Price of iPhone 3GS from Globe

Price of iPhone 3GS from Globe

The official price of the iPhone 3GS from Globe Telecom is out for both the postpaid plans and the prepaid kit. For starters, the 16GB iPhone 3GS will set you back Php38,850 a pop.

The iPhone 3GS comes in black and white with a storage capacity of 16GB and 32GB.

iPhone 3GS Prepaid Kits
iPhone 3GS 16GB – Php38,850
iPhone 3GS 32GB – Php42,250

Globe Regular Postpaid Plans (iPhone 3GS 16GB)
Plan 500 – Php29,500
Plan 800 – Php25,350
Plan 1200 – Php23,100
Plan 1800 – Php19,050
Plan 2500 – Php11,850
Plan 3500 – Php3,950
Plan 5000 – Free
Plan 7000 – Free
Plan 10000 – Free


iphone 3gs

Globe Regular Plans (iPhone 3GS 32GB)
Plan 500 – Php35,100
Plan 800 – Php30,950
Plan 1200 – Php28,700
Plan 1800 – Php24,650
Plan 2500 – Php17,450
Plan 3500 – Php9,550
Plan 5000 – Php1,000
Plan 7000 – Free
Plan 10000 – Free

*Note: Prices above are cash-out fees if you subscribe to the corresponding postpaid plans. Subscription has 24-month lock-in period.

Globe Telecom will release the iPhone 3GS locally on July 31, 2009. Reservations start on July 15.

Latest price of the older iPhone 3G with Globe is Php33,599 for the 8GB and Php39,799 for the 16GB. Either Globe will stop selling the older models or will drop their prices down significantly.

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129 Responses

  1. william says:

    the price is steep

  2. eithan says:

    no thank’s

  3. Raou says:

    uhmm… 38k for iphone…. no way!!!

  4. whaâ„¢ says:

    wow!!!! do i need to buy this phone in this time of global crisis?? duh!!!!! ANG MAHAL!!

  5. thanks for the info yuga..

  6. loadex says:

    Too expensive for a regular person like me… pero kung talagang fanboi ng apple.. pwedeng pag ipunan yan…

    kahit ikaskas pa sa card for 12 months 0%interest o 24 para mas maliit ang monthy and justified na..

  7. bertsan531 says:

    38-42k for phone hehehehe no thanks
    i can get a netbook,media player,digicam and celphone for that price,me pang merienda pa..
    maybe wait for the price to drop…

  8. eithan® says:

    Correct! may pang yosi kpa.

  9. bkt kaya sobrang mahal.. dba $200 lang yan sa US?

  10. pabsj says:

    no way, too expensive..I’ll just stick with my nokia E63, he he he, the same functions , and I think E 63 is sexy.

  11. Josh says:


    welcome to the philippines

  12. Ardz says:

    I told you it’s gonna be very expensive.

  13. Alvin says:

    I think Globe Telecom (as always) never focused on the interest of middle earning citizens of this country. They are more concerned how much they would earn with all the crazed stuff apple brings to apple fans and especially emerging fanatics. I personally feel that globe telecom doesn’t want to bring this phone to the masses. that being said, i guess only “exclusive” or “rich” people can afford the steep prices without even considering the locked-in period of 2 years or 3 years. no, i won’t get this phone even if they offer me this for 20k!

  14. Iphone says:

    Mahal naman tlga ang iphone. Mukhang mahal lang kc sa US eh 199 at 299 dollars. Pero kaya mura yan sa US eh kc may contract at postpaid yan. Kung titingnan niyo eh may free iphone pa sa mga plans. Don’t compare the prepaid price of Iphone sa US Postpaid price na may contract.

