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SigawNgBayan – “your blogs are for elitists’

Ms. Susan Ople just texted me to check out Belinda Olivares-Cunanan’s latest column on Inquirer about the issue with Sigaw ng Bayan and their web stats. A section of it was addressed by Lambino to bloggers who dissected his original claim:

“Our access logs analyzer is a wonder in itself as it detects not only the IP addresses but also almost the exact locations of site visitors and writers, and many other details we cannot divulge for obvious reasons. We protect these private details about our visitors—including those whose only intention is to look for lapses and wreak havoc in the site—as much as we protect our own confidential particulars.

“As for the search engines yielding ‘negative’ replies to queries on the Sigaw term, this is either inaccurate or an outright lie. A simple search on www.webcrawler.com will show that different search engines do show up results on the particular query. The layman must also be informed that search engines nowadays display different results for searches at different times. Meaning, a site may be on the No. 1 spot now, but at the bottom of Page 1 results an hour later or totally gone from the top-ranked pages a day after. It’s also elementary that search engines may take 10-12 weeks to index web pages.


“Obviously some professed bloggers can’t accept the fact that the lowly people and those who suffer silently due to the state of affairs in this country would like to visit a site like www.sigawngbayan.com than their web or blog sites that are actually meant only for the elite. They must remember that there are more grassroots people than elitists in the Philippines. And most Filipinos are fed up with the fact that these elitists have lorded it over so much for so long a time in this nation — electronically or otherwise.” {read more}

Our blogs are meant for the elite? Wazzup! Wazzup!

Mr. Lambino must also be reminded that 99% of his so-called grassroots visitors don’t even have computers, much less internet in their own homes. They’d rather use their hard-earned Php25 for a kilo of rice than an hour’s rent in a net cafe.

Could they have visited his website via e-telepathy? Makes perfect sense!

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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14 Responses

  1. SELaplana says:

    he was just hit by the posts of some bloggers against them

  2. alfa says:

    Let him bark about how many gazillions of visitiors he “perceives” the sigaw ng bayan site receives. Maybe he is thinking that this is actually the way to make SGB reach such stats.

    I’m now more interested in knowing about SGB’s adsense earnings.

  3. toots ople says:

    thanks, yuga. i think SnB should stop drawing people into a “class war” esp since they don’t even know everyone in the blogosphere. karamihan dito mga students, writers, and just ordinary, homespun folk who enjoy blogging.

  4. Noemi says:

    The way he talks about his webstats smacks “newbie alert” to me. *yawm* He’s so amazed at the IP location and all that. The internet cafe in the province is not that cheap if you consider their disposable income.

  5. jangelo says:

    jangelo = “All Your Base Are Belong To Us!”


    Why not give them a business card, Abe? They might be in need of your consultancy services.

  6. leo says:

    free publicity on the blogosphere maybe to generate the traffic they claimed?

  7. jove says:

    i’m proudly masa, and i happen to be one of those that cover the likes of lambino whenever they feel the need to troop to the palace for media exposure.

    i would like to think that my Creator gifted me with the skill to comprehend. i’ve been covering their group and until this day, i always ask myself after their presscons— why i get the feeling that they never “connect”? sure i get what they shared during the presscons, we report em, remember? but , (media) duties aside…their bunch inexplicably makes a lot of mediamen “feel distant”. they alienate.

    i get them (verbally), i don’t get them (personality wise).

    especially after one of them branded a group (bloggers) as “elitist”, when that pointing finger should have been pointed towards their bunch.

    now i don’t wonder why it is hard to really get where they are coming from.

    how will the people get them when they don’t even know the kind of people (masa) they are talking about?

    why should people listen to people who call people “lowly people”? casually, at that!

    thanks yuga, this entry of yours, finally explained why i don’t get them.

    how could i have missed it? they are from a “different level”. and oh yeah, i missed it because i was trying really hard NOT to think it’s all about the war of the classes. geez.

    and these are the people who want to tinker with the consti for all of us?

  8. bimbo says:

    I’ve been called many things, but never elite!
    I detest that! ;)

    As jangelo so aptly described their motive….

    “all your base are belong to us….”

  9. Rickey says:

    Their high-tech log analyzer is from Yahoo! Hosting by the way.

  10. But of course everyone wants to be identified with the masa..and be perceived as anti-elitist. Thus SnB projects itself as with the masses. Besides, how else would it justify the billions of alleged hits when everyone knows the masses outnumber the elites (elitists?) in this country any old time?

    As for Lambino’s People’s Initiative, let him have his roadshow. Everyone– including himself– by this time know P.I is just a cover for the real intent of a Constituent Assembly now steadily unraveling as the Da Venecia Code.

    C’mon guys, can’t you decipher a Code when you see one?

  11. andre says:

    they even sent me spam! i replied curtly: “please do not send me spam. i am against charter change.”


  12. Nolan Ariola says:

    I’m favor of chaha, but GMA resign first. YES to Snap ELECTIONS!

    Nolan Ariola
    Bambang, Pasig City

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