Thanks to all the YugaTech Contest Entries!

Thanks to all the YugaTech Contest Entries!

Just an update to everyone who joined our recent YugaTech Photo Contest. I know all of you are excited to know who won the MSI Wind U123 so here’s an update and some highlights.

There were so many entries, in the hundreds — I think it’s over 1,000 photo submissions all in all. All week long, I had to go thru each photo, download a copy and pick my early favorites.

I have to say I had a blast checking out all the photo submissions. People making t-shirt designs, body tattoos, huge tarps, projectors and going to huge events like the Hot Air Balloon, Century Tuna SuperBod Marathon and all the big malls, churches, amusement parks, political rallies, festivals. I can’t give hints right now but all I can say is wow!

My Top 5 Photos are still not final as there are so many entries to choose from. If I can’t still narrow them down, I might just give all the good submissions some sort of prizes too (that’s should pressure me to pick my top 5). I’ll send my finalist pick to @tjmanotoc who agreed to be one of our judges for choosing the grand prize winner.


I also have the winners for the Tweet, Google Image and Blog segments. Will have to wait for the other winners so I can announce them all at once. I haven’t finished tallying the Facebook “Likes” though.

Hopefully, I’ll have the complete set of winners and grand prize winners by early next week (as early as Monday, I hope) so stay tuned!

Important: I’ve uploaded all the photo submissions in the YugaTech Gallery. I might have missed some entries so please check if your submissions are there.

I know, I’m excited too! Can’t wait to give away this MSI Wind U123 (Just tried it now and it’s got a 9-cell battery that can do 8.5 hours!). I saw some pretty daring and creative stuff. They ought to get some special prizes too.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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29 Responses

  1. laurence says:

    sayang po kuya abe…di ako nakasali…busy sa studies kasi….
    pero i really like MSI laptops and w/ that laptop having 8.5 hours of battery life…I’m really amazed…

  2. Joana C. Brusas says:

    waaaaah! my heart is literally pounding right now… Good luck sa mga mapipiling winner! sana isa ko dun.. hehe

  3. Edgar says:

    That really drew a lot of participants, sir Abe. Congratulations to all. I wasn’t able to submit any – too busy for a while there. Anyway, keep it up. We really enjoyed the contest here, participants or not.

  4. Daryl says:

    wow, goodluck to us all, i saw my entry got in… sana sana sana… manalo ako. :))

  5. louie says:

    cnu na pong nanalo????

  6. Irish B. de Leon says:

    May pictures po akong hindi nakasama hehe

    yung ibang photos ko po sa quiapo at dragons in ongpin at binondo suites.. 192nd entry po

    Nasa bandang dulo po kasi kaya siguro hindi nakita.. thank you po!

  7. Jad says:

    This is too exciting, baka di ako makatulog. :))

    Good luck sa ating lahat! ^^

  8. daddy joey says:

    ok mga entries. :) goodluck !!!

  9. StrayArrow says:

    hehehe goodluck to all of you na naka sali…. next time na lang kami….

  10. onealberto says:

    waaaah good luck sa mga mananalo.

  11. Vergel says:

    thanks in advance..hehehe wishful thinking….w8 sumali bako?

  12. @bi3L says:

    There are duplicate entries and yes… over all they’re good and well thought entries.

    But I give this guy 4 thumbs up! :)

  13. Good luck to all. Hope that TJ will manages to announce top10 winners of MSI wind.hahah Not one but 10 lappys, how I wish.

  14. Winziph says:

    goodluck to all contestants, sana lang nalaman ko ng maaga ko ito hehehe kung hindi lang talaga busy. : )

  15. Winziph says:

    goodluck to all contestants, kung hindi lang talga kabusy nakasali sana ako. : )

  16. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Sir Abe just a question.

    I tried also googling some images which may come out if I search about the “yugatech contest” but no photos or entry are coming out.

    How do you choose your winner for Google Image Search winners from that?

    Its just bothering my mind. :)

  17. Kenneth says:

    Wow, that’s one quite huge number!

    Anyways, good luck to everyone and I hope to see my name as one of the winners. :-D

  18. nice gadgets! 8.5 hours can beat an iMac! hehehhehe

  19. excited ako :D promise :D kasi huli ako masyado ng send ng entries… hinintay ko pa na makarating ako sa malaysia :D

  20. hatch says:

    HI sir yuga, i am an avid reader of your blog since late 2008, and i have observed that new articles featured on this year up to this date is getting boring and it doesnt interest me anymore… Last year everytime i log in on my computer or wherever and whenever there is wifi , the excitement in opening your page together with is not comparable to this date. there is no day that i dont open your site, but now i almost forgot visiting the blog.. Just my opinion… Hope to read more interesting story though.

  21. Winziph says:

    goodluck kenneth kasali ka pala dito. : )

  22. 123 says:

    It’s so funny when some contestants are so desperate with the prize, that they ask their friends to comment and give them some sort of praise while pretending to NOT know the contestant. So obvious. Sana di nlang nag ask at hayaan ang judges to judge for themselves.

  23. Justine says:

    Sir abe. nakita ko kayo sa Jessica soho kagabi! :D andami nyong Phone. arbor naman nung isa. haha! gagraduate na ako!

  24. Reste says:

    Sir Abe, na include niyo po ba ung entries ko sa overpass ng Baclaran? thanks po and more power…

  25. 123 says:

    Kailan po malaman ang nanalo?

  26. 321 says:

    It’s so funny when some contestants are so desperate with the prize, that they post comment using another name and give an un-educated comment while pretending that they are not a contestant. So obvious. Sana di nlang nag ask at hayaan ang judges to judge for themselves.

  27. Josephine bahala says:

    Really excited for the result. Hope i have a chance of winning. :-)

  28. Bianca Bargas says:

    wuh shocks… feel ko.. feel ko “im not included XD.. haha ok mu. meron pa namang part3

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