  15. Iphone says:

    Hindi naman talaga pang masa ang Iphone. It’s a high-end branded phone so don’t expect na pang masa yan. May royalty pa ang Apple diyan kaya talagang mahal. Kaya better yet bumili na lang kayo ng netbook. Asus 1005HA will be available on July 14 sa pc corner for 22995 for the 2GB RAM and 160GB HDD version. It is CNET Editor’s Choice for June 2009 and Amazon’s no. 1 best seller. It has slimmer design, better features and longer batter life (advertised up to 10.5 hours).

  16. Ian says:

    $199 for 16GB sa states that would cost about $70 per month. nasa Plan 3500 – Php9,550 32GB. mas mura pa rin dito when it comes to plan. pero kung sa prepaid, mahal siya/ kasi it’s 30K sa australia ang 16GB and 38K for 32GB.

  17. This is really great information.. Thanks for posting. errr,,but kinda expensive.

    Nino Natividad

  18. Lava Bien says:

    Yup, at least US$70 a month to have your cp working then US$30 to have the fulldata access (internet) which is mandatory for iPhone buyers plus the priec of US$299 for the 32 GB plus whatever sales tax (depends on what area) 9.25% where I’m from.

  19. Iphone says:

    ur ryt Ian… kasi naman ung mga iba nde nag-iisip… nde nmn tama na icompare ang prepaid price natin dito sa 199dollars at 299dollars na postpaid plan sa US… nde naman tama na idemand na gwing 10000pesos at 15000pesos ng globe ang iphone sa prepaid… gusto nila eh ung $199 at $299 edi magplan cla sa globe at WAG MAG PREPAID.

  20. bertsan531 says:

    2700 dirhams yan d2 sa dubai converted to peso will be 35,100php unit open line 32gb so konti lang ang difference mahal parin hehehe..saka na

  21. bertsan531 says:

    correction 3gs 16b pala sorry…

  22. raffya says:

    Note to everyone that the $199 price of the 3GS in the US of A is actually a CONTRACT PRICE (post-paid cash-out price). No contract and locked prices of AT&T’s 3GS is $599 or PhP 30k, excluding taxes.

    Sir Yuga, are the new, lowered prices of the iPhone 3G official already? If so, then when will they start to offer these new prices?


  23. Karl Mac says:

    And guess what… the new iphone has… gasp… “CUT AND PASTE”!!!!…

  24. chester says:

    No thanks, 38k? common. id rather buy N97, besides, you can just jailbreak your itouch, it works like iphone na din. duh

  25. Hanakiri says:

    being sold on 16gb-P44,000 and 32gb-P49,000.

    i read on yahoo news, i think, about complaints na ang bilis daw uminit. baka daw i-recall.

    i think i can wait a little longer.

  26. Ian says:

    Sa US that phone is a good deal for 199 and 299 for postpaid, kasi mataas naman ang income nila dun compare mo sa economic situation natin.

    worth 38K and 42K for a cellphone that’s BS.

    Sabi nga ng Microsoft “Don’t buy any self proclaimed hi-tech phones, we’ll have ours for you.”

    i think they’re referring for the Zune Phone HD that will be coming out in early 2010.

    Bill Gates is the master of piracy, and he wants to meet customers’ need for a phone.

    iPhone 3GS downsides,
    *No Multitasking
    *3 megapixel Camera -VGA VIdeo
    N97 captures DVD video
    *No alphanumeric texting while on the go or driving..hehehe
    But the real downside is the multitasking, one application at a time. tsktsk..

    Well i guess i have to wait for the Zune Phone HD that would cost $349 unlocked for 16GB and $499 for 32GB. Let’s wait for the holidays to come.

  27. goosebumps says:

    totally absurd..isang malaking NO WAY!!!

  28. Leo says:

    nasasabi nyo lang yan dahil wala kayong pambili, hehe. but for me, even if i have millions to spare, wag na lang, donate ko na lang sa worldvision, for 40k you can send 66 kids to school in a month.

