the nano would evolve, delving into touch. I would like it to have the old screen size sana rather than the square. Kahit na lagyan pa ng clip. Camera wouldn’t be wise for the nano, pang iPod touch lang talaga siya.

    As a consolation sana meron magdevelop ng apps for the nano. There’s a lot to do with that form factor and meron pa rin siya accelerometer. Someone please hack that damned thing haha.

  18. Joshua M says:

    @Jamby lol you should get an iPod touch an ignore this one if you want to escape boredom. :)

    @alvin A very small percent of people used the video camera on the nano so its ok

  19. Jamby says:

    Nah..contented with my ipod Nano 4th Gen and iPod Video 5.5th Gen..

    might as well spend my savings on Spica…

  20. Jay says:

    “Also, considering the tiny 1.7″ screen, no video playback, no mic and they even removed the camera”

    what do you need them for bro? di ka din naman masisiyahan manood sa maliit na screen even sa dating ipod nano, get an ipod touch instead or an iPad.

    get a Bose or Senn headset o baka naman Mp4 yan nabili mo? ang maganda lang naman kasi sa ipod, one touch sync lahat, kesa copy-paste pa.. hassle, may virus pa kung minsan.

  21. bursky says:

    agree with jobeck! LOL… they should’ve just made it a game n’ watch. mas matutuwa pa ako. i’m sticking to the previous gen, methinks.

  22. Alvin says:


    What I meant is…they should’ve retained at least 70 to 80% of the recent nano size and put a touch screen of the whole front face so nano users would have ample of space for short video recordings and video playback…I’ve always used the video playback of the nano since it’s really portable for watching tv episodes and some movies but I also agree with you that the small screen doesn’t fit to be video-centric but again as i’ve said the nano is too small for a multi-touch based music player…I was really hoping for a thin, chicklet type nano player with an updated hardware specs.

  23. Justine says:

    Better pa yung 5th gen. Wala na kasing maisip na iba yung apple. kaya ayan. Trip lang nila. HAHA.

  24. Joshua M says:

    @Alvin they left the iPod Touch to do that job and the multi-touch is for twisting.

  25. Archie Ceasar Matuloy says:

    Go for IPod Touch guys. more useful than this one.

  26. KennyV says:

    @Jamby, yeah i think buying spica would give you a higher value for you money.

    Bdwy guys diba Android OS v1.5 lang ung OS ng Spica? Pwde ba tong i-update to 2.1? or 2.2? Thanks!

  27. jozel says:

    i’d rather buy an ipod shuffle rather than this.

  28. RaGe Einzeln says:

    so….what do the fanboys say about this? hehehe..

  29. sonny says:

    wow, gusto to pang Christmas gift..

    available na ba ito..

  30. the fanboys says:

    disappointed with these stupid nanos maliit na nga minulti touch pa… the hell i care hehe, ipod touch 4g rocks (san kaya pupunta ngayon yang Flip Mino at Kodak Zi8 pocket video cam) and ipod shuffle too!

    Apple TV maybe or not yet (torrent and p2p fileshariis ang pa rin para sa mga TV Shows and movies) hehehe

  31. manong says:

    mga NANO! shud just made it a wristwatch, include bluetooth and made it waterproof.. maybe next gen?

  32. pabs says:

    @joshua, yes its the clickwheel that produced that creeking sound.
    @jay, its an original ipod I bought at Abenson last july, I even brought it back to them but they said, its the sound of the clickwheel. Its very irritating when you have to adjust the volume or when you try to search a particular song. I believed ipod is not a superior product, I’d rather listen to music on my 5800xpressmusic.

  33. sa singapore ito galing diba pag sa online store..

    safe ba yun? 7990 na lang ba talaga o may custom fees pa.. katakot kasi sa customs eh..

  34. wakocoke says:

    sabi nga nung iba sana may strap! magandang wristwatch to!

  35. Joshua M says:

    @pabs – you can turn it off man :)
    @the fanboys – di lalago Apple TV dito XD puro kasi torrent e pero… $0.99 HD movies yum…

  36. cl says:

    ok to. ang cute tingnan.

  37. jay says:

    next version pls…

  38. schwabERIK says:

    i rather buy ipod nano 5th gen because it has better features… mukhang lugi kasi ako dito eh… cant play movies, no cam, saka madaling mawala ang liit, and ang mahal huh…

  39. clyde says:

    small touchscreen is a no no… dapat hinayaan na lang nila ang ipod touch to be the only one with ts… parang mas mahirap ata magnavigate sa ts na maliit… oh well, let’s give it a shot first then we’ll see the verdict…

  40. schwabERIK says:

    sana hindi ito matakaw sa energy at madaling malowbat tuland ng ipod nano 4th gen at 5th gen… mas gugustuhin ko nalang bumili nung ipod classic 160GB ung latest, kesa naman dito, ang liit kasi netong ipod nano 6th gen tapos ang mahal…

  41. manibela says:

    I actually like it, though implementation will be key. The accelerometer can be used as a way to blind control it (shaking, turning) and the click wheel functionality can be implemented on a touchscreen anyway (without the tactile feedback though) and you also get more functionality with other gesture controls (not just going around in circles, maybe vertical,horizontal, diagonal flicks).
    Apple should definitely kill (finally) the ipod shuffle because of this move because there’s no point to it. If you want camera and video on your pmp sans the phone, might as well go for the next gen itouch.
    Honestly though, I wish they’d release rivals with android already.

