The 5 Generations of iPods

The 5 Generations of iPods

Since an offshore friend brought me a 2nd generation iPod as a gift 3 years ago, I never failed to miss getting a piece of the succeeding ones (she actually found it inside an airplane cabin during her cleaning duty while working in Japan).

So, I got myself a new 5th generation iPod video (30GB, black, not it’s the 5.5gen) even though I just bought a Nano over 2 months ago at the Taiwan Airport Duty Free Shop.


iPod Video 5th Gen

I guess the 2GB Nano didn’t have enough space for me, especially when I’m on very long trips. What actually prompted me to buy one just tonight was the price — Php13,500 flat. Yup, prices are dropping that fast now that the 5.5 gen (and 2nd gen Nanos and Shuffles) has dominated the market.

The regular iPod prices are actually the same one I posted here and the one that I got was haggled a bit down with the guy at Gigahertz Computers in Mall of Asia (but that’s another story altogether).

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12 Responses

  1. Yuga,

    Where do you get all your music from? Please let every know. Also, I heard a post about a sling box. Is that new technology? Onshore and offshore friend… hmmm… good friends classification. lol… just kidding… keep up the good work. Isang Mahal

  2. yuga says:

    @ Isang Mahal but mostly I download and listen to a lot of tech podcasts.

  3. If you have a “Search” function, then yours is 5.5G, like mine. And, yes, I think you mentioned to me that your iPod is 5.5G. Congrats on a great find. sells that for the same price (about PhP 13.6k) with the educational discount.

  4. Yuga,

    What is a sling box? Is that new technology? Have you heard anything about it?

  5. Yuga,

    Would you buy a sling box? Have you used a sling box before? Would you buy one? Is this technology in the Philippines? Tell us your opinion of it. Your opinion is very highly regarded of. Thank you in advance. One.

  6. i bought my 5.5G 30gb ipod video for 13.4k in greenhills a month ago…

  7. GUrbi says:

    Hey guys! Are you aware that future ipods can play games?
    Right now, i donot have an ipod because my phone’s memory is enough to store music. But maybe in the future when you can already play games on your ipod. :)


  8. vance says:

    linux ipod can play games! hehe.

    I was looking around for an ipod 80 gig since 500 lang ang idadagdag nito with the current 0% interest installment plan (12 months to pay). 30 gb doesn’t fit me anymore. pero still wishful thinking my mom is still thinking about as a gift for my graduation if i will graduate this year.

    the 8 gb one is a trash when it comes to the price kasi 1k -2k difference lang from the 30 gb ipod… we asked the 12 months installment plan for the 8 gb and the 30 gb and where shocked that 200 pesos lang ang idadagdag every month and you can get the 30 gb one. So it is not worth getting it diba.

    another thing:
    30 gb i think runs at 250 usd
    while the 80 gb runs at 350 usd

    philippine market price:
    30 is at 16 k something
    while the 80 gb runs at 22k something
    so in short parang nakakahinayang kumuha ng 30 gb here in manila.

  9. I believe the 5.5G can’t run linux, but the 5G can.

  10. vance says:

    it can actually run ipodlinux pero sa 30 gb palang and unstable pa daw.

    btw that is a good price abe got for a new ipod 30GB. laking bawas eh around 2-3 k wow.

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