  29. The prices are so Apple.

  30. Gams says:

    Expensive!!!with that amount I can buy a netbook and a high-end camera phone…tsk.tsk…

  31. nakakadala yang GLOBE my sister bought an IPHONE 3G sa kanila prepaid kit.

    ang after 4 months nasira so binalik namin for repair or exchange kasi may warranty.

    sinabi ba naman na nabasa, and hindi sya covered ng warranty so ipapagawa na lang namin sa kanila. aba they are charging us 36K for the repairs ang kakapal talaga ng mukha

  32. marvs says:

    am rather confused with this info:

    iPhone 3GS Prepaid Kits:
    iPhone 3GS 16GB – Php38,850
    iPhone 3GS 16GB – Php42,250

  33. domob17 says:

    @ marvs

    I presume the third price is for 32GB.

  34. Ric says:

    Globe’s 3G plans look more reasonable . 13k for the 16 GB Iphone and 1600 per month.

  35. Niel says:

    Hi sir yuga, will globe offer zero interest 12 mnths for the prepaid kit?

  36. PinoyPSP says:

    that’s 4 PSPs already…. medyo mahal nga naman sha for our country…. hehe

  37. mang jose says:

    I’ll just wait for 2019 before i buy the ipone, baka 1k na lang presyo nyan by that tym. u know!

  38. paul e. says:

    netbook/phone combi pa din! hehehe!

  39. Mike says:

    I have a cheapskate friend from Australia who got an iPhone and it costs her AU$2 per month. Have I mentioned that the unit is free?

    Globe is just a bunch of money-grubbing elitists.

  40. packets says:

    actually, nakaka-inggit talaga kung iisipin…at talagang maganda ang iphone…but the price is the reason why a regular filipino like me can’t afford to buy at 35k plus…anyway, ok na rin naman ang 5110 for communication…

  41. Gerald says:

    Too steep for a phone that’s been reported to heat up too much that the back changes color and people not getting through the whole day with enough battery life.


  42. C. Jasinski says:

    Haha….nkabili na ko sa Sydney, 1 month advance! 32GB pala dun, 39 pa rin nga lang…hehe.

  43. Pink says:

    This is too much for a phone.. but thanks for the info Yugger. =)

  44. kanang iphone 3g 8GB dapat $50 lng walang plan…unlocked, kaso may sakit sa atay ang CEO nga gadiktar kaya mahal. his decission is influenced by his ailment…a bad one for good bisnis! nokia N98 clone is quite interesting.

  45. princess says:

    gah i have an ipodtouch and wish got an iphone too .but its too expensive ,twice the price of my ipodtouch .haha :) hope the price lowers a lil bit ,even just 3k ..haha then surely ill buy one ..

  46. haha says:

    sisiw lng yn ky yuga.. iln n b iphone mo? ^_^

  47. yeay! i’m gonna make a reservation on wednesday na! :D

  48. Ara says:

    wo i am totally getting.

  49. Socal says:

    waah,.. waiting for my iphone 3gs this july 25..

  50. braindead says:

    pre-ordered one yesterday, but the csr said ndi pa daw fixed ang prices. perhaps last minute changes will take effect depende sa orders? how laim.. nevertheless im still geting the new iphone. hehe..

  51. Joshua says:

    It’s things like this makes me not proud to be..

  52. Buknoy says:

    Meron nko ng 3gs
    and I think it’s nice
    the only problem is wala p din multi tasking
    I suggest samsung omnia 2 or jet sa mga low ang budget

  53. Roldan V. Sacdalan says:

    it is not necessary to have this kind of phone now a days cellphone is way of communication not for style. so i rather make an ordinary cell phone than to much expensive.

  54. cygenius says:

    this is so unfair., iphone 3g8GB is only 99dollars=5000php

    iphone 3gs 8gb is only 199bucks= 8thou-10thou

    so unfair

  55. cygenius says:


    try checkin this out

  56. cygenius says:

    ipod touch is actually more expensive than iphone 3gs

  57. Andrew08_mapuan says:

    YEAH YOU ARE ALL RIGHT MAHAL ANG IPHONE 3gS dito sa pinas id rather stick with my n96 and ipod touch 32gb hehehehhe

  58. glen says:

    bibili na lng ako ng apple na 22o 20pesos lng isang kilo.

