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OS Battle: Google Android vs. Apple iOS

We’re starting a new series on this blog we called “tech battle” where we pit one device, service or platform against another close competitor. But instead of us doing all the leg work and the run-down of the pros and cons of each one, we just let the readers slug it out and vote for their favorite contender.


Editor’s Note: We’ll be doing this once a week, on a specific day. If you have suggestions on which devices you want us to do next, just hit the comments.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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95 Responses

  1. Spidey says:

    I go for IOS. Best of apps and everything. FYI.. I have Samsung Galaxy S4 and iP5.

  2. pugeh says:

    Same here (S4 and iP5).. Simple is Better

  3. chinitoguy says:

    Honestly, iOS is still the better OS. Android has improved a lot already and I prefer vanilla stock Android over TouchWiz, Sense 5 or and UI on top of it. IOS doesn’t need quad core processors or a bigger RAM to run smoothly. Look at the iPhone 5, its only Dual Core but its fast and lag free. Sometimes less customizations has its benefits.

    • diorarat says:

      Good point sir, but I’m not sure if it’s relevant. Moto X and Nexus line are quite optimized androids. I think it’s the OEM’s fault that android isn’t optimized rather than the other way around. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t lack of optimization the fault of hardware and bloatware instead of android as a operating system?

    • bajigjig says:

      +1. The manufacturers of these devices are to blame.

  4. Abed says:

    iOS too! Nexus 7 and iPhone 4S user. :)

  5. Jam says:

    Nasaan ang Windows Phone?

  6. diorarat says:

    Android. Because everything about ios7 is catching up to android. Sobrang limited sa ios, parang good for playing games lang. I can’t download files, can’t transfer files. Replaced it with the HTC one. Best custom android there is. Clean and highly functional. I can download, attach office files, share them easily, download music files, I can even attach a printer, mouse and keyboard on my android. Android offers notification bar that’s useful. I never used it on ios, it’s just cluttered and messy and it’s hard to remove items.Multitasking in ios is inexistent. Maganda lang ios pagnajailbreak na untethered.

    • justin says:

      plug lagging….been with iOS then transferred to ICS and JB then went back to iOS…

      Android OS was binded with the lagging performance. Wait for the iOS 7 then try to compare…

      FYI: i still got SONY Z, HTC One, Huawei P6 iPHONE 3G, 4G and Iphone 5.

    • diorarat says:

      Androids that are just a wee bit cheaper than the ip5 don’t suffer from lags I hate back in 2+ versions. I used the gs3 before and replaced it with a HTC one and I can’t really say it lags. But really, ios optimization is having no multitasking and less background apps which really makes it less functional at least for me. My biggest qualms with ios is that it can’t handle my data intensive exel file in whatever app I use without severely lagging and crashing. But your right, ios7 is going to make ios a whole lot functional and I am going to wait and see if really does bring about more functianality and ease of access already present in android.

  7. wewe says:

    I’ll go for Android. You can do a lot of things on android which aren’t available on IOS.

    IOS lacks innovation, iDevices are for iSheeps who use it to be “labeled”.

    FYI.. I’m a software developer who makes apps for both.

    Apple sucks!!! Yuck!!!

  8. kami says:

    I’ll go for the iOS, im currently using a iP5 and a Sony Xperia Z, although i can practically do anything with my android gadget, it still boils down to the total performance experience. And FOR ME, mind everyone, FOR ME! my iP5 beats my Z. i also have an S3 which my Z replaced.

    in terms of availability of apps, despite android closing the gap with the itunes app store in terms of numbers, i can say, BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE, iOS have better quality apps.

    LET US CLEAR this BATTLE, this is about the OS and not the BRAND or the BUILT QUALITY right? so PLEASE let’s refrain from mentioning how premium iphones and how plastic the galaxys are, correct me if im wrong.


  9. jcnjcjcnjc says:

    I go for android, not bec. ios is bad or android is better, both has it +s and -s. It just until recently, every new ios devices launch is just a small increment than the previous in both hardware and software, trying to milk every cent from its user by building a safe close ecosystem. So if you invest in one of ios devices, then you’re stuck and hard to get out unless you want throw away those investment. Maybe that’s good in business sense but bad for the consumer. Since android devices already surpass ios devices in both hardware and software. This time ios devices are playing catch up and hopefully the new devices would be leap and bounds from last year models. At the end, both are os’s are strong, so now is to enjoy healthy competition from both sides.

