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Bloggers’ Lifecycle

Min Jung Kim of Braindump posted a rather lengthy description of a bloggers’ lifecycle. For the most part, she hit the spot on the levels of blogging and the stages a blogger undergoes in the realm of the blogosphere.

I believe I’m at #9.

For one, most bloggers usually start a blog with one theme in mind — a personalized journal. This is the easiest topic to talk about, and one never runs out of topic, for half the bloggers I guess.

I read from one research (forgot the source already but I think it was based on Blogspot users) that a normal blogger’s life span is about 3 months only. I guess they just got bored and not up to the regular task of updating their blog. Some just got excited on the first few weeks and the heat just evaporated. Those who survived the first few months are the ones who are in for a bigger challenge.

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4 Responses

  1. karla says:

    hehehe :D
    me i’m done with number 14.. bwahahaha
    syempre secret blog nga yun di ba :p

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