  59. Jonathan says:


    Nalula ako aahh,.!


  60. Whatwhatwhat says:

    @ cygenius
    yang 199 at 299 ay may plan yan sa at&t. Wihtout the plan it’s 599 for 16gb and 699 for 32gb, I think.

  61. Ramil Kue says:

    i saw a poster at Globe business center that they are offering a plan for as low as 400 for iphone 3Gs. though not much fan of an iphone pero knowing that they have this kind of plan, it makes me want to apply.

  62. JC says:

    What is the price difference in the U.S.?

  63. JC says:

    Masmura sa US yan di ba?????

  64. Ricksteel says:

    When you finally have the chance of owning the iphone… then you will know why its expensive…

  65. Derrick says:

    I have read somewhere that it just cost about $199 in the states. Why here its for almost 39,000 pesos? I won’t even bite, even if Globe offer it half the price!

  66. kael says:

    stupid ang GLOBE!!! Gahaman. Over pricing yan ah. Let’s just wait till Apple breaks that ties up with phone providers…

  67. mortred says:

    Globe Telecom does not deserve to be the official carrie for iPhone. Look at that… They overpriced the iPhone. Apple did not design it that way.. Pathetic ang globe. It simply shows that SMART is much more SMARTER than them..
    Idiots talaga. Grrr… Nakakainis. I’m sure they will not stay long in the business because they are dammed. Stupid talaga. Nakakapikon.

  68. kael says:

    Damn yeah! I agree Mortred. They are really doomed. They don’t deserve to be the channel of Apple products… It’s really a shame for Apple.

  69. minaki says:

    how much is the cash out iPhone 3GS? i already have the itouch 64 GB, ipod shuffle (new “4gb” and old one “1 and 2 GB”), ipod classic “32 GB” and nano “32 GB”, and also the Iphone 3GS “16 GB”.

    so if anyone can tell me.

    please tell me imediately.


    I MEAN THE CASH-OUT(not plan) iPhone 3GS.

    arigatou gusaimasu!


  70. MJ says:

    You guys have to understand how Globe does its business… I have an iphone 3G 16gig from them, which I bought last year when they launched it for 43,799 (i opted for the prepaid) This is exactly how much you are going to pay if you’re going to get it from apple without a plan attached to it. I have a 32gig iPhone 3Gs from AT&T and paid $299 for the unit but I have a calling plan and a data plan that will set me back at least $90 (plus tax) a month and a lock in period of 2 years. So I pay more than $100 a month for service. That is like paying Php 5,000 a month for 24 months. But if you go on line and get an iphone without a subscription to a network (like the iphones in italy and australia, because it is illegal for phone companies to lock in phones to their network only), you’re expected to pay around at least $1,000. And if you buy it and bring it to the US, you’re stuck without warranty because they are only serviced at the country from which they were originally purchased.

    To wrap things up, the iPhone is not for everyone… it won’t appeal to everyone, and won’t be affordable to everyone. Yet people rant like it is their God given right to demand from apple to bring down their prices to suit their buying power. an iPhone is like how a Mercedes is to cars. It is not for everyone, and not everyone can afford it, yet you do not hear a lot of people ranting and hating Mercedes Benz for having really expensive cars. My iPhone developed a crack and I went to apple to check why. I left the store with a brand new phone, no questions asked. Would Nokia ever do that for any of its customers? Its just typical of us Filipinos to sour-grape when things don’t go according to what we want them to be. I dream of one day owning a Lamborghini Murcielago, but I don’t go around lashing at Lamborghini for making really expensive cars. Just a thought.

  71. Anna says:

    Bat walang stock ang globe ng iphone? Gusto ko na kasi bumili kaso walang stock.