  10. sencha says:

    Another flame bait to attract more posts.

  11. zapper says:

    IOS! apps, fluidity and ease of use.

    -saving my upgrade on my plan for either the iphone 5s or the note 3 though

    -or waiting for the g2(if tehy’ll be taken by globe)

  12. potato says:

    if Apple will produce 4.2″ screen to 4.7″ screen they i’m buying it. but since wala pa, sa Android muna ako.

    • jean says:

      my thoughts exactly! S4 user here. :)

    • abuzalzal says:

      iPhone 5s / 5c Leaks (w/c looks legit btw) are everywhere…mukhang mapapako pa ang Apple sa 4 inches…antay ka lang, baka 2015 maging 4.2″ ba yan

      You should feel very disappointed lol

  13. Mark says:

    Apple started it all however Google was able to catch up. Now iOS is playing catch up game with Android.

  14. abuzalzal says:

    I’d choose the far less-restrictive OS

    nuff said

  15. Yusuf says:

    Neither. Team Windows Phone!

  16. pabs says:

    Everything you need is on android, been an iphone owner before, but the moment I switched to Anroid, there no turning back…so I go for android…

  17. daniel says:

    Android is mostly better on most aspects. What you can do on iOS, you can do it on Android. What you can do on Android, you can’t do all of it on iOS. Android wins.

  18. mighty_kid says:

    I’ll go for Google Android.

    Have you seen the control center in iOS 7? It looks like the notification panel of Google Android.

  19. joshuab says:

    I own Note 2 and IP5… I prefer IOS due to appz and no lag.

  20. Vern says:

    Team Android here!

  21. Rem says:

    Both for me. There’s something iOS lacks that you can have with Android, and vice versa. :)

  22. KissMyiOS says:

    Android = Epic
    iOS = Prehistoric

    … ’nuff said.

  23. Android. Although iOS seems to perform smoother in general, most (and I mean most) people only differentiate iPhones with Samsung Galaxy Phone. They see a slower running TouchWiz and think that TouchWiz is part of the Android OS. The good thing about iOS is that it is made with a specific hardware in mind which makes optimization a bit easier for its developers. Android on the other hand tries to adapt to most devices it is installed on, so it has to adjust on every whims the device it runs on.

  24. Jay sy says:

    Android. It’s Linux. It’s probably even a full blown OS versus a mobile OS. Not after the customizations but after its capability.

  25. abuzalzal says:

    Now that iOS7 will be out, android will be left out. iOS7 copied the best of android and windows phone. 3OS in one premium phone. Now I wonder, my android phone is,not the,best anymore. Since I admit, android is slow.

  26. vince says:

    < 10k ang budget ko when looking for a brand new smartphone. obvious na walang apple na pasok sa budget

  27. melvin says:

    apple devices are great, but i still would choose ANDROID, mainly for its openness and customizability! same thing is boring!

  28. d4ryl3 says:

    I choose the OS which lets me ACTUALLY own my phone.

  29. Alej says:

    Android wins by technicalities. Plus the many features that android can utilize. It can stand on it’s own plus the OS is still in development, making it more promising than the 2.

    iOS’s dependent on itunes make it a hard task to include songs and videos. Though im an iphone, ipad and ipod user, changing ur laptop will really eat ur time transferring ur contents from one laptop to another. Although VLC’s reappearance in the appstore is sweet.

    Windows Phone is also very promising, just include a notification centre ala Windows 8 OS (Pc) and add a “desktop” view as well ala Windows 8 Pc.

  30. wis says:

    android definitely…ios is too restricting and limited…also tired of the dated look…and even with the new ios7, still pretty much the same look only flatter … even with the hardwares, android is better…more choices…android are for individuals that wants to be different or unique, iphones too generic…

  31. Ernie says:

    I voted for iOS.

  32. JC Sales says:

    i vote android same with diorarat said :)

  33. wew says:

    para sakin walang duda na mas maganda ang iOS kasi stable siya…lag free pero sa personality ko mas magfifit ang Android kasi mas customizable siya at ganun ang gusto ko…gawin lang ng android na mas secured at mas stable,mawala na ung lags sobrang gandang OS na nito =)))

    • bajigjig says:

      Android is designed to be fluid. Yung mga OEM Manufacturers ang nagpapabagal ng OS by preloading it with bloatware crap.

