iPad HD: I got a feeling it'll disappoint a lot of people

iPad HD: I got a feeling it’ll disappoint a lot of people

By March 7, Apple will announce its new iPad tablet. CNET and VentureBeat both report it will be called iPad HD instead of the iPad 3. Everyone is still speculating on the hardware specification but the likely upgrades include a full HD resolution and a faster chip.


And just like the iPhone 5 where people expected something really huge will be revealed (and instead they got the iPhone 4S), the successor to the iPad 2 might look just the same, albeit with better specs.

For current owners of the iPad 2, woud you consider upgrading to the iPad HD if it will just look the same but with a higher resolution screen?

Via CNET, VentureBeat.

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46 Responses

  1. benchmark says:

    hmmm will I or will I not buy Ipad for my mom and dad…let us see :)

    Ipad HD? Hmmm probably I might choose Ipad 2

  2. bern says:

    Im not a current owner of ipad2 but I have been wainting this new version because of screen quality – My plan is to use this for reading bible, books, and magazine.

  3. EarlZ says:

    I dont own an Ipad2 but a bump to 1920×1080 resolution is a good reason to upgrade, just the web browsing content alone is significantly boosted!

    I would be surprised if the resolution is higher than 1080p

  4. kiX says:

    Sana totoo yung 8gb ipads! :D

  5. Darwin says:

    let’s see the specs first,

    if iPad HD or 3 has

    Retina Display (confirmed on the picture)
    Quad Core Chip (A6) or Much Powerful Dual Core Chip (A5X)
    4G LTE (less likely)
    8 MP Camera
    1080 Full HD Video recording
    Much Better Battery
    NFC (less likely)

    then most iPad 1 and 2 users will upgrade.


    mostly iPad 1 users will only upgrade

    programming sequence lol!

  6. ckyboy says:

    I’m fine with the iPad 2….as long as the current iOS works for my iPad 2 I’m fine with it.

  7. garz says:

    Whatever that is, it will always be “revolutionary” and “ground-breaking.”

  8. Tinat says:

    They will not get me this time! I’m sticking with my iPad II, it suits me just fine!

  9. booboo says:

    If speculations are true that Apple would also release a smaller screen, like 7-8 inches, I would really consider of buying. Or if they’ll upgrade iPod Touch to at least 5 inches, I might buy this instead. I really don’t need a tablet that huge. Yung Retina display, ok na yun. Di pa naman talaga kailangan na HD. :)

  10. EarlZ says:

    Im hoping that the new Ipad will be a great movie player!

  11. Karl says:

    Nope, im happy with my ipad2 =)

  12. R2 says:

    i guess you’re gonna win with your ipad HD bet mr. Abe.hehe and I lose with my ipad 3g. :D

  13. booboo says:

    It would be surprising if on Mar 7, Apple would launch iPad 3 with these rumored features, Apple TV, and new iPod Touch with bigger screen. Kumbaga, instead of launching smaller iPad edi larger iPod Touch nalang. Di siya nagmukhang downgrade kundi upgrade.

    iPad HD, Apple TV 2, and iPod Touch 5. Hehehe.

  14. EarlZ says:

    A smaller screen Ipad with HD resolution would be sweet, my current issue with the ipad2 is its too big and bulky, theres no ‘ portability ‘ with it compared to sa A galaxy tab 7.7 or 8.9

  15. edu says:

    Yeah, a lot will be disappointed!!! and apple will sell 3 fold of the new tablet for this quarter…oops, Wait. Disappointed? I don’t think so.

  16. dj0502 says:

    Guys, it will never be a 1920X1080, aspect ratio is wrong.

    I’m happy with my iPad2 pero an increase PPI would be good. It doesn’t have to be crazy.

    The better screen is a a better improvement from the iPad 2 –> 3 than improvements of iPhone 4 to 4s

  17. jojie says:

    Probably Siri would be there. But after trying Siri, it’s a fun program, but cannot imagine using it everyday. The HD screen, in my opinion is a more attractive upgrade, being that the screen is the thing you look at most of the time.

  18. ken says:

    If you’re planning to utilize the HD screen to watch HD movies then tough luck. It’s such a hassle to convert those MKV and MP4 files into quicktime. Plus, VLC stutters during playback on my Ipad2.

  19. Ben says:

    Higher amount of pixels is always a reason to upgrade especially for a tablet that size. Is there a tablet currently on the market w/ that res? None.

  20. alainL says:

    iSheeps will buy whatever Apple sells them. It will be as much a disappointment as iPhone 4S BUT it will still sell well.

  21. duke_06 says:

    I’d better buy an Asus Transformer Prime kahit may konting lapses siya sa Wi-Fi connectivity. Quad-core w/ a back-up core + keyboard dock = iPad PWNED!

  22. Ian says:

    Nakakainis magbasa ng mga rumors pero eto naman talaga ang tunay na specs ng next gen iPad.

