Apple’s sneaky move on Safari worked

Last March, Apple tried to sneaked in a copy of the Safari browser on every Apple Software Update even if Safari is not installed in the system. Mozilla CEO called the move downright wrong and called Safari a malware.

That move by Apple was obviously a back-door attempt at injecting Windows users a copy of their own browser to gain more market share.

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Turns out to be an effective tactic:

apple safari browser

Fortune reports that the gambit paid off for Apple, tripling its browser market share in the last 3 months. Among Windows users, Safari climbed from 0.07% to 0.21%. Not a huge number by any means but still a significant increase.

On April 18, Apple changed Software Update protocol. New programs are now clearly marked as such and the box to accept them is unchecked by default. We’ll see in another 3 months if Apple can maintain that increase.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar for monkeynote monkeynote says:

    for new web developers, making your web design template compatible with different internet browsers is a nightmare!

    with safari is on windows, this gives more challenge in making their site compatible to other browsers.

    i tried safari 3.1 and played it around for 5 minutes then i switch back to firefox and never used safari again.

  2. Avatar for marion marion says:

    Somehow, it forced its way into my laptop, but didn’t get to my desktop. So I got to try it out. I hated how it rendered text, just looked weird, so I quickly switched back to FF.

  3. Avatar for JC John SESE Cuneta JC John SESE Cuneta says:

    Trying to do that for a few months seems ok nowadays, than doing it permanently and get lawsuits left and right.

    But hey, the more browser competitors against IE the better for everyone!

    We really need to remove IE’s dominating share of the browser market so they’ll be forced to follow W3C :p

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