    • wew says:

      nope,mejo mali ung sinabi mo.kung ganun nga edi sana fluid ang android sa nexus devices,pero ganun pa rin naglalag tas nagcacrash minsan ung apps…factor ung bloatwares ng mga manufacturers pero minsan di cla ganun na nakakaapekto,tulad ng sgs4 mataas naman ung specs nya yet di pa rin stable

  34. archie says:

    ios for me. i have an ip5 and samsung note 2 (had a windows phone), per my experience ios is more responsive and efficient

  35. Iyan Sommerset says:

    I vote for having a filesystem.

    • CarlosJhunie says:

      Yan din hanap ko sa iOS, pero wala e. Kelangan pang i-jailbreak. Windows Phone and Android meron nyan.

  36. Dyames says:

    IOS, resolution and performance wise

  37. pfb says:

    android you can almost do everything that an ios device can do; but the same can’t be said for ios.

    and just for a fraction of the price.

  38. JM says:

    I don’t know why the author of this post don’t put Windows Phone, or even BB OS on the choice. Meeehhh… TEAM WINDOWS PHONE!

  39. I was an apple user since from the start, when tried an android phone (My first android phone was Samsung Galaxy S3) I was so shocked and I felt that the phone was going to eat me cause I really don’t know it’s features. I changed my phone again and bought an iPhone 5, but after three months I replaced it again with Samsung Galaxy S4, why? Because the value of my iPhone 5 will decrease :) I bought an S4 so I could buy the new iPhone which is coming on September 10. iOS still RULE. I have an iPad my Family is an iOS user, my smartphone right now is the only android and the only Galaxy (S4). I used my S4 as a remote, the app’s we’re not great. iOS App’s are still better and they even have a lot that wasn’t on the Google Play Store. I’m just waiting for Apple to release it’s new smartphone. APPLE is still the BEST! The battery Life is always SUPERB, simple, elegant, with Class. And no FAKE Marketing talks. :P STILL iOS

  40. Meril Feliz says:

    I love iOS I have iPhone 4S and 5, 4S for my students so I can control when they nag me, iPhone 5 for my personal contacts/friends/family and Galaxy Note 2 for my business contacts. I hate iPhone battery life yun lang.

  41. Ernie says:

    android=no software needed

    when my hard drive broke i have to re-sync everything i have on IOS. retrieving music and video files from IOS back to my laptop takes too much process. IOS users that switched to android knows what i mean.

  42. Janet Napoles says:

    Sa Android ako, kasi less restriction, more flexible and more customizable compare sa ios..

    ang lamang ng ios sa android eh yung dami (at minsan quality) ng apps, and probably simpler to use. pero ang apps for Android eh dumadami na rin, at gumaganda na rin..

    plus kung bibili ka ng unit, eh di hamak na mas mura ang android phones kumpara sa iphone ( although ang sasabihin ng iba is quality>price)

    Saken lang naman e Android.


  43. Anonimi says:

    Symbian forever!!!! FYI! I have iphone 6 and s5! hahaha.. just kidding.. +1 for google’s OS.

  44. boo says:

    I like neither of the two but if I really have to choose, it would be iOS. Simpler and more efficient!

  45. roiji says:

    Android got me on the widgets and launchers.
    When everything gets tiring I just switch widgets or even switch launchers for a different look.
    Not just switch wallpapers!
    And soon, widgets can also be placed on the lock screen! (soon, because not all phones have JB 4.3)

  46. ian000x says:

    Hmm.. Kung tablet iOS ako pero kung phone android ako at kung extra budget smartphone lumia 520.. :D
    i have a iPad 4 iPhone 4s and Galaxy S4..

  47. blaze says:

    customizations, widgets, ability to hook up directly with my usb flash drive.. android..

    • diorarat says:

      Hehe kaya nga eh. +1 try mo magplug ng iba pang usb device, magugulat ka sa mga gagana. Tried to plug, keyboard, usb hub, controller kahit na mouse, may lalabas talaga na mouse pointer sa android device. Lahat pa yun Hindi kelangan ng third party app support. Lahat yun native lang. Sa ios meron memory card reader lumabas na pwede sa mga idevice worth 900 to 1500 tapos kaya lang gawin magview ng pictures. just that, magview magtransfer ng photos sa memory card. No music, no video asa ka pa office files or any other file. Sa android pwede ka bumili memory card reader sa CDR king 30pesos mas functional pa.

