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Apple announces OS X 10.10 Yosemite

At WWDC 2014, Apple finally unveils their latest operating system – OS X 10.10 Yosemite, long rumored to be an update to its predecessor bridging the design gap between Apple’s desktop OS and mobile OS, iOS, along with a bunch of app improvements.

OS X Yosemite

The update brings design changes to elements such as the dock, the toolbars, the icons and a lot more. The Gaussian blurs are also found everywhere along with light blue accents, similar with iOS 7. Apps such as messaging also get redesigned with the aforementioned design language, and a lot of new features seem to come straight from, if not inspired by, iOS itself.

Apple will also be including iCloud Drive which will sync cloud storage across your devices. To add, they’ve added a feature to Mail called MailDrop for sending large files. A lot of apps have aesthetically changed for the most part; Safari being one, updated to look simpler.

Aside from the syncing of messages and files, Apple will also be including Handoff – a continuity client that will allow users to finish off what they’ve started in one platform to another in real-time. To top it all off, you can also now answer phone calls from your Mac.

OS X 10.10 Yosemite will be available to developers today and will be available for public beta soon. After which, Yosemite will be available for free just like Mavericks.

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  1. bern says:

    is this the new os which their new programming language called swift was designed for?

  2. ?Ni Siquiera me sientto excesivamente conforme con lo
    que comunicas. Yo Pienso que el articulo no se encuentra demasiado documentado.

  1. June 3, 2014

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