  72. ivan says:

    hey,, stop thinkin about the global crisis because it will just let you down! think positive,, actually you can have this for free if you believe, if you can buy it,, its great

  73. JERICO says:

    yea ryt… you can order also thru apple iphone site na naka base sa pilipinas.. mas mura pa at converted ang price from usd to php..
    kaya suggest ko lang na mas better to look up sa kanilang office here in philippine.. at yan sa globe hindi pa yan openline.. duh…
    lam na nila na crisis ang mahal2 pa..


  74. daguz says:

    anyone interested of the new iphone 3gs?place your order here. 16 gb 35k , 32 gb 40k. prices are negotiable.

    take note: never been opened and factory unlock.

    email nyo lang ako.magdadala ako sa pinas ng marami paguwi ko next month.

    [email protected]

  75. mangkevz says:

    pa bili nalang ako sa US 200$ lang. . openline and jailbreak ko nalang. . i know how to do it naman so no probs kaysa mag plan ako sa globe OP pa. .

  76. elee says:

    hey GLOBE!!!!!!!!! bkit till now la pdin stock ng 3gs?? ilang months n d p q tintwgan

  77. doobie.ü says:

    guys anu b ung cnsbi nilang version? im planning to buy iphone 3gs 32gb kc sa california.. ehh nagtnung ako kung mgknu magpa unlocked dto sa pinas ng iphone 3gs.. tnung nila sakn, anung version dw b ung iphone? pnu b mlalaman un? and anu b un?

  78. tj gonzales says:

    i just bought a nokia e90 for P36,000. and im happy with my phone.

  79. woks tri says:

    for loyalty rewards waiting list i think iphone 3gs is available, u just have to make arrangements for the delivery if there’s one. i got an offer cash out nga lng ng 17k+, i think not bad for 3gs 16gig + continue nlng with my current plan Flex800. delivery daw is within 3days.

  80. Queen B says:

    woohh…. must buy!

  81. Uncle Bobo says:

    potek na cellphone yan daig pa ang isang motor na maganda…

  82. chuchui says:

    i got my new iphone 3gs a few days ago and i may say, it is really quite expensive but i enjoyed it alot. well not to say i haven’t sell my old unit(of other brand) since i really need video calling which is the iphone doesn’t have ;)

  83. matthew says:

    happy holidays indeed! i got the iphone 32 gig as a christmas gift from my folks! kakatuwa naman. you know what the best feature of it is? Not everyone can buy it. lol. the rolls royce of cellphones.

  84. Claude says:

    Got one from Globe yesterday. I’m a new postpaid plan subscriber of Globe because of the iPhone.It only took us less than hour to process the application and get the iPhone 3GS 16 GB right then and there. iPhone ftw. :D

  85. xijei says:

    cool ang iphone.. i got one just this dec 12. it’s really expensive here. sigh.. but the apps are so damn cool :)) it never took me days to buy one. Lucky me, i got this phone just for 30 minutes. LOL

  86. nurse_cpyas says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! ang tagal ko ng inaabangan ang iphone 3gs n yan!!!! walang stock d2 sa Dubai!!!!!!!sa hongkog daw marami… pero d pa nman ako ganun ka obses sa iphone pra languyin ang dagat makuha lng ang iphone! mura kc d2 sa dubai 2399 dirhams lng may free wireless net ka pa for 6 months kya ok n rin…

  87. Mia says:

    My dad got me one as a gift, 16gb na 3gs postpaid kit… I love it!!!!

    Don’t forget to turn off your internet if you’re not using it kasi one of my friends didn’t know how to do it and was billed an extra 4k (if i remember correctly) for the data charges

  88. Parot~ says:

    solid nmn yan makakapag set up na ako ng modified motor dyan e

  89. Maui says:

    Hi. my mom told me Iphone 3gS costs 5Lapad(Yen) = 25k in Japan! nagttanong pa sya kung magagamit daw d2 kasi ipapadala nya. ang mahal ng sa GLOBE! wahh x.x

  90. Jas says:

    Bakit ang mahal nman dito?? kakapabili ku lang nyan sa friend ng mom ku sa states and $199 lang sya dun.. mga P10 000 lan un pag peso.. grabe nman!