  48. abuzalzal says:

    I have always liked Apple products, especially the iPhone. I have owned almost every iteration of the iPhone, but to get excited about iOS 7 from what was presented is a stretch for me because I really don’t see how the improved on their operating system outside of making the UI look better. And it does look a lot better in my opinion. What bothers me is that the direction they seem to be going in is where Android already is. Is hoping for something new. I don’t particularly like Windows phone, but at least they did something different.

  49. iosfanJu says:

    Simplicity is the most intricate and sophisticated thing, just like COMMON sense. ;) iOs.

  50. Carlo says:

    Seems like everyone saying Android sucks are comparing it to the bloatware-infested Samsung Galaxy. Ay malamang mas lag yan. Compare your iPhone 5 with the Moto X, Nexus 4, S4 Google Play Edition or HTC One Google Play Edition and it is just as smooth and stable.

    Most people associate Samsung with Android so when they see a lagging Touchwiz interface, they automatically assume Android is slow or buggy. Try stock Android first.

  51. -Joe says:

    Brad bawal mag flying voters dito ah..

    I’ll go for Android and I always got the ROOT no matter what… hindi po ako apps developer or gamer sa android or iOS. Kung merong jailbreak yong IOS 7 eh di lilipat talaga ako sa iOS. period

  52. Carlo says:

    To add as an example, my not so high end O+ 8.15 (personal phone) is much more responsive than my mom’s Galaxy S3 with Touchwiz. Transitions and app loading times are just as good as on my company iPhone 5. Medyo kulang lang sa apps and games ang Android, but the ones I use and play are still there.

  53. Erwin Agustin says:

    Android is great for the geeky customisation but fragmented young OS and not app optimized. IOS has its app standard but it gets boring and limiting. theyve got good management team but more on hardware na selling na sila. I guess im not one of those duped by paying for design and built Android 4.3 gets sluggish so walang perfect OS at least in Android you can root and tweak.

  54. bravo-six says:

    kung simpleng smartphone lng ang gus2 m n madaling gamitin, mag-iOS ka…
    kung ikaw naman yung klase ng taong mahilig magbutingting, mangalikot, at magexperiment, mag-android ka….

    cannot decide ako dyan s tnong n yan kc parehong may ups and downs yung dalawang OS…

    iOS: great quality of apps and high performance but restricted and exclusive….
    Android: great number of apps and features, open and customizable but not so good performance without high-end hardware and some apps have poor quality….

  55. ohohkhimee says:

    I voted for ios..android and ios user here.
    in ios i never experienced force close, auto shutdown, lags etc..ios is fast, stable and has a better quality of apps..

  56. abuzalzal says:

    it’s really a matter of personal preference, no need to elaborate with the pros and cons of each mobile OS, basta kung saan ka masaya, dun ka.
    personally i prefer iOS.

  57. toknene says:

    the problem with androids is that you are on the carrier’s mercy for the updates on its OS, while apple will roll out iOS for ipod touches, ipads, iphones… kaya i choose iOS.

    • abuzalzal says:

      I really don’t see it as an advantage

      walang ”rollback” feature ang iOS…ever heard of planned obsolescence? This is what Apple has been doing for many years…paga-gapangin ang old handset mo sa kanilang bagong OS hoping na mapilitan kang bumili ng bago

  58. monmon says:

    In terms of beauty, elegance, cosmetics and whatever, it will always be subjective.

    In terms of functionality:

    I would sacrifice being able to play PvZ2, Zombie Tsunami, and other ios exclusive games, and suffering MICRO lags if I would be able to use my phone as if I am carrying a miniPC. Being able to use your phone as data storage, being able to stick to LTE/HSDPA, manage your files, data transfer, download torrents, being able to input media files without restriction, etc. The only thing iOS got over android is overall smoothness and apps, but that’s just nitpicking. Android trumps iOS in functionality all day.

  59. Tebats says:

    IOS for fluidity/smoothness of the OS.
    Android for overall functionality. So Android :-)

  60. tarush says:

    I buy apps and good games whenever they’re released. And I install them on both my iPad and iPhone. They don’t suffer from lags because iOS is lag free and I never mind buying apps using my credit card because I know that my phone and tablet are malware free.

    So instead of jail breaking or rooting, I get to enjoy life with more important things to do.