  42. Ryan Ang says:

    I don’t think they’d kill the shuffle first because there’s actually a market (fitness/runners) for this.

    I would say that the nano is an in between of the shuffle and the touch. It is an iPod without the iOS in a small attractive size. The added Nike fitness functionality is actually an added bonus. After all they didn’t kill the Classic line.

    @Joshua M
    Actually the $0.99 is for the episodes. First run HD movies are $4.99. Well AppleTV works if you are patient enough to encode your library into a format playable in iTunes :P

  43. Eason says:

    Compare that to the last generation, I say its simply not worth buying. Maybe its the Ipod Shuffle 5th Generation :))

  44. aya says:

    Id rather stick with my wildfire

  45. sakura says:

    they should put the fm radio in the shuffle and bring back the video for the nano… labas pa nyan e nag downgrade sila.

  46. gino says:

    I hope Apple would release an ipod touch with radio

  47. mr.bogus says:

    A BIG B.S. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  48. lie says:

    wala nang video playback… that’s one of the things i liked about nano… hmm… dinowngrade nila lang nila… waste of money.. dapat yan yung upgrade nung ipod shuffle….

    nano was my alternative to the rather bulky ipod classic… i don’t like it….

  49. noel says:

    with this 6th gen nano, my 5th gen looks much much better now. i’m sure they’ll revert back to the older design in no time.

  50. Joshua M says:

    For those wondering if the nano has a speaker, Yes as stated by engadget:

    “As with the new nano, the touch did seem to sound a little better than previous versions, but it’s not such an astounding difference that you should toss your last gen model in the garbage. Overall, playback seemed solid to us — at least it didn’t leave us wanting for quality. If you’re planning on using the external speaker for listening, however, you might want to reconsider. We can’t remember the last time we heard something so tinny. Of course, it’s not surprising considering the size of this housing. Even though it’s located in a similar spot as the iPhone 4’s speaker, the volume and quality of audio it produces is not even in the same vicinity. Still, how often will you use this?” – Engadet

  51. paul says:

    wow… bibili talaga ako… music lan talaga habol ko… bagay to sakin…

  52. JKisaragi says:

    @Joshua M

    I think you misquoted Engadget on that one. That paragraph you used actually came from their iPod Touch 2010 review. They were still referring to the iPod Touch with regard to the external speakers.

    Here’s a quote taken from their hands-on post of the 6th Gen iPod nano:

    “There is no alarm clock, however, which as the Apple rep explained to us was a design decision given its lack of an external speaker.” – Engadget

  53. Joshua M says:

    @JKisaragi oops yeah. sorry bout that I saw this quoted on Gizmodo. So I shared it here with quotes of course sorry for the mistake.

  54. peps says:

    Apple products sucks!!! id rather get a sone walk man.. di porket touch screen at malit sya convenient na sya sheesh…

    natawa pa ako dun sa claim nila about gaming sa ipod compared sa DS at PSP. nakita nyo ba majority ng games ng ipod ang babaduy ilan lang ang matino at usually pang casual lang

  55. Lee Ji-hwan says:

    They should call this as a part of the Nano clan.. This should belong to the Shuffle Clan.. No video is a major major fail.. Ang ganda ng 5th gen ng nano, tapos eto yung next?? ewwwwwwww ><

  56. Mark says:

    san kaya ako makakabili ng slap wristband nito… ung silicon.. pa help.. hehehe

  57. kharen says:

    ganda naman ng bagong labas ng ipod nano.. kaasar matagal p ko mgkakaroon nyan .. I LOVE it.. i Like the color Blue..

  58. ejcab7 says:

    i have a nano 6g and yes it frustrates me na walang video playback, but rumor says na pag na hack na nila to me vid playback. but over all im super satisfied naman kase me iphone naman ako so for music purposes lang habol ko sa nano.

    think of it as a WATCH that has multitouch and with mp3. cool eh?

  59. bel says:

    pwede ba sya gamitin as voice recorder for school/review class purposes? or for taking minutes of meetings?

  60. jeremiah says:

    bakit may ganyan ba kayo? lakas nyo makalait ah. haha.

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