  91. Reeza says:

    naku, mura na nga yan eh… i will get one… mahal kaya sa USA..

  92. Reeza says:

    kaya 199$ lng kc me contract kapa sa at&t… aabot din o sobra pa babayaran mo..

  93. slide says:


  94. Cel says:

    Well said, MJ… iPhone is not for everyone. Since 1997 when GSM phones were still rare, I had a Microtac from Belgium and subscribed to then Islacom. Each time a new phone came out, I changed units… until my new unit was snatched in a jeep along Blumentrit!

    Point is, have a very expensive phone if you can also afford a car or hang out in places where everyone has it so no one would want to grab yours.

    I’m also SMARTER now– not only for switching to Smart but I’ve invested in 2 houses instead of paying Globe a monthly fee that’s only a little less than when you’re paying off a house.

  95. bella says:

    hay buti nalang kahit mahal ang IPHONE 3Gs dyan ang husband ko para ibili me thanks honey your so sweet talaga now parehas na kami ng phone at maichecheck ko pa yung pregnancy plan ko sa phone ko everyday dami ng program to install icluded my pregnancy plan i love you my new phone now heyyyyeeee

  96. Barry Lin says:

    Guys … I’ve read some of your comments… mine has warranty, it’s imported from a nearby country, no hassle for me to bring it back for warranty because I travel a lot …

    16GB = 33,500 pesos
    32GB = 39,500 pesos

    If interested, please contact me at:


    For meet up only within Metro Manila (for the safety of both buyer and seller) All units are sealed, you can open it and test it when we meet up and give me the IMEI number so that if there are any defects/problems you can return it.

  97. sek says:

    duh mhal..

  98. peng says:

    ok lang ba kayo? e di wag na mag iphone kung ayaw nyo.. pangsosyal lang talga yan.. sa mga nagpipilit e di wag nalang bumili… mga sosyalerang frogs… but i will definitely buy one.. coz i can afford it.. so cheap

  99. peng says:

    mga sosyalerang frogs.. mura lang yan

  100. hayy i really love my new iphone 3GS so friendly to use and i can have many song as i want no need to use my ipod anymore all my friends want to have the same too so to all my friends ask your husband to buy iphone 3GS im sure you will love it too like me when my baby come out i will buy the same iphone too hehehe thank you so much my loving husband for buying me iphone 3GS

  101. Ligrev says:

    Any update on the prices? Planning on getting one anytime soon.

  102. PaulZero says:

    YEHEY!! Can’t wait for my Nokia 3310!! WOOHOO!!

  103. Archie says:

    Sobra nmn tong Globe. Mahal masyado. Libre lang nmn to sa Singapore with $98/monthly.

  104. bogus says:

    i love my iphone 3gs 32gb. i bought it from globe last nov 2009 as prepaid kit amounting to 44k and i have no regret coming from a sony xperia x1 user

  105. mark says:

    iPhone’s are expensive but its worth all the money. what I did was i bought the iPod touch 8GB first to try the interface and that thing was really amazing so i immediately bought the iPhone 3gs. this is a must have gadget for people who have the money to spare.

  106. John says:

    konti LNG difference ng price. same sa pinas at us. $200 16g 3gs na may 2 yr contract plus tax base on reg. price of an iPhone which is worth $600- $700.u can’t have an iPhone without data plan which is $29.99 a month with AT&T. it’s fun to have an iPhone if it’s is jailbroken. millions of apps. but the down is that they don’t put adobe flash. apple n adobe still can’t work out things to put adobe on iPhone price products don’t go down as fast as other brands. I don’t know why but I really like their products especially their computers.