    That’s how simple things are with iOS users.

    Take note, torrent downloading is one of the most important features I used to contemplate in getting an Android device, but not anymore because I found a way to download torrents on my iPhone and iPad…without the need to jailbreak.

    • diorarat says:

      When purchasing apps I like it better on android os. I like the fact that it is already converted to peso using a fixed currency rate. Why does the app store charge things in dollors? I never bought an app in the app store because of that. Mind me asking who determines the conversion rates in when purchasing apps in app store?

  61. darryl says:

    for me, these are the greatest operating system as of now.

    my opinion for the android os are very affordable price, even the 7k – 10k tablet is great for running some hot games like dead trigger. the great for android is every release of android versions ay nag-iiba ang mga interface. pero pag binago nila ang version nag-iiba ang GUI (GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE) at pag inupdate nila ang same os apk version may nagdadagdag ng features or improve ang user interface. my disadvantage of every android phones, some of them are poor memory ram. the battery life ay maiksi lang. pag sa sobrang paglalaro mo ng game yung iba nagccrash ang applications. pero open source ang android kaya okay lang. at yung mga dinownload mong apps sa play store ay hindi na mawawala sa account mo pati yung mga sinearch mo sa play store nila.

    although na ang iOS ay maganda, at never pa ako nagkaroon ng apple products, masasabi ko sa kanila ay sila ang number 1 pagdating sa mga gadgets at sila nag-umpisa ng mga magagandang apps. ang ayoko ko lang sa apple ios ay masyadong mahal at pag nag-uupgrade sila ng version, same features of past version but konti lang ang dinadagdag at yung interface binago nila. at nawala yung tibay ng iphone. ang pangit lang sa ios ay limited lang ang source at kailangan mo pa jailbreak para lang makadownload ka lang ng mga apps na gusto mo. at hindi nawawala sa uso ang iPhone kahit na ang gamit mo ay 3GS, hindi pa rin laos ang 3GS kahit papaano. ayun ang nagustuhan ko sa apple products nila.

  62. martinalmighty says:

    Your choice of mobile OS should be catered to your specific needs. Personally, I use iOS because of its ecosystem and better syncing between all of my mobile devices and Mac. Also, I’ve been investing on a huge heap of apps both for media consumption and productivity since the iPhone 3G days. Which basically makes switching platforms slightly a nuisance on my part.

    On the other hand, I disagree that Android devices are laggy, as long as you know how to root and flash a custom ROM. Done that with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and it runs marginally as fast as any iPad, performance-wise. Unfortunately, Google Play Store’s app portfolio can’t match Apple’s when it comes to apps optimized for tablets. There’s no one-size-fits-it-all device. Apple costs shitloads of cash while Android is better suited to those who are already knowledgeable when it comes to tinkering their computers (if you do want the most out of your device and I’m a firm believer that stock Android blows away all the manufacturers’ OEMs). I’m still devoted to Apple though. That’s just my personal preference.

    • wew says:

      disagree ako sau,kahit na android user ako aminado ako na laggy talaga ang android OS tska ang alam ko mas malaki ang tsansa na maglag ang android device pag pinalitan ito ng ROM kasi kung ung galing nga mismo sa manufacturer eh di fully optimized panu pa kaya pag pinalitan mo pa?tska ang pinaglalabanan dito eh ung stock,kung imomodify mo pa ung gadget mo edi unfair na un tsk tsk

  63. silentwarrior says:

    This is a personal choice, very much similar sa pagpili ng brand ng instant noodles or sardines.

    iOS changed the way we view mobile computing, however Android made this very same technology a ‘commodity’ – where everyone regardless of ‘spending power’ can afford.

    I love Android, due to me being empowered to access the underlying file system in it. Android is a true computer operating system, we get to see its guts – the directory tree starting from the root ‘/’

    Though like I said, this is a personal decision.

  64. Cuaki says:

    IOS for functionality, games and apps, ecosystem and speediness!
    Yun nga lang, daming namomoroblema ngayon sa IAP ng games.
    Also maganda din because IOS’s App Store offers the app of the week.

  65. Mang Tomas says:

    iOS pa din.

  66. Satan says:

    Im an android user.
    gusto ko yung smoothness ng IOS.
    Sa android naman, lalo na pag rooted, madami ka magagawa hehe, pero may mga downside din dahil sa bugs,

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