    1920×1080 FullHD Resolution
    FaceTime HD Camera 720p
    1080p video capture rear camera
    8.9mm thickness
    1.5Ghz Dual Core processor

    ok na?

  23. i’m gonna buy it no matter what..

  24. I have the iPad 1 and I’m not planning to upgrade to this new iPad HD. I’d rather wait and save money for the MacBook air.

  25. apmhigh says:

    Good for the new product…
    But for me…
    No Bluetooth file transfer and always convert video format, big NO kahit gaano ka pa kaganda.

    Parehas lang naman ang mga features ng tablets and smart phones e. Mapa dual or quadcore… mapa IOS or ANDROID… small screen or big screen.

    Walang problems… HD nanaman ang trend ngayon…. kahit maging hologram HD pa yan… may competition pa rin dyan at parehas na magkakaron ng application dyan…

    Basic smartphone capability…
    Kung walang bluetooth file transfer and puro conversion ng video and walang external SD card… Sooobbrraaannngggg hassle and time consuming…
    Apple will never had my money… unless may magbigay sakin nyan… magamit ko lang… pero long time use… I think di ko makakatagal… ibenta ko lang… kahit titanium pa gamitin dyan na body… I’m more on OPTION OF USABILITY… lagyan ni apple nyun, I’m sure susubukan ko yan…

    My fearless forecast…. ASUS PADPHONE concept will be the next big thing in tablet history…

    Imo …

  26. Pisobid says:

    For sure magdodouble na naman ang price ng new unit na yan. And why is it that every Apple release is a big deal to all of us? Kahit ilang beses na rin tayong na deskaril when the unit to be released is not what we expected. From:

    iPhone 3g – We expected iPhone 4 but they released 3gs. And then the iPhone 5, but they released the iPhone 4s. What else is new?

    Still, iPad HD will be better off compared to iPad 2 simply because it’s a new release.

    For me, I will settle for an android. Much lesser ang price but still,it serves its purpose.

  27. kuyog says:

    but if it looks the same…. how will everybody know that I upgraded from the iPad2?!?

  28. Ryan Ang says:

    Is it just me? or wala ng home button yung bagong iPad? (based on photo)

  29. showbiz says:

    If the price have no significant different. I’ll go for the iPad HD.

  30. Marc says:

    Regardless of the specs hence the name iPad HD nor iPad 3, fanboys will always find reasons to patronize it, masabi lang. IMO the original iPad is their(apple) greatest creation in the tablet market, and now SJ is gone, iPad successors are rather boring…zzz..

  31. oldmanjenkins says:

    i’m fine with my ipad2. i think the ipad2’s display and specs are decent and would satisfy a lot of people.

    i think apple is just trying to bring in more dough…very typical of apple…

  32. Papapau says:

    “iPad HD: I got a feeling it’ll disappoint a lot of people”

    Well yeah.. but it will still going to sell bigtime! because there’s the Fruit logo in it.

  33. pandesal says:

    There are still a lot of people who does not own a Tablet, i think if the price is still same as the previous iPad, then it is still a GO!

    I’m upgrading.

  34. roland says:

    para di kayo madisappoint wag magupgrade ang mga iPAD 2 users… ipad HD/ipad3 is meant for ipad users and soon to be ipad users like me :)

  35. kamote says:

    people who don’t know anything better about gadgets tend to buy apple products. mga feeling social kasi, android is way better

  36. stu says:

    yung mga tao na walang alam sa gadgets apple products ang binibili. mga tanga, android and windows is way better

  37. soduhwhatever says:

    It’s so useless to upgrade!!!

  38. bakbb says:

    typical c*nt whore corporate f*cks. LOLs

  39. Ipad2 HD? says:

    Ipad2 HD?

  40. MATT says:

    i think it’s iPad Touch. :p

    hahaha. :P

  41. R2 says:

    for those who can afford, there’s nothing wrong to upgrade to ipad HD/2S, but to those who has stiff budget just stick with your ipad2, and if the rumors are true be patient and wait for the redesign ipad in 4Q-2012 :D

  42. steelicon says:

    Intellectual Property Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder = iPad HD

  43. The New iPad Lover says:

    I have a feeling that you’re website is totally just a mess. People would prefer to read reviews from Pinoytechblog. I dont think that the ipad HD will disappoint people because in the first place its not called that way.. its the new iPad…

  44. steelicon says:

    (The New iPad Lover says:
    Thu, March 8 at 7:59 am

    I have a feeling that you’re website is totally just a mess. People would prefer to read reviews from Pinoytechblog. I dont think that the ipad HD will disappoint people because in the first place its not called that way.. its the new iPad…)

    Wow. You come in a man’s house just because the door’s open then you criticize that his house is a mess and that the neighbor’s house is better?

    Why don’t you just contact Yuga through e-mail or text to tell him what you’d like to suggest to improve this blog/website?

    Tsk. tsk. tsk.

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