  107. La tayong magagawa, ganyan talaga mahal din ang shipment at taxes kaya siguro ang mahal. haha

  108. ^^ says:

    ung iphone ko mas bagu jan..32gb marming laman

  109. Jeric Baines says:

    I have an iPhone 3GS and it’s my second iPhone. Must I say it’s the most stable and rock-solid device I ever had. It’s not perfect but when I toy with it, I can feel the worth of my money. My 3GS is currently for sale since I switched to BlackBerry. Globe Telecom is the best. Hindi bagay ang Smart na maging carrier-partner ng Apple. MGA JOLOGS AT CHEAP ANG SMART SUBSCRIBERS. LOL

  110. bryan says:

    S> iphone 3gs 16gb — 35k ilocos Norte area only

    heres my number 09284136338
    IM me at: [email protected]

  111. eman says:

    I’m looking forward sa ios 4… magkano kaya bentahan sa dito?… pero sabi ng apple na may wifi antena. (wifi everywhere) applicable kaya dito sa pinas yun. Mas malaki ang kikitain nila pag naka plan kesa sa naka unlock. biruin mo 30k+ yung mga ganung smart phone sa market. hindi mo rin naman magagamit yung karamihan sa applications kung naka unlock. Kahit na ganun avid Fan pa rin ako ng apple iphone….. kaya kung sino man yung mag bibigay ng iphone, iphone 3g or iphone 3gs kapalit ng pag sisilbi ko. hehehe. (09398551795)

  112. eman says:

    i bought one pala for 4.500 pesos. yun nga lang china phone.hehehe I love iphone so much…….pahingi naman dyan guys….hehehe.

  113. gagoman says:

    kaya $199-$299 ang price ng iphone sa US post paid din yun.. parang yan sa globe.. ;P

  114. junc says:

    what else do u expect…globe is owned by the zobel de ayalas these people are spaniards and just know how to make money! profit profit and still profit. just buy a nokia midrange phone from 8k-15k thats decent enough to email call and text. dont get caught in this commercial world of advertising and marketing. be wise and frugal.

  115. makc24 says:

    my iphone 32gbs ako bigay lang ng sister in law ko,kahit my pera cguro ako hindi ako bbli ng ganito kamahal na phone,asa nalang ako sa bigay hehehe.hindi rin magamit ang ibang features ng iphone d2 sa atin kung wala ka sa wi fi bro sim pa gamit ko para lang mka inet,

  116. lhenlhen082888 says:

    bili nalang kau ng 2nd hand. di na practical ang brand new sa panahong ito. kahit na used phones lang atleast IPHONE pa rin LOL… 10K lang meron kanang IPHONE 3GS 16GB not bad diba. :) Kaya ako ganun ang ginawa ko eh. be practical lang.

  117. hermio says:

    naka bili ako ng iphone 3Gs 32gb for only Php5,500 kaso china phone nga lang okey na rin yun diba!!

  118. bella Norway says:

    my husband just buy me new iphone 4G look not nice cuz is all glass and need to use special sim card weird i still love my iphone 3Gs but thanks my loving husband your really sweet jeg elsker:)

  119. Kirby Rodriguez says:

    Meron akong Iphone 3g 16g. Galing japan.
    It cost only 25k there. Tapos kung ipapaopenline dito
    mas makakmura kasi 700 lang Openline. Then you can insert globe sim there. Kelangan nga lang nang Wi-Fi
    para makapag net pero ok na. Halos 10k din ititipid.
    Ganda daming apps na malalagay. Very usefull talaga lalo na sakeng 17yrs old.

  120. mimi20 says:

    Where i can buy an iphone 3gs used. 1Ok only?? Thanks! :)

  121. wilson s.olaco says:

    can i upgrade my unliplan 599 to plan 500 iphone3gs 16gb?

  122. hi good day!this is Princess i want to apply for the Plan 500 – Php35,100

  123. asdf says:

    iphone 3gs..4months used 14k 32gb… 16gb 11k.. no scratches complete set

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